Location: Monroe County IL

Expeditions of Fowler and James to Santa Fe, 1821

When Pike returned from his western expedition and related his experiences in Santa Fe and other places among the Spaniards, his accounts excited great interest in the east, which resulted in further exploits. In 1812, an expedition was undertaken by Robert McKnight, James Baird, Samuel Chambers, Peter Baum, Benjamin Shrive, Alfred Allen, Michael McDonald, William Mines, and Thomas Cook, all citizens of Missouri Territory; they were arrested by the Spaniards, charged with being in Spanish territory without a passport, and thrown into the calabazos of Chihuahua, where they were kept for nine years. In 1821, two of them escaped, and coming down Canadian and Arkansas rivers met Hugh Glenn, owner of a trading house at the mouth of the Verdigris, and told him of the wonders of Santa Fe. Inspired by the accounts of these travelers, Glenn engaged in an enterprise with Major Jacob Fowler and Captain Pryor for an expedition from the Verdigris to Santa Fe.

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The Moskop Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

Every community contains a few men of remarkable business ability, men who have risen to enviable success in some branch of trade. They deserve the public gratitude for their contribution to its prosperity no less than they win general admiration for the manner in which they have risen into eminence and won the hard struggle of life. Such a character is Mr. Moskop, the well-known manager of the Nanson Commission Company. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID...

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The Hoef Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

Mr. Hoef is one of those citizens who have come to our shores, leaving their native country, and seeking a new home in a new world. In early times all of our people crossed the seas, “but their hardihood and enterprise has all but been forgotten. Those who emigrated in more recent times serve to remind us of the dangers and privations attending the long voyage from another continent. Mr. Hoef was born in Cobenz, Germany, on March 16, 1851. He came to America with his parents in 1865 and settled in Madonnaville. Here he attended the parochial and public schools, and after finishing his schooling helped on the farm of his parents. The father died in 1878, the mother in 1892, on August 17th. But previous to this Mr. Hoef had taken a farm for himself. In 1883 he rented 54 acres of fertile bottom land near Prairie du Rocher. This soil, with the careful management which he gave it, yielded abundantly and brought him such prosperity that he purchased it in a short time. In 1889 he bought land adjoining to his and became the possessor of 240 acres. The large farm, situated on Rural Route #3, has been his home to the present time and has become a perfect farm in every sense as a result of his industry and prudence. Mr. Hoef was married in...

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The Mudd Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

The influential farmer, James Duncan Mudd of Prairie du Rocher, is a member of the oldest family of settlers in Randolph County. Indeed, his family has been in America since the very earliest days, having come over to Maryland in the time of Lord Baltimore. This band of stout-hearted Englishmen set out from their native shores in 1633 and sought religious freedom in the new world. They established the Church in North America and guaranteed religious liberty, where until then there had been only Puritan fanaticism. The Mudd family were original settlers of this colony. After the Revolution, when...

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The Conner Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

There are few citizens of American blood, native born in Randolph County, who date their birth back as far as does Mr. W. S. Conner, a resident of the southern part of Township five — eight. He was born within a quarter of a mile of his present residence, in the year of 1815. He was the son of Henry Conner, who was born in Maryland and moved to Kentucky when ten years old, about the year 1795. The Conner family is of Irish extraction. The name was formerly spelled “O’Connor,” in which form it will be easily recognized...

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The Wierschem Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

One of our literary geniuses has remarked that the history of any locality is but the history of its great men. The destinies of splendid empires are shaped by the personalities of their rulers, and a whole people sometimes owes its prosperity to the energies of one man, who stands at the head of the state. And in a community this principle is even more forcibly demonstrated, for here the thoughts of a few leaders permeate to the farthest boundaries and shape the thoughts of the masses. Viewed in this light, how significant do the biographies of prominent men become! The subject of our sketch was born in Madonnaville, Monroe County, on August 3, 1868. He was one of a family of fourteen children, whose father was John Wierschem, a known farmer. He attended both the parochial and the public schools, and then remained at home, assisting in the work of the farm until the death of the father in 1892. In that year Mr. Wierschem decided to become master of his own farm, and accordingly bought the farm of 65 acres situated on Rural Route #3, Prairie du Rocher, Illinois. This has been his home up to the present time. On November 30, 1893, he was married to Miss Zoe Thuillier. She was born in September 1872, a daughter of the widely- known farmer, Emil Thuillier of Prairie...

