Location: McMinn County TN

Biography of James Small, M. D.

JAMES SMALL, M. D. The physician is one who inspires confidence because he is worthy of it. His humanity is expressed in the interest he takes in his patient’s welfare, as well as for the experience he may gain while pursuing the paths of this his arduous profession, in order to benefit future sufferers. Dr. Small is one of the old practitioners of southern Missouri, and is living in Smallett. He was born in McMinn County, East Tennessee, October 28, 1841, a son of James and Mary A. (Wallace) Small, the former of whom was born in Kentucky about 1802. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now James Small Sr. was a minister of the Missionary Baptist Church for many years, and from 1854 until his death in 1861 resided in Dade County, Missouri He and his wife were married in Kentucky, lived there for some time, then removed to Tennessee, and from there to Missouri in the above-mentioned year. In addition to his ministerial duties the...

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Biography of Ranson D. Blades

In the following sketch is strikingly illustrated the force of well-directed energy, steadfast purpose and never-ceasing effort for the accomplishment of noble ends, and the successful overthrow of those obstacles which beset the progress of every young man who, unaided and alone, starts out to combat life’s stern realities and hew his own way to distinction and fortune. To ambitious, struggling youths, with only the broad, perhaps cheerless, highway of the future before them, this narrative of a self-made man-a successful life-presents an example worthy of consideration and earnest emulation, and might even fill a faltering heart with strong zeal, or a youthful mind with greater determination and a fuller recognition of those attributes which constitute true manhood-natures patent of nobility-industry, integrity, temperance and consistent Christianity. Ranson D. Blades, Sr., who, since 1881, has resided in Christian County, within a quarter of a mile of Billings, Missouri, came to Greene County, this State, with his parents when a boy fourteen years of age. His father, Edward Blades, and his mother, Ellen (Maynor) Blades, were natives of North Carolina, but at an early day they emigrated to McMinn County, Tennessee, where our subject was born on the 29th of January, 1821. The father came to Greene County, Missouri, as early as 1836 and settled in Pond Creek Township, where his death occurred in 1848. Farming was his principal occupation in...

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Biography of James Harlin Hale

JAMES HARLIN HALE. In all ages of the world industry, perseverance and energy, where intelligently applied, have achieved results which could only have been gained by having one end in view, and by improving every opportunity of ultimately attaining that object. Mr. Hale is an example of what can be accomplished when the spirit of determination is exercised, in connection with the every-day affairs of life. His farming and stockraising operations have resulted most satisfactorily, and he is one of the substantial men of his section. Like so many of the representative men of Christian County, Mr. Hale is a Tennessean, born in Washington County, October 10, 1832. His parents, Mark and Polly (Mulkey) Hale, were natives of that county also, the former born in 1809 and the latter in 1811. They were reared and married in that county, and, when our subject was a boy, they removed to Barren County, Kentucky, where Mrs. Hale died two years later. Mr. Hale returned to Tennessee, and was married in McMinn County, that State, to Miss Long. Soon after, he removed to Barren County, Kentucky, where he made his home until 1850, at which date he removed to McMinn County, Tennessee, and thence to Bradley County the following year. In 1852 he came to what is now Christian County, Missouri, but later settled in Stone County, where he remained until 1858,...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book O

page106 45 16 Jan.1866 David Weir of Bradley Co., to Jackson H. Downey. 46 13 Oct.1865 G.H H. Dill to John A.Shipman of Bradley Co. 60 16 Aug.1865 Thomas Cooper To Clarisa Elizabeth Oregon Williams, Thomas Cooper Williams, and Mary Cooper Williams, heirs of Mary Elizabeth Williams the daughter of Thomas Cooper; for love. 62 16 Aug.1865 Thomas Cooper to Eliga Williams and Eliza Celestine Williams. The daughter of Thomas Cooper; for love. 66 4 Jan.1866 James P.Robeson to Margaret Shook. 67 25 Sept.1865 Mary A.Carson and Sarah E. and F.A. Pettitt to William M. Carson; divison of land deeded William M , Sarah E. and Mary Ann Carson; Sarah E. is wife of F.A. Pettitt. 69 15 Jul.1865 Samuel T.Riddle to daughter Martha Dixon; land, for natural affectio and for the particular attention she paid to me and her mother Mary Riddle my wife in our affliction and under the infirmities of age. 72 24 Mar.1866 D.A. Wilkins of Ga. To J.M. Wilkins; acknowledged in Fulton Co.,Ga. 74 24 Mar.1866 Francis M.Millard to Edwin A. Atlee, Andrew Hutsell, G.W. Millard, Thomas A.Cass, and Charles Pickens, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church; one acre on which Andrew Chaple now stands. 78 7 Apr. 1866 C.Zimmerman to Emily A. and Letitia M. Evans; my home place except the house and lot leased for life to Margaret H. Reed. 79 3...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book P

