Location: Monterey Massachusetts

Biography of Hon. Orlando Curtis Bidwell

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now In the exacting and wide-reaching profession of the law, Hon. Orlando Curtis Bidwell, of Great Barrington, stands among the leaders in Berkshire County. His large natural ability was supplemented by careful preparation and his entire career has been guided by a lofty idealism, which marks his every step of progress. As a servant of the people, as well as in his professional capacity, Mr. Bidwell has made an honorable and admirable record, while his affiliations with organized movements bear definite and constructive results. He is a son of Marshall S. and Sophia L. (Bidwell) Bidwell, his father a merchant and farmer throughout his active lifetime, died in 1902, and the mother also died in 1902. Orlando Curtis Bidwell was born in Monterey, Massachusetts, March 17, 1862. He attended the public schools and is a graduate of Lee High School, class of 1882, and his graduation from Williams College occurred in 1886, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Taking up the study of law under capable preceptors, Mr. Bidwell began his professional career in Elmira, New York, in 1889. About one year later he was admitted to the bar of Massachusetts, as well as the New York State and Federal courts, and locating in Great Barrington in 189o, he has practiced here ever since. Mr. Bidwell...

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Biography of Henry Seeley Taylor

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now HENRY SEELEY TAYLOR – Thirty-three years have passed since the death of Henry Seeley Taylor caused universal sorrow in the city of Pittsfield, yet many residents of the present day recall his fine face and distinguished figure, both in the clothing store of which he was long the head, and in his activities as a leading member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. As a business man Mr. Taylor was above reproach, his kindly courtesy and considerate interest in his customers having been only the outgrowth and evidence of an integrity which governed every act of his life. Friend of all, benevolent in a marked degree, and open hearted toward every worthy cause or movement, Mr. Taylor won his successful position in the business world through his tireless endeavors and excellent judgment, and those most closely affiliated with him in his business interests were most sincere in their praise and commendation of the man. Henry Seeley Taylor was born in Bethel, Connecticut, August 18, 1828, and died in Pittsfield, September 6, 1891. His education was limited to the advantages of the common schools, and when only a young man he entered the business world. The family became residents of Monterey, Massachusetts, and he was seventeen years old when the family removed to Lenox. There he resided for...

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