Location: Osage County OK

Biography of Charles W. Brown

Charles W. Brown, a resident of Caney, had a close relationship with this section of Southeastern Kansas, where he had resided for more than thirty-five years and where he still owned a large ranch. Mr. Brown’s mother was an eighth Osage Indian and a member of that tribe, and her family thus had proprietory rights in the lands of Southern Kansas and Northern Oklahoma long before white settlers were permitted to settle there. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now In the paternal line Mr. Brown represents a pioneer family of Wyandotte County, Ohio. His ancestors came from England in colonial days. His grandfather William Brown was born September 12, 1796, in Somerset County, Maryland, and was an early and very prominent settler at Carey, Ohio, where he died in June, 1866. With an exceptional education he was a leader among his fellow citizens and served as a judge at Carey for many years. He was also a writer and author, and spent most of his life...

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Biography of Thomas C. Perrier

Thomas C. Perrier, a progressive agriculturist residing near Ochelata on one of the best improved farms inn this part of the state, is a native son of Oklahoma and represents the third generation of the Perrier family in the state. He was born on a farm on 3rd creek, in Osage county, December 11 , 1884, and” is a son of Napoleon and Ellen (Haynie) Perrier, pioneer residents of Oklahoma, the former a native of Kansas, while the latter was born near Fayetteville, Arkansas. His paternal grandparents were Peter and Catherine (Cadrick) Perrier, both of whom were of Osage extraction and removed from Kansas to Indian Territory in 1872, settling on a farm on Bird creek, in Osage county, where both passed away. Their son, Napoleon Perrier, is one of the leading agriculturists of northeastern Oklahoma, having large holdings in both Osage and Washington counties, and he is now living retired on his farm on Candy creek, in Osage county. Thomas C. Perrier is the second in order of birth in a family of nine children and his education was acquired at Carlisle Institute of Pennsylvania. He completed his studies at the age of eighteen years and then turned his attention to agricultural pursuits, being now the owner of a well improved and highly productive farm of one hundred and eighty acres, five and a half miles west of...

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Biography of Louis F. Wilkie

Louis F. Wilkie, making his home in Bartlesville, is actively identified with farming interests in Osage county and is also the owner of oil lands, from which he derives good royalties. Mr. Wilkie is a native of Osage county, Oklahoma, his birth having there occurred January 12, 1886. He is a son of Andrew Wilkie, who was a native of Germany and came to the United States when a youth of eighteen years. He arrived in Indian Territory when a young man of twenty years and for an extended period engaged in farming and stock raising. He was a close friend of George B. Keeler, one of the best known of the pioneers of this part of the state. and, like Mr. Keeler. Mr. Wilkie was closely identified with many of the early improvements of this section of Oklahoma and with many events which have left their impress upon the records of the commonwealth. He married Miss Leona Tayrien, a daughter of Cyprian Tayrien, one of the earliest of the pioneer settlers and a well known farmer living in Bartlesville. For about a half century her father has lived upon a farm near Bartlesville. He was born in Clay county, Missouri, in 1836, a son of Enoch and Mary Louise (Borboney) Tayrien, the former a French-Canadian and the latter a native of Missouri, one-half French and one-half Osage Indian....

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Biography of Mrs. Anna Parks

Mrs. Anna Parks, a native daughter of Oklahoma and a member of one of the old and prominent families of the state, is the owner of a valuable farm near Bartlesville and is a most capable business woman, displaying marked executive ability, foresight and enterprise in the management of her interests. She was born on the present site of Bartlesville, her parents being John and Jennie (Downing) Lovelady, the former a native of Germany, while the latter was born in Indian Territory and was of Cherokee extraction. In 1860 the maternal grandfather, Jesse Thompson, settled near the present location of Bartlesville, becoming the owner of a large tract of land which he developed and improved. He was one of the most prominent men of his day, serving on the Cherokee council at the time the government transferred the Osage from Kansas to Indian Territory, and he also assisted in making the treaty for the land for both the Osage’ and Delaware tribes. John Lovelady came to the United States as a youth and resided for a time in New York. In 1893 he made his way to Indian Territory, where he acquired land, becoming one of the well known settlers of the region. Mr. and Mrs. Lovelady reared three daughters: Susie and Mary, who were Anna’s half sisters, and are both deceased; and Anna, now Mrs. Parks. The last...

