Location: Mayes County OK

Biographical Sketch of J. L. Baugh

Baugh, Mr. J. L. (See Grant, Downing, Ghigau, Foreman, Ross and Conrad)—Joel Lindsey Baugh, born Jan. 8, 1858. Educated in Male Seminary. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Married Aug. 19. 1888 Sue Adair, daughter of Jacob West and Char­lotte (West) Markham, born July 25, 1872. She died March 15, 1899 and he married at Locust Grove, May 30, 1901, Nannie Scales. daughter of John Taylor and Mary...

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Biographical Sketch of William A. Carman

Carman, William A. (See Ward)—William Andrew Carman, born July 30, 1896. Enrolled in the World war service at Camp Logan, Tex., Sept. 3, 1918. Assigned to the Fifteenth Sanitary Train. Discharged at Camp Logan, February 2, 1919. Married December 1, 1919, Virginia, daughter of John and Bettie Ford, born December 11, 1901, in Mayes County, Oklahoma. They are the parents of J. T. Carman, born January 31, 1921. Mr. Carman is farming near Adair. George Ward, born in the old Cherokee Nation, east of the Mississippi River, March 17, 1878, married Lucy Mayes, an aunt of Chiefs Joel Bryan and Samuel Houston Mayes. Their daughter, Mary, married Joseph Henry Clark and they were the parents of Louisa Maria Clark, who married Daniel Young and was the mother of Catherine Jane Young, the wife of Joshua T. Carman and the mother of William Andrew Carman, the subject of this...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. J. R. Deitrick

Deitrick, Mrs. J. R. (See Grant and Downing)—Lillie Belle Beck, born September 16, t883, educated at Delaware District. Married Dec. 7, 1902, J. R., son of Jacob and Eliza Deitrick. They are the parents of: Beula Elizabeth, born Oct. 6, 1903; Addle Byline, born August 10, 1905; Annie Lucile born June 23, 1907; Aubrey Haskell, born January 26, 1910; Loll Wilson, born January 23, 1913; Robert Willard, born April 5, 1915, and Jaunita May Deitrick, born September 1, 1920. Mr. Deitrick is a farmer near Ketchum. Jeffrey Beck, an Englishman, married Sallie Downing, a Cherokee. Their son, Ezekial, married Martha Sturdivant, and they were the parents of George W. Beck, who married Sarha Elizabeth Davis. They were the parents of Mrs. Lillie Belle (Beck)...

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Biographical Sketch of John Ross Buffington

Buffington, John Ross (See Grant, Downing and Daniel)—John Ross, son of John Ross and Nancy Jane (Bryan) Buffington, was born at Doaksville, Choctaw Nation June 2, 1864, educated in the Cherokee National Schools, Male Seminary, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Married at Pryor, July 6, 1891, Sadie, daughter of Robert and Susan Highland, born October 28, 1865, in Denver, Colorado. They are the parents of Nancy Jane, born April 15, 1892, educated at Female Seminary; Carrie Rebecca, born May 17, 1893, educated at Female Seminary; Charles Ross, born May 29, 1894; Hallie Hazel, born August 2, 1897; Joel Webster, born October 12, 1900, and Cherokee Georgia Buffington, born December 16, 1901. Mr. Buffington’s Cherokee name is...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Joseph W. Adair

Adair, Mrs. Joseph W. (See Ross)—Cora Ann Sayers, born near Pryor, February 28, 1896. Married at Big Cabin, July 2, 1916, Joseph William, Son of Allen and Kittie Adair, born September 8th, 1891, in Harri­son County, Kentucky. They are the par­ents of Virginia Elizabeth, born August 22, 1918 and Allen Sayers Adair, born March 26, 1919. Mr. Adair is a farmer near Pryor. Henry Drew, son of Abner and Nancy Jane (Coody) Sayers was born March 9, 1862. Married October 5, 1892. Dora Thompson. born March 11, 1869 in Macom County, Missouri. Henry Drew died March 28,...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Dr. Samuel Ralston Bates

Bates, Mrs. Dr. S. R. (See Downing)— Hattie Lindsey, born Jan. 3, 1872, educated at Chouteau and Female Seminary. Married January 20, 1900, Dr. Samuel Ralston Bates, born Jan. 2, 1870 in Winchester, Tenn. He graduated from the Medical Department of Vanderbilt University in May 1897. The heads of the Scottish house of Lindsay at different dates were Sir Walter Lindsay in 1116 A. D., David Lindsay who was created first Earl of Crawford in 1398 and Alexander Lindsay who became Earl of Balcarres, January 9, 1651. Mrs. Bates’ mother was the daughter of Joel Mayes Bryan. The first Bryan to become a citizen of England was Richard Fitz Gilbert Bryan, who accompanied his cousin, William the Con­queror to England in October 1066. He was the son of Gilbert, Count of Brione in Normandy, whose father was Richard III, Duke of Normandy, who was the uncle of William the Conqueror. Richard Ill was the son of Richard the Good, Duke of Normandy by his wife; Judith of Rennes. Richard the Good, was the son of Richard I, Duke of Nor­mandy and he was the son of William “Longsword’ Duke of Normandy from 927 to 943. Duke William was the son of Robert, the king who overrun northern France, married in 912 Gisele, daughter of Charles IV, King of France and became the first Duke of Nor­mandy in 911. Duke...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry F. Fields

