Location: Ontario Canada

Biography of Joseph Cawthra

Joseph Cawthra, Manager of the Newmarket Branch of the Federal Bank of Canada, is a descendant of an old prominent family in the County of York. His grandfather, Joseph Cawthra, a native of England, settled in Toronto, about the beginning of, the present century; was a druggist at first, then a general merchant; became one of the heaviest importers in Upper Canada, and died one of the richest men in the Province. John Cawthra, father of our subject, came from England with his father when about eight years old; settled in Newmarket, about 1822, and was a prominent man here for many years, being the first representative of the County of Simcoe, immediately after it was set off from York, in the Upper Canada Parliament. Here he was a leading merchant and manufacturer for a long period, having a flouring mill and distillery, as well as a store, and being a stirring and efficient business man, dying in 1851. His wife, who had preceded him by nearly twenty years, to the spirit world, was a noble Christian woman, active in religious and benevolent enterprises, and a warm friend of the poor. Although she has been dead nearly fifty years, there. are those still living in North York, who recollect her Christian activity and her many deeds of charity. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started....

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Biography of James Mitchell

James Mitchell, Deputy Clerk of the Crown and Pleas, and Registrar of the Surrogate Court, was born in the parish of Larbert, County of Stirling, Scotland, March 22, 1826. His father was James Mitchell, senior, M.D., a native of Lanarkshire, born in 1793; a graduate of the University of Glasgow, and a resident of the. County of Haldimand, from 1837 until his death in 1860. On his arrival in this country Dr. Mitchell purchased a bush farm in North Cayuga, and improved it, at the same time continuing the practice of his profession, being the first physician to settle in the county. He held the office of Reeve three consecutive terms; was a practical business man as well as a skilful physician; lived an eminently useful life, and was greatly respected. The mother of our subject was Isabella Brown, a native of Stirling, Scotland, married in 1818, and the mother of eight children, dying in 1848. She was an active Christian and an affectionate and true mother. James, the only one of the eight children now living, finished his education at a private school in Hamilton; worked on his father’s farm in North Cayuga until 1867, and while a resident of that township held for a short time the offices of Councilor, School Trustee, and Magistrate, still holding the last named office. For three years, commencing in 1861, Mr....

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Biography of Theophilus Mack, M.D.

Doctor Mac is a native of Dublin, Ireland, dating his birth April 22, 1820, his parents being Frederick and Frances (Lendrum) Mack. His father was of Prussian descent, and a minister of the Church of England, he migrated to Upper Canada when our subject was twelve years old, and served at Osnabruck and Wellington Square, and finally as chaplain of the garrison at Amherstburg, and rector of the same place. The old gentleman is still living, being in his eighty-first year, and making his home with his son in St. Catharines. Dr. Mack was educated at Upper Canada College, being one of the first pupils in that institution. During the rebellion of 1837-38 he was in the service, being appointed Lieutenant in the Provincial Navy, and served two years. Subsequently he studied medicine in the military hospital at Amherstburg; graduated at Geneva College, New York, in 1843; obtained his Provincial license the same year; settled in St. Catharines, and has been in practice here from that date, being eminently successful in his profession. Dr. Mack claims to be the first man in America that treated the diseases of women locally, and we understand that one reason for his making this claim is that, when he commenced such treatment, he could not find a speculum in the cities of New York, Philadelphia and Boston, and was obliged to employ a...

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Biography of Henry H. Collier

Henry Haight Collier, Collector of Customs at St. Catharines, was born in Howard, Steuben County, N. Y., November 28, 1818. His father, Richard Collier, was from Green County, in the same State. His grandfather, Isaac Collier, and his great-grandfather were originally from England. His mother, Mary, nee Haight, was of Holland extraction. In 1835, our subject came to St. Catharines, where his elder brother, Richard Collier, resided, and spent two years in study at the grammar school; then returned to Steuben County, read law in Bath, at first with Edward Howell, and subsequently with Hammond and Campbell, the latter, Hon. Robert Campbell being afterwards Lieut.Governor of New York; but Mr. Collier never opened a law office. After studying the profession two years, in 1839 he went to Texas, and for six years was connected with the State and Treasury Departments of that commonwealth. In 1846 Mr. Collier returned to St. Catharines, opened a general store, and was in mercantile trade here, at first with his brother, until May, 1877, adding the manufacture of lumber in 1850, and of agricultural implements in 1869, continuing the latter industry till 1875. He built one of the first saw mills on the new canal, on Lock No. 5, in this city. In July, 1877, he was appointed Collector of Customs, and that office he still holds. His public life was commenced in 1859,...

