Location: Mason County MI

Indians in Mason County Michigan 1880 Census

These 355 people were identified as Indians (I) in column 4 (color) of the 1880 census for Mason County Michigan. In order to have been enumerated they are believed to either have renounced tribal rule, and under state law, exercised their rights as citizens; or because they “mingled” with the white population of these Michigan towns were enumerated under the expanded definitions.

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1894 Michigan State Census – Mason County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Amber Township – George W. Genson, Elisha B. Perkins, Andrew Neil, Jas. J. Smith, Newell H. Rowlingson, Gottlieb Ewald, William R. Gender, William White, George 0. