Location: Oskaloosa Kansas

Biographical Sketch of Albert G. Patrick

Albert G. Patrick, of Jefferson and Calhoun counties, Kansas, was one of the free-state leaders and, although he finally died full of years and honor, had a most narrow escape from death in the most exciting period of the border troubles. He was an Indiana native, born at Salem, Washington County, in 1824, and a settler at Leavenworth, February 18, 1856. He wrote an account of the robbery and stuffing of the ballot box in the Currler-Beck contest for a seat in the Council, which was published in an Indiana paper and aroused the men of the town. In the summer of 1856 he was taken prisoner by his enemies and delivered to Captain Miller, who took him to Lecompton. There he was court-martialed and ordered to be shot as a spy; was taken out to an open prairie and placed before twelve picked markamen. Realizing his extremity, he tried the virtue of the Masonie sign of distress; it was successful, and two days later he was delivered to Governor Woodson, at Lecompton, where he was placed under guard with five or six other political prisouers. Finally he was set at liberty and proceeded to Lawrence. He joined Captain Wright’s Stranger Creek Company and participated in the Hickory Point engagement; with others, he was eaptured by United States troops and sent to Lecompton, where he was held by Governor...

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Biography of William O. Worswick

William O. Worswick, though he began his career as a teacher and commercial man, had been in active practice as a member of the Oskaloosa bar for the past thirty years, and is an ex-county attorney of Jefferson County. Mr. Worswick is of English ancestry. The name was originally Warwick, and as such it is famous in English history. Mr. Worswick’s paternal grandfather was Henry Ward Worswick, who served as captain of a Man of War in the English Navy. He was born in Lancastershire, England, and in 1826 he brought his family to America and settled at Brooklyn, New York. John Worswick, father of the Oskaloosa lawyer, was a well known citizen of Jefferson County, Kansas, where he spent his last years. He was born in Lancastorahire, England, January 14, 1814, and died at Oakaloosa in 1908, at the venerable age of ninety-four. When he was twelve years of age he accompanied his parents to the United States and lived with them at Brooklyn, New York. Subsequently he returned to England and spent about four vears at Manchester, serving an apprenticeship in the trade of engraving, according to the rules and practices of the art of that time. After getting his card as a master workman he returned and was employed in New York City, Providence, Rhode Island, Fall River, Massachusetts, Tiverton, Massachusetts, and North Adams, Massachusetts. The...

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Biography of Alvis Clayton Zimmerman, M.D.

Alvis Clayton Zimmerman, M. D. Having survived all his contemporaries, Doctor Zimmerman may be justly called the pioneer physician and surgeon at Perry, where he established himself in practice twenty years ago and where his skill and ability have brought him a commendable place professionally and in the social and civic life of that community. Doctor Zimmerman was born in Jefferson County, Kansas, April 9, 1874, and represents a very early pioneer and territorial family in this section of Kansas. He is a son of the venerable Mathias Coffman Zimmerman, who is still living at Oskaloosa, Kansas, retired, past four score years of age. The Zimmerman ancestry is traced back to Holland, and from there it was brought to Pennsylvania in Colonial times. Doctor Zimmerman’s grandfather was born in Pennsylvania in 1790, and on going west as a pioneer located in Ray County, Missouri, where he followed farming and where he died about 1840, long before that country was well settled up. It was in Ray County, Missouri, that Mathias C. Zimmerman was born in 1836. He grew up and married in that community, became a farmer, and was a very successful stock raiser and handled hogs and cattle for many years. In 1857, at the age of twenty-one, he came to the Territory of Kansas and bought a farm in Jefferson County. That farm consists of 160 acres...

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Biography of William A. Smith

William A. Smith, a prominent young lawyer of Jefferson County and now serving as county attorney, is also one of Kansas’ young soldiers and now awaiting the call to the colors to serve with the American armies in the war with Germany. He was born at Valley Falls, Kansas, December 30, 1888. He is descended from old American stock. His ancestors came from England about 1636, and were identified with the RhodeĀ IslandĀ and Providence plantations colonization project of Roger Williams. His grandfather, Miller Smith, was born at Providence, Rhode Island, was a carpenter by trade, moved out to Missouri in 1841, and about 1872 located in Kansas, where he lived retired in Jefferson County until his death. H. M. Smith, father of the present county attorney, was born at providence, Rhode Island, in June, 1842. He grew up in Missouri and lived there until the war. Early in the Civil war he enlisted in the Second Missouri Cavalry, known as Merrill’s Horse, and did a great deal of service and had much experience and hardship in the border warfare, helped repel Price’s invasion of Missouri, was in campaigus in Arkansas, and later was assigned to the armies cast of the Mississippi and went as far as Atlanta, Georgia. After the war he came to Jefferson County, Kansas, in 1866, and was one of the pioneer nurserymen of this section. Later...

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Biography of Frank H. Roberts

Frank H. Roberts is proprietor and editor of the Oskaloosa Independent. The Independent enjoys distinction among Kansas newspapers. It was established in 1860 by his father, the late John W. Roberts. It had been published continuously and successfully during all the intervening years by father and son. No other newspaper in Kansas had been published so many years in one locality. The town let in Oskaloosa where John W. Roberts began his pioneer enterprise as a newspaper publisher fifty-seven years ago is still the site of the present plant of the Independent, and in this quality of permanence and stability, hardly any other institution excels the Independent. The present proprietor of the paper was born at Waynesville in Warren County, Ohio, July 25, 1851. His paternal ancestors came originally from England. There were three Roberts brothers, all of whom settled in New Jersey in Colonial times. The grandfather, John Roberts, was born in 1790 and was a pioneer settler in Western Ohio, following farming there, and acquiring ownership of an entire section of land. An important feature of the Roberts farm in Montgomery County, Ohio, was two large maple sugar orchards. John W. Roberts, whose name is one that will always command respect in the annals of Kansas journalism, was born in Montgomery County, Ohio, in 1826. He grew up in his native locality but was married in Warren...

