Location: Montgomery County NY

Remsen’s Bush Cemetery, Montgomery County, New York

Auchampach, James, b. Feby. 8, 1827, aged 26 yrs. Auchampach, Isabella, dau. of George and Helen Lasher, and relict of the late James Auchampach, d. Feby, 6, 1828, aged 26 yrs., 7 mos., 18 days. Buchannan, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John G. and Catharine, d. Aug. 24, 1830, aged 1 yr. Conoly, P—-, aged 107 yrs. Clayton, Jonathan, d. Apr. 6, 1810, aged 80 yrs., 11 mos., 19 days. Clayton, Anna Anderson, wife of J. I. Clayton, b. Dec. 30, 1761, in New Jersey, d. May 22, 1825. Clark, Catharine, wife of William, d. Feby. 22, 1796, aged 52 yrs. Clark, Mary, d. May 27, 1864, aged 60 yrs., 18 days, Clark, Alex B., d. Aug. 14, 1860, aged 20 yrs. Clark, Mathew, d. May 22, 1846, aged 65 yrs. Clark, Oscar, d. Mch 5, 1860, aged 21 yrs., 21 days. Cramer, Rebecca Steenburg, Wife of George Cramer, d. Nov. 2, 1818, aged 48 yrs., 11 mos., 16 days. Cramer, George, b. Dec, 12, 1762, d. Oct. 30, 1840. Deming, Anna W., d. Apr. 8, 1836, aged 50 yrs., 2 mos., 3 days. Devenpeck, Abraham, b. Oct. 7, 1809, d. Jany. 28, 1891. Devenpeck, John, d. Nov. 4, 1837, aged 73 yrs., 1 mo., 22 days Devenpeck, Susannah, wife of John, d. Jany. 21, 1857, aged 87 yrs. Devenpeck, Sarah, d. Feby. 4, 1872, aged 60 yrs., 15 days....

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Biographical Sketch of John Johnston

John Johnston, brother of William, also a Revolutionary soldier, came in from Montgomery county two or three years later, and settled about half a mile south of Bettsburgh, on the place now occupied by Ira Woodruff, where he and his son Samuel started a tannery and carried on the shoe business, and where he died. His children were: John S., William, Nathaniel, Nancy, Persis, Henry and Betsey, all of whom came in with him, and all of whom are dead. Nancy married Joshua Crosby, and Betsey, Whittington Sayre. Enos M. Johnston, a banker and merchant in Afton, but a resident of Bettsburgh, is a grandson of John and son of Henry Johnston, the latter of whom was a lumber dealer, speculator and oil stock dealer, and acquired considerable wealth. Andrew Johnston, a farmer in Afton, is also a son of Henry’s, and these are the only two of his children living in the town. Several of William’s grandchildren are living in the town, among them Lydia, wife of Jonathan Farnsworth. Samuel Johnston, brother of William and John, also from Montgomery county, came in a few years later, and has numerous descendants living in the town. He died December 1, 1830, aged 68. Nathaniel, a bachelor brother, and Mary and Christiana, maiden sisters of William Johnston, came in with him and lived with him till their...

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Biographical Sketch of Cady Staley

Staley, Cady; engineer; born, Minaville, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1840; son of Harmanus and Eveline (Darrow) Staley; A. B., Union College, 1865; C. E., 1866; Ph. D., 1874 (LL. D., 1888, Ohio Wesleyan, 1888); married Kate Holcomb, of Waterford, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1869; one of the engineers in building the Central Pacific R. R.; prof. civil engineering, 1868-1886; dean of faculty, 1876-1886, Union College; pres. Case School Applied Science, Cleveland, 1886-1902; traveling member American Society Civil Engineers. Author: The Separate System of Sewerage (with G. S....

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John Atwater of Canajoharie NY

John Atwater6, (Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Feb. 16, 1779, died Sept. 1, 1847, at Canajoharie, N. Y., married Nancy Alstyne. Children: 906. John Cockburn, b. Sept. 9, 1811, d. March 22, 1812. 907. Abraham J., b. Jan. 24, 1813, d. Dec. 3, 1883. *908. Elnathan Reynolds, b. Dec. 15, 1815. *909. Cornelius Rush, b. July 6,...

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Hollis H. Todd of Amsterdam NY

Hollis H. Todd9, (Hollis D.8, Ora B.7, Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born July 22, 1885, married Dec. 23, 1905, R. Dawn Greene. He is a Prof. of manuel training at Amsterdam, N. Y. Child: 2774d....

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Biography Of Alden C. Hillman, A. M.

