Location: Payette Idaho

Obituary of Lester E. Hammack

Jamison, Oregon—Lester E. Hammack 89, of Jamison, died July 13,1989, in a Vale nursing home. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday at the First Christian Church in Vale, Rev. Paul Ratzlaff officiating. Internment will follow at Valley View Cemetery in Vale, under the direction of Lienkaemper Chapel of Vale. He was born June 12, 1900 in Lostine, Oregon, the son of John L. and Alice Bohannon Hammack. He moved with his parents and lived in Elgin, Echo and Milton-Freewater, Oregon before moving to Cow Valley in 1918. He moved to Jamison in 1920 where he ranched and farmed. He married Crystal Cammann August 28, 1924 in Payette, Idaho. She preceded him in death January 9, 1978 in Ontario, Oregon. He continued to reside in Jamison. He was a member of the Christian Church in Vale and a past Malheur County Commissioner, member of the Malheur County Cattlemen’s Association and director of the Dell Cemetery and a director of various...

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The Payette Valley, Its Towns

For the following graphic and ably written article in regard to the attractions of the Payette valley we are indebted to a souvenir edition of the Payette Independent issued in March, 1898: The Payette valley lies in the southwestern part of Idaho, with its upper and narrow end extending far back into pine-clad mountains and its lower flaring into broad, fertile fields, terminating at the banks of the Snake river, just across whose waters rise the mountain peaks of Oregon. Its length is upward of forty miles, its width varying from two miles at the upper point to eight where it merges into the larger delta of the Snake. On its northern side rise foothills which succeed each other with in-creasing height until they are lost in the great chain of the Seven Devils mountains: on the south a long, low line of hills divides it from its sister valley, the Boise; and through it from end to end the Payette river, broad, deep, perennial, threads its way around innumerable islands. At its mouth, its gateway and outlet, within half a mile of the confluence of the Snake and Payette rivers, is the flourishing town of Payette: midway in its length, on its mesa or bench lands, is New Plymouth, a new community established on the co-operative principle: still farther up the valley is Falk’s Store, which in an...

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Biography of Robert Van Gilse

The capable and educated gentleman, of whom we now have the privilege of writing, is one of the leading fruit men of the entire northwest, being better fitted, doubtless, than most in this industry in the entire country, for in addition to the practical experience in handling nurseries and fruit farms themselves, he has received from some of the leading horticultural schools of Europe the best theoretical and practical training that is now the privilege of a man to secure. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that we grant space here for an epitome of his interesting career. And it would give us gratification if in brief we were privileged to publish for the benefit of the fruit men of Malheur county, his valuable experience in these lines. We will revert to the personal history of our subject and we note first that in the pure Anglo-Saxon country of Holland is his birth-place. Middleburg is the spot and June 18, 1873, is the date. His parents were J. A. and Mary Van Gilse. The father is editor of one of the most powerful journals of Holland and is a member of the Congressional body of the country, being a leader in those halls as else, in the field of journalism. Our subject attended the common school until twelve years of age at Rotterdam, then entered the Horticultural College at...

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Biographical Sketch of Roswell W. Clement

Among the leading agriculturists of Malheur county is to be mentioned the subject of this sketch, whose life has manifested a worthy record of honest and rigorous endeavor, dominated with sagacity and tempered with prudence and display of affability and genial bearing toward all. In Middleville, Barry county, Michigan, on January 5, 1862, occurred the happy event of the birth of Roswell W. Clement, his parents being Judge James T. and Lucy (Hayes) Clement. The family came to Usage, Iowa, while our subject was a small child, and thence they removed to the vicinity of Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1868. In these various places Roswell W. was reared, receiving a good education from the common schools. 1881 marks the date when they again removed toward the west, this time journeying with teams, one of which our subject drove the entire distance, to Payette, Idaho, making the trip in eighty days. Here on September 11. 1884, Mr. Clement married Miss Harriet, daughter of John and Melissa Neal, and a native of Denver, Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. Neal were early pioneers of the Payette Valley, coming thither from Denver, in which town they also were among the first settlers and lived there when flour retailed at fifty dollars per sack. To Mr. and Mrs. Clement there have been born four children named as follows: Martha Ethel, James R., Walter and Buell J....

