Location: Miami County OH

Roll Of Capt. Charles Wolverton’s Company

(Probably from Miami County) Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Served from August 24 until September 23, 1812. Capt. Charles Wolverton Lieut. James Blue Ensign, Reuben Westfall Sergt. Samuel Kyle Sergt. Ezekial Kirtley Sergt. James Morrow Sergt. James Brown Corp. John Pelford Corp. John McClary Corp. James Marshall Corp. Nathaniel Garard Privates Barnes, Robert Bedle, Abraham Bedle, Samuel Bedle, Solomon Bull, John Bull, Thomas Campbell, John Crossley, Joseph Crowder, William Dumont, Peter Dye, William Frost, William Garard, Abner Garard, Henry Garard, James Gibson, Andrew Hamil, Hugh Hay, James Hayes, James Howell, Samuel Hunt, George Ingerson, Benjamin Jackson, James Junkin, George Junkins, Lancelot Layton, Joseph Leland, Simon Linvill, John Lloyd, David Marshall, Joseph Martin, Corbly McCoy, James McFarland, William McGallaway, James Pollock, John Rodgers, Thomas Jr. Stephenson, Robert Stephenson, William Thompson, James Westfall, Levi White,...

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Roll Of Capt. Reuben Westfall’s Company

(Probably from Miami County) Served from May 1, until May 15, 1812, and from October 24, until November 13, 1812. Capt. Reuben Westfall Lieut. Amos Petite Sergt. Jesse Miller Sergt. Moses Garard Corp. Elias Garard Privates Alexander, James Arnold, David Ballenger, Daniel Ballinger, Even Bennett, Benjamin Brown, John Coats, James Cothran, James Curtis, James Edwards, James Hunter, William Kern, Henry Kern, John Kyle, Samuel Layton, Joseph McJimsey, Robert McJimsey, William North, Richard Orbison, John Richardson, John Robbins, Richard Smith, Henry Smith, Jonathan Swailes, Rice Thomas, Adam Thomas, Samuel Thornsburg, Uriah Trader, Tegal Westfall, Joel Westfall, Levi White,...

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Roll Of Lieut. Garner Bobo’s Company

(Probably from Miami Co.) Served from September 26, 1812, until March 26, 1813. Lieut. Garner Bobo Sergt. Jonothan Couch Corp. David Knight Corp. Thomas Green Privates Adams, Joseph Baker, Peter Ballinger, James Bedle, Daniel Dickson, Nicholas Dye, Samuel French, Ezektal Harrison, Richard Mann, Barnabus Mann, John Mason, Peter McConnoughey, David Mellinger, John Redinger, Andrew Shaver, Simon Simons, Adam Statler, Christopher Stranbarger, Joseph Vaneman, James Woodruff,...

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Roll Of Capt. George Buchanan’s Company

(Probably from Miami Co.) Served from May 5, until August 13, 1812. Capt. George Buchanan Lieut. James C. Caldwell Ensign, Gardner Bobo Sergt. Andrew Tilford Sergt. Joseph Hale Sergt. Benjamin Saunders Sergt. James Barnett Sergt. David McClung Privates Allen, Nathan Balbee, William Beedle, Abraham Beedle, Jacob Beedle, Joseph Bimgardner, Jacob Black, Jacob Blue, Michael Brown, James Duprey, Stephen Foster, Elijah Freeman, Noah Fugate, Edward Fulkirth, William Garard, John Hamer, George Haney, Jacob Hickman, David Hurley, Cornelius Hurley, Zechariah Huston, Joseph Jackson, Jacob Jackson, John Jenkins, George Johnson, Giles Knoop, John Leonox, Richard Lupton, John Mackey, Samuel McClary, John McPhaddon, James Millhouse, John Montgomery, Robert North, William Polset, John E Potts, James Prillaman, Christian Prillman, Daniel Shaw, Thomas Shepherd, Elijah Shoaf, George Stedler, John Stetler, Abraham Thompson, Andrew Tullis,...

