Location: Placer County CA

Biographical Sketch of John J. Shields

San Mateo county is to be congratulated that the office of auditor, one of the most important functions in the county government is in the hands of such a competent person as John J. Shields who was elected by a handsome majority. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now When Mr. Shields began his duties he revolutionized the auditor’s office. The latest and most up-to-date systems of bookkeeping were installed and sweeping changes and improvements made, with the result that Mr. Shield’s office has been paid many flattering compliments by expert accountants. Before being elected county auditor, Mr. Shields was under sheriff for Sheriff J. H. Mansfield. He was one of the most thorough and efficient deputy sheriffs that the county has had. Besides being one of the best known figures in the political life of the county, Mr. Shields has been one of its staunchest citizens. He is a member of the Redwood City Chamber of Commerce and is one of the enterprising citizens of that...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. William Douglas

Of the few surviving women who lived through the infancy of San Mateo County, Mrs. William Douglas of San Mateo is one of the best known. Mrs. Douglas has lived in the county for fifty years in which time she has seen a few scattered settlements develop to the present peninsula cities. Mrs. Douglas’ career has been most interesting. While in her ‘teens she came around the Horn in a sailing vessel which took eight months to make the trip. She arrived in San Francisco in 1850 and a year later she was married. She then spent a few years in Placer County. Her husband moved his family to San Mateo in the late fifties. Here he built up a profitable abstract and real estate business. Mrs. Douglas is the mother of ten children. This remarkable woman survives her husband by fifteen years and has survived all of her children with the exception of two, Robert Lee Douglas and Mrs. Dr. Sanderson, both of San Mateo. Mrs. Douglas tells most interesting tales of the early days of San Mateo. She describes the business district, containing a few buildings and restricted to less than the size of a block. She remembers of the planting of the long rows of gum trees that have become peninsula land marks and the years that there was only a morning and afternoon train down...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. J. E. Chapin

An important addition to the medical fraternity in San Mateo county is Dr. J. E. Chapin who came to Redwood City three years ago to practice medicine. Dr. Chapin came to Redwood after an extended practice in several large cities and a vast experience in his ‘profession. Since taking up his residence in Redwood City, Dr. Chapin has become intimately associated with the social and business life of Redwood City. His engaging manner and charming personality have drawn many people to him and the small circle of friends that surrounded him when he arrived, has gradually enlarged until it now includes the greater part of the community. Dr. Chapin has a large practice in Redwood City and the neighboring towns, families and individuals from San Carlos to Menlo Park seeking his aid at the time of sickness. Although Dr. Chapin’s practice demands most of his time and attention he is one of the community’s most progressive members. He has actively co-operated in many civic movements and others have his loyal endorsement and support. Dr. J. E. Chapin was born in Auburn California, on February 3, 1871 and has been a resident of this state for 44 years. He was married in Chicago in 1902. After completing a course at Stanford University Dr. Chapin graduated from the medical department of Washington University in 1909. Dr. Chapin is a member of...

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1861 Directory of Small Towns in Placer County California

Antelope Ravine California Page N. S. physician Baltimore Ravine California Barckman John, blacksmith Higgins B. S. miner Beal’s Bar California Chadwick W. J. miner Cheny John P. saloon keeper Cornish H. miner Craft John B. ranchman Ellis C. P. laborer French Hosea, ranchman Hall James, miner Haskill William H. miner Haskill William, miner Hill C. B. miner Hovey Isaac, ranchman Hovey James, ranchman Hovey Perkins, ranchman James Isaac, miner Johnston M. ranchman Lack Jonathan, ranchman Lind C. T. miner Lane John, miner Lee John, miner Moody Hopkin, miner Murry James, miner Parker Albert, miner Samus Moses P. miner Shelden W. W. water agent Small Isaac, miner Snow Frank, miner Strand William miner Sullivan A. miner Tailor Geo D. miner Thomas John, miner Thompson Cyrus, miner Thompson H. N. miner Towns Robt. miner Townsend E. miner Whitcher Abner, miner Bear River California Baldwin Andrew, lumber merchant, Magnolia Mills Bradley G. lumber merchant, Magnolia Mills Bradly, Clark & Co. Magnolia Mill, Clark Ephraim, lumber merchant, Magnolia Mill Wooly _____, miner Carrolton California Hale D. H. miner Holmes Victor, teamster Coon Creek California Chamberlin S. R. farmer Chamberlin T. L farmer Cochrane Thomas hotel keeper Crious G. laborer Ewing Titus, farmer Fairchilds Thomas, farmer Hetrin William laborer Quinn C. farmer, Marysville Road Danesville California Cadellon W. farmer Crosby ______. farmer Kier W. farmer Leginbine Jonathan merchant Mabuks ______. farmer Miles C. R....

