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Location: Negaunee Michigan

Biography of Louis Van Dorp

Louis Van Dorp. More than thirty-five years a resident of Kansas, Louis Van Dorp, though he arrived in the state with only a few dollars available cash capital, had built up and maintained for years a large and important service as a sheet metal contractor. With his headquarters in Topeka, his contraets have called him and his class of workmen to all parts of the state. A native of Detroit, Michigan, where he was born November 22, 1857, Louis Van Dorp is one of the three children of August and Sophia (Kohn) Van Dorp, both of whom were natives of Prussia. August Van Dorp participated in the German revolution of 1848, and it was at the close of that struggle for liberal institutions that he left his native land and migrated to free America. He found work in different lines, and his closing years were spent in Topeka. Louis Van Dorp lived in a number of places during his childhood and early youth, learned the trade of sheet metal worker in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and was a true journeyman, going from Negaunee, Michigan, to Chicago, and from there to Topeka. For two years eight months he lived and worked in Chicago. It was on June 17, 1878, that Louis Van Dorp arrived in Topeka. For three years eleveu months he worked at his trade with W. A....

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