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Location: Meredith New Hampshire

Biography of Frank Gilman Edgerly

Frank Gilman Edgerly, the efficient High Sheriff of Merrimack County, N.H., was born in Meredith, N.H., on February 19, 1853. His parents were William M. and Lydia (Fogg) Edgerly. His ancestors, paternal and maternal, were of English extraction. Thomas Edgerly, the emigrant progenitor on his father’s side, came to America in 1664, settling near what is now known as Durham, N.H. Thomas Edgerly was a well-educated man, prominent in the early history of New Hampshire, being one of the Justices before whom were tried many important cases involving the civil and religious rights of citizens. Frank G. Edgerly acquired a public-school education in Meredith, N.H., completing his studies at the age of sixteen years. He then came to Concord and served an apprenticeship 1883 he started a printing establishment, in which he continued as proprietor until 1889, when he became a real estate broker. In 1893 he was appointed Deputy Sheriff; and on April 1, 1895, he became High Sheriff; which position he still holds, being also Jailer, having been re-elected by the largest vote ever accorded any High Sheriff in Merrimack County. In politics Mr. Edgerly affiliates with the Republican party. In 1889 and 1890 he was Representative to the legislature from Concord. On April 1, 1893, he was married to Anna M. Swasey, of Lisbon, N.H. They have one child, a daughter Lydia. Fraternally, Mr. Edgerly is...

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