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Roll Of Capt. Joseph Coleman’s Company

(Probably from Miami Co.) Served from May 4, until May 19, 1813. Capt. Joseph Coleman Lieut. Thomas McKee Sergt. Thomas Erwin Sergt. Jacob Martin Corp. Nathan Mages Corp. George Downs Privates Asheraft, Jonothan Lalin, John Marquis, William Smith, James Spry, Perry Thompson, Uriah Wilson,...

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Roll Of Capt. Charles Hilliard’s Company

(Probably from Miami County) Served from February 22, until August 21, 1813. Capt. Charles Hilliard Lieut. John Hill Ensign John Kiser Sergt. James Frost Sergt. Thomas Ross Sergt. Thomas Gilbert Sergt. Samuel Clark Sergt. Benjamin Nogle Corp. Benjamin B. Winans Corp. Lewis Winans Corp. William Ramsey Musician, Samuel Haney Musician, John Manning Corp. William Brown Privates Anderson, Samuel Battroll, John Bayman, Thomas Blue, Barnabus Brown, Abraham Browning, Abraham Cary, David Cary, Thomas Castle, Ralph Castle, Ralph, Sr. Cox, John Crawford, James Dunn, Terwin Eller, Adam Favorite, Abraham Foster, Elijah Green, James Hance, Benjamin Harter, Jacob Ingle, Michael Jackson, John James, Levi Jowles, George Julin, Isaac Kimble, Edward Krise, Daniel Landry, Simon Langley, Benett W Livingood, George Manning, Edward McReynolds, Robert Miller, David Miller, Jacob Pierson, Jacob Redler, Calvin Reyonlds, Robert Ross, Job Ross, Martin Studilaker, David Weatherhead, John Webb, John Webb, Joseph B. Whiten, Stephen Whitney, Stephen Wilson, Alexander Wyatt, Andrew Wyatt, John G. Yontes,...

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Biography of J. Arthur Knoop M.D.

J. Arthur Knoop, M. D. In the family of Knoop the traditions of ability, honor and worth left by those who have gone beyond set a worthy precedent which the present generation and that from which it sprang, have followed, to which they have added a life chapter that must prove an inspiration and a positive incentive to those destined to come after. Among the exponents of the family’s integrity and professional ability is Dr. J. Arthur Knoop, a well known member of the Crawford County medical fraternity and a citizen who is doing his share in the movements that are making for a bigger and better McCune. Doctor Knoop was born in Miami County, Ohio, March 12, 1883, and is a son of Thomas and Hattie (Caton) Knoop. The family originated in Germany, from which country the American progenitor emigrated prior to the Revolutionary war, settling in Pennsylvania. From that state the family branched out, the greater number of its members selecting Ohio for their homes. Thomas Knoop, the father of Doctor Knoop, was born in Miami County, Ohio, in 1845, and was there reared and educated. In 1862, when only seventeen years of age, he enlisted for service in the Union army during the Civil war, joining the Forty-fourth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, for a term of three years. He participated in all the battles of his...

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Biography of Harrison Clay Taylor

Harrison Clay Taylor was one of the first settlers in Rice County, and he had had a very interesting career and one filled with business achievement that places him among the notable men of Lyons. He is a veteran merchant of that city and in the passing years had done much for its improvement and welfare. Mr. Taylor was born at Piqua in Miami County, Ohio, November 12, 1849. He is of English ancestry, his forefathers having settled in New Jersey in Colonial times. His grandfather was a native of Pennsylvania, was a member of the Quaker Church, and during his brief career followed teaching. He came to a tragic end. After closing his school one winter evening he was stricken with paralysis. He crawled through snow a mile and a half to shelter. The stroke and the consequent exposure brought about his death soon afterward. Samuel B. Taylor, father of Harrison C., was born at Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, January 10, 1803. In early boyhood he was apprenticed to learn the baking trade, but the baker used him ill and he ran away to Pittsburg. There he found work in the river traffic. At that time most of the traffic that went South from Pittsburg was carried on rafts, and several times young Taylor helped take one of these cargoes from Pittsburg to New Orleans. On arriving in the southern...

