Location: Ogden Kansas

Biography of Alfred Clark Pierce

At the age of eighty-one, bearing the impress of a life of remarkable experience, a pioneer builder of Kansas, for many years identified with its public and business life, this venerable citizen is now living in comfortable retirement at Junction City. A small party of free state men arrived in Kansas in 1856. It comprised eight or ten men. One of them was Preston B. Plumb, whose name is a household word in Kansas. Alfred Clark Pierce was also in that little party. At Iowa City, Iowa, he had first met Mr. Plumb, and they were ever afterwards intimate friends. Besides coming to Kansas as pioneer settlers and for the purpose of lending their individual aid to the free state movement, this party convoyed a very significant train of supplies, including 250 Sharpe rifles, a supply of ammunition, and a small brass cannon. Those who are acquainted with the seenes anacted on Kansas soil in subsequent months need not be told to what purpose these military supplies were devoted. At Manhattan the party divided. Mr. Pierce went to what was then the far western Kansas, and located a claim on which the City of Salina had since been built. However, in November, 1856, he abandoned the claim and went to Ogden. There he was employed in cutting logs and later took up surveying. Mr. Pierce permanently settled at Junction...

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Biography of Theodore Weichselbaum

Theodore Weichselbaum. It is interesting and instructive to chronicle the worthy achievements of so honorable and industrious a life as that of the late Theodore Weichselbaum, for many years active in the business affairs of Riley County, Kansas, for fifty-seven of these being a resident of Ogden. Founded on a sound education, Mr. Weichselbaum’s natural sagacity, shrewdness and great business sense were brought into play and he accumulated a vast fortune through entirely legitimate channels. Theodore Weichselbaum was born June 10, 1834, at Furth, in the Province of Bavaria, Germany, and he died at Ogden, Riley County, Kansas, March 9, 1914. His father, Dr. Moritz Weichselbaum, was born also at Furth, in 1802. He was a graduate of the University of Wurtzburg, Germany, and for sixty-one years was an able practitioner of medicine in his native city. He was fortunate in his choice of wife, marrying Betty Kohn, a native of Wurtzburg. Fourteen children were born to them and she was spared into old age, her descendants still remembering her many virtues. Of his parents’ family Theodore Weichselbaum was the second oldest child. He was given excellent educational advantages according to the efficient methods prevailing in every German province, and to this fact he attributed some of the success that attended his unusual business career. When he left school he engaged as a clerk with a merchant at Furth,...

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