Page 119 2 12 Oct 1868 James B. Cooke of Chattanooga to James M. Henderson of Athens. 3 6 Oct 1868 Calvin Browder to Frank King, Colored. 3 24 Oct 1868 Margaret Porter, Execx. of Boyd Porter dec’d, to John B. Porter; on 25 May 1861 Boyd Porter now dec’d made Title Bond to his two sons Benjamin M. and John B. Porter. 4 24 Jul 1868 Bennet cooper of Bradley Co., Exec. of Philip Cooper dec’d late of McMinn Co., to W.C. and C.A. Barnett; in Oct 1858 Philip Cooper made Title Bond to Jasper N. Stephens then of McMinn Co.; by Chancery Court decree Title was vested in V.M. Terry of Overton Co., who has sold title to the Barnetts. 7 26 Oct 1868 Joseph W. Gibson to Sarah A. Gibson formerly the daughter of William Matlock dec’d; for $500. Of her own money, all his interest in the dower which Jane R. McClatchy lately sold to him, it being 80 acres out of the farm of her husband A.P. McClatchy, the place where Mrs. McClatchy is now living, near James Gettys. 8 12 Oct 1868 Martin Bunch and wife Elizabeth of Phelps Co., Mo. To A. Howard and Joseph Faris of same; acknowledged in Phelps Co. 12 31 Mar 1866 John H. and Martha Weir of Sebastian Co., Ark. to Patton A. Bradford; Power of Atty....

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book Q

Page 132 2 17 Jun 1871 James H. Lowry to P.P. Owens, J.M. Clementson, J.W. Rentfro, A.R. Porter, and Seth Edens, Trustees for the M.E. Church South to be built in Riceville. 3 28 Nov 1870 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Thomas Shipley, Mary and Robert B. Smith VS Uriah and William Shipley et als; lands of which Christopher Shipley died possessed sold to W.B.L. Reagan; title divested out of Thomas Shipley, Mary and Robert B. Smith, Uriah Shipley, William Shipley, the heirs of Randall Shipley dec’d whose names and residence are unknown, James H., Sarah, James, Joseph, Parolee, and Emeline Shipley, the minor heirs of Nehemiah Shipley decd whose names are unknown, Hannah Shipley, William Shipley son of David Shipley dec’d, Zlizabeth, Thomas C., and David R. Shipley, John T., Nehemiah, Sterling, Elizabeth, Frank, and Melton Smith. 5 22 Jun 1873. Corporation of Town of Athens, W. Gettys, Mayor, to M.A. Helm and Co. and J.J. Helm; parcel of ground fronting on Washington Street, running back with Hill Street. 5 13 Jul 1671 Thomas Davis to Sarah Beasley. 6 18 Jun 1370 Joel Dugger to Emanuel L. Dugger; his half interest in land in Buckhorn Valley which was willed to him by his father Daniel Dugger; acknowledged in Johnson Co. 7 8 Jun 1871 Henry McMahan and wife Margaret to Jacob Elder. 9 24 Jul 1871 Sam. P....

