Location: North Adams Massachusetts

Descendants of Francis Brayton of Fall River, MA

BRAYTON. The first in America by this name, one Francis Brayton, came from England to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where, in 1643, he was received as an inhabitant, in 1655, became a freeman, and to him nearly if not all the Braytons of New England trace their origin. He early entered into the political life of the country, serving as a member of the General Court of Commissioners for the Colony, for many years as member of the Rhode Island General Assembly, and frequently during the later generations his descendants have held positions of responsibility and trust in the public...

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Biographical Sketch of Robert H. Rolfe

Robert H. Rolfe, the courteous and efficient cashier and advertising manager of the Republican Press Association at Concord, N.H., was born here, October 16, 1863, and is the son of Henry Pearson and Mary Rebecca (Sherburne) Rolfe, of this city. In his boyhood he attended the public schools of Concord, and, after graduating from the high school, entered Dartmouth College, where he was graduated in the class of 1884. He then for a short time engaged in the study of law; but, feeling more inclination for a business career, he abandoned the thought of a profession, and entered the employ of the Boston & Lowell Railroad as an accountant. He afterward served the Boston & Maine Railroad in the same capacity. In 1889 he went to North Adams, Mass., as assistant superintendent of the Zylonite Manufacturing New Jersey. He then returned to Concord, and soon after was offered his present position of cashier and advertising manager of the Republican Press Association, which he fills with great acceptance to all concerned. After graduating from college, he entered the New Hampshire National Guard as a private in Company C of the Third Regiment of New Hampshire, and has been rapidly promoted until three years ago he attained the rank of Colonel in the regiment, and has held it ever since. Colonel Rolfe makes a fine officer; and not only is he...

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Biography of James N. Stacy

One of the most straightforward, energetic and successful business men of Lewiston is James N. Stacy, who has also attained distinction in political circles and is now the honored state senator from his district. He is president of the Gold Bar Mining Company, a director in the Golden Gate Company and is also extensively engaged in real estate dealings. In studying the lives and characters of prominent men we are naturally I inquire into the secret of their success and motives that prompted their action. Success is not the result of genius, as held by many, but is the outcome of experience and sound judgment, for when we trace the career of those who stand highest in public esteem, we find that in nearly every case they are those who have risen gradually, fighting their way in the face of all opposition. Selfreliance, conscientiousness, energy, honesty, these are the traits of character that insure the highest emoluments and greatest success. To these may we attribute the success that has crowned the efforts of Senator Stacy. He was born in North Adams, Massachusetts, March 10, 1839, and is of English and Scotch lineage. His ancestors were early settlers of the east, and the family gradually spread through New York, Vermont and Massachusetts. His parents were Ezra and Sophia (Gleason) Stacy, both of whom were natives of Vermont. The father was...

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Biographical Sketch of Charles T. Richmond

Richmond, Charles T.; manufacturer; born, Johnsville, N. Y., June 13, 1856; son of Theodore and Caroline Baucus Richmond; educated, Greylock Institute, South Williamstown, Mass., and Yale ’78, S. Ph. B.; married, Fremont, 0., Jan. 28, 1891, Mrs. Addle G. Noble; after graduating, became deputy collector Internal Revenue, 10th District of Massachusetts (three years); then founded Richmond Carbon Co., North Adams, Mass. (four years); then became pres. Thomson-Houston Carbon Co., at Fremont, O., (five years); since 1893, with National Carbon Co., Cleveland (twenty years); consulting engineer and asst. sec’y National Carbon Co.; member Delta Psi Fraternity; member Chamber of Commerce, Athletic Club, Lakewood Yacht Club, Cleveland Rotary and Tippecanoe...

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Biographical Sketch of William B. Parmele

WILLIAM B. PARMELE, of North Adams, prominent in the progress of Western Massachusetts, in connection with the production and distribution of lumber, is bearing an eminently practical part in present day affairs, and as a forward looking executive his work is counting definitely for the general welfare. Mr. Parmele is an able and efficient executive, and his usefulness is well appraised by his success. He is a son of G. N. and M. E. (Speaker) Parmele, both natives and long residents of the State of New York. William B. Parmele was born in East Bloomfield, New York, September 12, 1859. His education was begun in the local schools and completed at Canandaigua Academy, also of this State. Coming to North Adams as a young man, Mr. Parmele associated himself with the S. B. Dibble Lumber Company, and throughout his entire career he has continued with this concern. This is a long and worthy record of consistent purpose and tireless endeavor, and his work has counted largely for the progress and extension of the company’s interests. Beginning in a subordinate capacity and familiarizing himself with the details of the business, Mr. Parmele rose steadily in the organization until he now serves as treasurer of the concern. He is not widely affiliated with affairs, outside the business world, but is a member of the Berkshire Club and attends the First Congregational...