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1861 Directory of Illinoistown California

1861 Directory of Illinoistown California Austin Lawrence, miner Baldwin John, butcher Bane Wm. packer Beal B. laborer Beals Charles; laborer Bracken John, miner Brickell B. prop’r Placer Exchange Brickell Ed, Illinoistown Hotel Brown Jonathan, Placer Exchange Buckley H. bar-keeper, Blue Wing Ciouse Jas. blacksmith Combs Chas. laborer Cornelus Wm. laborer Craig John, clerk Dyer, Charles, farmer Ebert M. E. teamster Egbert Robert, merchant Elgin Wm. laborer Harned S. K. miner Heaney Daniel, Mineral Bar road sup Hightower William, miner Hines W. A. packer Hill Wm. miner Isaacs F. M. packer Keck Jacob, prop’r Blue Wing Keller John, blacksmith Meating N. J. laborer Mulligan Philip, miner Shoemaker James, laborer Stuart Wm. cabinet maker Turner John, miner Tallman R. J. miner Taylor G. M. miner Taylor John, miner Taylor O. miner Teasland Geo. miner Tedd J. M miner Ten Eyck Ed. miner Ten Eyck Geo. miner Theal Peter, miner Thomas H. M. miner Thompson Jacob, miner Thompson M. miner Thompson M. saloon keeper Thorp David, miner Tibbetts J. P. physician Tigler M. miner Tillman John, miner Tobin Wm. miner Tracy E. expressman Trask C. O. merch’t, [Monona Flat,] Trask L. miner Trask W. millman Trasure J. millman Trasure Jo. millman Travino Wm. miner Tucker W. miner Vagley C. C. miner Vagley John, miner Van Vacter Wm. miner Vandiver J. F. miner Varnum J. B. teacher Vaughn D. J. miner Verney V....

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1861 Directory of Ophir California

1861 Directory of Ophir California Arkwell John, miner Bickford D. lawyer Broomley John, miner Choate D.merch’t and Dist. Collector, Main St. Choate M. clerk, Main st. Choate N. miner, Main st. Cory Isaac, blacksmith, Main st. Crus A. miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mills Cummings H. farmer, Cunningham M. miner, Curtis D. B. miner, North Ravine, Curtis George, farmer, Doig Thomas, miner Earns J. miner Eastman Stephen, miner Foch C. miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mill, Ophir Franks F. J. lawyer, N. Ravine, near Ophir Hani C. miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mill, Harsh George, miner Hathaway W. watchmaker, Main St, Heath A. water agent Hendon A. P. preacher Holden Thomas, miner Hussey Capt. John, hotel keeper Jamison Stephen, miner Luchsingen F. miner Lopez Jno. miner Leaigh Jno. prop. Exchange Saloon, Main st Lamphere J. miner Kaiser F. miner Kaiser John, cooper, Placer Quartz Mill Kirk Frank, miner Knight Geo. farther Kirk John F. milkman McCurday John, farmer McKelvy L. clerk, Main street McNeal John, miner Moore James, merchant Naeler E. miner Perry Dr. W. physician Pickens James, miner Pugh C. D. miner Reno Stephen, Justice of Peace Ritche Frank, miner Ritche Wm. miner Robinson S. miner Ross Edward, miner Sanderson H. A. clerk Schnable John, miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mill Scobey J. W. lawyer Shids Philip, miner, Placer Quartz Mill Smith Frank, miner, Smith Wm. miner, Main st. Soufrane Frank, miner Taylor G. W. carpenter,...