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Biographical Sketch of Almer G. King

The subject of this review is one of the well known and representative men of Malheur County and is to-day entrusted with the responsibilities of one of the main County offices and has made a record for himself of faithfulness, integrity, and capabilities, that places him secure in the esteem and respect of the entire population of the County. Almer G. was born in Waverly, Iowa, on December 6, 1866, being the son of George and Littie (Kimball) King. In 187o, the family came west via San Francisco and Portland to a place opposite Fort Vancouver, on the Columbia, where they resided for a time and then re-moved to Pendleton, afterwards going to The Dalles in 1872 where they remained until 1882. In that place, our subject was educated in the public schools and then took the entire course in the Vasco Independent Academy, but (lid not graduate as he was detained from passing the examinations.  In 1882 he came to Malheur, at that time a part of Baker County, and engaged to handle cattle for Thomas R. David-son and fourteen years he remained with him never losing a day, and for the last half of this time he was foreman. In 1892 he went to Payette, Idaho, and conducted a livery stable for one year then went to Westfall Malheur County, and operated as a farmer for a...

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Biographical Sketch of James A. Walker

About five miles southwest from Ontario is the farm and home of the subject of this article. It is a place of eighty acres well improved, skillfully tilled, has line buildings, good orchards and a vine-yard, and in connection with the care of this estate, Mr. Walter is operating a dairy and manufacturing a good quality of butter, which is readily sold in the markets. In person Mr. Walter is a man of sound principles, stands well among his fellows, possesses good ability, and has made a success of his labor, starting with his bare hands and now has a good property accumulated. He was born in Wayne county, Indiana, on February 14, 1834, being the son of Henry and Lovier (Lee) Walter. He grew up on a farm, received a good education from the common schools, and remained with his parents until 1880, having removed with them to Henry County, Indiana in 1875. When he stepped out for himself, he came by rail to Reno, Nevada, and in the fall of 1881 came across the country with teams from there to Malheur County, locating in Malheur Valley, and doing his first work as a wage earner in this new country. The settlers were few then and the country open and he selected a farm near where Yale stands, but later closed out the farm business and for three...

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Biography of Z. C. Mills

Z.C. MILLS. – Z.C. Mills of Seattle, Washington is a native of the Empire state, and was born in 1834. While yet in his boyhood, his parents moved to Illinois, where he grew to manhood and received his education. After he had reached his majority, he engaged in business with his father. He was successful; but, when an American has once felt the excitement of moving, it is almost impossible for him to be contented, so long as there are new countries to be found beyond the Western horizon. Accordingly, in 1859, when the Pike’s Peak gold excitement reached his home, young Mills started for the new El Dorado, and settled in the new town of Denver, where he opened a tin store. That country, not proving as productive as expected, Mr. Mills, with others, pulled up stakes in 1862, and started for the Salmon river diggings, which were then just reaching their fame as the richest strike yet. The party crossed the Rocky Mountains, the Bitter Creek Desert, Green River, the Wasatch Range, went down the Bear River past the famed soda springs, and had reached a point above Fort Hall, when news reached that the Salmon river gold bubble has burst reached them. They retraced their steps to Fort Hall, and there joined a train bound for Oregon. In the eastern part of that state they stopped,...