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Biography of Col. William H. Wallace

COL. WILLIAM H. WALLACE, – The subject of this sketch was born in Troy, Miami county, Ohio, July 19, 1811. His early life was spent in Indiana, where he studied law and was admitted to the bar. In 1835 he removed to Iowa, and was appointed, by Governor Lucas, colonel of the state troops. He was elected a member of the first legislature, and served as speaker of the house. He was thereafter elected to the council, and was president of that body. He was appointed, by President Taylor, receiver of public moneys at Fairfield, Iowa. In 1853 he removed to Washington Territory, and served for several sessions in the territorial legislature, and was chosen president of the council of which he was a member. He was appointed by President Lincoln, in 1861, governor of Washington Territory, and was afterwards elected delegate to the Thirty-seventh Congress. Before his term expired, the territory of Idaho had been set off from Washington, and he was commissioned the first governor of that territory. Upon his arrival thither, pending the first election, he was nominated by the Republicans, and was elected first delegate to Congress from that territory. When his term had expired, he returned to his Pierce county home, and resumed the practice of his profession. He was then elected probate judge of Pierce county, which honorable position he held until his...

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Biographical Sketch of Nelson R. Green

Nelson R. Green, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O.; was born in Miami Co., Ohio, Dec. 25, 1830; he is a son of James and Elizabeth (Heminway) Green, and accompanied his parents in their various removals given in their biography, and in 1850, came permanently to Coles Co.; he worked at various employments until 1854, when he was married on the 19th of January, to Miss Mary E. Brown, the eldest daughter of Jobe W. and Martha R. Brown, of Ashmore; she was born at the Walnut. Grove, in Edgar Co., 1834; they have nine children – Jonathan W., George A.. Letitia M., Willie A., Leonard W., Caroline A., Claude O., Charlie and Eugene D. Mr. Green settled on his present farm in 1865, where he owns 163 acres of...

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Biographical Sketch of W. P. Green

W. P. Green, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Ashmore; was born in Miami Co., Ohio, Sept. 8, 1827, being a son of James and Elizabeth (Heminway) Green; when he was about 10 years old, his parents removed to Randolph Co., Ind., and, in 1840, to Coles Co., returning a few years later to Ohio, and lived awhile in Darke Co., from which county they removed again to Randolph Co., Ind., and thence to Grant Co.; his father opened no less than seven farms in Ohio and Indiana the year the family returned to Ohio, Mr. Green made four trips between the two States; on becoming of age, he went to Preble Co., Ohio. He was married Nov. 2, 1851, to Miss Elizabeth Wilkinson, a daughter of Charles Wilkinson, of Preble Co., Ohio; she died Feb. 20, 1862, leaving three children, two of whom are living – Charles E. and James O. In the spring of 1863, Mr. Green came again to Coles Co., making seven trips during the summer. He was married Aug. 20, 1863, to Miss Eliza J. Brown, a daughter of J. W. and Martha R. Brown, of Ashmore; she was born at the Walnut Grove, in Edgar Co., Sept. 20, 1836; they have six children – Leona, Clarence E., Miner E., Jennie, Thomas L. and Nora. Mr. Green owns a farm of 160 acres, on which...

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Biographical Sketch of J. H. Green

J. H. Green, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Ashmore; was born in Miami Co., Ohio, Oct. 27, 1826; he is a son of James and Elizabeth (Heminway) Green, both of whom were natives of King and Queen Co., Va.; both removed to Kentucky when young, married and moved to Ohio; in 1840, his parents removed to Coles Co., but returned in a few years to Ohio; Mr. Green removed permanently to the county in the fall of 1855, and settled on his present farm; he purchased 120 acres of land, paying there for $18 an acre; he owed on this place, $1,500; he now owns 513 acres of land, well improved, and is out of debt; he keeps usually about 100 head of cattle; he owes his success in life to the fact that he has always been a temperance man, never drinking a glass of whisky or beer; has always kept his agreements; and when he promised to pay a man money, has paid it on the very day agreed upon. He was married on the 12th of October, 1851, to Miss Mary F. Pottenger, a daughter of Dennis R. Pottenger, of Preble Co., Ohio; she was born there Aug. 1, 1834; they have had twelve children, eleven of whom are E. (wife of Lafayette Bates of Hutton Tp.), William S., Granville D., Commodore D., Hester S., Seymore,...

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