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1861 Directory of Yankee Jims California

1861 Directory of Yankee Jims California Abbott James, miner Adams George, miner Adams L. miner Adams Timothy, miner Ambriester S. miner Anderson William, (colored) porter Andrews Christian, miner Andrews Joseph, miner Armsden Joseph, miner Baker Artemas jr. miner Baker Artemas, miner Balch George, blacksmith Balch, Geo. blacksmith Barnhill Robert, miner Barron Fletcher, miner Barstow William, express agent Barstow Wm. express agent Battman J. W. miner Baxter N. M. miner Beckford A. miner Beilderman Conrad, saloon-keeper Benedict Louis, teamster Benjamin John, miner Bennett Jo. miner Biteley Robert, dairyman, Booth Arthur, miner Bowman S. W. miner Bradley S. R. miner Brown Chas. miner Brown Samuel, miner Burdell Geo. miner, Burdell George, miner Burns Hugh, miner Burrow A. F. miner, Burrow Aaron, miner, Burrow Eli, miner Campbell A. miner Carlisle C. W. miner Castrum J. B. miner Champion L. miner Christian James, miner Coffin Wm. L. soda factory Condon Henry, miner Condon Joseph, miner Cooney John, miner Copenhagen G. merchant Cranage Wm. miner Crane H. F. miner Crane R. W. miner Crary Wm. miner Cravens R. O. miner Davis Fletcher, miner Denny Michael, miner Desoisa Manuel, miner Devine John, miner Dewarto Francisco, miner Dotry Francisco, miner Doyle Wm. H. Drinkhouse Robt. miner Duck Wm. merchant Duncan Adam, miner Dunn Edward, miner Eckle, Lawrence, miner Elton Samuel Emmens F. M. miner Farrell Jonathan, miner Farthing T. miner Fife B. F. miner Findlin John,...

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1861 Directory of Todd’s Valley California

1861 Directory of Todd’s Valley California Allison J. G. tinsmith Anderson L. miner Arthur James, Jr. miner Arthur James, miner Bachelder Charles, miner Baker Arnold, miner Baker C. O. miner Baker P. Z. miner Ball W. H. miner Barnes A. miner Barnes W. miner Benedict N. merchant Bennett Joshua, lumberman Bennett William, lumberman Benninger Lewis, miner Bigelow V. G. miner Bishop A. J. miner Blackburn Joseph, miner Blanchard T. miner Blank William H. carpenter Bouty William Bowers Z. miner Bowley William, lumberman Boyles John M. miner Bradley G. N. miner Bradley John, butcher Bradley T. J. butcher Bradley William...

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1861 Directory of Virginia California

1861 Directory of Virginia California Abbott A. J. livery stable Aldrich E. S. clerk Aldrich Geo. D. merchant Anderson B. D. hotel-keeper, Mt. Pleasant House, Turnpike Road Bell A. O. farmer Betts G. H. laborer Bake H. H. miner Blankenship J. H. hotel-keeper, Main St Colburn Thos. miner Coleman Thos. W. miner Cowen J. B. miner Curtis, W. R. hotel keeper Evans Ben. Evertt G. merchant Evertt P. merchant Finley D. J. L. physician and surgeon Haggard Martin, miner Harrington John, miner Hirst O. W. blacksmith, Main St, Holcomb James, miner, Mugginsville, Horn William, watchman Jones Jno miner Jackson L. clerk, Main St. Keener E. miner Kelly W. J. miner Lyons R. W. miner Magly P. butcher Mankiney P. butcher Marks M. merchant, Main St. Marshall S. W. miner Mayo U. blacksmith McCray J. G. farmer McGinnis G. miner Means W. C. bar-keeper Miller R. H. miner Nickerson R. M. saloon keeper, Main St Owens J. W. constable Philips Theo. butcher Philips Thos. butcher Purdy J. E. merchant, Main st Rainbean Chas. miner Rattle Jno. S. miner Reamer E. miner, Auburn Ravine Renoer Wm. carpenter, Commercial Rice Chas. farmer, Auburn Ravine Richards H. R. miner Roberts Henry, miner Robinson C. W. miner, Auburn Ravine Robinson W. B. saloon-keeper, Main St. Sanders C. C. hotel keeper, Main St. Smith C. barber Stuart C. H. physician & surgeon Teeter E. miner...

