Location: Owyhee Idaho

Silver City Owyhee Idaho Avalanche

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Their names were: Michael Jordan A. J. Miner G. W. Chadwick Cyrus Iba William Phipps Joseph Dorsey Jerome Francisco John Moore J. R. Cain W. Churchill H. R. Wade A. J. Reynolds James Carroll William Duncan Dr A. F. Rudd F. Height W. L. Wade John Gannon M. Conner C. Ward H. W. Prindall D. P. Banes O. H. Purdy J. G. Boone W. T. Carson P. H. Gordon L. G. Gehr and 3 others. In the Silver City Owyhee Avalanche of Jan. 8, 1876, is a notice of the death of Alexander Eddington, an Englishman aged 60, a ‘pioneer of Owyhee,’ who may have been of third party. In Ballou’s Adventures, MS., Jordan’s name is given as J. P. Jordan. H. K. Wade, who was the first treasurer-elect of Owyhee co., died in 1863. William Duncan died in 1873 or 1874 in Nevada. J. R. Cain settled in Boise Valley. F. Height and G. Iba settled in Utah. O. H. Purdy remained in Owyhee County, and wrote an account of these matters on the twelfth anniversary of the discovery of the Owyhee mines, in Owyhee Silver City Avalanche, May 22, 1875. Peter McQueen, ‘one of the pioneers of the Owyhee mines,’ was killed Jan. 26, 1864, by the caving in of a tunnel on which...

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Biography of James Fleet

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Many of our most capable and substantial citizens have come to us from England and among that number we must mention the subject of this sketch, whose career has demonstrated the pluck, perseverance and intelligence of the doughty Anglo Saxon race, and any work which purports to give review of the prominent citizens of Wallowa County would be quite incomplete were there not mention of this honorable and esteemed gentleman, whose uprightness, integrity and capability have given him a standing among his men and fellows and it is with pleasure that we accord him representation in the chronicles of our county. Beneath the shadows of Windsor Castle, in Berkshire County, England, on November 24, 1845, the subject of this sketch opened his eyes to the light, being the son of William and Jane Fleet. The first years of his life were spent in his home with his parents, gaining for himself meanwhile a good education in the schools of his native place, and at the age last mentioned he enlisted as an able bodied seaman upon a man of war and until the spring of 1866 took all the vigorous exercise and training in this capacity. During these years he visited the West Indies, the coast of African, and then returned to Portsmouth, England, and trained...

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Owyhee, Idaho Mines previous to 1865

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now They were: Whiskey Gulch Oro Fino Morning Star Ida Elmore (Bannack) Golden Chariot War Eagle Minnesota Silver Bullion Hidden Treasure General Grant Noonday Centurion Golden Eagle Allison Blazing Star Montana Homo Ticket Floreta Silver Legion Eureka Calaveras Caledonia Empire Dashaway Red Jacket Poorman was discovered a little later than...

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Owyhee, Idaho Mines 1865-1880

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Mine Discoveries: Mahogany Stormy Hill South Chariot Illinois Central North Extension Illinois Central Belle Peck North Extension Poorman South Poorman Lucky Poorman Big Fish Boycott Glenbrook Clearbrook Idlewild North Empire South Empire San Juan Dubuque Silver Cloud Louisiana Ruby Jackson Silver City Ruth Sinker By Chance Potosi Rattling Jack St James South Extension Morning Star Northern Light Trook & Jennings Whiskey Brannan Home Resort Savage Piute Miami Lone Tree Home Stake Little Fish Silver Cord Golden Cord Standard Ruby and Horn Silver Lode Philox Webfoot Wilson Idaho Gentle Emma Stoddard Ohio Henrietta Tremont Crown Point Redemption Boonville Empire State Florida Hill Seventy-Nine Paymaster Black Jack Leviathan Sierra Nevada Owyhee Treasury Yreka Crown Point Avenue Rose Hudson Phoenix No. 1 Phoenix No. 2 Phoenix No. 3 Carson Chief Most were more or less prospected, and about half them being worked to some...

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