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The Frawley Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

A very beloved inhabitant of Prairie du Rocher is Mr. Maurice Frawley. He was born in beautiful Ireland, in County Limerick, in the year 1833. Here he spent his childhood, went through the parish school, and was married to Miss Mary Crimmins on February 4, 1859. Of their children only a daughter is still alive. They came to America in 1862, residing in New York until October, 1865, when they joined the westward tide and came to St. Louis and continued their residence there until 1872. That year Mr. Frawley and family moved to Kidd, Monroe County, Illinois, and...

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The Eichenseer Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

John Eichenseer, who gets his mail through Red Bud, Illinois, Rural Route No. 3, was born March 3, 1863, in Madonnaville, Monroe County, Illinois. After leaving the parochial and public schools he worked for his father until his marriage, which took place October 28, 1890. Miss Mary Wierschem was his bride. Then he bought a farm of eighty acres, and has lived here ever since. Mr. Eichenseer reared a family of ten children – four sons, Vincent A., Leo William, Herman A., and Bernhard F; six daughters, Ida E., Christina A., Theresia A., Veronica F., Anastasia M. and Angela...

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The Ellner Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

Among the more prominent farmers inhabiting the region of Prairie du Rocher is Mr. John Peter Ellner of Rural Route #2. He is a native of the State of Missouri, where he was born in the town of Herman on August 18, 1872. However, his parents were of an adventurous disposition and not satisfied with the opportunities offered by our neighbor state, removed, in 1876, to Horse Prairie and later, in 1881, to Ruma, Illinois. Here the family at length found a pleasant home and remained in that district. Here Mr. Ellner received his education by attending both the...

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Illinois, Diocese of Belleville, Catholic Parish Records, 1695-1956

A help guide for accessing the images of parish registers recording the events of baptism, first communion, confirmation (to 1907), marriage (to 1930) or death (to 1956) in the Diocese of Belleville (Illinois), Roman Catholic Church. The index to some volumes may reference pages within a given volume beyond current publication dates. As such, these images are not currently available. In addition to traditional parish registers, this collection includes a small number of census, church history, family and financial records. To assist the researcher I have broken down the available registers by county and name of parish, including the years covered by those parish records.

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Biography of Frank Hempe

FRANK HEMPE. – While the subject of this sketch has not resided in the valley of the Grande Ronde as long as some of the earlier pioneers, still the length of time that he has domiciled here has beensufficient to demonstrate his ability to take rank with the leading agriculturists of the county, both because he has gained one of the largest farms in the county and because he is by his skill and industry capable of producing excellent returns in crops, while his demeanor has been such as to win the confidence and respect of all who have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with him. In Monroe county, Illinois, our subject was born on December 6, 1854, being the son of Joseph and Barbara (Shifferdecker), agriculturists of that section. The father died in 1899 and the mother in 1873. Our subject was trained in the public schools of the county of his birth and there he remained in industry with his father and also in operating a farm for himself until 1887, when he took a journey to the Mississippi valley about forty-five miles south from St. Louis. He was engaged in producing the fruits of the field for four years also operated a steamboat landing during the same time. In 1893 he was enamored of the west from the reports that had come to his ears,...

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Biography of Henry C. Susewind

HENRY C. SUSEWIND. – As proprietor of one of the most popular and up-to-date hostelries of our county, the Centennial hotel of Union, the esteemed subject of this sketch is not only well and favorably known in the county and the adjacent territories, but is familiar to the traveling public and a favorite as well wherever he is known, always displaying amiability and a genial spirit and broad views on public questions that is the leading spirit of the day, while in the manipulation of his business affairs he is equal to the best and exceeded by none in the care that he bestows upon his guests and in the management of his fine hotel, while also he handles other and large interests in the business world. Mr. Susewind was born in Monroe county, Illinois on January 13, 1865, being the son of William and Solphia (Hartman) Susewind. When but a child of two years he had the sad misfortune to lose both of his parents, and his days were then spent in the home of his uncle, Henry Susewind, until he was eighteen years of age. During these years he attended the public school and also for a time the Christian College at Waterloo, Illinois. Then he went to work for the government near Greenville, Mississippi, in the improvement of the river. In 1884 he entered the employ...

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Woll, Catharina A. – Obituary

Catharina Ackerman was born at Waterloo, Monroe county, Ill. She was married to Adam Woll, Nov. 24. 1881, at New Design, Ill. They lived thereon a ranch for about 12 years, after which they came to Oregon, bringing with them their four children, moving on a ranch north of Union. They lived there about thirteen years and three more children were born to them. Giving up farming they moved to town and have since then resided here. Mrs. Woll leaves a husband, three sons and four daughters, three children of whom are married, Mrs. E. Crist and Mrs. H. M. Welter living at Baker, Peter Woll living at Union. There are living at home Louisa, Otto, Emma and George Woll. 1915 newspaper obituary Contributed by: Larry...