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1861 Directory of Rattlesnake California

1861 Directory of Rattlesnake California Andrews N. miner Baldwin D. B. butcher Blake James, miner Bryant Alexander, saloon keeper Brown Chas. miner Brown L. C. miner Behrman Peter, miner Carigener C. blacksmith Carpenter C. E. lawyer Carter miner Casidy A. miner Clemmens Chas. Cobern John, miner Collins J. C. miner Conda Patrick, miner Cooper D. merchant Cordes C. miner Cortez R. miner Coward John, miner Cowden John, clerk Cummings R. P. laborer Day Dorrence, miner Dicky J. G. clerk Droge D. miner Dugan H. stage driver Duncan Jack, miner Duncan Jo. miner Dyer C. miner Esterbrooks Sam. blacksmith Fawcett George,, butcher Gehagen Wm. miner Greely G. L. miner Goodrich A. H. teacher Hawks William, miner Henson Andrew, miner Hill James, miner Hillman George, miner Jenkins James, painter Kelly M. miner Kelly J. miner Kerny D. miner Leach Jno. miner Lobner L. merchant Logan Archy, miner Lovenfeld William, saloon and bakery Maher P. miner, Marble Frank, carpenter Martin H. teamster, Martin N. S. carpenter Martin R. miner Martino T. S. B. miner Martino T. S. miner McDonald W. C. miner McGoldrich Thomas, miner Mead P. shoe maker Merrill G. H. saloon keeper, Miller -. farmer Miller L. E. farmer Moffatt W . miner Moore H. miner Morgans Francis, miner Morgans Isaac, miner Morgans Morgan, miner Morris S. G. hotel keeper Nagle M. miner Nickson _______, ranching Ogden James, miner Patterson...

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1861 Directory of Michigan Bluff California

1861 Directory of Michigan Bluff California Abrams L. miner Adams Samuel, saloon-keeper Addison William, miner Adriano F. miner Albeck Charles, miner Aldrich J. M. miner Alexander Andrew, lumberman Allen ” Old Grizzly,” packer Allen E. miner Amesberry James, miner Amstrong Robert, miner Anderson – miner Andrews B. H. miner Andrews Mathew, miner Appleton Ned, miner Armstrong A. S. miner Armstrong John, stage-driver Arnold A. J. miner Ash James, miner Ashley James, miner Ayres Lorenzo, miner Baathe Joseph, miner Bagley Fred. miner Baker H. R. miner Baker J. H. ranchman Baldwin Charles, miner Baldwin M. miner, Bardwell John, miner Barras Thomas, trader Bartlett E. H. trader Bartlett J. W. butcher Bateo Edward, miner Bathers Joseph, miner Beeman Martin, miner Bell William, miner Beneman James, miner Bennett Joseph, miner Benson Charles, miner Biggs Adam, miner Black C. T. trader Bleaks John, miner Bleaks Samuel, miner Bombay Jacob, miner Booth Ed. miner Booth Elijah, miner Bousley Henry, miner Bowering A. M. miner Bowers Henry, miner Braden John, miner Brady J. W. trader Brasher Stephen, miner Brodie Robert, miner Brooks J. W. miner Brown D. P. miner Brown George, miner Brown Henry, miner Brown Henry, trader Brown James, miner Brown L. G. miner Brown Robert, miner Brownell William, miner Browning John, miner Browning John, miner Bryant James, miner Buck Henry, trader Bullard A. D. trader Bullen C. J. miner Bullen James, miner Bullen...

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1861 Directory of Iowa Hill California

