Location: Medfield Massachusetts

Ancestors of John Richardson Bronson of Attleboro, MA

JOHN RICHARDSON BRONSON, M. D., who for over half a century was one of the best known practitioners of medicine in southern Massachusetts and part of Rhode Island, and who for upward of fifty years was a resident of Attleboro, was a native of Connecticut, born in the town of Middlebury, New Haven county, June 5, 1829, son of Garry and Maria (Richardson) Bronson.

The Bronson family was early planted in the New World. John Bronson (early of record as Brownson and Brunson) was early at Hartford. He is believed, though not certainly known, to have been one of the company who came in 1636 with Mr. Hooker, of whose church he was a member. He was a soldier in the Pequot battle of 1637. He is not named among the proprietors of Hartford in the land division of 1639; but is mentioned in the same year in the list of settlers, who by the “towne’s courtesie” had liberty “to fetch woods and keepe swine or cowes on the common.” His house lot was in the “soldiers’ field,” so called, in the north part of the old village of Hartford, on the “Neck Road” (supposed to have been given for service in the Pequot war), where he lived in 1640. He moved, about 1641 to Tunxis (Farmington) He was deputy from Farmington in May, 1651, and at several subsequent sessions, and the “constable of Farmington” in 1652. He was one of the seven pillars at the organization of the Farmington Church in 1652. His name is on the list of freemen of Farmington in 1669. He died Nov. 28, 1680.

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Descendants of Thomas Boyden of Bridgewater, MA

BOYDEN (Walpole-Bridgewater family). For a half century – for fifty and more years: – the name Boyden has stood in the town of Bridgewater, Mass., as a synonym for the highest type of useful, ennobling and elevating citizenship, as exemplified in the life of the now venerable principal emeritus of the Bridgewater State Normal School, Prof. Albert Gardner Boyden, who for the long period of fifty and more years has been identified as student, teacher and principal with the noted institution of learning alluded to, and has reared a son who has taken up the work so recently laid...

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Dedham Massachusetts Historical Society Register 1890-1903

From 1890-1903, the Dedham Historical Society in Dedham Massachusetts printed a quarterly pamphlet for it’s historical society called the “Dedham Historical Register.” In this pamphlet a variety of genealogical data was published on families of Dedham and the villages emanating from the early residents of Dedham, such as Dorchester, Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Needham, and Sharon, etc.

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News from New England – King Phillip’s War

Being a true and last account of the present Bloody Wars carried on betwixt the infidels, natives, and the English Christians, and converted Indians of New England, declaring the many dreadful battles fought betwixt them: As also the many towns and villages burnt by the merciless heathens. And also the true number of all the Christians slain since the beginning of that War, As it was sent over by a factor of New England to a merchant in London. Licensed Aug. 1. Roger L’Estrange. London. Printed for J. Corners, at the sign of the Black Raven in Duck-Lane, 1676. 1The following tract is of exceeding rarity; so much so that, not long since, but one was known to be in this country. This is reprinted from a copy of one in the library of John Carter Brown Esq., of Providence. To the politeness of this gentleman we are indebted for permission to make a transcript. The original is, without exception, one of the worst printed tracts of the day in which it appeared. The type on which it was printed was wretched, especially the Italic; some of the letters in many of the words not being distinguishable, and others entirely wanting. I have adhered, in this reprint, as closely to the original, in respect to orthography, capitals, and italics, as possible. Of its comparative value, in an historical point...

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Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson – Indian Captivities

Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, Wife of the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, Who Was Taken Prisoner when Lancaster was Destroyed, in the Year 1676; Written by Herself. On the 10th of February, 1676, came the Indians with great numbers 1Fifteen hundred was the number, according to the best authorities. They were the Wamponoags, led by King Philip, accompanied by the Narrhagansett, his allies, and also by the Nipmucks and Nashaways whom his artful eloquence had persuaded to join with him. upon Lancaster: their first coming was about sun-rising. Hearing the noise of some guns, we looked out; several houses were burning, and the smoke ascending to heaven. There were five persons taken in one house; the father and mother, and a sucking child they knocked on the head, the other two they took and carried away alive. There were two others, who, being out of their garrison upon occasion, were set upon, one was knocked on the head, the other escaped. Another there was, who, running along, was shot and wounded, and fell down; he begged of them his life, promising them money, as they told me, but they would not hearken to him, but knocked him on the head, stripped him naked, and split open his bowels. Another, seeing many of the Indians about his barn, ventured and went out, but was quickly shot down. There were three others belonging to the...