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Biography of David C. Chase

David C. Chase, the secretary and treasurer of the great Payette Valley Mercantile Company, Limited, doing business in Payette, Idaho, is a native of Ohio, his birth having occurred in Johnsonville, Trumbull County, on the 26th of April 1853. He traces his descent from English ancestors who were early settlers of Connecticut, and participated in many of the leading events which go to make up the history of that state. His father, David Chase, was a New England farmer, and died when his son and namesake was only a small boy. The latter was educated in the public schools of Meadville, Pennsylvania, and began life as a newsboy, selling papers on the streets and afterward on the train. As the years passed and he became fitted for more responsible duties, he resolved to learn telegraphy. This he did, and was employed in the railroad service for twenty years, being with the Union Pacific Railroad from 1873 until 1891, one of its most competent, faithful and trusted employees. His industry and economy in that time had enabled him to save some capital, and in the latter year he became one of the organizers of the Payette Valley Mercantile Company, Limited. He was elected its secretary and treasurer, a position which he has since filled with great acceptability, for in no small degree the success of the house is attributable to...

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Biography of Garner Miner

For thirty-eight years Garner Miner has been a resident of Idaho, having come to the territory in 1861, when the development of this great northwest was in its incipiency and the frontiersmen had to meet many privations and dangers. The Indians were frequently on the warpath, carrying death and devastation wherever they went; and separated from the base of sup-plies, from the comforts and luxuries of the east the pioneers endured hardships undreamed of by the present generation. In those days brave hearts were necessary, indeed, but the same spirit of Anglo-Saxon daring, fortitude and stability, which, has characterized the people of this fair land from its earliest colonization, and has carried the English language and English supremacy to all parts of the globe, found renewed manifestations among the mountains and valleys of Idaho, and thus were laid the foundations of the state, which now occupies a prominent place in the great galaxy of states west of the Mississippi. In all the work of progress and development, in the task of subduing the wild land to the purposes of civilization. Garner Miner bore his part, and now in the evening of life is living retired at his pleasant home in Caldwell, enjoying a well earned rest. Mr. Miner was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on the 5th of November 1822, his parents being John and Mary (Marshall) Miner, also...

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Biography of Peter Pence

The life record of this honored pioneer, and his connection with many of the leading events in the history of Idaho, form no unimportant chapter in the annals of the state. He has been identified with its early development through the period when existence in the northwest was attended by many difficulties and dangers, and with its latter-day progress and advancement which have placed Idaho on a par with many of the older states of the east. His early years were spent far from this “Gem of the Mountains.” He was born in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, in October 1837, and is of German ancestry, the founders of the family in America having been early settlers of the Keystone state. The grand-father of our subject, George Washington Pence, served as a lieutenant in the Revolutionary war and lived to be one hundred years of age, while his wife reached the remarkable age of one hundred and seven years. Their son, who also bore the name of George W. Pence and is the father of our subject, was born in Pennsylvania, November 10, 18 10, and is still living on the old family homestead where he first opened his eyes to the light of day. He married Deborah McKee, who was of Irish lineage. They were industrious farming people and were members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Pence has survived his...

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Biography of William Lauer

Since the establishment of Payette William Lauer has been identified with its development and upbuilding, and his labors have been most effective in promoting its welfare. He is the pioneer hardware merchant of the town, and still continues in that line of business, his well directed efforts bringing him success. He is among the worthy citizens that the Fatherland has furnished to the New World, his birth having occurred in Germany on the nth of November 1833. In his youth he crossed the Atlantic to New York with his father, Isaac Lauer, who made his home in the eastern metropolis until called to his final rest. His death occurred in his eightieth year. William Lauer had attended the public schools, of his native land, and was fifteen years of age when he came to America. He learned the tinner’s trade in New York City, and there remained for seven years, when he resolved to leave the Atlantic coast and seek a home on the Pacific coast. In 1854 he sailed from New York to San Francisco, and engaged in merchandising in Siskiyou County, California, where he remained until 1861, when he came to Idaho, attracted by the Oro Fino excitement. He engaged in clerking and also in placer mining, but his efforts in the latter direction did not prove successful. For his services as a salesman, however, he received...

