Location: Montreal Canada

North America Indian Names of Places in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana

The Indians all over this continent had names, traditions, religions, ceremonies, feasts, prayers, songs, dances all, more or less, with symbolism and allegory, adapted to circumstances, just as all other races of mankind. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now But the world has become so familiar with the continued and ridiculous publications in regard to everything touching upon that race of people that a universal doubt has long since been created and established as to the possibility of refinement of thought and nobleness of action ever having existed among the North American Indian race, ancient or modern; and so little of truth has also been learned regarding the real and true inner life of that peculiar and seemingly isolated race of mankind, that today only here and there can one be found who, from a lifetime association and intimate acquaintance, is well versed in Indian thought, feeling and character, and able to unfold and record the solution of that imagined mystery known as “The Indian Problem,”...

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The Wars of the Five Nations – Indian Wars

Although the confederacy known as the Five Nations were the allies of the English in the war against the French, and joined them in many of their principal expeditions, their history deserves a separate notice, as they afford us a complete example of what the Indians of North America were capable of. Their great reputation as warriors, and their wisdom in council, have been so often alluded to by those interested in the history of the Indians, that we shall be pardoned for giving a somewhat extended description of their confederacy, and an account of their wars. The Five...

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Biography of Edward Plummer Paige

Edward Plummer Paige, a former legislative Representative of the town of Dunbarton, was born in Bradford, N.H., in 1857, son of Bayard P. and Louisa S. Paige. The father of Edward Plummer, who was born in Dunbarton, subsequently removed to Hopkinton, N.H., where he acquired his education. At the age of fourteen years he returned to Dunbarton, and entered the general merchandise store of his brother Jeremiah as clerk. Three or four years later they moved the business to Bradford, where he continued to work for some time. He next engaged in stove-making, turning out some of the first stoves used in this part of New Hampshire. Later Mr. Paige went to Boston, Mass., where he was associated with the well-known firm, Leach & Gilmore, wholesale dealers in groceries. Messrs. Leach & Gilmore also owned and controlled a line of steamboats running between Boston and Bangor, which was a financially successful undertaking until William K. Vanderbilt put on a steamer in opposition. The cut rates for passengers and freight rendered the enterprise almost profitless, and they were glad to dispose of their interest to Mr. Vanderbilt. Mr. Paige also sold his interest in the grocery, after which he removed to Montreal, Canada, where for thirty years he was successfully engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of farming implements. He then returned to Dunbarton, and remained there during the...

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1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Newspapers to Nursery

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Newspapers And Periodicals AGRICULTURAL JOURNAL, (English and French) R. W. Lay, publisher, Notre Dame st. subscription, 5s. per annum. ALBUM LITTERAIRE, DE LAMINERVE, L. Duvernay, 13 St. Vincent st. subscription, 15s. per annum. BRITISH AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE, (Dr. Hall, editor.) Great St, James st. subscription, 15s. per annum. CANADA DIRECTORY, Robert W. S. Mackay, editor, at John Lovell’s, 5 St. Nicholas st. subscription, 15s., per copy. CANADA GAZETTE, Derbishire & Desbarats, Queen’s Printer, St. Therese st. subscription, 15s., per annum. COURIER, (daily, and tri-weekly) M. Smith & Co., St. Francois Xavier st. subscriptions, 30s., and 15s., per annum. FRENCH CANADIAN Missionary record, (quarterly) J. C. Becket, 22 Great St. James st. GAZETTE, (daily, tri-weekly, and weekly), J. M. Ferres & Co., 20 Great St. James st. subscriptions, 30s., 15s., and 5s., per annum. HERALD, (daily, tri-weekly, and weekly) D. Kinnear & Co., St. Gabriel st. subscriptions, 30s., 15s., and 5s., per annum. L’AvENIR (French, weekly) J. B. E. Dorion, editor, Place d’Armes, subscription, 10s., per annum. LA MINERVE, (French, tri and semi weekly) L. Duvernay, St. Vincent g. subscription, 20s., per annum. LE MONITEUR CANADIEN, (weekly) DeMontigny & Co., 79 St. Paul st. subscription. 5s., per annum. LITERARY GARLAND, (monthly) John Lovell, St. Nicholas st. subscription,15s..per ann. MISSIONARY...