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Biography of David Kirkwood

David Kirkwood, Clerk of the County Council, and a native of this county, was born in Caledon, May 26, 1829. His parents, William and Margaret (McDonald) Kirkwood, were from Scotland, the Kirkwood’s being a Renfrewshire family. The father of David was a pioneer in this part of the Province, a farmer after coming to Canada, dying in the Township of Caledon in 1849. His mother died in 1860. Schools in the boyhood of our subject, were very poor in his locality, neither grammar nor geography being taught, and he had to attend to such branches outside of the school room. He was reared on the farm, and in the strictest habits of industry and virtue, his parents being members of the Presbyterian Church. He was engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1875, when he’s appointed Clerk of the County Council, rented his farm, and moved into Brampton. He has been Clerk of the Caledon Township Council since 1871, still holding that office; was in that township Council four years and Deputy Reeve two of them; was Secretary of the Caledon Agricultural Society thirteen years; and immediately on settling in Brampton’s made Treasurer of the County Agricultural Society, a position which he still holds. He is a Liberal, always moderate in his political sentiments, and more so since taking his present county office. He was the first Master of Wellington Lodge,...

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Biography of James Fleming

James Fleming, County Attorney for Peel, is a native of this Province, and was born in the Township of Vaughan, County of York, June 20, 1839. His parents, Robert and Marian (McMillan) Fleming were from Scotland. He was educated in common schools, the Normal School at Toronto, and in private; studied law with Henry B. Morphy, of Toronto; was called to the Bar in Easter term, 1866, and since that time has been in constant practice at Brampton. He does business in all the Courts, and from the start has had a liberal practice, his first experience at the Bar being gained in the defence of the Fenian prisoners at Toronto, in 1866-67. He is of the firm of Morphy and Fleming. Our subject was appointed Deputy Judge of the County in 1876, acting in the absence of Judge Scott, and resigned that office to accept that of County Attorney, tendered him in December, 1879. Mr. Fleming has had a good deal of experience in his profession for a man of his age. He has been Crown Counsel on various circuits, taking part in several important trials, and acquiting himself with great credit. He is a very forcible and impressive speaker, and has great influence with a jury. His reputation as a lawyer is fast becoming provincial. Mr. Fleming is a member of the High School Board, and has...

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Biography of William Scott M.D.

William Scott, with a single exception the oldest resident physician and surgeon in Oxford County, was born in Everingham, Yorkshire, England, November 27, 1820. His parents, Thomas and Dinah (Easingwood) Scott, came to Canada in 1830, and settled in the County of Oxford, our subject aiding to clear two farms in the county, one in Eastwood the other in East Oxford. He may almost be called a born physician, having at nine years of age a great fondness for medical studies; and while engaged in clearing and cultivating land, giving his leisure time to such studies, sometimes carrying a book into the field. At length he articled himself to Dr. Samuel J. Stratford of Woodstock, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England; passed an examination at the end of five years at the medical department of the University of Toronto (184S), and from that date has been in practice at Woodstock. About twenty years ago he received the honorary title of Doctor of Medicine from the Medical College at Castleton, VT. Dr. Scott has made a specialty of no branch of his art, yet early gave a great deal of attention to ‘midwifery, of which he has had at least 6,000 cases in a little less than thirty two years. He has a great deal of inventive talent, and a few surgical instruments of his invention, have...

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Biography of Prof. Nathaniel Burwash, A.M., S.T.D.

