Location: Michilimackinac

An Historical Sketch of the Tionontates or Dinondadies, now called Wyandots

The tribe which, from the time of Washington’s visit to the Ohio, in 1753, down to their removal to the West, played so important a part under the name of Wyandots, but who were previously known by a name which French write Tionontates; and Dutch, Dinondadies, have a history not uneventful, and worthy of being traced clearly to distinguish them from the Hurons or Wyandots proper, of whom they absorbed one remnant, leaving what were later only a few families near Quebec, to represent the more powerful nation.

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Narrative of the captivity of Alexander Henry, Esq – Indian Captivities

Narrative of the captivity of Alexander Henry, Esq., who, in the time of Pontiac’s War, fell into the hands of the Huron Indians. Detailing a faithful account of the capture of the Garrison of Michilimacki-Nac, and the massacre of about ninety people. Written by himself. 1Mr. Henry was an Indian trader in America for about sixteen years. He came to Canada with the army of General Amherst, and previous to his being made prisoner by the Indians experienced a variety of fortune. His narrative, as will be seen, is written with great candor as well as ability, and to the discriminating reader needs no encomium. He was living in Montreal in 1809, as appears from the date of his preface to his Travels, which he published in New York that year, with a dedication to Sir Joseph Banks. Ed. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now When I reached Michilimackinac I found several other traders, who had arrived before me, from different parts of the country, and...

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Registers of the Parish of Michilimackinac

The records from the register at Michilimackinac are here provided as they were translated by Edward O. Brown back in 1889. His translation came from a transcript of the original, which latter is kept in the parish church of Ste. Anne, at Mackinac. Annotated throughout are Mr. Brown’s biographical knowledge of the events of Michilimackinac and the people within. Don’t pass over the footnotes for the record, you may find a biographical reference hidden there!

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A Short History of Michilimakinak

No more colorful settlement existed in the Middle West than the mission and fort at the Straits of Mackinac, for the French early realized its importance and directed their westward explorations from this base. The concentration point for the fur trade of the Middle West, Mackinac held an important place for many years, both during the British and American regimes.

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Register of Interments in the Parish of Michilimackinac

The register of interments was evidently not as carefully kept as those of marriages and baptisms. The following first four entries have been abstracted from the baptismal register, being entered after the records of baptisms on the death of the child previously baptized. The record kept by Father Le Franc, beginning in 1754 and continuing through 1760, is continuous, and entered in one portion of the register, headed “Registre des morts depuis le ler aoust 1754” 1Register of deaths after August 1, 1754 . The remaining entries were scattered miscellaneously among the marriages and baptisms, but have here been assembled in chronological order. Died August 10, 1743 [Marie Coussante, daughter of Joseph Hins]; she was the first one buried in the new church built by her father, under the holy water font. She [Marie Athanase, slave of Charles Hamelin] died fortified with all the sacraments, on January 24, 1748, and was buried in the church the following day beside her deceased mistress. Died [Jacques, son of Jacques Dumay, baptized February 1, 1748] a few days afterward and was buried in the church near the little Hins girl. The child [Augustin Laffertiere dit jasmin, baptized February 27, 1752] died 2 or 3 months afterwards and is buried in the cemetery on the left hand side on entering. August 1, 1754 was interred in the cemetery of this mission the body...

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Miscellaneous Notes In The Mackinac Registers

