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Allen Genealogy of New Bedford Massachusetts

The Allen family of New Bedford Massachusetts is descended from George Allen who’s children and descendants would eventually settle in Old Dartmouth and New Bedford Massachusetts. This is an extensive genealogy of five sons of the fourteen children of James Allen and Sarah Howland of New Bedford MA, including the ancestry of James Allen back to George Allen.

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Descendants of Joseph Borden of Fall River MA

BORDEN (Fall River family – line of Joseph, fourth generation). The Borden family is an ancient one both here in New England and over the water in old England, as well as one of historic interest and distinction. The New England branch has directly or indirectly traced the lineage of the American ancestor, Richard Borden, many generations back in English history. His first English forbear went over to England from Bourdonnay, Normandy, as a soldier under William the Conquerer, and after the battle of Hastings  – in A. D. 1066 – was assigned lands in the County of Kent,...

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News from New England – King Phillip’s War

Being a true and last account of the present Bloody Wars carried on betwixt the infidels, natives, and the English Christians, and converted Indians of New England, declaring the many dreadful battles fought betwixt them: As also the many towns and villages burnt by the merciless heathens. And also the true number of all the Christians slain since the beginning of that War, As it was sent over by a factor of New England to a merchant in London. Licensed Aug. 1. Roger L’Estrange. London. Printed for J. Corners, at the sign of the Black Raven in Duck-Lane, 1676. 1The following tract is of exceeding rarity; so much so that, not long since, but one was known to be in this country. This is reprinted from a copy of one in the library of John Carter Brown Esq., of Providence. To the politeness of this gentleman we are indebted for permission to make a transcript. The original is, without exception, one of the worst printed tracts of the day in which it appeared. The type on which it was printed was wretched, especially the Italic; some of the letters in many of the words not being distinguishable, and others entirely wanting. I have adhered, in this reprint, as closely to the original, in respect to orthography, capitals, and italics, as possible. Of its comparative value, in an historical point...

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Herbert Genealogical Notes

Many years ago my dear Mother 1Margaret Herbert (Mrs. Dewitt Clinton Mather) planned a history and genealogy of the Herbert family in America. After expending a great deal of effort and a considerable amount of time and money, she accumulated a certain amount of data, a lot of it just scattered information with no apparent relationship. She had circulars printed and forms that could be filled out with the least possible effort giving names, and dates if possible, of father, grandfather, and son as far back as one could go. As comparatively few answers came in, she gave up the ambitious idea of so comprehensive work and decided to concentrate on a history of the New Jersey Herberts. However, illness and death put an end to all this. That the result of so much energy should not be wasted, I offer it with some additional information that I have gathered from time to time in spasmodic attempts to continue her work. Every effort has been made to present facts as accurately as possible. Assumptions and traditions will be so indicated. To begin at the beginning, the first authentic ancestor of what is now known as the Herbert family emerges from the mists of south Wales as one Thomas ap Guilym ap Jenkins, which of course, means that his father was William and his grandfather was Jenkins, but that is...

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Biography of Harry R. Whittelsey

Harry R. Whittelsey, president and manager of The Whittelsey Mercantile Company, which operates a chain of grocery stores in Topeka, and is one of the largest retail grocery firms in the state. A native of Redbank, New Jersey, Harry R. Whittelsey has been a resident of Topeka since. November 1, 1881, at which time he was a boy of thirteen. He was born December 5, 1868, a son of William Channcey and Grace M. (Hindes) Whittelsey. Of the six children there were four sons, Louis, Burt, Harry and William, Jr. The Whittelsey family were very prominent in the East. Grandfather W. C. Whittelsey was the first senior surgeon general of the United States navy, and held that office for a number of years. Harry Whittelsey’s maternal graudfather Hindes was a prominent lawyer of Littletown, New Hampshire, was the first librarian of the city library there, and during the War of 1812 he gave the United States Government $60,000 in cash. In return he received a warrant for a tract of land in Virginia. His heirs lost this property, since the records were burned with the court house, and being lost the heirs were not able to prove conclusively either the right to the land or its location. W. C. Whittelsey, father of Harry R., was educated in district schools and in a college in the South. During the Civil...