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Biography of Martin S. McCreight, M. D.

Martin S. McCreight, M. D. A resident of Kansas since early boyhood, Doctor McCreight is one of the oldest business men and professional men of the City of Oskaloosa, where he began the practice of medicine and surgery over twenty years ago, and during the greater part of the time had also conducted a drug business and is vice president of the Jefferson County Bank. Doctor McCreight was born in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. February 19, 1870, and is of Scotch ancestry. His grandfather McCreight was a native Scotchman and on coming to America located in Pennsylvania. Johnston McCreight, father of Doctor McCreight, was born in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, in 1842, grew up and married there, and in 1879 came West to Kansas and located on a farm adjoining his present homestead, a mile north of Oskaloosa. He is still living in that community and had had a long and active career as a farmer. His farming interests include 300 acres. He is a democrat in politics and a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. Johnston McCreight married Martha J. Lowman, who was born in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. in 1844. They had just two children, Doctor McCreight being the older. Thomas L., the other son. was born in 1873 and died at Oskaloosa in 1889, while attending the public schools. Doctor McCreight was also educated in the public...

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Biography of George Eli Whitcraft

George Eli Whitcraft, superintendent of the city schools of Oskaloosa, had been active in educational work in Kansas for over twenty years, being well known as a teacher, superintendent and school executive throughout Northeastern Kansas. He was born in Jackson County, Kansas, June 28, 1872. His people have been in the state almost as long as Kansas had been a state. His grandfather, George Whiteraft, was born in Ireland in 1798, and came to America when a boy. After a brief residence in Pennsylvania he went to Ohio and was a farmer in that state for many years. He served as a soldicr in the Mexican war and during the ’60s he came to Kansas and was a pioneer in Jackson County. His death occurred st Holton in 1871. John L. Whiteraft, father of Professor Whiteraft, was born in Ohio in 1837, was reared and married in Hocking County, and following his father came to Kansas in 1870. Locating in Jackson County, he acquired a farm but in 1874 returned to Ohio. He lived there until the death of his wife in 1880, then returned to Kansas and finally retired into Holton, where he died December 6, 1913, In 1864, when a young man, he enlisted in Ohio in Company B of the Fifty-fifth Ohio Infantry, and was in active service as a Union soldier until the close of...

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Biography of John W. Roberts

John W. Roberts, educator, superintendent of the city schools at Sedan, had attained prominence in educational circles in Southeastern Kansas, and though a native of the City of Topeka he represents one of the oldest and most noted families of Oskaloosa. Both his grandfather and father were men of distinction in the newspaper profession and his grandfather edited one of the early free state papers of Kansas. The family of which he is a member originated in England, and there were four of the Roberts brothers who came to America in Colonial times, one of them settling in New York, another in New Jersey and the two others elsewhere. John W. Roberts, grandfather of Professor Roberts, was born at Waynesville, Ohio, in 1822. He was reared on a farm near that town, was married there, and early got into the newspaper business. He organized the company that established a paper at Waynesville and also published a magazine. He was strongly abolitionist, and seeing an opportunity for being of greater influence to that movement he sent the printing press and other materials out to Oskaloosa, Kansas, in 1860, and his brother-in-law, J. W. Day, established there the old Oskaloosa Independent, the first copy of which was issued in July, 1860. John W. Roberts himself came out to Kansas in 1862, and was editor of the Independent until he retired at...

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Biography of James A. Burge

James A. Burge. The oldest citizen of Fredonia, in point of residence, James A. Burge had watched and participated in the progress and development of this thriving city for forty-seven years, during forty-three of which he was identified with enterprises that contributed materially to the city’s prestige. From 1879 until his retirement, in 1912, he was connected with the Western Union Telegraph Company, first as messenger and later as manager, and the many friendships which he made while acting in these capacities have remained with him during the passing of the years. Mr. Burge was born in Lake County, Illinois, January 17, 1847, and is a son of James and Sarah (Chittenden) Burge. James Burge was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1812, and accompanied his six brothers and his parents to America when a lad, the family first settling in Ontario, Canada. When still a young man James Burge removed to Lake County, Illinois, where he was married, and settled on a farm forty miles northwest of Chicago, at a time when the present Illinois metropolis had only one log hotel. Mr. Burge was a farmer all his life and was successful in his operations, accumulating two properties aggregating 300 acres. He was first a whig and later a republican, and while he was a man of some consequence in his community did not seek office. His death occurred...

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Biography Of Clitus B. Hosford

Clitus B. Hosford. The Hosford family is one of the oldest in Kansas, dating back to territorial times. The three generations have been represented in this state by men of force and ability and of that initiative which brings constructive results in any community. Dr. William Hosford, the founder of the family in Kansas, came to this territory from Ohio in 1858. He homesteaded a tract of 160 acres in Jefferson County, and developed his claim though he was a physician by profession and immediately undertook to meet the heavy demands upon his professional skill. He was a native of Vermont, and accompanying him in his removal to Kansas were his wife, three sons and three daughters. He was one of the earliest physicians in Jefferson County, and became a man of great influence and usefulness in that locality. Much of his practice was given gratuitously since the early settlers were poor, and had all they could do to provide the necessities of life and could not pay for medical attention. Doctor Hosford’s home became a station on the underground railway during the years before the war, and he was a determined abolitionist and took an active part in the free state movement. Doctor Hosford died in 1879. His oldest son is Ovando Hosford, who now lives at Lawrence at the age of sixty-nine. He was a small boy...

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