In the original Mackinac Register these are scattered through the register, in the neighborhood of entries on other subjects. They are here brought together under one head. July 22, 1787, 1A parish meeting was held July 23, 1786, wherein Jean Baptiste Barthe and Louis Carignan were elected churchwardens. As this was, in the original, entered among the marriages, it will be found in Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 493. after invoking the enlightenment of the Holy Ghost, we, the undersigned, elected by a majority of votes, as church wardens of the church of Ste. Anne de Michilimakina, messieurs Ch. Chaboillé 2Charles Chaboillez was a prominent trader, with large interests in Lake Superior. He appears to have retired with the British to St. Joseph’s Island, possibly as early as 1788 (see next entry), in anticipation of their removal. In 1802 he was appointed storekeeper at the post and in that capacity served several years. and Daniel Bourassa, who formally promised and undertook to care for the interests of the Said Church as their own and on their soul and conscience. In testimony whereof they have signed with us. Payet, missionary priest. Chles Chaboillez; Dl. Bourassa; Bte. Guillory; 3The Guillory (Guyari) family were of long-standing and well- known at Mackinac, coming originally from Montreal. Joseph was married at the former place in 1747; Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 474. Antoine was...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1810-1821

No baptisms are entered in the register between 1804 and 1821, possibly because no priest visited the island in that long interval; although the entry in Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 512, would indicate the presence of a priest at Mackinac in 1818. When the British retired from Mackinac in 1815, after the conclusion of the Treaty of Ghent, their commandant was ordered to establish a post as near Mackinac as possible, in order to keep control of the Indian trade. Accordingly the post was built on Drummond Island, opposite the strait of Detour, now a part of the state of Michigan, and then supposed to be within British territory. There, until 1828, a considerable establishment was maintained, consisting of a garrison, barracks, officers’ quarters, and many traders’ houses. 1See description in S. F. Cook, Drummond Island, Lansing, 1896. The boundary survey, in which Drummond Island was conveyed to the United States, was not concluded until 1822. The arrangement for transferring the post were dilatory, so that not until 1828 did the garrison remove to Penetanguishene, on Matchedash Bay, having for thirteen years maintained a British post on American territory, and subsidized the Indians that resorted thither. Many of the former inhabitants of Mackinac, preferring British to American affiliation, went with the garrison to Drummond Island, and there maintained a considerable connection and traffic with their former friends and...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1800-1809

January 19, 1800, by us the Undersigned, one of the justices of the peace of the United States, was privately baptized Marie Louise of the Saulteux nation.1Married the same day to Louis Hamelin; Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 503. The godfather was Sieur Fr Catin; and the godmother Genevieve Plessey, wife of Mr. Bourdon. The godmother signed with us in the presence of the undersigned witnesses. Adehemar St Martin J. P. J. Giasson, witness; genevieve plaissee; Alexis Laframboise, witness. March 21, 1800, by me the Under signed, was privately baptized Marie, born yesterday evening of the lawful Marriage of Sieur Alexis Laframboise and of Dame Joseph Adhemar, In the presence of Adhemar St Martin and of the said Sieur Laframboise, who signed with me. *** Adhemar St Martin. Alexis Laframboise; J. Giasson. April 20, 1800, I, the undersigned, one of the justices of the Peace of the United States privately baptized angelique, an adult woman of the Sauteux nation. 2Became the wife of Jacques Chauvin; Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 504. The Godfather was MR. Jacques Giasson; and the godmother W^^’ Mitchell, who signed with us. *** Adhemar St Martin J. P. J. Giasson; Mad””® Mitchell her mark +, October 21, 1800, I the Undersigned, one of the justices of the Peace, privately baptized Charles, son of Charles Maillet, issue of his lawful Marriage with Elizabeth McDonald, 3For their...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1790-1799