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1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Banks And Bank Agencies

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Banks And Bank Agencies Hours of business at all the Banks, 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. Bank Of Montreal Established In 1818. Incorporated By An Act Of Provincial Parliament. Capital, £750,000. Head Office, Place d’Armes. Board Of Directors The Hon. Peter McGill, president; T. B. Anderson, vice-president; James Logan, John Molson, John Redpath, William Molson, H. Stephens, John Torrance, Hugh Allan, John Brooke, John Boston, Thomas Ryan, Henry Thomas. Officers Alexander Simpson, cashier James Bolton, chief clerk J. F. Smith, accountant A. Cameron, 2nd accountant F. Blackader, 3rd accountant Samuel Read, accountant of branches and agencies F. M. Holmes, 1st teller C. J. Brown, 2nd teller John Porteous, 3rd teller William P. Street, discount clerk F. Franklin, transfer clerk John Lloyd, assistant clerk R. Milroy, assistant clerk R. A. Lindsay, exchange clerk H. B. Picken, messenger J. Brennan, porter Thomas Tooke, porter Frederick Griffin, solicitor John C. Griffin, notary Discount days Tuesdays and Fridays Dividends 1st June and 1st December. Branches And Agencies In Canada Quebec Branch William Gunn, manager Toronto Branch William Wilson, cashier Kingston Agency A. Drummond, agent Hamilton Agency, J. Stevenson, agent Bytown Agency, George Dyett, agent Cobourg Agency, C. H. Morgan, agent Brockville Agency, Thomas Lee, agent London Agency, J. Fraser, agent St. Catherines Agency, H....

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1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Land Agents to Music Teachers

Land Agents BENT, GEORGE, agent for the British American Land Company, 133 St. Paul st. COURT, JAMES, Insurance Company’s buildings, Great St. James st. DINNING, J. G., 13 St. Sacrament st. SPIERS, JOHN, accountant and agent, 35 St. Francois Xavier st. Leather Merchants And Tanners BOSTWICK, E. N., wholesale leather and commission merchant, Great St. James and Notre Dame st. See card. HAWKINS & SLACK, wholesale and retail dealers in leather, findings, and india rubber goods, 1681/2 St. Paul st. LECLERC, JOHN A., wholesale and retail dealer in leather, findings, and india rubber goods, 174 St. Paul st. LEEMING & SABINE, wholesale leather merchants, 17 St. Francois Xavier st. PRATT, JOHN & Co., wholesale and retail dealers in leather, findings, and india rubber goods, 178 St. Paul st. WEIR, WILLIAM, wholesale and retail dealer in leather, findings, and india rubber goods, 175 St. Paul st. Non Members Allo, John, tanner, &c., Custom-house square. Laflamme, Joseph, St. Lawrence st. Busseau, H., 159 St. Paul st. Murray, H., Amherst st. Bourguin, Isidore, tanner, 18 Wolfe st. Senecal & Laflamme, 63+ St. Paul st. Cadotte, B., ’79 St. Paul st. Pratt, Edward, 176 St. Paul st. Cadotte, Theophile, Jacques Cartier square. Valois, N., tanner, 36 St. Antoine st. Cadotte, Eusebe, Jacques Cartier square. Valade, Joseph, 63 St. Paul st. Fitzsimmons, James, tanner, William st. Lumber Merchants CUSHING, H. R. & SON, dealers...

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1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Public Offices And Institutions

The City of Montreal is situated on the River St. Lawrence, in the Island and County of the same name, and is the largest and most populous City in British America. It is an electoral district, returning two members to the Provincial Parliament, and the Courts of Law for the district are held here. Montreal is distant from Quebec, ISO miles usual steamboat fare, 10s. to 12s. 6d. usual stage fare, 40s. to 50s. distant from Kingston, 200 miles, usual steamboat fare, 20s. usual stage fare, 35s. distant from Toronto, 390 miles usual steamboat fare, 40s. to 45s. and to Hamilton the same-distant from Bytown, 120 miles usual steamboat and stage fare, 50s. distant from New York. 420 miles usual steamboat and railroad fare, 30s. to 40s. Those are the rates usually charged by the mail lines of steamers, stages, &c., for first class passengers, but during the period of navigation, there are almost daily opportunities of proceeding to Canada West, by comfortable and commodious steamers, at about one third less than the above tariff of charges. The population of the City, including the troops usually in garrison, is something over 50,000. In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. City Council His Worship the Mayar Charles Wilson, Esq., Centre ward. East Ward Alderman, E. R. Fabre; Councillors, A. Prevost...