The subject of this biographical notice is a descendant of a United Empire Loyalist family that settled in Vermont, sometime before the American Revolution. Prior to that great historical event, his great grandfather was in the British navy. His grandfather, Adam Burwash, senior, moved from Vermont to Lower Canada, about 1790, and settled in the County of Argenteuil, where our subject was born July 25, 1839. His father, Adam Burwash, junior, was a volunteer in the rebellion of 1837-38, an uncle commanding the regiment, which was on garrison duty most of the time. When Nathaniel was ten years old the family removed to Upper Canada, settling on a farm near Cobourg. At thirteen years of age he was taken from the farm, and placed in the preparatory department of Victoria College, at which he was graduated in the Arts in 1859. After being tutor one year in this institution, Mr. Burwash entered the ministry of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, holding pastorates at Newburgh, Belleville, Toronto, and Hamilton, seven years in all; then spent one term in Yale College, New Haven, Conn., and returned to Cobourg to take the chair of Natural Science. That post he held for six years, graduating in Divinity meanwhile, 1871, at Garrett Biblican Institute, Evanston, Illinois. Five years later he received, from the same institution, the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theology. In 1873 Dr....

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Biography of John G. Stevenson

John Gustavus Stevenson, Judge of the County of Haldimand, was born in the Township of Niagara, County of Lincoln, June 1, 1818, being a son of John A. Stevenson, a native of Dublin, and an officer of the 99th Foot, dying at “Oakwood,” Niagara, in 1832. The mother of our subject was Mary Allison, daughter of Rev. Robert Addison, who was established at Niagara in 1792, being a pioneer in his profession in Upper Canada. Judge Stevenson was educated chiefly at Upper Canada College, Toronto; studied law with Judge Campbell, of Niagara; was called to the Bar at Trinity term, 1840, and after practicing two years at Niagara, moved to St. Catharines, where he was engaged in his profession from 1843 to 1851, holding, part of that period, the office of Clerk of the United Counties of Lincoln, Welland and Haldimand, resigning this office in 1851, on his removal to Cayuga. Here he was appointed Clerk of the Peace, and in 1855 succeeded Judge Bernard Foley as County Judge of Haldimand. As a lawyer, our subject is sound and thorough, and when in practice was one of the fore most advocates in this part of the Province. As a Judge, he is very careful and accurate in making up his judgments, and in his addresses from the bench he is very impressive and often truly eloquent. In all the...

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Biography ofJohn A. Orchard

John Allen Orchard, Clerk of the Division Court for the County of Welland, and a son of Thomas and Eliza Ann (Medway) Orchard, was born in Devonshire, England, March 2, 1815. Colonel Orchard, of the British army, was a cousin of his father, and John A. Medway, an officer in the British navy, was a brother of his mother. A large number of the Orchards are military and professional men. Young Orchard was educated in common and private schools, farmed with his father in the old country until 1835; then came to Upper Canada with the family, and after spending a few months in Toronto, located at Drummondville early in the year 1836, here making his home from that date. At first Mr. Orchard kept books for his father, who was a butcher, clerking also a while in the Pavilion hotel. In November, 1839, his father died, and the son took his place as a butcher for a year or two. The mother lived until September, 1868, dying in her 88th year. About 1841 Mr. Orchard commenced farming, renting at first, and followed that business until 1852, when he became an auctioneer, a business in which he is still engaged. On the demise of Hon. James Buchanan, Mr. Orchard sold off his property, and soon afterwards administered on the estate of Lieut. General Murray. For some time Mr. Orchard...

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Biography of Hon. John O’Connor, Q.C.

The subject of this sketch is descended from two distinct families of the same name, of Kerry, Ireland; his parents being John and Mary O’Connor, though not related within known degrees of kinship. They immigrated to the United States in 1823, and settled in Boston, Mass., where our subject was born, January 21, 1824. When he was four years old the family removed to Upper Canada, settling in the County of Essex, in the extreme western part of what is now the Province of Ontario, where the son received his education in common, gram mar and private schools. He read law under W. D. Baby, of Sandwich, same county; attended several terms at the law school in Toronto: was sworn in as Attorney at law, in 1852; was called to the Bar, Hilary Term, in 1854, and practiced at Windsor and Sandwich, residing at the former place, till 1872, when he removed to Ottawa. Here he continues the practice of his profession, and as an advocate has no superior at the Ottawa Bar, and few equals in the eastern part of the Province. Mr. O’Connor was created a Queen’s Counsel in 1872, and is a member of the Michigan Bar; was at one period Reeve of Windsor; was warden of Essex for three years, being elected twice by the unanimous vote of the County Council; was for twelve consecutive...