September 29, 1792, was born and privately baptized by me, the undersigned, on the Thirtieth, Michel, son of Mr. Daniel Bourassa and of Dame Marguerite Bertrand his father and mother, born in lawful marriage. *** C. Gauthier. October 21, 1792, by me the undersigned, was privately baptized Therese Victoire, born this day, of the lawful Marriage of Mr. Jean Baptiste Barthe and of Dame Genevieve Beaubien. *** Adhemar St Martin. February 7, 1793, I, the Undersigned, privately baptized Etienne, son of a woman savage called Veronique, belonging td Mde. J. Bte. Barthe. The said child was born this day. *** Adhemar St Martin J. P. August 12, 1793, by Mr. Etienne Campion, was privatcdy baptized Alexis, born this day, at half-past one o’clock in the morning, of the lawful Marriage of Sieur Alexis Laframboise and of Dame Josette Adhemar, his wife. 1For a reminiscence of these people see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xiv, p. 20. In the presence of the said Sieur Laframboise and of Dame Adhémar St Martin, who have signed. Alexis Laframboise; Blondeau Adhémar. February 6, 1794, I, the Undersigned, privately baptized Marguerite, about twenty years old, belonging to Monsieur Alexis Laframboise, In the presence of the witnesses who have signed. *** Adhemar St Martin J. P. G. Young; Alexis Laframboise; T. Pothier; Angelique Adhemar; Adhemar Laframboise. April 7, 1794, I, the undersigned, privately baptized Alexandre, born March...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1780-1789

August 13, 1781, was privately baptized Domitille, legitimate daughter of Sieur Charles Gautier and Madelaine Pascal, his lawful Wife, born the same Day at Noon. John Coates, Notary Public. 1For this official see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 434, note 45. I certify you that, according to the due and prescribed order of the Church, at noon on this day and at the above place, before divers Witnesses, I baptized this Child Charlotte Claves. Patt. Sinclair, Lt. Governor, & Justice of the Peace. 2The preceding entry is written in English by the British commandant. Probably the child baptized belonged to one of the garrison. The witnesses were prominent Mackinac traders. For a sketch of Sinclair see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xi, p. 141, note 1. Witnesses signed: William Grant; John L Macnamaa; Geo. Mc Beath; D. Mc Crae; George Meldrum. John Coates, Notary Public. 3Following this in the register is an entry for 1804, which has been placed in its proper chronological sequence. July 15, 1786, I, the undersigned Priest, supplied the ceremonies of Baptism to Magdelaine, aged seven years less about two months, daughter of Sieur Charles Gauthier and of Magdelaine Paschal Chevalier, his wife. 4For their marriage see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, pp. 490-492. This elder daughter, Magdelaine, became the wife of Henry Monroe Fisher, an American resident of Prairie du Chien. The Godfather was Sieur Joseph Hains;...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1770-1779

I, the Undersigned Royal Notary, the Justice of the peace at Michilimakina, Certify that, in the absence Of the Missionary of the said post, the daughter of Charles Sanguinet and of Veronique Cardin, Born on the twenty-seventh of September of this year, was privately Baptized by Sieur Pierre Chaboille. In testimony whereof we have signed these presents on the day and in the year aforesaid at michilimakina September 27, 1770. Cabdin. 1For a sketch of this functionary see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 140, note 83. Chle. Sanguined. June 27, 1775, by us, missionary Priest, the Ceremonies Of holy Baptism were supplied to Laurent, 2For the marriage of this person see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 498. born June 8, 1771, Of the Lawful marriage of Joseph Laurent Bertrand And Of Marie Therese Du Lignon, his Wife. The Godfather was Sr Joseph Perinault, merchant; And the Godmother Dme Archange Barthe who signed with us, as did also the Father who was present. P. Gibault, missionary Priest. Perinault; Archange Barthe Askin; 3Wife of John Askin from Detroit, for whom see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 309, note 29. Laurent Bertrand. June 27, 1775, by us, priest and missionary, the Ceremonies of Holy Baptism were supplied to Jean Baptiste, 4Jean Baptiste Bertrand married at Mackinac in 1804. Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 510. born on June 24, 1774, of the lawful...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1760-1769

