Location: Paris Idaho

Biography of John Cozzens

The man whose name appears above is one of the most prominent citizens of Montpelier, Bear Lake county, Idaho, and is entitled to the distinction of having been a pioneer and a leader of pioneers on the site of the present town, where he first arrived a third of a century ago and where he has lived since, active in all good works tending to development and prosperity. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now John Cozzens was born in South Wales, at High Cross, Penbrookshire, May 17, 1833, of Welsh, Scotch and Irish ancestry. James Cozzens, his father, was a farmer and a member of what was then the Independent Presbyterian Church. His wife was Diana Thomas. He died in the thirty-seventh year of his age, she at the age of forty-two. They left nine children, of whom only three are living. John Cozzens, the eldest of the family, was educated in Wales, learned the butcher’s trade there and, at the age of nineteen, married Miss...

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Biography of Joseph R. Shepherd

This is an age when the young man is prominent. He is at the head of many important enterprises and is bringing others to the front which ire bound to startle very many who have permitted themselves to be buried under superannuated ideas. At an age when the average business man of two generations ago was considered but a child, the boys of the end of the century have acquired the foundation of a practical knowledge of successful business methods, and with broad ideas, in harmony with the spirit and opportunities of the age, are planning their work for the future with a view to achieving success and retiring early in life. The west is full of young businessmen, and Idaho has its share of those who have made their marks early in life. One of these, the narrative of whose career will serve as an illustration pertinent to these remarks, is Mayor Shepherd of the city of Paris. Joseph R. Shepherd was born in Hampshire, England, March 18, 1865, a son of William and Mary Ann (Tracy) Shepherd. His parents came of old English stock, and his father was a shoemaker by trade. They became converts to the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and in 1877 they emigrated to this country, bringing with them their ten children, and located at Paris, Bear...

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Biography of John U. Stucki

A leading representative of the business, the political and the church interests of Paris, John Ulrich Stucki is accounted one of the most valued citizens of Bear Lake County. He has resided in the town since 1870, has been identified with all its interests through the passing years, and was honored with the office of mayor, being the first incumbent in that position. A native of Switzerland, he was born in Oberneunforn, June 8, 1837, and is of Swiss descent. His parents were John and Elizabeth (Sauter) Stucki, also natives of that land, where the father was a thrifty farmer and an influential citizen. Both he and his wife were Protestants in their religious faith. Mrs. Stucki was called to the home beyond at the age of forty-five years, and Mr. Stucki, who was born July 15, 1806, died December 5, 1886, in the eighty-first year of his age. In their family were thirteen children, nine of whom grew to years of maturity, while six are still living. The family were one highly respected in the community where they made their home. In the schools of his native town and in Andelfingen, John Ulrich Stucki acquired his education, and, his father desiring to have him educated as a merchant tailor, he apprenticed in and followed that business for about four years, when, in the fall of 1856, in the...

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Biography of Alfred Budge

Alfred Budge, prosecuting attorney of Bear Lake County, was born in Providence, Utah, on the 24th of February 1868, of Scotch-English and Welsh ancestry. For full details in regard to his lineage and the immediate family history, we refer the reader to the sketch of the life of his father, Hon. William Budge, appearing elsewhere in this volume. Alfred Budge received his preliminary education in the academy at Provo, Utah, and later matriculated in the law department of the famous University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he was duly graduated as a member of the law class of 1891. He was at once admitted to practice, and he began the work of his profession in July 1892, at his home in Paris, Idaho, where he has since continued in the active practice of law. In his political adherency Mr. Budge is a stanch advocate of the Republican party, and, as such, was elected district attorney of the fifth judicial district of the state, in which office he served, with great acceptability, for a period of four years, his term expiring January 15, 1899. In the meanwhile, in November 1898, he had been elected prosecuting attorney of Bear Lake County, of which important office he is the present incumbent, discharging its duties with marked ability and resourcefulness. It is worthy of note that while the political complexion of the county...

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Biography of Bishop William Budge

Bishop Budge, of Paris, state senator representing Bear Lake County, Idaho, one of the most widely known and influential men in the state as a citizen and as a Republican, and a power for good through his administration of the affairs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in his stake and throughout Idaho, is a native of Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and a son of William and Mary (Scott) Budge, born May 1, 1828. His father was of Highland Scotch ancestry and was born in Edinburg. His mother came of the Scotts, of Douglas Castle, Scotland. They were of the highest respectability, of good social status and members of the Presbyterian Church. Bishop Budge’s father died in the sixty-third year of his life, and his mother at the age of forty-seven. They had eight children, of whom Senator Budge was the second born. He attended school in Scotland, but the education he gained in that way was so meager that he may truly be said to be a man selfeducated, as he is undoubtedly selfmade in the best and most creditable sense of the term. At twenty he was converted to the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and, almost immediately became one of its missionaries and labored in its behalf, in England, Scotland, Switzerland and Germany, with such great success...

