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Location: New Alexander Ohio

Biography of Justin Dewitt Bowersock

Justin Dewitt Bowersock. The secret of human leadership is a matter both of determination and temperament. Some men achieve it by a rugged aggressiveness which bears all before them, leaving in their wake many painful bruises and some wounds which never heal; other progress, perhaps even more rapidly, endowed with a decisive elasticity, a considerate and friendly spirit, a broad and attractive outlook, and obtain the enthusiastic cooperation of those who are best qualified to advance laudable enterprises and movements, either private or public in their character. It is to the latter class of elastic, able and pleasing leaders that Hon. J. D. Bowersock unmistakably belongs; and his successes have been of a strikingly broad and varied type, so that it is difficult to determine whether he stands highest as a promoter of the practical interests of his home city and county, or as a man of public affairs. Born at New Alexander, Columbiana County, Ohio, September 19, 1842, the son of Israel and Adaline (McDonald) Bowersock, Mr. Bowersock’s early education and practical training were obtained as a pupil in the common schools and as a clerk in a store of his home town. In 1860 he moved to Iowa City, Iowa, and engaged in merchandising and the produce husiness, but did not have a chance to expand, or as horsemen would say, to “strike his gait,” until he...

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