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Genealogy of Aaron French

1 AARON FRENCH, b. Sep. 8,1739, probably in Monmouth Co., N. J.; d. Aug. 31, 1805, near Amity, Pa.; m. (1st) Mary Clark; m. (2nd) Elizabeth (d. Feb. 18, 1819, Troy, O., age 74 yrs.), widow of James Fordyce. Aaron French1 lived at New Providence, N. J., as early as 1764; moved to Washington Co., Pa., about 1787-8, where he acquired a large tract of land lying four miles southwest of Amity and partly within the present county of Greene. Children of first marriage (none of second): 2 AARON FRENCH, Jr., b. Apr. 19,1767; d. Jan. 31, 1850; m. (2). 3 DEBORAH FRENCH, b. Nov. 24, 1769; d. Dec. 30, 1846; m. 4 ELIZABETH FRENCH, b. about 1771; d. when aged; m. 5 MARY FRENCH, b. 1772; d. Jan. 12, 1859, age 86 yrs., 6 mos.; m. 6 EZEKIEL FRENCH, b. June 17, 1775; d. Jan. 1, 1861; m. (3). 7 LYDIA FRENCH, b. about 1777; d. about 1856-7; m. 8 ASA FRENCH, b. July 8, 1780; d. Aug. 9, 1845; m. (2). 9 SUSANNAH FRENCH, b. 1785; d. Nov. 9, 1863, age 78...

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Biography of William M. Higgins, Dr.

Dr. William M. Higgins, pharmacist on Central avenue, Anaheim, was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, June 18, 1826. He was educated at Princeton College, at which he was graduated in 1845, with the degree of A. B. He read medicine for a period of two years, and February 22, 1849, started for California on the bark St. Mary. He remained in Rio Janeiro ten months, then went aboard the ship William Brandt, bound for San Francisco, at which place he arrived in July, 1850, having been ship’s doctor during the voyage. After his arrival in San Francisco he was appointed apothecary and book-keeper in the City Hospital, after which he engaged in mining for a few years. Then in 1869 he moved to Anaheim and established the drug store on the corner of Center and Lemon streets, and has ever since given his attention to the drug business. In December, 1870, he was appointed Postmaster, which office he filled with great acceptability for a continuous term of thirteen years. He has been connected with the educational interests of the city for a number of years, having been clerk of the district for six years, and is now chairman of the school board. He is a charter member of the Masonic lodge, which was organized in 1869. He is also a member of the I. O. O. F. fraternity,...

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Biographical Sketch of Dennis Cain

Dennis Cain, a farmer of Section 22, Blaine Township, Ida County, was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, December 26, 1844, a son of William and Mary (Noon) Cain, natives of Roscommon County, Ireland. The parents were married in Ireland, but in an early day came to America, locating in New Jersey. In 1856, they opened a farm near Libertyville, Lake County, Illinois. They were the parents of 9 children: Thomas (a furniture dealer of Racine, Wisconsin), Ann (married John Linberry of Libertyville, Illinois), Ella of New Jersey, John (resided near Libertyville), Kate (married James Mark of Chicago), William of Wisc., 2 are deceased, and Dennis. Dennis was the youngest in the family and when 12 years old moved with his parents from New Jersey to a farm near Libertyville, Illinois. In 1861, he began farming, and in 1864 enlisted in Company A, Twelfth Illinois Cavalry, served in the Western Army, took part in the Red River Campaign, in the Battle of Jackson, Mississippi, and 7 other engagements. He was discharged with honors at Houston on June 18, 1866 as Corporal. He had been engaged in guarding the frontier at Brownsville & Houston, Tx. On June 27, 1871, Dennis married Miss Anna Scott of Whiteside County, Illinois. In 1876, he came to Ida County purchasing 120 acres in Blaine Township, then adding to his land until he owned 266...

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