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Biography of Christian Wallantine

Christian Wallantine, one of the prominent farmers and old residents of Paris, Idaho, is a native of Denmark, having been born on the little island of Barnholm, in the Baltic sea, off the Danish coast, October 21, 184 1. He is a descendant of German ancestry on his father’s side, representing in this line very old Teutonic stock. His parents were Wallantine and Augel Margaret (Kofoot) Wallentinesen, who, having become converts to the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, decided to cross the ocean and live out the remainder of their days in Utah, where it was promised the temple of this church should be erected. They came in 1853-4, and were quite a year in making the voyage across the sea and the long and tedious journey across the plains. They were able to employ only the most primitive means, and they had no team swifter or better than oxen, which the men and big boys took turns at driving, and which, with the plodding patience of their kind, came with them at last to their journey’s end. The parents brought with them their three sons; and Christian, the second born, was then thirteen years old; and he has a vivid recollection of their hardships, their hopes and fears, their mishaps, their perils, seen and unseen, and their long, tense struggle against...

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Biography of Hon. John L. Underwood

Hon. John L. Underwood, postmaster at Montpelier, Idaho, successful businessman, prominent citizen, veteran of the civil war and influential Republican, is widely and favorably known throughout the state. He was born in Broome County, New York, January 15, 1832, of parents who traced their ancestry to good English families. Jonas Underwood, his grandfather, was a native of Fishkill, New York, and held a commission in the Revolutionary army. He died at Deposit, New York, in his eightieth year. His wife, who was of the New York family of Pine, survived him only a few days. Philip Underwood, son of Jonas and father of John L. Underwood, was born in Deposit, New York, in 1803, and married Angeline Peters. In 1855 he located, with his wife and family, near Polo, in Ogle County, Illinois, where he bought a farm and lived to attain the ripe old age of seventy-seven years. His wife died, at about the same age, a few years later. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which he “as a local preacher and evangelist. They had eight children, of whom seven are living. John L. Underwood, the second of the eight in order of birth, was educated in the public schools of the state of New York. In July 1861, he enlisted in Company H., Fourteenth Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, to do his part in...

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Biography of Stephen Kelsey

Few men are more familiar with the pioneer history of this section of the great republic than Stephen Kelsey, who before the days when the emigrants flocked to the gold-fields of California crossed the plains to Utah in company with the colony which went with President Brigham Young to Utah. They made their way over the hot and arid plains and through the mountain passes until they reached the Salt Lake Country on the 22d of July 1847, and on the 24th of the same month they arrived on the present site of Salt Lake City, so that that date has since been celebrated as pioneer day. Mr. Kelsey was then but seventeen years of age. He was born in northeastern Ohio, December 23, 1830, his parents being Stephen and Rachel (Allen) Kelsey, representatives of industrious and well-to-do Ohio families. The father was twice married, and by his first union had five children. By the second marriage there were six children, five daughters and our subject. Stephen Kelsey attended school in Ohio and when seventeen years of age volunteered to go with Brigham Young to the far west, his duty being to drive a team of horses belonging to the train. There were one hundred and forty men and three women in that resolute company of pioneers who first braved the dangers of the long journey across the plains....

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Biography of Charles C. Rich

Pioneer of Utah, California and Idaho, Charles C. Rich figured prominently in the early development of these states, and took an active part in furthering the welfare and promoting the progress of the commonwealths. He was also a most able exponent of the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and with a colony of believers he founded the beautiful and thriving little city of Paris, the County of Bear Lake, Idaho, and the Mormon colonies of southeastern Idaho. A native of Kentucky, Mr. Rich was born in Campbell County, in 1809, and was of English and Irish ancestry. His parents removed to Indiana during his youth and there he was educated. In 1829 they went to Illinois, becoming pioneer settlers of that state, and in April 1832, Charles C. Rich embraced the faith and was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, becoming one of its most faithful and prominent adherents. In 1839 he went to Nauvoo, Illinois, where he remained until 1846, and while there he was elected an adjutant general in the Mormon forces, a part of the Illinois militia. A little later, however, the regiment was disbanded by the governor of the state. At that time Mr. Rich had been ordained a high priest of the church. In the fall of 1846, in the general Mormon exodus,...

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Biography of Walter Hoge

Walter Hoge is one of the most prominent representatives of the industrial interests of southeastern Idaho. He makes his home in Paris, where he is connected with the lumber business, both manufacturing and selling lumber. The volume of his trade enables him to furnish employment to a large force of workmen and thus he adds to the general prosperity of the community and to the welfare of the town. Mr. Hoge was born on the 18th of November 1844, and is of English lineage. His parents, Walter and Elizabeth Hoge, were also natives of the same land, and the father supported his family by working at the blacksmith’s trade. In his religious belief he was a Presbyterian, and died in that faith in 1866, when sixty-six years of age. His wife long survived him and departed this life in 1882, when eighty-three years of age. They were the parents of eleven children, but only four are yet living. Mr. Hoge, of this review, the youngest of the family, accompanied his parents on their removal to Scotland in his early boyhood and was there educated. He served for four years as an apprentice to the butcher’s trade and followed that business until his emigration to America in 1862. Having come to the New World he took up his abode on Vancouver’s Island and began work in the mines of British...

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