Alden C. Hillman, A. M. One of the venerable educators of Kansas was Alden C. Hillman, of Salina, whose death occurred on the 24th of January, 1917. Mr. Hillman was the first man selected for a position in the faculty of the Kansas Wesleyan University. He began his work as an educator before the war, was very prominent in the State of Illinois in school work for many years, and for more than thirty years was a resident of Kansas. He was born May 23, 1832, at Charleston, New York, a son of Ezra and Permelia (Horton) Hillman. Both parents were born in the same state, and were married there in 1828. His father was born in 1806 and died in 1859, spending his life as a farmer in New York and being very active in religious and temperance work. The mother was born in 1810 and died in 1860. She was also a devout woman and closely identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church. These worthy people were the parents of six children, three sons and three daughters: Jane, now deceased; Alden C.; Daniel Watson, deceased; Mary Elizabeth, wife of George P. Schouten, a retired farmer at Sedgwick, Kansas; Marvin J., deceased; Sarah Amanda, wife of H. Sherman, of Lockport, New York. Alden C. Hillman grew up on his father’s farm in New York. At the age of sixteen...

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Biography of Zerah S. Westbrook

ZERAH S. WESTBROOK HON. Zera S. Westbrook, the present deputy comptroller of the state of New York, has an interesting and instructive history. As a state official he is at this time a temporary resident of Albany, his residence and home being at Amsterdam, N. Y. His career is one which illustrates in a striking manner, the rise, progress and development of a character such as only can be found in a land of free institutions, without the aid of the wealthy, titled, so called nobility. As will be seen in a brief review of his life, he has already exhibited those qualities which belong to true manhood. Born at Montague, Sussex County, N. J., on the 7th of April, 1845, he spent his youthful days on a farm. His father, Severyne L. Westbrook, tilled a farm at that place. Zerah was a bright, delicate child and the delight of his parents. But he had scarcely reached the age of four years before the grave closed over his father, a useful and respected citizen; and his mother was called upon to make renewed struggles in his behalf during the opening years of his life. His mother was Susan E., daughter of James B. Armstrong of Montague, one of the prominent citizens of Sussex County. She was an intelligent and very pious woman, and died on November 22, 1889, in...

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Biography of Edward Wemple

EDWARD WEMPLE AMONG those who have graced the annals of our state in the wide, active and interesting fields of political service is the present efficient comptroller, Hon. Edward Wemple. He comes from an ancestry noted for their sturdy-characteristics, their devotion to principle, and their love of liberty. Away back in the history of Holland his forefathers lived and labored for the best interests of their country and humanity. But their enterprise was not confined to their own land. They sought other and wider regions for the advancement of the cause of civilization and human progress. Large numbers of them sought out this goodly land of ours, where they found ample room to develop material resources, where they went to work with strong hands and brave hearts to subdue the vast, old forests, to establish comfortable homes and to aid in the erection of a citadel of freedom as enduring as the everlasting hills. Nowhere is this more manifest in the rural portions of our country than in the Mohawk valley – the civilization, wealth and resources of which has been the result of their early, honest, manly efforts. And it may be remarked that the old Hollanders were the first to establish free schools in our land, and to introduce the noble sentiment that all men are born with free and equal rights. By reference to the genealogical...

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Biography of Douw Henry Fonda

DOUW HENRY FONDA AN ALBANIAN who has long been actively and successfully engaged in an important, special commercial interest in this city, and who, at the same time, has taken an active part in the promotion of sound education and municipal prosperity is Douw H. Fonda, the popular, enterprising wholesale druggist, of Nos. 70 and 72 State street. Born on the loth of September, 1831, in the picturesque village of Fonda, N. Y., he comes from a substantial line of Holland ancestry, noted in the olden times, some of whose members have held important and responsible public positions in this state, and aided largely in the development of the material and intellectual resources of the country. He is a son of the late G. T. B. Fonda, a highly esteemed citizen of the town of Fonda, N. Y. The maiden name of his mother was Rachel Polhemus, who was married to Mr. Fonda about the year 1829, and who died July 5, 1844. His grandfather was Douw Adam Fonda, also of Fonda, N. Y., who was a member of the assembly from the counties of Montgomery and Hamilton in 1833, and who died July 5, 1855, leaving a high record as a useful, honorable, public-spirited citizen. His great-grandfather was Adam Fonda, a son of Douw Fonda, an early settler of Fonda, which in his time bore the Indian name...

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Biography of Albert Vander Veer

ALBERT VANDER VEER “A wise physician, skill’d our wounds to heal. Is more than armies to the public weal.” Pope – The Iliad. AN ALBANIAN who stands at the head of his profession as a surgeon, and whose fame is extended far beyond the limits of the city, is Dr. Albert Vander Veer. Born in the town of Root, Montgomery County, NY, on the 10th of July, 1841, his earliest days were quietly passed amidst pleasing scenes of rural life. He is a son of Abram H. Vander Veer, who in 1828 erected for tannery purposes the first building at what is now called Rural Grove. He comes from good old Holland stock, a race which has done so much in the interest of colonization, civilization and the development of moral and intellectual powers. His ancestors on his father’s side came from Alkmaar, Holland, in 1639, just nineteen years after the Pilgrim Fathers landed on Plymouth rock, where – “Amidst the storm they sang, And the stars heard, and the sea; And the sounding isles of the dim woods rang To the anthem of the free.” They settled first on Long Island, then in New Jersey. His ancestors on his grandmother’s side were also Hollanders of the name of Vancovenhoven, a name which was gradually abbreviated into that of Conover; and this was his grandmother’s maiden name. This estimable...