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Genealogy of James Allen Family of Medfield Massachusetts

H130 JAMES ALLEN: the progenitor of the Allen Family, of Medfield, came to America with his wife Anna, in 1639, and settled in Dedham, Mass. They had (1) John: b. in Dedham Dec. 4, 1639. (2) James: b. in Medfield; m. Lydia Adams. (3) Nathaniel: m. Mary Frizwell, 1673; nine ch., viz.: Samuel, Nathaniel, James, John, Ebenezer, Edward and three daus. (4) William: who had Mary and William. (5) Benjamin: who had Benjamin, Mary and Lydia. (6) Martha: m. William Sabine, of Seekonk, R. I., Dec. 22, 1663. (7) Mary: m. Joseph Clark, of Medfield. (8) Sarah: m. Domingo White in 1666. (9) Joseph: b. June 24, 1652; m. Hannah Sabine, of Seekonk. Ch.: (A) Joseph: b. Dec. 19, 1676. (B) Daniel: b. 1681; removed to Pomfret, Conn. (C) David: b. 1683; removed to Pomfret, Conn. (D) Noah: b. Apr. 21, 1685; m. Sarah Gay, of Dedham. (E) Eliezer: b. 1688; m. Mary Battelle, of Dover. (F) Jeremiah: b. 1690; not married. (G) Hezekiah: b. 1692. (H) Nehemiah: bapt. May 21, 1699. (A) Joseph Allen, Jr.: m., 1701, Miriam Wight, of Medfield, by whom he had (a) Joseph, 3d: bapt. Aug. 16, 1702. (b) Moses: bapt. Sept. 20, 1708. (c) Aaron: bapt. Mar. 11, 1715-16. (a) Joseph Allen, 3d, before his removal to Sturbridge, m., Dec. 18, 1727, Sarah Parker, to whom were b., in Medfield 1. Asa: b....

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Biography of Allen, Nathaniel Topliff

Allen, Nathaniel Topliff, son of Ellis and Lucy (Lane) Allen, was born in Medfield, Norfolk County, Sept. 29, 1823. His native homestead farm has been owned and tilled by seven generations of Allens, noted for longevity, sterling common-sense, and rugged worth; and there, during his boyhood, the subject of this sketch followed the pursuits of his ancestors, and laid the foundation of a vigorous constitution. Three years of his minority were spent in a Waltham cotton mill, where he acquired a knowledge of textile manufacture; he also received a good common-school education in the public schools, a family school kept by Rev. Joseph Allen at Northborough, and Northfield Academy. Having chosen to become a teacher, he continued his studies in the Bridgewater state normal school, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, N. Y. He afterwards taught in the various public schools of Mansfield, Northborough, Northfield and Shrewsbury, until the spring of 1848, when he was appointed by Horace Mann, of the state board of education, to take charge of the model department of the normal school at West Newton. This position he filled with marked ability for nearly six years, when he established in connection with Rev. Cyrus Pierce, father of American normal schools, the institution of which he is now principal—the West Newton English and classical school. Mr. Allen has been one of the most progressive and successful...

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D Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

DANIEL (see Daniell, Daniels, Dannills) Elisabeth, w. Ebenezer, Apr. 25, 1706. Zech, s. Joseph, May 2, 1687. DANIELL (see Daniel, Daniels, Dannills) Jeremiah, s. Joseph and Marie, June 16, 1680. Mehittabell, d. Joseph and Mary, June 3, 1686. DANIELS (see Daniel, Daniell, Dannills) Rachel, w. Joseph, 3, 1687 [rec. after May 2]. , Mrs., Apr. 4, 1842, a. 78. DANIELSON (see Danilson) Caroline Augusta, d. Dr. Lothario and Mary, Nov. 3, 1806. Mary, w. Dr. Lothario, Nov. 6, 1812. DANILSON (see Danielson) William Cowper, s. Dr. Lothario and Mary, Mar. 14, 1806. DANNILLS (see Daniel, Daniell, Daniels) Mary, w. Joseph (Daniells), June 9, [16]82. DAVIS Mary Lydia, d. George and Mary B., congestive fever, Oct 13, 1843, a. 5. W[illia]m Prentiss, s. Geo[rge] and Mercy, dropsy on the brain, Sept. I, 1846, a. 3 y. 4 m. 8 d. DAY Lydia, w. Maj. Jonathan, Feb. 25, 1781. DEGO Thankful, colored, Nov. 9, 1838, “supposed to be near 90 years of Age.” DERBY Benjiman Pickman, cholera morbus, Dec. 30, 1842, a. 5. Elias H., “hung himself,” Dec. 3, 1840, a. 44. Sarah A., d. Mary D., July 25, 1837. DORR Jonathan, Lt, Apr. 20, 1776. DOWNS Thomas, ” a native of Boston,” ” Burnt,” Feb. 26, 1806. DRAPER Hannah, w. Daniel of Brighton, May n, 1825, a. 32. James of Dover, Nov. — , 1789. DROWN Rhoda, wid., May 2,...

