Location: Pickaway County OH

Logan Elm And Monument, Circleville, Ohio

Logan, Chief of the Mingoes, was a Cayuga Indian, born at Auburn, New York in 1726. He was the son of Chief Shikellamy, deputy of the Six Nations over the Indians at a section of Pennsylvania. Like his father, Logan was a firm friend of the white man. Upon moving to Ohio, Logan was made chief of the mingoes. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now During the year 1774 a band of adventurers and “land grabbers” under the leadership of a Captain Michael Cresap and Daniel Greathouse, who were encouraged by a Dr. John Connolly, said to have been under the hire of Governor Dunmore, of Virginia, declared war on all Indians. Dunmore wished an Indian war as an excuse to drive the Shawnees and other Indians from their lands which Dunmore and the rest of the Virginian land speculators coveted. These border ruffians first killed two unsuspecting Indians who were traveling down the Ohio River with some traders. They then attacked and killed some other...

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Roll Of Capt. William Miller’s Mounted Company

(Probably from Pickaway County) Served from May 8, until May 20, 1813, and from February 16, until March 16, 1814. Capt. William Miller Lieut. Peter Rou Ensign Jacon Frazier Sergt. Joshua Miller Sergt. Henry Wise Sergt. George Hoffman Corp. Thomas Spillman Corp. Benjamin Reynals Privates Bawton, Adam Blair, William Bothin, George Bowsher, Anthony Brown, Robert Bryner, John Cade, Dorman Colter, Charles Craig, David Dickson, George Ferrin, Daniel Funk, Henry Gibson, Robert Graham, Robert Hannady, William Hannan, Samuel Hardesty, Richard Hively, Jacob Hobbs, Richards House, John Johnston, Henry Justice, Jesse Kenser, Peter Loofborrow, Peter Meyres, Jacob Neff, Adam Reister, George Richardson, John Ross, Jacob D. Rush, Josiah Shaw, Samuel Spicer, Jonothan Stoder, Christopher Stoke, Jacob Streevy, Joseph Strouse, Philip Sullivant, James Swaggart, Daniel Walton, Jacob Whitsel, Samuel Wintin, William Wolfly, Coonrad Wollenton,...

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Roll Of Capt. Henry Coonrod’s Company (Cavalry)

(Probably from Pickaway County) Served from May 9, until May 24, 1813. Capt. Henry Coonrod Lieut. William Nicol Cornet, Joseph Maurice Sergt. Thomas R. Duncan Sergt. James Stanley Sergt. Thomas Harbert Sergt. Hane Harrelton Corp. David Martin Corp. Robert Johnston Corp. Jacob Stingly Corp. Peter Augistean Privates Adamson, Isaac Baum, Jacob Baum, Jonas Grim, David Grim, George Hossleton, Samuel Johnson, James Keller, George Laundry, Simeon Luiby, John Millson, Bernard Moore, Isaac Myer, William Nevill, Robert Nichols,...

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Roll Of Capt. Stephen Horsey’s Company

(Probably from Pickaway County) Served from July 28, until August 26, 1813. Capt. Stephen Horsey Lieut. James Nevill Ensign, Cornelius Mikel Sergt. John Pancake Sergt. Balitha Linch Sergt. Daniel Justice Sergt. Pierce Atchison Privates Atchison, Fielding Beavins, Josiah Benedict, James Campbell, Robert Chipman, John Devenport, Wesley Diver, James Dodd, Isaac, Dumond, Isaac Flemming, John Foresman, Henry Galbraith, John Hanaman, George Henderson, David Henderson, James Henderson, John Horsey, Edward Hubbard, John Johnson, Richard King, William Knight, Enos Lacount, James Leonard, Charles McGroos, Isaac Moore, Fergus Moore, James Nicholas Christian Randle, Tibble Ridman, James Rively, Daniel Romine, Abraham Seabourn, Doress Shephard, William Shuff, Frederick Smith, Henry Sullivan, Aaron Van Horn, Walter Van Waggoner, John Wanaughmaker, Phillip Waples, Derixson Whitsell,...