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Biography of James Shanahan

JAMES SHANAHAN A STATE official whose long, industrious, persevering career in mechanical pursuits, and whose works in different parts of the country evince his superior powers as a master of his art is the Hon. James Shanahan, superintendent of public works of the state of New York. He belongs to a class of men whose talents and energy have advanced and enriched the interests of the empire state by the construction of works intimately connected with the railroads and canals, trade and commerce. He is a native of Ireland, and was born on the 6th of February, 1829, having now reached a period in life in which high purposes, aims and achievements are usually unfolded in full power. His ancestors were useful and substantial citizens of their country and some of them held responsible positions. His father, having determined to seek his fortune in “the land of the free,” cast a last lingering look on the home of his childhood and then boldly sailed away with his family from the coasts of “old Erin” for American soil. His son James, the subject of this sketch, was then but eight years of age, and distinctly remembers the roar and tossings of old ocean during the voyage. On reaching this country the family first turned their faces westward, traveling into central New York and taking up their residence in the rich...

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Descendants of Johannes Abeel

Johannes Abeel Eldest son of Christopher Janse (Croom) Abeel, was born in Albany, March 23, 1667, died Jan. 28, 1711. He was a prosperous merchant, and was elected mayor of Albany, 1694-5. He removed to New Amsterdam and lived there for a time and on his return to Albany was elected a member of the Assembly in 1701; and in 1709 was again elected mayor of Albany. He married April 10, 1694, Catharine, daughter of David Schuyler, who, with his brother Pieterse, came from Amsterdam in 1650, and settled at Fort Orange. David Schuyler, the younger of the two, married Oct. 13, 1657, Callyntje, daughter of Abraham Isaacsen Ver Planck, the owner of Paulus Hook, now Jersey City. Johannes Abeel, by his wife Catharine (Schuyler) Abeel, had issue: Cataline, bap. New York, Oct. 23, 1691 Neiltje, bap. Albany, April 14, 1698 Christoffel, bap. Dec. 16, 1696 David, bap. April 29, 1705 Jannette, bap. at Albany, June 6, 1705 A copy of the inventory of his goods and personal estate includes a painted picture of himself; also one of his wife and daughter. Christoffel Abeel Son of Johannes and Catalina (Schuyler) Abeel (elder brother of David), was bap. at Albany, Dec. 16, 1696. He married Sept. 23, 1720, Margueritta Breese, Issue: Johannes (John). See further. Anthony Breese, bap. April 11, 1725; David, bap. Aug. 13, 1727 (settled at Bak-Oven, near...

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Biography of Hon. Josiah Failing

HON. JOSIAH FAILING. – The name brought to our state by this venerable pioneer, now no longer living, will always be revered by reason of the virtues of the man himself, and of the extensive reputation of the family which he founded upon our coast. His great-grandfather came to America from the Palatinate on the Rhine, and settled in the Mohawk valley west of Albany, New York, in 1703. Mr. Failing was born on his father’s farm July 9, 1806, at Canajohane, Montgomery county, New York. When quite a young man he removed to New York City, where he married Miss Henrietta Ellison, with whom he lived as one flesh and bone for over forty-nine years. In 1851 he came to Portland, Oregon, and successfully engaged in the mercantile business until 1864, when he retired in favor of his son and partner. Mr. Henry Failing, now president of the First National bank. In 1853 he was mayor of Portland, and was a delegate from Oregon to the national Republican conventions of 1864 and 1868. At a very early day Mr. Failing gave his attention to the subject of public schools in Portland, and during his life was a constant and firm friend of the same. Indeed, he may well be called the father of the public schools of Portland. Appropriately to his services in this regard his name will...

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Biographical Sketch of Eber A. Knowles

(VI) Eber A., son of Seth Knowles, was born at St. Johnsville, Montgomery county, July 13, 1834 He came to Hopewell, Ontario county, in 1857; enlisted at Canandaigua, January 1, 1864, in the Fiftieth New York Regiment of Engineers, Company L, and served until he was mustered out with his company at the end of the civil war. He married, in February, 1855, Lydia Bastedo, who was born at Somerset county, New Jersey, November 4, 1837, and came to Cayuga county, New York, with her parents when she was sixteen years old. Her ancestors were residents of New Jersey. Among their children was Fred W., mentioned...

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Biographical Sketch of James Lauder

(I) James Lauder, immigrant ancestor in this country, located with his wife Jane at Florida, Montgomery county, New York, coming thither from their home in Scotland. Among their children was John A., mentioned elsewhere.

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