1861 Directory of Iowa Hill California Able William, miner Abrams Frank, miner Ackerman J. miner Adams Jonathan, miner Alex C. miner Allen Easten, miner Allen L. T. butcher Amisk Peter, miner Anderson Andrew, miner Anderson Nat, miner Andrews N. P. miner Angle J. D. livery stable keeper Archie E. Z. miner Armstrong R. J. miner Arnold L. B .lawyer Arnold Moses, miner Arrington William, miner Ashley R. M. miner Atkinson H. S. miner Atkinson Joseph W. miner Ault A. J. miner Austin George, miner Austin James, miner Ayer Osborn, miner Backus Peter, baker Baker J. ranchman Ball J. miner Bapp F. miner Barney J. N. merchant Barrenger T. miner Barrett A. miner Barton, John L. miner Bawden H. miner Bawley J. Q. A. miner Beardsley J. H. miner Benjamin Jacob, miner Bennett D. C. miner Bennett Josiah, miner Bennett Leonard, miner Bentley T. B. miner Bently Samuel, miner Bernadat J. E. miner Bilden John, miner Billington E. miner Billington Jas. miner Birch J. miner Bird Frank, miner Bisbee A. carriagemaker Bisbee A. H. miner Bisbee D. H. miner Bisbee H. P. miner Bisbee John G. blacksmith Blackburn Isaac, miner Blake F. miner Blanchard Wm. miner Blue Gilbert, miner Blue Wm. miner Bohannon P. M. miner Booth Garrett, miner Booth R. J. miner Bounds T. W. clerk Bowers Dan. miner Boyden A. L. watchman Bradwell Geo. miner Breen Patrick, miner...

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1861 Directory of Gold Hill California

1861 Directory of Gold Hill California Anderson Andrew, miner Arnold John, miner, Baluss John, laborer Banvard B. H. mason Bell John, teamster, Main St Berk George, butcher, Main St Black R. miner, bds American Hotel Blane George, miner, bds American Hotel Bond J. A. physician, bds Mason’s Hotel, Main St Bowers D. hotel-keeper, Turnpike Road Brannon D. if. saloon-keeper, Main St Brown G. miner Burton & McCarty, G. H. & L. G. mer, Main St Campbell Wm. blacksmith Challioll Geo. miner Clary S. meat pedler Crocker & Young, merchants Crocker C. E. of firm C. & Y. Culleun Geo, prop. El Dorado Saloon, Main St. Dark Jas. O. bar kp. El Dorado Sal’n. Main St. Day N. L. speculator, Main St. Deadman William, saloon keeper, bds Mason’s hotel, Main St. Decker Jo. prop. bakery, Main St. Densmore G. P. miner Duchstein F. shoemaker, Main St Duvall A. J. ditch agent, boards at Mason’s hotel, Main St. Flure E. prop. ball-alley, Main street Francis Hiram, musician Haggert M. miner Hall R. B. physician and surgeon, Main St. Harford. P. F. butcher, Main St. Hart E. miner Henn F. W. butcher, Main St. Hess F. miner Hill Dr. J. A. agent W. F. & C, Main St. James Jno. clerk, Main St. Janson Chas. clerk, Main St. Kelly F. H. prop’r livery stable Kennedy H. miner Lawhorn G. W. miner, Mason’s...

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1861 Directory of Forest Hill California

1861 Directory of Forest Hill California Acker E. M. carpenter Adams S. S. miner Adams Samuel, butcher Aikins H. D. tinsmith Alers William, miner Alix Joseph, miner Allen John, miner Allen T. miner Allington. John, miner Andrews George W. saloon-keeper Angell A. J. saloon-keeper Armstrong Adam, ranchman Arras Conrad, boot-maker Arthur William, miner Ash H. teamster Atkinson J. W. miner Atwill J. M. miner Avens John, miner Awart Chas. miner Babbitt J. J. lumberman Baines J. M. miner Baire M. miner Beswick W. G. miner Bissell E. L. miner Blanchard Charles, steward in hotel Bower S. S. miner Bradley E. S. musician Brewer J. C. miner Brothers A. L. miner Buckman M. miner Burdong Henry, miner Burns Dennis, miner Burns Patrick, miner Burns Robert, miner Burrows G. W. miner Calton James, miner Campbell J. A. miner Campbell Thomas, ditch owner Camron John, miner Cantwell M. Jr. miner Cantwell M. miner Carr Joseph, miner Carroll G. W. clerk in store Cartwell James, miner Case Charles, miner Cassiday John, miner Caules Wm. miner Cawgill Elisha, ditch superintendent Chatterson T. D. music teacher Clark Anthony, miner Clark Henry J. miner Clark Henry, miner Clark J. H. stage proprietor Cogle John, miner Collins John, miner Conly James, miner Cook Wm. miner Copely A. W. carpenter Corcoran John, miner Covington J. miner Cox C. miner Cox Frank, miner Cox John, miner Craig J. W....

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