Location: Mitchell County GA

Mount Enon Cemetery, Mitchell County, Georgia

Ida Bowles Jackson 1/17/1851 – 10/12/1950 Elizabeth Odom Wife of Rev. A Odom b. Greene Co, Ga. 1794 Died Mitchell County 3/22/1879 Mrs. Elizabeth F Jackson Wife of Absolem Jackson born Washington County Ga. 1802 – Died Mitchell County 9/5/1878 G S Jackson 12/25/1826 – 3/12/1902 Virginia Peacock Jackson 10/19/1839 – 1/16/1897 Littleton A Brooks 12/11/1849 – 3/17/1937 Thomas J Cooper 1/25/1828 – 1/14/1888 Mrs. Susan C Bowls 3/17/1829 – 10/6/1911 William Gray Henley 5/3/1826 – 6/22/1883 Frances E Henley 6/18/1835 – 11/13/1877 Mary A Bright 7/4/1826 – 1/25/1902 Sarah M Bacon Wife of Thomas S Bacon of Liberty Co. Ga and daughter of Rev. Henry Holcombe B. 5/22/1791 – D 12/25/1864 Allan Faircloth Died 10/2/1898 age 70 Sarah Faircloth, Wife of Allan Faircloth 9/24/1837 – Sept....

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Slave Narrative of Banana Williams

Person Interviewed: Banana Williams Location: Dade County, Florida Banana Williams, 1740 NW 5th Court, Miami, Florida was born in Grady County, Georgia near Cairo in the 16th district. “The man what I belonged to was name Mr. Sacks. My mother and father lived there. I was only about three years old when peace came, but I remember when the paddle rollers came there and whipped a man and woman. “I was awful ‘fraid, for that was somethin’ I nevah see before. We “stayed on” but we left before I was old enough to work, but I did work in the fields in Mitchell County. “I came to Miami and raised 5 children. I’m staying with my daughter, but I’m not able to work much. I’m too done played out with old...

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