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book R

Page 142 1 25 Feb 1874 Joseph B. Reed and wife Margaret P. to Ransom A. Ellis. 10 8 Apr 1874 Lemuel Etter and wife Josephine, George W. Etter and wife Liza Jane, Elisha A. Gibson and wife Mary Ann, Henry C. Lambert and wife Sarah E., and Sarah Ann Etter to H. B. Henegar of Bradley Co.; 4/5 of our interest in land. 12 16 Apr 1874 John Witt to Wellington Keith, Lewis Evans, Alfred Green, George Deaderick, and John Witt, Trustees of Sons of Temperance Lodge No. 29. 13 1 Jan 1874 J. S. Matthews, Sec., and W. M. Sehorn, Treas. Of the Board of Trustees of E. T. Wesleyan University to Wiley S. Gaston of Athens and William Rule of Knoxville; Deed of Trust for twelve acres where the University stands. 15 31 Dec 1873 Thomas Melton to J. A. Long, C. E. Mountcastle, Henry Mize, T. Melton, and C. Long, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South; N. E. corner of Wesleyan Church lot; corner of Oak Grove Academy. 17 21 Mar 1874 John McH. Wilson and wife Ann E. of Navarro Co., Texas to Mark and Creighton Dennis; Wilson’s ½ of 1/8 or 1/16 of land as heirs of William Richardson dec’d. 23 18 May 1874 Charles L. King and wife Julia R. to James and Frank B. McElwee; Mt. Verd factory property. 27...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book S

Deed Book S Page 148 1 7 Aug 1876 John R. Howard and wife Henrietta to Alexander C. Robeson and William M. Nixon. 3 7 Aug 1876 Alexander C. Robeson and wife Susan and William M. Nixon and wife Lua to William D. Van Dyke of Hamilton Co.; Deed of Trust; Grantors owe Hugh T. Inman. 8 23 Oct 1875 S. D. Stanfiel to Andrew Hutsell; house and lot in Riceville, improved by James Crittenden. 10 16 Aug 1876 George W. Marler Jr. And wife Sarah of James Co. to George W. Marler Sr.; their undivided interest. 12 26 Aug 1876 George W. Marler Sr. and wife Nancy to E. T. McCorkle of Meigs Co. 14 27 Aug 1860 John R. Orr to James W. Orr; his interest in land of mother Nancy Orr now and at her death; 18 Aug 1876, witness J. H. Reagan is dead. 16 11 Aug 1876 Robert Powell to John F. Slover, Trustee; the Crawford store. 17 5 Sept 1876 Mrs. E. McKeldin to E. Walker and W. S. McGaughey; for building a new brick house on Lot No. 84 in Athens; the S part of Lot No. 84, near Matthews store-house on Jackson St., running 25 feet to center of first partition wall in said new brick building, 70 feet back from Jackson St., thence S with back wall of new brick...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book T

Page 156 1 19 Sep 1878 James D. Cameron and wife Mary E. of Chariton Co., Mo. to C. C. Dodson; Power of Atty. to receive their part of estate of Charles A. Pickens dec’d. 3 25 Dec 1849 Joanna Bond, Montraville Reynolds and wife Rachel, Robert P. Julian and wife Rosannah, and Elizabeth Bond, widow and heirs of Peter Bond dec’d, to Andrew McRoberts; signed by first five names and by Elizabeth and James M. West; 21 Oct 1878, Bradley Co., R. P. Julian deposes that Elizabeth West is now dead; 21 Oct 1878, Bradley Co., Commissioner empowered to take examination of Rosannah Julian and of Rosanah [sic; Joanna?] Bond, a weak and infirm person and quite old, who lives with the Julians. 10 28 Oct 1878 B. L. Avans and wife Rachel A. to William E. Lasater; their interest in land of Wesley Avans dec’d. 21 Oct 1878 Jacob Buttram and wife Martha Jane and David McMahan and wife Julia formerly Buttram, all of Ozark Co., Mo., to Christopher C. Wattenbarger; Power of Atty. to collect their part, as heirs, of estate of Peter Wattenbarger dec’d, they being children of Elisha E. Buttram and wife Sarah Ann dec’d, who was daughter of Peter Wattenbarger. 22 14 Dec 1875 A. Blizard, Exec. Of Jane Agnew dec’d, to John R. and H. C. Neil; the Agnew house in Athens,...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book H

