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Biography of Matthew H. Truscott

The leading merchant and efficient postmaster of Mount Idaho, Matthew H. Truscott, has been a resident of this state since 1865, and has therefore been a witness of the greater part of its growth and development, has seen its wild land reclaimed for purposes of cultivation, its rich mineral storehouses give forth their treasures, and the forests yield their trees to be converted into the homes of white men, who thus replaced the tents of the Indians. He was a young man of only twenty years when he arrived in the territory, his birth having occurred in England, March 20, 1845. He was educated in the schools of his native land, there learned engineering and was for some time employed in that line of industry and at mining. In 1861 he went to Chili, and two years later proceeded up the Pacific coast to California, where he was engaged in mining and engineering until the spring of 1865, when he came to Idaho, making the journey on horseback through the Indian country, Nevada and the valley of the Humboldt river, to Idaho City, in the Boise basin. He remained there only a month or two, when, attracted by the gold excitement at Coeur d’Alene, he went to Clearwater station and mined in the different camps of Elk City and Newsom. He met with a fair degree of success and...

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Biography of Jay M. Dorman

No man has been a more prominent factor in the growth and improvement of Mount Idaho than this gentleman, who for many years has been identified with its building interests, nor have his efforts contributed alone to his individual prosperity, for he belongs to that class of representative Americans who promote the public good while securing their own success. A native of Delaware County, New York, he was born August 27, 1837, and is descended from an old American family, early settlers of the Empire state. His father, Anthony Dorman, was likewise born in Delaware county and married Miss Charlotte Bursack, a lady of German descent. Their only child, Jay M. Dorman, was left an orphan at a tender age and was reared by his aunt until fourteen years of age. With her he removed to Louisiana, where he learned the carpenter and joiner trade. In 1861 he went to California by way of the isthmus route, sailing on the steamer North Star, which arrived in San Francisco in July. He worked in a sawmill on the coast range for a time, and by the water route went to The Dalles and then by mule train to the place of the gold discoveries in Idaho. He traveled with a company of eight, who ultimately reached Lewiston, which was then a town of tents, with only two log houses. Mr....

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Biography of John Q. Moxley, M. D.

Dr. John Ouincy Moxley, the pioneer druggist of Lewiston, and a successful practicing physician, was born in Scioto County, Ohio, April 15, 1846, and is of English lineage, the original American ancestors having been early settlers of New England. His father, Thomas S. Moxley, was born in Vermont, and when a young man removed to Ohio, where he engaged in the practice of medicine for fifty years. He married Miss Susan McConnell, of Portsmouth, Ohio, and to them were born six children, three of whom are now living. The father died in the seventy-fourth year of his age, and the mother passed away at the age of seventy-nine. Their son, John Ouincy Moxley, completed his literary education in the Ohio Wesleyan University, and in the Miami Medical College, of Cincinnati, prepared for his profession. Subsequently he engaged in the practice of medicine in the Buckeye state, and in 1873 emigrated westward, locating in Mount Idaho, this state, where he practiced for six months. He then came to Lewiston and bought of Dr. Kelly the pioneer drug store of the town. Since that time he has conducted the store and attended to a large practice, which is steadily increasing in volume and in importance. He is a competent physician, with a comprehensive and accurate knowledge of the science of medicine, and his professional labors have been followed by excellent results....

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Biography of Joshua G. Rowton

One of the prominent farmers of Camas prairie is Joshua Graham Rowton, who was born in Benton County, Missouri, June 16, 1850. He is of English descent, his ancestors having been early settlers of Kentucky, where the family was founded by John Rowton, the grandfather of our subject. He afterward removed to Missouri and was numbered among the pioneers of that state. William Willis Rowton the father of Joshua, was born near Louisville, Kentucky, and when a young man accompanied the family on their emigration to Missouri. He made his home in Benton County but died at the early age of twenty-seven years. He married Martha Graham, who was left a widow with two little sons. She was ever faithfully devoted to her children and is still living, in her seventy-first year, her home being in Kansas. She has long been a member of the Baptist Church and is a most estimable lady. Mr. Rowton of this review was only a year old when his father died. He had little opportunity for acquiring an education, and as the family lost all their property during the civil war his school privileges were necessarily more limited than would otherwise have been the case. However, reading and experience in the practical affairs of life have added greatly to his knowledge, and he is today a very well informed man. When fourteen years...

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Biography of James W. Poe

James W. Poe, a distinguished lawyer and Idaho pioneer, residing at Lewiston, is a native of Jackson county, Missouri, his birth having there occurred on the 15th of January, 1838. His father, William B. Poe, was born in North Carolina, and married Mrs. Nancy Mulkey, nee Johnson, a native of South Carolina, by whom he had four children, two of whom are yet living. He valiantly served his country as a soldier in the Mexican war, and in 1853 crossed the plains to Oregon with his family. Our subject accompanied his parents on their westward emigration, and acquired his education at Forest Grove and in the Portland Academy. He has the honor of being the first male graduate of that then new institution of learning. Well fitted by superior educational advantages for the practical duties of life, he then entered upon his business career, and in 1861 came to Idaho. He engaged in mining at Oro Fino, Florence and Warren, and also conducted a mercantile establishment for a time, but wishing to enter the legal profession, he took up the study of law in the office and under the direction of the law firm of Williams & Gibbs. The senior partner, George L. Williams, afterward became United States attorney general, and Mr. Gibbs held the office of governor of Oregon. In 1869 Mr. Poe was admitted to practice in...

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Biography of Henry Wax

Henry Wax, president of the board of trustees of Grangeville and one of her most enterprising business men, claims California as the state of his nativity, his birth having occurred in San Francisco, on the 4th of August, 1859. His parents were Jacob and Amelia (Elkles) Wax natives of Germany, who located in California in pioneer days. The year 1852 witnessed their arrival in the Golden state, where the father carried on merchandising in several towns up to the time of his death. He passed away in his forty-fourth year, his estimable wife having been called to the home beyond three weeks previously. In their family were seven children, of whom only three are living. Henry Wax, the third in order of birth, was only a small boy when bereft of his parents. He was educated in the public schools of his native town and began to earn his own living as a clerk in the store of Meier & Frank, remaining with that firm for seven years, as one of their most trusted employees. There he laid the foundation of his future successful career, by acquiring a systematic and thorough knowledge of business methods and becoming familiar with the qualities of goods handled. In 1880 he became a resident of Mount Idaho, and in partnership with Mr. Weiler began business on his own account. In 1886 he opened...

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Biography of George M. Robertson

The treasurer of Idaho County, George M. Robertson, of Mount Idaho, is a native of Kaufman County, Texas, his birth having there occurred February 4, 1862. He is of Scotch descent, his great-grandfather, John Robertson, having emigrated from Scotland to New Jersey in colonial days. When the oppression of Great Britain became so intolerable that the colonies rose in rebellion, he joined the American army and served throughout the Revolutionary war, which brought to the nation her independence. He afterward became one of the pioneer settlers of Kentucky, where he spent the remainder of his life. His son, William Robertson, the grandfather of our subject, was born in Kentucky, and removed thence to Missouri, where his active business life was passed. He served as colonel of militia at the time the Mormons were driven out of Jackson County, that state. His son, George W. Robertson, Sr., was born in Missouri, and having arrived at years of maturity married Larcena Van Pool, a native of that state. He was a talented and devoted minister of the Christian church and made the preaching of the gospel of peace his life work. He died in Lewiston, and was called to his final rest in 1889, when fifty-four years of age. His wife, a most estimable lady, departed this life in 1874. They had five children, four sons and a daughter. George M....

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