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Biography of Charles J. Shawnee

Charles J. Shawnee, prominently identified with farming interests at one time but now practically living retired, making his home in Ramona, was born near Alluwe, in Coowescoowee in the Cherokee Nation, December 9, 1875. The name Shawnee was conferred upon his father during the Civil war but this was not really the family name, it being French. The father was John French, who was born at Spring River, near Seneca, Missouri, and he was of French, Shawnee and Delaware extraction. His people came originally from Sandusky, Ohio, and removed thence to Illinois and afterward to Arkansas. Still later they came to the Indian Territory, then went to Missouri and afterward took up their abode in what is now Washington County of the Indian Territory. John French, or as he was afterward known, John Shawnee, had a brother who was larger than he. Neither spoke the English language but continued to speak the language of the tribe. They were called Little and Big Shawnee. At the time of the Civil war the family removed to Kansas and John Shawnee and his brother served throughout the war, the former being wounded in the leg, the wound affecting him throughout his life. In the winter of 1867 he and his family returned to Indian Territory from Kansas and settled near Fairland on the Grand River. At a subsequent period John Shawnee removed...

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Biography of Frank Labadie

Coming to Oklahoma in territorial days, Frank Labadie has witnessed the marvelous growth of the state as its vast resources have been exploited, and in the work of development and improvement he has borne his full share through his operations as a farmer and lumberman and also in the oil fields. He was born in Miami County, Kansas, September 3, 1860, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Labadie, the former of whom was of French Canadian descent and spoke the French language fluently. In 1871 the family came to Indian Territory, establishing their home in the northeastern part of Osage County, where the father devoted his attention to farming, conducting his operations on an extensive scale. He was a native of Detroit, Michigan, and in 1851 crossed the plains to California, where he successfully followed mining, later returning to Kansas, in which state he devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits. During the Civil war he engaged in the bakery and confectionery business, in which he also won a large measure of success, and his demise occurred in 1892. He was a man of marked business ability and executive force, in whose vocabulary there was no such word as fail, while the methods which he employed were such as would at all times bear the closest investigation and scrutiny. His son, Frank Labadie, was educated at the Osage Mission...

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Biography of Napoleon Perrier

From pioneer times to the present the Perrier family has been an important factor in the development of the agricultural resources of Oklahoma and Napoleon Perrier, the owner of one of the largest and most productive farms in Osage county, has ably carried forward the work of tilling the soil, being recognized as one of the leading agriculturists of his part of the state. He was born near the Osage Mission, in Kansas, September 18, 1859, his parents being Peter and Catherine (Cadrick) Perrier, both of whom were of Osage extraction. In early life they lived in Kansas and in 1872 came to Indian Territory, and was settling on Bird creek, near Skiatook, in Osage county, where the father devoted his attention to farming and stock raising. He passed away over twenty years ago and the mother had preceded him to the home beyond. Of their family but two children are living: Napoleon, of this review; and Susan, the wife of Charlie Harlow. Napoleon Perrier acquired his education in the Osage Mission, near Pauline, Kansas, which he attended for eight years, and when a young man of twenty-one years he began farming for himself in Osage county, Oklahoma, adding to his holdings from time to time until he now has six hundred and forty acres in that County. He also has large property interests in Washington County, owning realty...

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Biography of Alfred J. Tayrien

From pioneer times until the present the name of Tayrien has figured prominently in connection with the development and up-building of Oklahoma and Alfred J. Tayrien, who represents the third generation of the family in this state, is actuated by the same spirit of progress and enterprise which dominated his for-bears, worthily bearing his part in the work of progress and advancement here. He was born in Osage County on the 17th of May, 1899, and is a son of Andrew, and Francis Tayrien, the latter May of Osage extraction. The father is also a native of Osage County, his birth having occurred at Skiatook on the 11th of October, 1873. He is now retired and lie and his wife are living in Bartlesville. The paternal grandfather, ‘Cyprian Tayrien, a native of Missouri, came to Indian Territory at an early- period in its history becoming a trader and farmer, and resides upon his ranch, which is situated three miles southwest of Bartlesville, having given up business activities. In the acquirement of an education Alfred J. Tayrien attended the public schools of Bartlesville and the Kemper Military Academy in Missouri, from which he was graduated with the class of 1917. During the World war he served for eleven months in the United States navy, being stationed on a receiving ship at Bremerton, Washington. After receiving his discharge he returned to...

