Location: Michilimackinac

Mackinac Baptism Records 1745-1749

Feb. 1, 1745, I baptized in the church of this mission Pierre Louis, legitimate son of Sieur Charles Chaboyer and of Marianne Chevalier, His wife, residing at this post – the said child having been born last night. The godfather was Louis Chevalier; and the godmother Charlotte Parent. *** Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now P. du Jaunay, miss. of the society of Jesus. C. Chaboillez; Marianne Chaboillez Parent. April 30, 1745, I solemnly baptized in the church of this mission Thomas, legitimate son of Thomas Blondeau and of Demoiselle Marie Joseph de Celle, his lawful wife, residing at this post – the said child having been born last Sunday, the 25th of this month. The godfather was Mr de L’anglade; and the godmother Agathe Villeneuve, wife of Sieur Boisguilbert who signed here with me. *** P. du Jaunay, miss. of the society of Jesus. Agathe la Boiguilber; Thomas Blondeau. He died on the 9th of July following. May 16, 1745, I solemnly baptized (Conditionally, however,...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1742-1744

In the year one thousand seven Hundred and forty-one, on the twenty-fourth of October, I, the undersigned priest and missionary of the society of Jesus in the mission of St ignace at the post of Michilimakinak, did baptize Louis Joseph Chaboyer, one day old, son of Charles Chaboiller and of Marianne Chevailler, his Wife. The godfather was Joseph Ens, and the godmother Nannette Chevalier, both residing at the said post, who have signed with me. Jean Baptiste Lamorinie 1For a biographical sketch of this missionary, see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 474, note 6. missionary of the Society of Jesus. Nanette Chevalier; Joseph Hains. May 12, 1742. 2The preceding entry is given entire, with full formula; commencing with this entry, however, we adopt the method used in the marriage register of modernizing the date form, and omitting repetitions of formal phrases – these omissions being indicated by asterisks. See Wisconsin Historical Collections, xix, note 1. *** two adults *** being slaves: one of Mr de Blainville, the officer commanding this post; 3Jean Baptiste Céloron, sieur de Blainville, commandant during the absence of his elder brother, Pierre Joseph Céloron. See Wisconsin Historical Collections, xvii, p. 367. the other of Sieur Hamelin, trader, residing at Sault Ste Marie. The former – whom Reverend father de la Morinie wished to hold over the baptismal font and who is about twelve years of...

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Ottawa Indian Chiefs and Leaders

The following were chiefs or leaders of the Ottawa Indians. Pontiac An Ottawa chief, born about 1720, probably on Maumee river, Ohio, about the mouth of the Auglaize. Though his paternity is not positively established, it is most likely that his father was an Ottawa chief and his mother a Chippewa woman. J. Wimer 1Events in Ind. Hist., 155, 1842 says that as early as 1746 he commanded the Indians, mostly Ottawa, who defended Detroit against the attack of the northern tribes. It is supposed he led the Ottawa and Chippewa warriors at Braddock’s defeat. He first appears prominently in history at his meeting with Maj. Robert Rogers, in 1760, at the place where Cleveland, Ohio, now stands. This officer bad been dispatched to take possession of Detroit on behalf of the British. Pontiac objected to the further invasion of the territory, but, learning that the French had been defeated in Canada, consented to the surrender of Detroit to the British, and was the means of preventing an attack on the latter by a body of Indians at the mouth of the strait. That which gives him most prominence in history and forms the chief episode of his life is the plan he devised for a general uprising of the Indians and the destruction of the forts and settlements of the British. He was for a time disposed to be on terms...

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