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Roll Of Capt. Adam Berry’s Company

(From Pickaway & Ross Cos.) Served from April 11, until May 12, 1813, and from April 11, until May 12, 1814 Capt. Adam Berry Lieut. Arthur McPhee or McKee Ensign, John Thompson Ensign, John Thebus Sergt. John Beavens Sergt. Jacob Smith Sergt. George Spangler Sergt. Thomas Powell Sergt. John Spores Sergt. Blain Sergt. George Fry Sergt. Adam Zehrung Sergt. John Clark Sergt. John Shoup Corp. Phillip Least Corp. Hugh Caul Corp. John Knight Corp. Stephen Stewart Drummer jacob Smith Fifer, George Shaugler Privates Alcot, Israel Andrew, Thomas Bagley, Thomas Ballard, Linsey S Ballinger, Joseph Barber, Edward Beek, Alexander Bellote, Walter Blane, John Brown, Joshua Burben, Edward Chambers, John Cheneworth, George Chenworth, Thomas Clark John Clark, Robert Coaley, James R Cobb, Hugh Cogley, Thomas Crum, Thomas Dod, Adam Dungan, Titus Dunn, Zephaniah Erwin, William Evans, Aldridge Frye, George Fullen Alexander Garratt, Russell Graham, Joseph Grant, William Hall. James Harbert, Richard Harmon, Samuel H. Harpster, Peter Haynes, Henry Hurst, Thomas John, Thomas Johnson, Jacob Johnston, Joel Kennison, Reuben Kimble, Jacob Kinser, George Knight, John Lambart, Isaac Laurence, Henry Lewis, William Linn, Jacob List, Phillip Lunback Henry Marsh, Titus Martz, George Mathew, John McCord, Thomas McFadden, William Miller, George Moore, James Mounts, Humphrey Munday, John Myers, John Nease, Abraham Newman, William Noland, William Nubegal, William Odle, Stephen Pertee, George Pervolt, Thomas Peters, Jacob Petty, Absalom Ratcliff, Charles Redden, Reuben Redden, Robert Reed,...

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Roll Of Capt. Thomas Renick’s Company

(From Pickaway County). Served from July 26, until August 26, 1813. Capt. Thomas Renick Lieut. Asahel Heath Ensign James Halle Sergt. Johnston Hemphill Sergt. Michael Phillip Sergt. Edward Conroy Sergt. David Marsh Privates Baley, Robert Baley, William Barnes, William Campbell, James Caster, Jacob Caster, James Cole, John Cuppin, Joseph Davis, John Dixson, Alexander Dixson, William Fulson, Joshua Gleeze, Adam Heath, William Kearns, Abner Linton, William Madden, John Madden, Rowzewed Marquis, Abraham Martin, John McKinney, Henry Paris, George Pense, John Pierce, John Renick, William Shawbrad, William Shoat, Stoy Short, Stephen Shreeves, Thomas Stiveson, David Swank, Richard Swank, William Thomas, David Ward, Abraham Williams, Henry Williams, John Williams,...

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Roll Of Capt. George Wolf’s Company

(From Pickaway County) Served from July 28, until August 26, 1813. Capt. George Wolf Lieut. George Steely Ensign, Jesse Cook Sergt. John Scott Sergt. Jonas Baum Sergt. Wesley Rush Sergt. William Cook Corp. Moses Rush Corp. Joseph Cravistone Corp. David Vale Corp. Josiah Rush Privates Baum, Peter Brougher, Conrad Burnes, Joseph Chedd, Daniel Creigh, Samuel Denny, William Earnest, Michael Fressman, Hugh Gordon, Alexander Graham, Robert Headley George Julian, John Leonard, Abraham Lutz, John D Lutz, Samuel May, John McClintock, Jeheil McClintock, William Mevguit, John Michael, John Morehous, Augustine Neace, George Nebb, Christian Riser, William Ross, Jacob B Rush, Peter Scott, Moses Sharp, George Shoemake, John Shoemaker, Jacob Torbet, James Vance, Elisha Wolf,...