Page 38 2 11 Sep 1826 ABNER LEA, OLIVER, ELIJAH, WILLIAM, JESSE, and LAZARUS DODSON to WILLIAM DODSON; Obligation; they appoint ABNER LEA and OLIVER DODSON, the two “Gardeans” of the estate of LAZARUS DODSON, dec’d, to make deed to WILLIAM DODSON; also agree to give land to heirs of DAVID DODSON, dec’d, that was assigned to him by LAZARUS DODSON, dec’d; 3 Oct 1842, the handwriting of witnesses GARRETT F. LANKFORD and DAVID RHODES is identified, as they reside outside the State of TN. 3 2 Feb 1842 HENDERSON, ROBERT B., and CALLOWAY H. (W.) SMITH, MALINDA PICKENS formerly SMITH and husband CHARLES A. PICKENS, heirs of JOSEPH SMITH, dec’d, to ISAAH SMITH: their interest in land, part paid to JOSEPH in his lifetime. 6 4 Oct 1842 A. D. KEYES and O. H. LIDE, Adms. of JOHN W. LIDE, dec’d, to JAMES S. BRIDGES; Bill of Sale for slaves. 9 1 Oct 1842 LEONARD P. CHEATHAM of Davidson Co., to WILLIAMS WYNNE of same; one half interest in stallion named Merman now standing at the house of H. HUMPHREYS in Athens; Deed of Trust. 14 21 Oct 1842 ROBERT FRAZIER and JARVIS WILLIAMS to JOHN CRAWFORD and A. J. and W. H. BALLEW; Deed of Trust for everything pertaining to the printing office; FRAZIER and WILLIAMS to rent it all for $40 per year. 21 25 Oct...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book I

page 48 8 23 Feb 1846 SMITH L. MORRIS and wife PHEBE E. W. MORRIS formerly PEARSON, heir and legatee of Doctor PEARSON, dec’d; their undivided share. 52 17 Oct 1845 Article of Agreement between THOMAS B. McELWEE for himself and his wife ,MARTHA and as Gdn. of CHARLES L. and NANCY H. MATLOCK, minor heirs of WILLIAM MATLOCK, dec’d, JOHN B. ELDRIDGE and wife LORENDA, C. L. KING as purchaser of the part of JOSEPH W. and SARAH ANN GIBSON, and SARAH MATLOCK the widow, heirs of WILLIAM MATLOCK. 56 12 Feb 1846 UNION GRAVES to BRYANT W. SMITH of Meigs Co., Title Bond to land in Bradley Co….corner between UNION and SIMEON GRAVES…to bank of Hiwassee River opposite to where Mr. AULD’s now resides in the island; also 6/7 of tract in McMinn Co and if UNION can procure the other 1/7, then SMITH to pay him more; proven Bradley Co. by witnesses STEPHEN HEMPTSEAD and J. T. CARMICHAEL before JOHN H. ROBERTSON, Clk. of Co. Ct. 58 29 Aug 1831 FREDERICK WILLIAMS to JOHN WHITMORE; proven 18 Mar 1846 in Bradley Co by witnessess DANIEL and SHADRICK WILLIAMS who were acquainted with FREDERICK WILLIAMS. 64 27 Mar 1846 JOHN CRAWFORD to WILLIAM H. COOKE; one undivided half of a tavern lot known as Lot No. 108 in Athens for which BARBARA KETRING, JOHN M. GIBBS and...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book J

Page 56 3 4 Sep 1841 ELISHA DODSON to JESSEE DODSON Jr., WILLIAM F. FOREST, and WILLIAM NELSON, Trustees of the United Baptist Church at Eastanallee; for good will and affection for worshipers of Christ; ½ acre including the present meeting house in the center, for the express purpose of divine worship, on condition that a reading school shall not be taught in said meeting house, neither shall there be erected a house for any other purpose except a school house, which may be erected by a majority of the Church being present and voting in the affirmative. 4 29 Nov 1848 WILLIAM JAMES to daughter MARYANN A. JAMES, for love and affection; personal property, including three fat hogs, one small Bearough, to hold during her single life; at her death or marriage, property to revert back to WILLIAM JAMES; witnessed by WILLIAM M. JAMES JR. 8 4 Dec 1848 OSBURN COMB to POLLY COMB 10 2 Mar 1848 NOAH BUTTRAM to HIRAM BRANDEN, LEANDER WILSON, NOAH BUTTRAM, THOMAS CECILL, and U. H. SHIPLEY, Trustees for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; for love and affection; two acres. 11 6 May 1848 SAMUEL McCONNELL to JOSEPH S. McCONNELL; Test: JOHN WHITE, ROBERT H. McCONNELL 12 11 Oct 1848 ROBERT MAXWELL to NATHAN THOMAS of Monroe Co; land in McMinn and Monroe counties. 13 14 Nov 1848 JOSEPH S. McCONNELL of...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book K

