Location: Northfield New Hampshire

Biography of Warren Smith Hill

Warren Smith Hill, a successful contractor and farmer of Northfield, was born in this town, February 9, 1842. His father, Captain Warren Lapham Hill, was a native of the same town; and his mother, Betsey Tucker Hill, was born in Hopkinton, December 26, 1806, and died February 6, 1886. The progenitors of Mr. Hill were the original settlers of Northfield, and came from Salisbury, Mass., about the close of the Revolutionary War. They were two of the four sons of Daniel Hill, and were, together with their father, shoemakers by trade. They supplied the Continental soldiers with shoes, and were paid in the scrip then issued, which later became so depreciated that they were forced into other lines of labor and became coopers. Seeking new fields of activity, they went to Concord, this State, and, meeting with a certain Captain Blanchard, were directed to the locality now known as Bay Hill, where, they were told, was to be found good land for farming and very cheap (as there was no meeting-house in town to give Salisbury, Mass., to Northfield, stopping in Concord, made their selection and returned, all within twenty-four hours. Timothy and John were their names; and the former married Miss Betsey Lapham, of Salisbury, and settled with the rest of his family in the Bay Hill house, which still stands, almost in its original style. Timothy, it...

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Biography of Albon Loverin

Albon Loverin, a prominent farmer of Northfield, is a native of Springfield, N.H. He was born May 24, 1851, son of Austin C. and Lavina A. (Morrill) Loverin. The father, who was a farmer, died in 1868. He was twice married. The children of his first marriage were: Elijah W. and Gilbert, both of whom are now deceased. His second wife, Lavina, a native of Wilmot, bore him six other children, namely: Oliver B., who resides in Grand Rapids, Mich.; Sarah, who is the wife of George Morgan, of Springfield, N.H.; Ara M., who is a hotel keeper of Concord; Daniel O., now deceased; and Ida L., who lives in New London, N.H. Albon Loverin, the fourth child of his parents, received his education in the common schools. After attaining his majority, he worked out on farms around Springfield and at Francestown for a time. Subsequently he was employed in Hanover eight years and in Manchester three years. Mr. Loverin came to Northfield in 1885, and bought the estate near Tilton village known as the Chase Wyatt farm, upon which he now resides. It contains seventy-five acres. Since it came into his possession he has made some improvements. Besides carrying on general farming, he keeps a dairy, which yields him considerable profit. In November of the same year he married Miss Jennie L. McDowell, who was born May 18,...

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Biography of George E. Davis

George E. Davis, a prominent farmer of Northfield and a native of Acworth, N.H., was born April 30, 1839, son of Oliver and Harriett Elizabeth (Moore) Davis. The father, a native of Acworth, removed to Surry, and later to Lempster, which was the home of his wife. In Lempster he was engaged in farming until his death in 1881. His wife, Elizabeth, died at Manchester in 1885. Henry J. Davis, the first-born of their nine children, was a surgeon in the army, and died at Baltimore. George E., the subject of this sketch, was their second son. His brother, Jefferson, was a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal church, and preached in Franklin, where he died in July of 1896. Charles B., the fourth son, who served in the Civil War, and received injuries while so doing, now resides in Franklin, and is married to Katie Blackburne. Lucy, the first daughter, died when young. William is now deceased. Frank Barnard, who is a farmer and lives in Lempster, successively married Rose Libby and her sister, Mrs. Hattie (Libby) Page. Abbie also died when young. Lizzie Davis, the youngest child, was Charles Tandy, and had one child, Guy. After Mr. Tandy’s death she married Benjamin Kimball, and now lives near Franklin. At the age of nine years George E. Davis went to the home of an uncle in Acworth, N.H., where...

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Biography of Stephen S. Glidden

STEPHEN S. GLIDDEN. – Spokane Falls, Washington, has been fortunate in possessing from the first business men accustomed to large enterprises. Such a man is Mr. Glidden. He was born in Northfield, New Hampshire, in 1829, and at the early age of two years removed with his parents to Scotia county, Ohio. Upon reaching a few more years, he was taken back by his mother to his native state to enjoy educational advantages. Returning s a youth of eighteen to Ohio, he entered the store of the iron company with which his father and uncle were connected. Upon their purchase of the Clinton furnace, he was made book-keeper and cashier, and within two years became general manager, employing several hundred men. Here he received a practical education in large affairs, which solidified his business character. Two years more and he became partner in the firm of Glidden, Crawford & Co. In 1855 he found a partner for his domestic life in Miss Sue M. Garrett, grand-daughter of John Culbertson. They have had seven children, of whom two are deceased. Miss Jangio became the wife of Geo. W. James of St. Paul, Minnesota. Miss Jessie Duncan married Mr. Frank R. Culbertson of the Tiger mine, Idaho. Harry M., Steven C. and Sue Garrett are still with their parents. Mr. Glidden’s independent mining operations became very extensive. With Cawbridge, Culbertson and...

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Biography of Charles A. Huber

Charles A. Huber, an energetic and successful farmer of Northfield, was born January 12, 1846, in Melun, France, near Paris, son of Melheur and Katherine (Farney) Huber, both also natives of Melun. His father, who followed the sea during the active period of his life, died in France, August 21, 1855. Mr. Huber’s mother, having survived her husband but three days, died August 24. Melheur and Katherine F. Huber were the parents of fourteen children, as follows: Petre Paul, who died in the army; Joseph, who resides in Pennsylvania; Louis, who lives near Manchester, N.H.; Alexander, a bricklayer of Concord, N.H.; Victorine and Amelia, who are still residing in France; Eugene, a resident of New York State; Charles A., the subject of this sketch; Albert, who is residing in the West; Emile, of Manchester; Melheur and John, neither of whom emigrated to America; Carl, who is deceased; and Hector, who is in the shoe business in Buffalo, N.Y. Charles A. Huber was educated in the common and high schools of his native country. After completing his studies, he entered the French army, with which he served eight years. In 1870 he emigrated to the United States, where four of his brothers had already found a home. He first settled in Manchester, where he was employed for some time. Subsequently he was for two years engaged as a florist in...

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