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Biography of Rev. Charles Henry Jeannotte

REV. CHARLES HENRY JEANNOTTE – The devoted service of Rev. Father Charles Henry Jeannotte of North Adams, as pastor of Notre Dame of the Sacred Heart Church is a record of faithful endeavor, which has commanded the respect and admiration of the people of this community. In his tireless activities for the progress of his congregation, both in the spiritual and material welfare, Father Jeannotte has endeared himself to the people who belong to this parish and his contemporaries in local advance have acknowledged his sincerity and recognized his achievements. Father Jeannotte has been a member of the Roman Catholic clergy for many years, having served for upward of half a century the progress of the church. He is a son of Pascal and Rosalie (Chagnon) Jeannotte, his father was a farmer and a worthy citizen of the Province of Quebec, Canada. Charles Henry Jeannotte was born in Beloeil, Province of Quebec, November 12, 1854. His education was begun in the local parochial schools and he attended the Seminary de Monnoir, his ordination to the holy priesthood occurring, August 26, 1877. For about eight years following that date he served on the faculty of the above seminary, then was active in his holy offices in the church in Quebec for about two years. Coming to the States in 1887, Father Jeannotte was appointed to Holyoke as assistant curate of...

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Biography of Frank Austin Bond

FRANK AUSTIN BOND, a distinguished figure in commercial affairs in Western Massachusetts, who in his position as a widely known cotton broker, is in close touch at all times with relevant affairs, both in New England and in the South, and his expert attention to his work is a constructive influence of more than passing significance. Mr. Bond is an able and efficient executive and is a son of John A. and Anna Belle (Kimbell) Bond. His father, who died in 1922, was a prominent hotel proprietor of North Adams and was for many years a member of the city council and chairman of Berkshire County Commissioners. The mother is still living. Frank Austin Bond was born in North Adams, March 11, 1889, and following his early attendance at the public schools he graduated from Drury High School in the class of 1908. His classical course was covered at Cornell University, from which he graduated in the class of 1912, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Upon the completion of his studies, Mr. Bond identified himself with the cotton brokerage business and has continued since along this general line of activity. He now represents Anderson, Clayton & Company, of Houston, Texas, in New England, and this important affiliation places him among the leaders in his field in the East. Mr. Bond is a trustee of the Hoosac Savings...

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Biography of Edward F. Groark

EDWARD F. GROARK-Insurance has for many years held the attention of Edward F. Groark, whose usefulness in this realm in Western Massachusetts is widely recognized. With interests centering in North Adams he covers a considerable territory in this immediate section and his work is contributing definitely to the progress of the community. Mr. Groark’s practical ability and progressive attitude are constructive influences in the local progress as well as in his own success. He is a son of Patrick and Margaret (Feign) Groark, esteemed citizens of New Haven, Connecticut. Edward F. Groark was born in New Haven, September 11, 1878. Receiving his early education in the local public schools he was graduated from the New Haven High School in the class of 1896. Upon the completion of his studies he secured a position in the accounting department of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad offices, in New Haven, and there gained valuable experience in the business affairs. He was still a young man when he entered the employ of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company as their agent in New Haven, then later became assistant manager of their interest at Lowell, Massachusetts. From that point he was transferred to Burlington, Vermont, where he also served as assistant manager, until October of Ig22, when he was placed in charge of the North Adams agency in the capacity of manager....

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Biography of Martin M. Brown, M.D.

MARTIN M. BROWN, M. D. – The life work of Dr. Martin M.Brown has carried his name to wide significance, and in his present success he holds a leading position in medical and surgical practice in Western Massachusetts. Active in his profession for many years, and for thirty-three years a leading physician of North Adams, Dr. Brown has specialized within recent years in surgery, and is widely sought in this part of the State. A native of Vermont, and educated in a western institution, Dr. Brown is thoroughly representative of the best thought and achievement in his chosen profession. He is a son of Russell D. and Eliza (Millard) Brown. His father was a farmer and school teacher of Whitingham, Vermont, and for a number of years chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Whitingham, and was always a leading figure in progressive movements in the community. He died in 1917, at the age of eighty-three years. Martin M. Brown was born in Jacksonville, Vermont, July 13, 1863. His education was begun in the public schools of Whitingham, and he later attended Drury High School, at North Adams, Massachusetts. Going to Chicago for his medical course, he entered Rush Medical College, from which he was graduated in 1888. His institutional experience was begun in the Presbyterian Hospital of Chicago, where he served as house physician and surgeon during the...