Fields, Henry F. (See Grant)—Henry Franklin, son of Henry Clay and Amanda Jane (Rogers) Fields was born Aug. 31, 1876 at Pryor. Married July 15, 1900, Nettle B. daughter of Richard Watson and Mary Stokes born Nov. 4, 1880 in Ky. They are the parents of: Mabel, born December 4, 1901. Graduated from Pryor High School 1920 and is teaching at Bristow; Owen G., born May 6, 1904 and Haward Franklin Fields, born April 6, 1910. Mr. Fields is a farmer near Pryor. He is a member of the Masonic lodge In Pryor, himself, wife and daughter Miss Mabel are Eastern Stars. Richard Fields, Chief of the Texas Cherokees was tile father of George Fields who married Sallie Daniel. Their son, Henry Clay Fields, born October 21, 1844, married February 1861 Amanda Jane Rogers, born July 1 7, 1847 in Johnson County, Missouri. They were the parents of Henry Franklin...

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Biographical Sketch of Joel W. Buffington

Buffington, Joel W. (See Downing, Grant and Daniel)—Joel Webster Buffington, born near Pryor, October 12, 1898, educated at Pryor and Male Seminary. Married at Pryor November 28, 1918, Eva, daughter of Grant and Josephine Teter, born November 12 1895. They are the parents of: Harry Webster, born August 27, 1919, and Gordon Warren Buffington, born Dec. 11, 1920. Mr. Buffington is a farmer near Pryor. Joel Mayes Bryan married Rebecca Wright, their daughter Nancy Jane married John Ross Buffington, and they were the parents of John Ross Buffington, who married Sadie Highland, and they are the parents of Joel Webster...

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Biographical Sketch of Manford E. DeLozier

DeLozier, Manford E. (See Adair)—Manford F. DeLozier, born Sept. 25, 1891, at Adair, educated locally. Married at Mus­kogee, October 4, 1914, Amanda F., daughter of John B. and Bettie 3. Gibson, born January 5th, 1895, in Missouri. They are the parents of Vivian Marie, born Feb­ruary 20, 1916, and Reuben Edward DeLozier, Jr., born August 18, 1819. After clerking in the Bank of Adair for some time, Mr. DeLozier gave up that place to assume the more congenial occupation of farming and stock raising. Edward, the son of John and Gahoga Adair, was born February 7, 1789. Married June 17, 1809, Martha Richie, born February 10, 1790. She died July 7, 1857, and he died December 21, 1864. They were the parents of John Adair, born May 1, 1812. Married March 20, 1832, Anna Berry Gra­ham, born October 12, 1816. He died March 15, 1877, and she died November 1, 1900. Their son, Edward Alexander Adair, was born February 25, 1847. Married October 1867, Narcissa Malissa Harrison, born December 25, 1846, in Murray County, Georgia. He died December 3, 1901, and she is still living. They were the parents of: Georgia Virginia Adair, born at Dalton Georgia, January 29, 1869. Married January 8, 1888, Reuben Edward DeLozier, born June 20, 1855, at Osceola, Missouri. Elected County Commissioner of Mayes County September 17, 1907. He died April 23, 1921. They...

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Biographical Sketch of John M. Cole

Cole, John M. (See Grant and Sanders)—John M., son of Daniel Boone and Nan­nie (Vann) Cole was born in Coowees­coowee District, February 23, 1882. Mar­ried at Pryor, October 19, 1901, Letitia, daughter of John and Catherine Brown, born December 23, 1885, in Ballard County, Ken­tucky. They were the parents of Henry Mitchell, born November 28, 1905; Mayomma born November 23, 1909; Shirley Brooks, born November 26, 1910. Charlie Milburn, born August 22, 1913; Anna Belle, born December 18, 1915 and John Junior Cole, born December 29, 1918. Mr. Cole F; a farmer, a Mason and Odd Fellow. Johnson Vann, the grandson of John and Elizabeth (Wickett) Fields, married Margaret Winters and they were the parents of Mrs. Nannie Cole. Margaret or Peggy Winters was the daughter of John and Jennie (Sanders) Winters and the grand-daughter of Alexander and Peggy (Sonicooie) San­ders. Alexander Sanders was a captain of the Cherokee allies of the Americans in the Creek War of 1814. Mrs. Peggie (Sonicooie) Sanders was the daughter of Susannah and step-daughter of Thomas...