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C Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

CARPENDER John, s. John and Margaret, ” drownded,” May CAUSON Sibel, wid., June — , 1812. CHALENER Edward, Jan. 15, 1785. CHANY (see Cheaney, Cheany, Chenery, Cheney, Cheny, Chinery) Hannah, w. Joseph, Dec. 29, 1690. Hannah, d. Joseph and Mehittabel, May 16, 1694. Joseph, h. Mehittabell, Sept. 16, 1704. Joseph, s. Joseph and Mehittabell, Jan. 6, 1717-18. Susanah, d. Joseph and Hannah, Jan. 1, 1690-1. CHEANEY (see Chany, Cheany, Chenery, Cheney, Cheny, Chinery) Hypsibah, w. Timothy, Nov. 24, 1805. CHEANY (see Chany, Cheaney, Chenery, Cheney, Cheny, Chinery) Timothy, Apr. 17, 1810. CHENERY (see Chany, Cheaney, Cheany, Cheney, Cheny, Chinery) Benjamin, July 17, 1837, a. 65. Charles, s. Capt Oliver, Nov. 11, 1824, a. 24. Dinah, w. Capt. Ephraim, Oct. 18, 1813. Eleonai, d. Isaac and Sarah, Jan. 7, 1759. Elihue, —– [1807]. Elizabeth, wid. Simeon, d. Isaac Boyden and Keziah, old age, Mar. 30, 1846, a. 90 y. 1 mo. 22 d. Ephraim, widr., Feb. 20, 1775. Ephraim, June 18, 1816. Esther, wid. Benj[amin], June 4, 1843, a. 71. Hamant, Sept. 16, 1835, a. 32. Hannah, Nov. 5, 1819, [a.] 78. Hannah, Aug. 19, 1828, a. 22. Hannah, d. Simeon and Elizabeth, influenza, Mar. 29, 1848, a. 50 y. 9 m. 5 d. Isaac, h. Sarah, “Jaune” 30, 1742. Isaac, Aug. 5, 1819. Lambert, consumption, June 21, 1832, a. 64. Martha, w. Isaac, Sept 28, 1820. Miranda, Apr. 8,...

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B Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

BACAR (see Baker) Abigail, w. Micah, Sept. 18, 1761. Abijah, h. Hannah, Dec. 31, 1761. Esther, d. Abijah and Esther, Mar. 16, 1759. Hannah, d. Micah and Abigail, Sept. 9, 1754. Nathaniel, s. Abijah and Esther, Mar. 22, 1759. BAKER (see Bacar) Abigail, w. Amos, Feb. 5, 1806. Elisebeth, wid. Preservid, Dec. 31, 1794. Hannah, d. Abijah and Hannah, Apr. 9, 1729. Hannah, wid., Sept. 16, 1776. * Nathan, s. Micah and Abigail, May 11, 1777. Preservid, h. Elisebeth, Dec. 5, 1792. Sarah, d. Micah and Elizabeth, July 9, 1778. Silas, s. Abijah and Esther, June 12, 1744. Thankful, consumption, Dec. 21, 1833, a. 86. BALCH (see Bolch) Elizabeth C, d. Wesley P. and Mary B., consumption, Sept. 26, 1845, a. 16 y. 10 m. 26 d. Enoch, suddenly, July 14, 1825, a. 25, in Pawtucket. John, m., b. Beverly, s. Freeborn and Mary P., paralysis, Apr. 2, 1849, a. 76 y. 8 m. 15 d. Mary B., b. Dedham, w. Wesley P., d. Joseph Baker and Monica, cancer, Oct 18, 1845, a. 54 y. 5 m. 6 d. Rebecah, w. Wesley P., Jan. 31, 1820. BARBUR Abiel, wid., Apr. 14, 17i[torn] [?1716]. Anna, w. Dea. George, Oct. 15, 1746. Benoni, s. Zachariah and Abiel, Sept. 23, 1684. Deborah, w. Zechariah, July 12, 1723. Deborah, d. Zachiziah and Deborah, Jan. 26, 1740 Elizabeth, w. Capt Georg, Dec. 22, 1683....

