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Location: Oro Dell Oregon

Biography of Benjamin W. Grandy

BENJAMIN W. GRANDY. – Mr. Grandy has had the satisfaction of seeing the place which he homesteaded twenty years ago become a part of the city of La Grande, Oregon. This illustrates the rapid growth of the country. He has great faith in the future of this town, basing it upon the marvelously productive valley eighteen by thirty miles, surrounding and upon the milling and mining interests and the large water-power. He is a native of New York, was born in 1837, but as a child removed with his parents to Ohio, and before he was twenty had penetrated as far west as Iowa. In 1859 he set off for Pike’s Peak, but was borne on by the rush of Western life to California. In Siskiyou county he dug gold with varying success until 1862,when he with others formed a company of fifty-two and left Yreka for the Salmon river mines. Leaving trails and roads, they struck straight across the country for Walla Walla. On Granite creek the party found paying placer mines; and Mr. Grandy remained until 1863, when he visited his old home in Ohio. The month of March, 1864, found him on the Missouri river with mule-teams headed once more for Oregon. Arriving in the Grande Ronde valley on the Fourth of July, he visited his mines and worked them until fall, when he sold out...

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