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Biography of Moses H. Goodwin

The history of mankind is replete with illustrations of the fact that it is only under the pressure of adversity and the stimulus of opposition that the best and strongest in men are brought out and developed. Perhaps the history of no people so forcibly impresses one with this truth as the annals of our own republic: and certainly in our own land the palm must be awarded to New England’s sturdy sons. If anything can inspire the youth of our country to persistent, honorable and laudable endeavor it should be the life record of such men as he of whom we write. The example of the illustrious few of our countrymen who have risen from obscurity to the highest positions in the gift of the nation serves often to awe our young men rather than to inspire them to emulation, because they reason that only a few can ever attain such eminence; but the history of such men as M. H. Goodwin proves conclusively that with a reasonable amount of mental and physical power success is bound, eventually, to crown the endeavors of those who have the ambition to put forth their best efforts, and the will and manliness to persevere therein. The history of the Goodwin family shows that four brothers of the name, natives of England, crossed the Atlantic and located in New Hampshire. Aaron Goodwin,...

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Biography of C. M. Scott, M. D.

In viewing the mass of mankind in the varied occupations of life, the conclusion is forced upon the observer that in the vast majority of cases men have sought employment not in the line of their peculiar fitness but in those fields where caprice or circumstances have placed them, thus explaining the reason of the failure of ninety-five per cent, of those who enter commercial and professional circles. In a few cases it seems that men with a peculiar fitness for a certain line have taken it up, and marked success has followed. Such is the fact in the case of the subject of this biography. Dr. Scott is one of the most capable physicians in his section of the state, and as proprietor of the Payette Valley Pharmacy, he has shown that he is endowed with that commercial instinct and foresight which enable one to enter into competitive business relations, and by the pursuit of honorable business methods gain prosperity. A native of Kentucky, he was born in Brandenburg, May 6, 1854. His father. Captain William Scott, was born in the same state, and married Indiana Roberts. He was a steamboat pilot and was engaged as pilot on General Grant’s boat during the siege of Vicksburg. Although born and reared in the south, he strongly opposed the institution of slavery and advocated the cause of freedom. When the...

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Biography of David S. Lamme

The history of the pioneer settlement of Payette would be incomplete without the record of this gentleman, who from the earliest founding of the town has been a prominent factor in its substantial growth and improvement. When Idaho was cut off from the advantages and comforts of the east by the long, hot stretches of sand and the high mountains, he made his way across the plains, braving all the trials and hardships of pioneer life in order to make a home in the northwest rich in its resources, vet unclaimed from the dominion of the red men. Mr. Lamme is a native of Hancock County, Illinois, born February 11, 1842, and is of French and Irish descent. The Lammes were of French origin, and at an early period in the history of the east crossed the Atlantic. Representatives of the name participated in many of the leading events mentioned in the annals of the country, and in the Revolutionary war they aided in the struggle for independence. Jonathan Lamme, father of our subject, was born in Sangamon County, Illinois, and married Lydia Hamilton. One of her ancestors also was a Revolutionary hero, and her family is of Irish lineage. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Lamme were born six children, of whom four sons and a daughter are living. Both parents died when about forty-five years of age, and the...

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Biography of William L. Ryder

Prominent among the businessmen of Payette is William Louis Ryder, who for eight years has been closely identified with the history of the city as a representative of one of its most important business interests. He is a man of keen discrimination and sound judgment, and his executive ability and excellent management have brought to the concern with which he is connected a large degree of success. The safe, conservative policy which he inaugurated commends itself to the judgment of all, and has secured to the company a patronage which makes the volume of trade transacted over its counters of great importance and magnitude. The prosperity of the Payette Valley Mercantile Company, Limited, is certainly due in a large measure to its president and manager, the gentleman whose name initiates this review. Mr. Ryder claims Kentucky as the state of his nativity, and was born in Louisa, Lawrence County, February 5, 1847. His ancestors were early settlers of the east and south. His grandfather. John Ryder, removed from Pennsylvania to Virginia, and Levi Ryder, father of our subject, from Virginia to Kentucky. He married Miss Martha Burns, and was engaged in the manufacture and sale of harness, saddlery and other goods in that line. He died of pneumonia, in the thirty-fifth year of his age. His wife survived him for some time, and reached the age of seventy-six years....

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