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Biography of Hon. William A. O’Hearn

HON. WILLIAM A. O’HEARN – A figure of the moment (1924) in the “Old Bay State” is Senator O’Hearn, who has formally entered the race for the second highest office in the Commonwealth. As a local servant of the people, as a representative to the Lower House of the State Legislature, and as a distinguished member of the State Senate Senator O’Hearn has proved himself worthy of the most unreserved confidence and highest esteem of the people of this State, and in his candidacy for Lieutenant-Governor both he and his friends feel great confidence of success. That he has countless friends in all parts of the State would argue conclusively for his victory at the polls, and in his ever forward looking attitude and his intense loyalty to the sovereign people his sincerity is unquestioned and is universally recognized. William A. O’Hearn was born at North Adams, March 8, 1887. Receiving his early education in the public schools of his birthplace, he was graduated from Drury High School in the class of 1905. Taking up his professional preparations at Georgetown University, in Washington, District of Columbia, he was graduated from the law department of that institution in the class of 1909. At once establishing his office in the city of his birth and lifelong residence, Mr. O’Hearn entered upon the practice of the law with this excellent equipment, and...

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Biography of Grover Chester Bowman

GROVER CHESTER BOWMAN – To be responsible for the proper and up-to-date management of modern schools, to endow them with an atmosphere which pervades both the teaching staff and the students, requires men of superior endowments who, as students have been in contact with high-class educational establishments of different types. In this respect Mr. Grover Chester Bowman, superintendent of schools of North Adams, has been singularly fortunate for having as a student, at a period of life when the mind is in a state for high receptivity and plasticity, come under the influence of the academic atmosphere of two of the most famous and ancient institutions of higher learning in America. Mr. Bowman is a native of Covington, Indiana, where he was born on December 15, 1884, a son of Hershel Volney Bowman, a general agent of the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad, and Cora Alice (Winders) Bowman. Mr. Bowman received his preliminary education in the public school of his native town and then became a pupil of the Tuscola, Illinois, High School, from which he graduated in the year 1902. Having completed his elementary studies, he became a student of Williams College, where, in 1906, he took the arts degree of B. A. and then matriculated as a graduate student, with advanced standing, of Yale University, graduating from there in 1912 with the degree of Master of Arts....

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Biography of Fred M. Myers

FRED M. MYERS – The large service to his profession that Mr. Myers has rendered during his practice of the law, which has been for the most part at Pittsfield, has requited him with such returns as satisfactory clientage, and thorough and skillful performance of duty secure for their devotee. As a general practitioner, and in his present popular partnership, Mr. Myers is accorded place with the advancing group of attorneys in this part of the State who grace and honor their profession with unvarying maintenance of established high standards. He is a son of Henry W. and Jennie M. Myers, his father now being retired from business. Fred M. Myers was born April 15, 1888, at Pownal, Vermont. His elementary education was received in the public and high schools of Bennington, Vermont, and taking the liberal arts course at college, he graduated second in his class at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts in 1909, and with his Bachelor of Arts degree. Preparing himself for his vocation in the law, he then graduated at the Harvard University Law School in the class of 1912, and was admitted to practice at the bar, the same year. Mr. Myers entered into the practice of his profession in the office of Clarence P. Niles, at North Adams, in 1912, and he there continued until 1913, when Mr. Niles and he removed to Pittsfield....

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Biographical Sketch of John Fletcher

John Fletcher, who is one of the oldest citizens of the town, came here with his father, Artemas, on an ox-sled, from North Adams, Mass. Shortly after entering the town he located where he now resides, on road 13. He is a pensioner of the war of 1812, having served at the battle of Plattsburgh. Two of his children also reside in the town, James H., on the old homestead, and Artemas, on road 11. Elias J., the youngest son of Artemas,. served in Co. H., 9th Vt. Vols., and died here in October, 1881, aged forty-six...

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