March 2 [1760], I privately baptized a young girl Savage called Kioueiatchiouenoukoue, to whom I gave the name of Charlotte. She is about 14 or 15 years old. Since she has been with Antoine la Fortune she has always been very assiduous at catechism. She seems to be in danger of death from an abscess in the side. May 22, I supplied the ceremonies of baptism to and baptized conditionally Charlotte, born at Sault Ste. Marie at the beginning of last October, legitimate daughter of Jean Baptists Cadot and of Athanasi, her father and mother. The godfather was Mr. Janise; and the godmother Mde. de Langlade. *** M. L. Lefranc, Miss. of the society of Jesus. Bourassa Langlade; At Janise. May 25, 1760, I solemnly administered holy Baptism to Alexandre Louis, a panis, about 14 years old, of Mr. de Beaujeu; and to Genevieve, 9 or 10 years old, a panis of Mr. Janis; the two adults being sufficiently instructed and asking for baptism. Monsieur de Beaujeu was godfather and Mde. Blondeau godmother of the first; Bartholomée Janis was godfather, and Mlle. Blondeau godmother of the second. *** M. L. Lefranc, Miss. of the society of Jesus. Beaujeu; Barthelemi Janise; Marguerite Blondeau. May 26, I supplied the ceremonies of Baptism to Josette, a slave of Mde. Bourassa, the elder, about 13 or 14 years old, whom I had privately...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1755-1759

January 18, 1755, I, the undersigned, solemnly baptized Charle Louis Bourassa, legitimate son of René Bourassa and of Anne Charlotte Veronique Chevalier, his father and mother. The godfather was Mr. The Chevalier de Repentigni, the Officer Commanding for the King at the Sault; and the godmother Mde de L’anglade. *** M. L. Lefranc, Miss. of the society of Jesus. Louis Le Gardeur, Chevalier Repentigny; Bourassa D’anglade March 30, 1755, I, the undersigned priest, missionary of the society of Jesus, solemnly administered holy Baptism to two adults: one about twelve or thirteen years old, called Piere François, a panis [slave] belonging to the Mr. Parent; whose godfather was Pierre Monbron; and whose godmother was Marianne Chaboiller Parent; the other Marie Charlotte, a panis belonging to Mr. Monbron, about fourteen or fifteen years old. The godfather was Louis Gervais; and the godmother Ciele Cousin et Monbron. Both were sufficiently instructed and well disposed. *** M. L. Lefranc, miss. of the society of Jesus. Marianne Chaboillez Parant; Pierre Monbron. May 17, 1755, I, the undersigned missionary of the society of Jesus, solemnly administered holy Baptism to Joseph, legitimate son of Pierre Ketchinape and of Angelique Nekikkoue, his father and mother. The godfather was Monsieur Joseph Amable Hubert, merchant; and the godmother Charlotte Bourassa de L’anglade. *** This child was born on the 29th December last. M. L. Lefranc, of the society of...

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1750-1754

March 17, 1750, I administered holy baptism to Basile, born this month, son of Marianne, a slave of Sieur Bourassa, voyageur, whom she declared to belong to Sieur Jasmin, also a voyageur. The godfather was the said Sieur Bourassa; and the godmother Mde Langlade. *** P. du Jaunay, miss. of the society of Jesus. Bourassa. March 24, 1750, I administered holy baptism to Ignace François Xavier, son of Agathe Villeneuve Amiot, daughter of Sieur Amiot, born this day, whom she declared to belong to Sieur Ignace Bourassa dit la Ronde, son of Sieur René Bourassa now wintering at la Grande Rivière. The godfather was Mr du Plessis Faber, Captain, Knight of St Louis, first Captain and Commanding his majesty’s infantry in Canada, Commandant of this post; 1For this officer, commandant at Mackinac (1750-53), see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xvii, p. 17; xviii, p. 61. and the godmother Mlle Bourassa. *** P. du Jaunay, miss. of the society of Jesus. Marie Caterinne la Plante Bourassa; Duplessis Faber; Amiot. Died on the l7th of July following. March 28, 1750, I solemnly baptized in the church of this mission Charles, a young man about eighteen years old, a slave of Sieur René Bourassa, sufficiently instructed and desiring holy baptism. The godfather was Sieur Charles Langlade, a Cadet in the troops; and the godmother Mlle Bourassa. *** P. du Jaunay, miss. of the society...

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