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A Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

ADAMS Abigaell, d. Edward and Lidea, Feb. 6, [16]74-5. Abigail, d. John and Micael, May 14, 1706. Abigail, w. Ens. Edward, Jan. 19, 1706-7. Abigail, wid. Elijah, May 12, 1824, a. 78. Amey, w. John W., Nov. 7, 1826, a. 44. Amos, s. Rev. Amos “Late of Roxbury Disceast,” Dec. 17, 1786. Bethia, d. Edward and Lidia, Apr. 28, 1671. Bethia, d. Edward and Lidia, Sept. 2, 1672. Bethia, d. John and Micael, Apr. 1, 1706. Bethiah, w. Ezekiel, Dec. 30, 1739. Betsey, d. George W. and Polly, Mar. 28, 179 [7] [dup. a. 4 m. 5d.] Bette, d. Thomas, June 25, 1789. Daniel Jr., consumption, May 28, 1843, a. 26. Darius Ellis, inf. s. Darius and Julia, July 26, 1797. Edward, Ens., Nov. 12, 1716. Edward, s. Gershom and Prudence, Sept. 2, 1784. Eleazer, Apr. 14, 1710. Eliazar, s. Eliazar and Elizabeth, Mar. 3, 1674-5. Elijah Esq., Apr. 5, 1823, a. 79. Elijah, m., s. Elijah and Abigail, disease of the heart, Dec. 17, 1849, a. 76 y. 6 m. 26 d. Elisabeth, w. Eleazer, Oct 1, 1708. Elisabeth, d. Henry and Jemima, Sept 25, 1733. Elisha, s. Edward and Lidia, Sept 15, 1666. Elizabeth, w. Henrie, “accidentally slaine by a bullet,” Feb. 22, 1675-6. Elizabeth, w. Thomas, Oct. 4, 1767. Elizabeth, d. Elijah and Abigail, still-born, Apr. 20, 1784. Elizabeth, d. Elijah Esq., Jan. 17, 181 5....

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K Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

KINGSBURY Almira, b. Marshfield, w. Amos P., d. Samuel Williamson and Susan, consumption, Nov. 14, 1849, a. 42 y. 2 m. 21 d. Amos, Sept. 26, 1842, a. 84. Henry Richardson, Apr. 11, 1834, a. 17. Jemima, w. Nathaniel, July 19, 1814. Levina, Mrs., consumption, May 17, 1833, a. 72. Lydia, wid., Dec. 12, 1835, a. 78. Martha, Sept. 23, 1835, a. 16. Mary, Mrs., June 26, 1835, a. 61. Molly, w. Amos, Jan. 27, 1813. Nathaniel, consumption, Apr. 27, 1831, a. 27. Nath[anie]l, widr., b. Walpole, old age, Mar. 21, 1846, a. 97 y. 23 d. Samuel of Walpole, “Drowned in Charls River,” Aug. 4, 1767. , inf. s. Horace, Nov. 9,...

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J Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

JACKSON (see Jacson) James L., s. Sarah, wid., drowned, Jan. 6, 1804. Sarah, wid., palsy, June 27, 183 1, a. 70. JACSON (see Jackson) Edward, “a souldiar about Cambridg village slaine by y e Indians,” Feb. 21, 1675-6. JERAULD (see Gerauld, Girauld) Hannah, Mrs., Dec. 11, 1786. James, Dr., Mar. 28, 1802. James, s. Dr. James D[torn] [? Deceased], Dec. 8, 1805. Susanna, w. Dr. James, June — , 1792. Susannah, Sept 16, 1770. [? Mary], d. Dr. James and Susanna, Mar. — , 1790. JOHNSON Betsey, w. Sam[ue]l, Dec. 12, 1814. Catherine, Aug. 28, 1838, a. 20. Catherine Frances, d. Samuel and Frances, dropsy on the brain, Sept. 29, 1848, a. 4 y. 26 d. Hannah, b. Mendon, wid. Oliver, d. Jonathan] Cass and Joanna, consumption, Mar. 30, 1845, a. 41 y. 3 m. 2 d. Jessa, s. Joseph, Oct 23, 1805. Jessa, s. Jessa dec’d and Sybil, Dec. 25, 1805. Joseph, Oct. 9, 1805. Kezia, w. Joseph, Oct 23, 1800. Moses Herbert, s. Moses H. and Lucretia C, dropsy on the brain, Aug. 12, 1848, a. 1 y. 5 m. 11 d. Oliver, Feb. 22, 1838, a. 36. Return, “Doct. of Physick,” h. Mary, Mar. 15, 1706-7. Roger, s. Return Johnson and Precillia Pratt, Dec. 5, 1697. Samuel, Jan. 28, 1840, a. 55. Sarah Allen, d. Oliver and Hannah, consumption, Nov. 24, 1848, a. 13 y. 10...

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