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Biographical Sketch of William Hollis

William Hollis, retired limner; P. O. Oakland; born in Essex Co., Del., Jan. 18, 1800, where he engaged in farming until 25 years of age, when he emigrated West, and located in Pickaway Co., Ohio, and engaged in farming until 1845, when he came to Illinois and located in Edgar Co., where he followed farming for a period of thirty years; in 1875, he purchased his present residence in Oakland, where he has since lived, with the exception of a short time, which he lived upon his farm; he also owns a farm of 160 acres, upon which are good buildings, the same being now managed by his son George. His marriage with Elizabeth Lane was celebrated April 28, 1825; she was born in Essex Co., Del., Aug. 28, 1800; they have five children now living, having lost the same number by death; the names of the living are George, Catharine, Henry, Erastus and Mary Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis are the oldest couple now in Oakland, Mr. H. being 79 years of age and Mrs. H. lacking but a few months of the same age; their marriage was celebrated fifty-four years...

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Biographical Sketch of N. P. Smith

N. P. Smith, dealer in books, stationery, etc., Oakland; born in Delaware Co., Ohio, Jan. 6, 1847, where he attended school until 16 years of age, when he removed to Pickaway Co., where he attended school one year; he then attended at Delaware City, where he entered the Wesleyan University, where he remained eighteen months; in 1866, he located in Shelby Co., Ill., and for five years engaged from four to six months during the fall and winter in teaching school, and the balance of the season farming and dealing in farm implements and machinery; he then engaged in the book and stationery trade at Shelbyville with T. E. Lapham for a short time, when, in 1873, he located at Oakland in the above business, under the firm name of Lapham & Smith, continuing the same for six months, when he purchased the interest of his partner, since which time he has continued the business alone; his business card will be found in the business directory of Oakland, in another part of this work. His marriage with Minerva Gollogher was celebrated Sept. 30, 1869; she was born in Shelby Co., Ill., Sept. 9, 1847; they have four children now living by this union, viz., Orrin L., Jennie, Edith and...

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Biographical Sketch of D. A. Rice

D. A. Rice, station agent, telegraph operator and grain-dealer, Oakland; born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., April 4, 1847, where he lived until 9 years of age, when he removed with his parents to Pickaway Co., Ohio, where he commenced the study of telegraphy, living there three years; then to New Lexington, where he lived two years, the last year, having charge of the telegraph office at that place; he lived in Ohio and engaged in telegraphing until 1870, when he removed to Illinois and located at Effingham, where he was engaged at telegraphing for a short time, when he changed to another station and was employed by that line for three years; he then removed to Ohio, where he was engaged in telegraphing until 1876, when he came to Oakland and took charge of this office, which he has since operated. He was married July 12, 1868, to Alice J. Hughes; she was born in Hamilton Co., Ohio, Jan. 6, 1852; they have two children now living by this union-Eva, born Dec. 9, 1870, and Wilber, born Jan. 6,...

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Biographical Sketch of Perce, William

Perce, William dealer in a general line of groceries, provisions and queensware, opened trade on October 4, 1880. He carries a stock of about $2,500. Came to Russell in 1874 and farmed five years. Was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, in 1817, and raised as a farmer. Moved to Springfield, Ill., in 1849, and engaged in the manufacture of brooms a few years. He was City Marshal of Springfield for one year, and Captain of the Police in 1860-61. Enlisted as First Lieutenant in Company C, Eleventh Missouri Volunteers, in July 1861. Resigned the next May on account of ill-health, and re-enlisted again in 1862, in the Seventieth Illinois Volunteers, a three months’ regiment, and was elected Captain of Company B of this regiment. Served four months. Went to farming in 1863, and was appointed United States Deputy Marshal, under John Logan, in 1869, serving two years. Was also an operative of the Secret Service for the Southern District of Illinois. He was married in 1842 to Miss Roxana Vittium, a native of Ohio. They have five children – Mary, now married to Mr. S. Spindle; E. I., married to W. T. Shaw; Wm. A., married; Lewis A., married, and Clarinda A., now Mrs. J. F. Dollison. He has been Justice of the Peace in Russell for many...

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