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Biographical Sketch of Lola Garrett Bowers

Bowers (See Grant and Daniels)—Lola Garrett, born November 29, 1887, educated in the Cherokee public schools and the Female Seminary from which she graduated June 1, 1905. She was an instructor in the Pryor schools in 1905-6 and in the Female Seminary in 1907-08; Married at Muldrow Dec. 9, 1909, E. M. Bowers, born April 10, 1875. They are the parents of Genevieve Elizabeth, born July 13, 1911; Jane Rhea, born August 28, 1914 and Mary Ann Bowers, born Oct. 4, 1918. Mrs. Bowers is a member of the Baptist church. Mr. Bowers is promi­nently connected with the banking interests of the Citizens Bank and Trust Company of Pryor and of the state. Ellis Buffington, an eighth blood Cherokee, married Catherine Daniel, a quarter blood Cherokee. He died in June 1858, and she died November 20, 1867. They were the parents of Ezekial Buffington, born Aug­ust 7, 1811, married September 19, 1868 Louisa Newman, born May 14, 1817, in Tennessee. He died January 4, 1864, and she died February 15, 1898. Their daughter Mary, married Jerome Lorenzo Greer, and they were the parents of Elizabeth Ann Greer, born August 30, 1856, married March 17, 1875, James Robert Garrett, born June 29, 1850, in Carroll County, Tennessee. She died May 15, 1902, and he died January 9, 1918. They were the parents of Mrs. Lola...

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Biographical Sketch of Charles G. Brown

Brown, Charles G. (See Ward)—Charles G. Brown, born in Texas March 12, 1854, educated at Tullahassee Mission in the Creek Nation. Married at Sauna, Cherokee Nation July 30, 1880, Mary, daughter of William and Lenora Coker, born in Boone County, Ark. January 25, 1865. They are the parents of: Lulu, born December 10, 1881; Quatie, born December 21, 1890; Etta Beatrice, born No­vember 23, 1896; Nannie Lenora, born July 21, 1899 and Debra D., born April 19, 1905. Mr. Brown is farming near Pryor. John Ward, a white man, married Catherine McDaniel of Scotch-Cherokee descent and they were the parents of Charles Ward who married Ruth Hollingsworth and they were the parents of Nancy Adeline Ward, who married Joseph Brown and they were the parents of Charles G. Brown, the subject of this...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Irving Couch

Couch, Mrs. Irving (See Grant)—Anna K., daughter of Joseph Lynch and Miranda (Young) Thompson, was born near Pen­sacola, August 14, 1900, educated in Mayes and Craig County. Married at Vinita, Jan. 10, 1920 to Ervin, Son of James Monroe and Mollie Couch. Mr. and Mrs. Couch are farming near...

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Biographical Sketch of James R. Carselowey

Carselowey, James R. (See Grant, Downing and Daniel)—James Robert Carselowey, born at Vinita, February 15, 1875, educated in public schools, Willie Halsell College, Vinita. Married at Adair Nov. 28, 1900, Annie B., daughter of Alonzo B. and Lavenia A. Fishback, born February 27, 1882, in Tarrant County, Texas. They are the parents of: James Manford, born November 28, 1901; Lavenia Gertrude, born February 27, 1905; Elsie Roberta, born December 24, 1906; Raymond Russell, born September 23, 1908; Lahoma, born April 7, 1911 and Pauline Carselowey, born February 2, 1913. Mr. Carselowey is a man of pleasing personality, more than ordinary information and ability, but is modest and honest almost to a fault. He has been a telegraph operator and newspaper correspondent and is at present the owner and editor of the Adair Citizen. James Madison, son of George and Mary (Daniel) Carselowey was born November 29, 1848. Married November 7, 1870, Catherine, daughter of Joseph and Celia (Woodall) Emory, born August 8, 1853. He died November 7, 1900. They were the parents of Arthur Andrew Carselowey and Stella Evelyn...

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Biographical Sketch of Benjamin F. Epperson

Epperson, Benjamin F. (See Grant and Foreman)—Benjamin F., son of William H. and Margaret Epperson was born Oct. 3, 1878 in Bradley Co., Tenn. Married at Pryor July 12, 1904, Dora May, daughter of William and Eliza Jane (Proctor) Born, born June 1, 1880 and educated in Delaware Dist. They were the parents of: Arthur R. born Feb. 2, 1905; Louisa, born July 8, 1907; Robert L., born Feb. 5, 1910; Nannie Ruth, born Sept. 16, 1912 and Maggie May Epperson, born November 9, 1917. Mrs. Dora May Epperson died August 18, 1920. Mr. Epperson is a farmer near Big Cabin and is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Anthony Foreman, a Scotchman, married Susie, a full Cherokee. Their son Thomas married Susannah Brown nee Fields and they were the parents of Elizabeth Foreman who married Johnson Proctor. They were the parents of Mrs. Eliza Jane (Proctor)...

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