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Biography of W. E. Campbell

The enterprise and energy which are leading to the rapid and substantial up-building of Washington County and other sections of Oklahoma find expression in the life record of W. E. Campbell, who is a merchant of the south, alert, energetic and farsighted. He came to this state from Missouri, his birth having occurred at Lexington, in Lafayette County, on the 4th of October, 1876. His father, Robert M. Campbell, was a native of Virginia and became one of the early settlers of Missouri, where he devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits for a number of years. In 1890 he removed to the Indian Territory and took up his abode at Alluwe, where he followed farming until a decade ago. He then settled in Kansas, where he now resides. His wife, who in her maidenhood bore the name of Bettie Harbor, is a native of Missouri and is with her husband in Kansas. W. E. Campbell was educated in the schools of Oklahoma, having come to this state with his parents when a lad of but twelve years. He afterward turned his attention to farming and stock raising, which he followed in Osage County until about three years ago and then retiring from active connection with agricultural interests he entered upon merchandising at Oglesby. He is a very energetic and wide-awake business man, alert to every opportunity and since opening...

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Biography of P. N. Perrier

P. N. Perrier, an enterprising young farmer of Washington county, who makes his home in Ochelata, is a native son of Oklahoma and a member of one of the honored pioneer families of the state. He was born in Osage county, Oklahoma, December 24, 1896, and is a son of Napoleon and Ellen (Haynie) Perrier, the former of Osage and the latter of Cherokee descent. The father was born near the Osage Mission, in Kansas, September 18, 1859, his parents being Peter and Catherine (Cadrick) Perrier, both of whom were of Osage extraction. In 1872 they removed from Kansas to Indian Territory, acquiring a farm on Bird creek, in Osage county, where they spent their remaining years. Their son, Napoleon Perrier, is now the owner of a six hundred and forty acre farm in Osage county, and has property in Bartlesville and Ochelata. He is living retired on his farm on Candy creek, in Osage county, being recognized as one of the foremost citizens of his community. His wife was born near Fayetteville, Arkansas, and nine children were born of their union. In the acquirement of an education P. N. Perrier attended the public schools of Ochelata, likewise pursuing his studies in the evening classes, and subsequently he completed a course in automobile mechanics. He then engaged in the garage business in Ochelata, in which he continued until the...

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Biography of James W. Phillips

An excellent farm property in the Sand Creek district of Washington county pays tribute to the care and labor bestowed upon it by its owner, James W. Phillips, who brings to the operation of his place a thorough knowledge of modern agriculture and a progressive, open mind. He was born at Independence, Kansas, September 6, 1897, and is of Osage extraction. His parents, W. S. and Emma C. (Debo) Phillips, are also natives of Kansas and were married in 1892, the mother being a daughter of James Debo. Following their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Phillips located at Hominy, in Osage county, Oklahoma, and for over twenty years they resided on the farm which is now owned by the subject of this review. The father is a very successful business man, owning property at Skiatook, Ponca City and Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and at Pharr, Texas, where he and his wife are now living. He is the owner of a good farm near the Gulf of Mexico and is devoting his attention to the raising of fruit. The surviving members of their family are: James W., of this review; Iva Myrtle, who married N. S. Gardner of Ponca City; and Angie May, the wife of Allen G. Toney of Bartlesville. James W. Phillips attended the schools of Bartlesville until he reached the age of sixteen and on attaining years of maturity he...