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Biography of Daniel O’Connor

Among the earlier class of families that settled in Ottawa (then known as Bytown), was that of Daniel O’Connor, senior, who was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1796. He was possessed of considerable scholastic attainments, his parents, being in comfortable circumstances, having intended him for the clerical profession. Like many more of a literary turn of mind, Mr. O’Connor kept a journal through life, and being permitted to peruse it, we are in a position to give correctly his early life and history. Not feeling the necessary disposition to comply with his parents wishes, he was allowed to follow his own inclinations and took to mercantile pursuits, and in 1816 we find him embarked in the management of a large business in Clonmel, which he carried on with some success for over three years. At this time, to quote from his Journal: The South American Patriot service was blazoned forth through the public press. Several regiments were being raised in Ireland, England and Scotland, by Sir Gregor McGregor and General Devereux, in aid of General Bolivar, who was then at the head of a Republican Army endeavoring to shake off the Spanish yoke. The temptations held out were so alluring that thousands of fine young men were entrapped into this unfortunate service. Trade being at this time dull with me, being subject to enormous rent, and being in the...

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Biography of George D. Morton, M.D.

George Deane Morton, the oldest medical practitioner in the County of Simcoe, was born in the County of Wicklow, Ireland, August 31, 1822, his parents being Francis and Elizabeth Anne Morton. His grandfather, James Morton, was a Captain in the British Army, with which his great-grandfather also was connected. The Mortons are an old and highly respectable Irish family. Our subject was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he also studied medicine, and from whence he graduated. In 1849 he came to this country, took honors &c. at Toronto University, and passed his medical examinations before the old Medical Board of Upper Canada, and located at Bradford, where he has been in constant practice for thirty years. He has been quite successful, and was long ago placed in independent circumstances. He is one of the best known men in the county, and very much respected. Dr. Morton has been for many years surgeon of the 35th Battalion (Simcoe Foresters), and acted officially in the Fenian raid of 1866; was Reeve for the Municipality of Bradford at an early day; and now holds the same office, and has been a Coroner of the County, for the last twenty years. Dr. Morton has taken much interest in agricultural matters, and in blooded stock; was President of the County Agricultural Society something like a dozen years and has introduced some very fine...

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Biography of Lieut. Col. Hon. Charles E. Panet

Charles Eugene Panet, Deputy of the Minister of Militia and Defense, is descended from an old Canadian family, his great grandfather coming from France and settling in Lower Canada, more than a century ago, and acting as the first Speaker of the Lower Canada House of Commons, serving for twenty three years. The subject of this sketch is the son of Philip Panet, late Judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench, Lower Canada, and was born in Quebec, November 17, 1830. The maiden name of his mother was Luce Casgrain, a daughter of the Seigneur of La Bouteillerie, also an old French family. He was educated in the Quebec Seminary, and the Jesuit College at Georgetown, D. C. studied law in his native city with Hon. T. T. Taschereau, late of the Supreme Court; was called to the Bar in 1854, and practiced three years in Quebec. Mr. Panet was sole coroner for the City and District of Quebec for fourteen years one of the largest Districts in Lower...

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Biography of Edward McGillivray

Edward McGillivray is a son of Donald McGillivray, a farmer, who came from Invernessshire, Scotland, in 1793, and settled in the County of Glengarry, where Edward was born September 15, 1815. His mother was Catharine Campbell, a Highlander. The subject of this notice is one of the leading merchants of Ottawa; received a very plain education in a country school, but made good use of his time, and early became quite proficient in figures, the Mathematics being a favorite study with him. In youth he profitably employed his leisure time when out of school, and acquired a fair knowledge of the branches necessary for the prosecution of business. When about sixteen years of age, with ten pence in coppers in his pocket, he entered a store at L’Orignal, County of Prescott; there served a four years apprenticeship at the mercantile trade; in 1835 came to Ottawa and clerked one year for Wells and McCrea, and then commenced business for himself at the same place, Nos. 333-335 Wellington Street, where he has traded since the autumn of 1836. At first he dealt in dry goods and groceries, and of late years in groceries and provisions only, wholesaling since about 1873. He always has a close oversight of his business, which he manages with prudence and success. For a few years past it has averaged about 30,000 per month. Mr. McGillivray...

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