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1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Inns to Jewellers

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Inns and Taverns HANLEY, THOMAS, innkeeper and. provision dealer, corner of Common and Prince Sts.travellers or emigrants stopping at this house are furnished with all necessary information regarding routes, rates of fare, &c. Belanger, Mrs., 201 Notre Dame st. Beltete, George, Commissioners st. Bennet, W. P., 20 St. Urbain st. Berthiaume, Louis, Jacques Cartier square. Bergeron, A. E., 5 Bonsecours St. Boulet, M., corner of St. Antoine and Mountain st. Bregard, L., 20 St. Joseph st. Brennan, James, St. Peter st. Brennan, Mrs., Haymarket square. Bridgman, John, 98 St. Lawrence st. Cameron, James, St, Urbain st. Carr, Mrs., 43 Notre Dame st. Cavan, Patrick, corner of Port and Foundling st. Clandinan, William, 83 St. Mary st. Corbett, W., Bonaventure st, Cox, James, St. Mary st. Coutley, J. B., 11 St. Paul st. Crowhurst, William, 2 St. Paul st. Crutchlow, Mrs., St. Mary st. Cruice, John, 28 St. Paul st Crossan, George, Temperance saloon, 22 Great St. James st. Dansereau, Nazaire, 59 St. Paul st. Darragh, Hugh, Commissioners st. Decousse, P. B., Jacques Cartier square. Depentigny, N., Commissioners st. Dier, John, Grey Nun st. Dumouchelle, Joseph, 46 St. Paul st Ennis, W., 90 Foundling st. Fitzpatrick, James, Jacques Cartier square. Francisco. Francis, Bonsecour st. Geraldi, S., Jacques Cartier square. Gordon, Mrs., Tolentin st...

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1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Hardware to House Furnishings

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Hardware Merchants Beliveau, L. J.,importer of shelf and heavy hardware of every description, 69 St. Paul st. BOYD, J. & Co., commission merchants, and ‘manufacturers’ agents for American hardware, paper, cordage, belting, hose, and India rubber goods, 110 St. Paul st. BREWSTER & MULHOLLAND, importers of shelf and heavy hardware of every description, 177 and 179 St. Paul st., corner of St. Francois Xavier st. BREWSTER, W. & C., importers of and wholesale and retail dealers in shelf and heavy hardware, agricultural implements, &c., &c., 184 St. Paul st. See card, page 213. BRYSON, ALEXANDER, wholesale dealer in general hardware, Cuvillier’s buildings, west wing, St. Sacrament st. See card, page 214. EVANS, JOHN HENRY, importer of shelf and heavy hardware of every description, agent for McWatter’s platform scales, 197 St. Paul st. See card, page 212. FERRIER & CO., importers of shelf and heavy hardware of every description and agents for the St. Maurice forges, 1814 St. Paul st., corner of St Francois Xavier st. See card, page 212. FRANCIS, BENJAMIN, general importer of shelf and heavy hardware, 214 St. Paul st. FROTHINGHAM & WORKMAN, importers of every kind of shelf and heavy hardware, 165 St. Paul st. GRAY, GEORGE H., & Co., Boston, importers of and dealers in foreign and domestic...

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Biography of Samuel L. Burwash

Samuel L. Burwash. It was more than half a century ago, when he was a small boy, that Samuel L. Burwash first knew Champaign County. He was identified during his active career with the agricultural element. It is in agriculture that Champaign County has found its greatest prosperity during this period. Mr. Burwash was not an unimportant factor in that development. He prospered as did all the other progressive farmers of his time, and in recent years has enjoyed the fruits of his earlier toil and is now living comfortably in Champaign. He was born in Eastern Canada, near Montreal, November 16, 1851, a son of Samuel and Lois (Barber) Burwash, who were also natives of Canada. His father was a farmer by occupation. In 1860 the family removed to Edgar County, Illinois, and during the three years spent there the mother died. From Edgar County Samuel Burwash moved to Champaign County, and continued here an active farmer until his death. He and his wife had eight children, the first two of whom died in infancy. Besides Samuel L., the others are: T. N., a retired physician at Champaign; Delia M., deceased; Milo B. and Carrie, both unmarried and living together in Champaign; and Ella, deceased. Until he was twenty-two years of age Samuel L. Burwash lived in his father’s home. An education suitable for his future needs was...