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Biography of A. R. Burton

A notably successful career is that of A. R. Burton, who is the owner of a valuable farm in the Sand Creek district, near Bartlesville, which in all of its equipment is thoroughly modern, while the methods employed in the cultivation and development of the place are the expression of the latest scientific research along agricultural lines. He also receives a good income from oil wells upon his property and is a most astute and enterprising business man, carrying forward to a successful issue whatever he undertakes. A. R. Burton is a native of West Virginia. He was born in Jackson County on the 11th of October, 1867, his parents being Giles R. and Ophelia (Gerald) Burton, also natives of that state. Both are deceased, the father passing away when the subject of this review was an infant. Colonel Gerald, the maternal grandfather of Mr. Burton, was one of the most extensive planters in the south previous to the Civil war, his estate being situated in West Virginia. In 1886, when a young man of nineteen years, A. R. Burton made his way from Kansas to Indian Territory, locating on Bird creek, in Osage County, where he devoted his attention to farming. Subsequently he removed to his present ranch of six hundred and fifty-five acres, situated five miles southwest of Bartlesville, upon which he has placed many modern improvements,...

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Hamon, Reba L. Briggs – Obituary

Union, Oregon Reba L. Briggs Hamon Reba L. Briggs Hamon, 78, of Prineville and formerly of Union and La Grande, died Oct. 16 at her home. A celebration of life took place Oct. 19 at the Prineville Funeral Home with Pastor Dusty Flegel officiating. Mrs. Hamon was born in Shidler, Okla., April 22, 1928, to William Ernest and Bernie Hohstadt Briggs. The family moved to Oregon in 1937, settling in Union in 1938 when she was in the third grade. She lived and worked in Union and La Grande until moving to Prineville in 1948. In 1953 she married Noah Hamon in Stevenson, Wash. In Prineville, she worked in the potato fields, at the mills and as a waitress for many restaurants for several years. She was a dispatcher for the Prineville Police Department from 1963 to 1973. She worked at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Prineville, then was a manager of the Madras DMV, retiring in 1989. She loved to play golf and was a member of the Redmond Country Club. She enjoyed traveling, including to Europe, and had been a member of the Prineville Eagles Lodge. Survivors include a daughter, Sandra Hartley of Auburn Wash.; sons and their spouses, Randy and Sue Hamon and Ron and Sheri Hamon, all of Prineville, and Don and Samantha Hamon of Redmond; siblings, Lonnie Briggs of Roseburg, Dale Briggs of...

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Biography of James Bird Jones

James Bird Jones, present mayor of the City of Chautauqua, is a man of many and varied business interests. He is one of the leading oil producers in this section, had extensive farm and other properties in various counties of Northern Oklahoma, and had ordered his affairs with such intelligence and energy that though now only in his thirties he had all the prosperity that most men would desire. Mr. Jones was born in Pontotoc County, Indian Territory, January 7, 1880, and his family history closely connects him with the old Indian country to the south of Kansas. In fact Mr. Jones had a strain of Indian blood. Through his mother he is a Choctaw in the one-sixteenth degree and had always felt it a matter of pride that he is thus related to the old and original American stocks. His father, J. W. Jones, was born in 1860 and early came to what is now Oklahoma. He was married in the Indian Territory, and became an extensive farmer and stock raiser, and is still in that business, being a resident of Marietta. He is a democrat and a member of the Masonic order. His wife was named Mary Elizabeth Elrod. She was born in Indian Territory in 1860 and died in 1884 near Durant. James B. Jones was the older of their two children. George W. is a...

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Biography of Thomas Milburn Hobson, Jr.

Thomas Milburn Hobson, Jr. has made his mark and impress on the world of affairs as an advertiser, and has built up an organization for poster advertising and general advertising, extending through a chain of towns from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Kansas City, Missouri. He has also been extensively interested in the theatrical business, though he has recently disposed of all his holdings in that field. He was born at Paola, Kansas, September 23, 1883, and has spent most of his life in the Sunflower State. His ancestors came from Ireland and were early settlers in Ohio and Indiana. His grandfather, John Hobson was born in Kentucky, was a miller and later carpenter and builder, and died at Utica, Indiana, 1862, before his grandson was born. T. M. Hobson, Sr., who still lives at Paola, was born at Utica, Indiana, in 1845, was reared there, but came out to Kansas in 1867, and has since had his home for forty-nine years at Paola. He is still active in business, as a house mover and bridge builder. He has taken an active part in local affairs, at Paola, having served as mayor and several terms on the council. He was married in 1874 at Fort Scott, Kansas, to Miss Minerva Catherine Tresslar, who was born at Franklin, Indiana, in 1852. He is a republican and connected with the Independent Order of...

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