Page 68 3 9 Oct 1851 TAYLOR RUSSELL to THOMAS J. RUSSELL 4 6 Oct 1851 JAMES W. GRISHAM, Exec of PHILANDER WRIGHT, dec’d, to CHARLES F. KEITH; Bill of Sale for slaves 6 7 Oct 1851 MIRANDA THOMPSON of White Co. to THOMAS EVERTON 8 9 Oct 1848 HARTWELL IVEY JR to DAVID W. BEAVER of Meigs Co. 10 4 May 1850 MIRANDA THOMPSON of McMinn Co to ROBERT CORCHRON; witnesses depose that MIRANDA (he) acknowledged deed. 11 24 Feb 1851 JEPTHA SIVILS of Bradley Co to WILLIAM W. COWAN of same; Deed of Trust. 18 17 Oct 1851 THOMAS and ELLEN KENDRICK of Polk Co to GEORGE W. BRIDGES; their undivided interest in land where JOHN RUDD now lives, which came to them by descent from THOMASRUDD, dec’d. 20 18 Mar 1846 FANEY DODSON, widow, and the heirs of DAVID DODSON, dec’d, to ROBERT COCHRON; FANEY DODSON widow of DAVID DODSON, dec’d, WILLIAM L. DODSON as Atty for ALFRED and JAMES P. DODSON, heirs, resident citizens of Missouri, and WILLIAM E. MARTIN husband of NANCY W. DODSON, and MARY JANE DODSON, heirs, and ELIZABETH DODSON late wife of ADISON JENKINS by her or their Atty.; signed by all heirs including ADISON and ELIZABETH A. JENKINS who also acknowledged deed, ELIZABETH apart from her husband ADISON; 11 Aug 1848, JOHN JACK deposes that he lived as near neighbor...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Chancery Court Deeds

Page 81 Deed Book L has been missing for many years. It was evidently here in May 1871 when the Register made a copy of the deed on page 387, but was missing by 1895, according to testimony in Chancery Court Case No. 1340. The following deeds were found in the Chancery Court files by this compiler, while doing the research for her book of abstracts of these cases, and were reregisters in the current deed books. 49 17 Jan 1855 Now in Deed Book 8L, page 634 MARIA L. HOLSTON formerly PECK of Jefferson Co., to W. W. PECK; one of the eight heirs of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, late of McMinn Co.,; her interest in land on which ELLIOTT lived and on which his widow NANCY has lived until a few weeks since; also land in Bradley Co. and all estate of her father; witnessed by HENRY H. PECK and E. P. HOLSTON. 81 6 Sep 1853 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 406 JAMES H. ROGERS of Walker Co., GA to HARRISON DILL of McMinn Co.; lots 59 and 60 in Calhoun; registered 19 Feb 1855 by T. VAUGHAN, Clerk, JOHN M. VAUGHAN, D. C. 180 15 May 1855 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 591 SAMUEL HARDY to WILLIAM EDGMAN; registered 5 Nov 1855. 209 6 Dec 1855 Now in Deed Book 8L, page 274 ADOLPHUS...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book M

Page 84 31 1856 Nancy Peck, widow of Elliott Peck dec’d, formerly of McMinn Co. but now of Murray Co., Ga., to Washington W. Peck formerly of McMinn Co. but now of Murray Co., Ga.; her dower in land where Elliott lived and where she lived until Dec 1854. 32 10 Sep 1853 A.R. Byington and wife Mary J. to Wesley Gaston. 34 19 Feb 1857 John Smith to William A., James C., John D., and Sarah J. Fain. 35 10 Feb 1858 John M. Crow of Bradley Co. to Mary Duncan; acknowledged in Bradley Co. before John H. Payne., D.C. 37 30 Oct 1854 Holloway Powers to David R. McCuistian and George H. Powers; land with exception of 25 acres in a square where the new house stands, which is reserved to Holloway for his lifetime. 38 9 Nov 1855 George H. Power to David R. McCuistian; his undivided interest in land purchased from Holloway Power in his lifetime. 39 9 Feb 1858 John F. Power to Lewis Stanton; Deed of Trust for land and property; Kelsey H. Power has become his endorser on note. (42a) {This deed is not copied in the book, but is inserted between pages 42 and 43. It is written in red and brown ink and has plats of the land sold.} (45) 7 Sep 1857 Charles a. Proctor to William Russell Proctor...

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