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A-K Surnames – 1818 Monroe County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Name Page # Range of Ages Alexander, John 143 00-06-00-00 Alexander, William 139 00-06-00-00 Amos, Abraham 141 00-05-00-00 Arundel, William 140 00-01-00-00 Atcheson, George 141 00-04-00-00 Atcheson, John 143 00-03-00-00 Atcheson, William 143 00-03-00-00 Axley, Elisha 142 00-04-00-00 Ayers, Stephen 139 00-01-00-00 Ayers, William 143 00-08-00-00 Bagley, Ichabod 139 00-07-00-00 Bagley, David 140 00-10-00-00 Baldwin, Francis 140 01-04-00-00 Barker, Daniel 138 00-03-00-00 Barker, Zebediah 144 02-01-00-00 Barney, George 143 03-09-00-01 Barrick, William 141 01-03-04-05 Beaird, Joseph A. 140 00-05-00-10 Belloow, Jason 143 02-09-00-02 Blankinship, Noah 139 00-04-00-00 Borer, Jacob 140 00-04-00-00 Bradley, Jacob 142 00-05-00-00 Bradley, Reuben 141 00-01-00-00 Bradshaw, Absalum 138 01-07-00-00 Bradshaw, James 142 00-07-00-00 Brewer, Nathan 138 00-02-00-00 Brimberry, John 138 02-05-00-00 Brock, George 142 03-06-00-00 Brown, William 143 00-01-00-00 Brownfield, Richard 143 01-09-00-00 Brownfield, Theron 143 01-05-00-00 Bryan, Daniel 138 00-02-00-00 Bryant, Prince 139 00-07-00-00 Cairns, Caldwell 143 01-04-00-02 Calhoun, Ann 143 00-03-00-00 Carr, Leonard 143 00-10-00-00 Cary, Joshua 138 00-04-00-00 Casteel, Jacob 143 00-01-00-00 Chalfin, Amos 139 00-03-00-00 Chalfin, Elis 139 00-01-00-00 Chalfin, Seth 139 00-03-00-00 Chalfin, William 139 00-02-00-00 Chance, William 139 03-03-00-00 Chandlor, Amos 141 00-03-00-00 Clark, Edward...

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L-Z Surnames – 1818 Monroe County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Ladd, Elijah 142 00-04-00-00 Lemen, James 144 00-01-00-00 Lemen, Josiah 138 00-05-00-00 Lemen, Moses 138 01-03-00-00 Lemen, William 138 00-04-00-00 Lemmon, William 140 00-07-00-00 Levens, Isaiah 139 02-04-00-00 Lock, Gerardis 139 00-09-00-00 Lusby, Thomas 140 02-03-00-00 Marney, Benjamin 139 01-06-00-00 Marrs, Thomas 139 00-07-00-00 Mattingly, Richard 139 01-02-00-02 Mc David, John 138 00-05-00-00 Mc Kinzie, Rolley 138 00-03-00-00 Mc Meen, Joseph 142 00-03-00-00 Mc Murtry, George 138 00-06-00-00 Mc Murtry, 138 00-01-00-00 Mc Nabb, Alexander 138 00-07-00-00 Mc Roberts, James 140 00-08-00-01 Mcclure, John 140 02-02-00-00 Mcdanold, Linville 143 01-08-00-00 Mcdonald, James 138 00-04-00-00 Miller, Henry 141 00-08-00-00 Miller, John 140 00-02-00-00 Miller, Joseph 140 00-00-00 Miller, Michael 138 01-06-00-00 Miller, Reuben 140 00-07-00-00 Mitchel, John 139 00-06-00-00 Modglin, Henry 142 00-07-00-00 Modglin, John, Sr. 143 00-09-00-00 Moore, Enoch 143 01-08-00-00 Moore, J. Milton 138 00-05-00-00 Moore, John 142 01-09-00-00 Moredock, John 141 01-05-00-00 Myers, John 141 00-03-00-01 Nelson, Thomas 142 02-05-00-00 Nolin, Samuel 141 00-05-00-00 Nowlin, James 143 00-08-00-00 Orsborn, Francis 140 01-05-00-00 Patterson, Charles 142 00-02-00-00 Patterson, Luke 142 00-07-00-00 Payne, Adams 139 01-03-00-00 Phillips, 144 00-01-00-00 Piggott, Levi 142 00-07-00-00 Porter, Thomas...

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