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Biography of James A. Wilson

James A. Wilson.One of the richest oil land districts of Kansas is the territory lying in the vicinity of El Dorado, the county seat of Butler County. Among its citizens who have become prominent factors in oil production is James A. Wilson. All through this locality rich strikes have been made, and one of the best was on the land owned by Mr. Wilson, just 1 1/2 miles north of El Dorado. This copious pool was the third one developed and had become famous as the Derby-Wilson lease of 480 acres. Mr. Wilson had twenty-one producing oil wells on the land at present. Mr. Wilson came to Butler County in its pioneer days. He was ambitious and energetic, and long before the development of the oil fields had acquired interests that made him one of the chief cattle men and one of the largest land holders. James A. Wilson was born in Columbia County, Wisconsin, December 23, 1850, a son of Daniel and Mary J. (Wood) Wilson. He is descended from a titled family of England. His grandfather, the founder of this branch in America, was a second son. Not being in line for an inheritance from his father he sought a new field of opportunity in Canada and there spent the remaining years of his life, his death occurring in the City of Montreal. In that city in...

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Biography of George W. B. Beverley, M. D.

George W. B. Beverley, M. D. A resident physician and surgeon at Alma since 1903, Doctor Beverley is an Englishman by birth and secured his early training and his professional qualifications in some of the best schools of that country. His birth occurred in the county or shire of Hereford, England, August 27, 1872. He was christened George William Bertram Beverley. His father, Addison Beverley, spent his life as an English farmer and stock man. He was born in Yorkshire in 1840 and died in Somersetshire in March, 1916. He became widely known as a breeder and raiser of the famous pedigreed white faced cattle and his cattle were frequently exhibited and were sold throughout the British Empire. During his later years he served as justice of the peace in Somersetshire, presiding at Long Ashton sessions. In matters of politics he was originally a conservative and later became a liberal. He was a leading member of the Church of England and served as warden for many years. Addison Beverley married Elizabeth Bray, who was born in Hereford County, England, in 1840, and died in Somerset in April, 1917. Of their children Dr. George Beverley is the only one living in the United States. Ethel May, the oldest, resided in Somerset County, but is now employed in Red Cross work in a war hospital. Elizabeth Alice Gertrude died at the...

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Biographical Sketch of Albert E. Powell

Powell, Albert E.; attorney-at-law; born, Montreal Can., Nov. 9, 1874; son of Lewis T. and Mary Lyndon Powell; educated Western Reserve University (LL. B., 1899); attended Harvard Law School, 1899-1900; began practice in Cleveland in the fall of 1900; formerly in partnership with Martin A. Foran and A. J. Pierson; both are now judges of the Common Pleas Court of Cuyahoga County; is now practicing alone; member Harvard Club, Masonic Order, and Royal Arcanum, and Tippecanoe...

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Barber, Mary Anna McFetridge Mrs. – Obituary

Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon Mary Anna Barber was killed in a two-car accident north of Montreal, Canada on snow-covered roads Saturday, May 26. She was born at Enterprise on October 1, 1940, daughter of Wayne and Irene McFetridge. Mary Anna graduated from Enterprise High School and was married to David Barber, also an Enterprise resident, in 1958. She is survived by her husband, Dave Barber, who is in serious condition in a hospital in Canada; her parents, of Enterprise; one son, Kent Barber, of Auburn, Washington; three daughters, Keri Aspelund of Seattle, Kelly Larsen of Seattle, and Kay Barber who is still at home at Lake Wilderness, Washington; three grandchildren; four brothers, Darrell and Larry McFetridge of Enterprise; Michael McFetridge of Salem, and David McFetridge of Lebanon; three sisters, Evelyn McFetridge of Enterprise, Kay Forest of McCall, Idaho, and Sharon Ramos of Pendleton; and 15 nieces and nephews. Memorial Mass will be held at 10 a.m. on Monday, June 4. Source: Wallowa County Chieftain, Enterprise, Oregon, May 31, 1989 Contributed by: Sue Wells Transcribed by: Belva...

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Tobin, Albina Mary – Obituary

Albina Mary (Payette) Tobin Enterprise, Oregon Albina Mary Payette was born in Montreal, Canada in 1876 and was 42 years of age. She was married to Richard Tobin, Nov. 12, 1893, in the city of Centerville, Washington. Her death occurred at her home in Enterprise on Friday, Nov. 29th, 1918. Mr. And Mrs. Tobin came to Enterprise on October 8th, 1918, and have since made their home here. Burial was made in the Catholic cemetery. Father J.P. Stack officiating. The deceased leaves to mourn her death six children, four sisters and one brother besides the husband. Death was due to influenza. Wallowa County Reporter, Thursday December 5, 1918 Card of Thanks For the many kind acts of sympathy shown us during our great bereavement, we wish to express our sincere thanks. R. S. Tobin and Children. Wallowa County Reporter, Thursday December 12,...

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