Location: Ontario Canada

Nipissing Tribe

Nipissing Indians,┬áNipissing Nation,┬áNipissing First Nation, Nipissing People (‘at the little water or lake’, referring to Lake Nipissing; Nipisirinien, ‘little-water people’). A tribe of the Algonkin....

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Aondironon Tribe

Aondironon First Nation, Aondironon Indians. A branch of the Neutrals whose territory bordered on that of the Huron in west Ontario. In 1648, owing to an alleged breach of neutrality, the chief town of this tribe was sacked by...

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Biography of Hugh Carlin

Hugh Carlin. From their quiet firesided in their comfortable homes at Salina, Kansas, there are men now retired from active life who can recall without an effort of memory the days when this busy city was little more than an...

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Biography of Francis Fletcher

FRANCIS FLETCHER. – Mr. Fletcher was among the very earliest of the settlers of Oregon, being here two years before the establishment of the Provisional government, and has consequently seen the great development of this...

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Biographical Sketch of John Beckett

John Beckett a prosperous citizen of Westminster, was born in Ontario, Canada, June 2, 1819. His parents were Stephen and Anna (Taylor) Beckett, natives respectively of New Jersey and Canada, who had nine children. The father...

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Biographical Sketch of Alfred Beckett

Alfred Beckett a prominent citizen of Westminster, Orange County, was born in Ontario, Canada, June 7, 1830, a son of Stephen and Anna (Taylor) Beckett, and the sixth child in a family of nine. He received a good common-school...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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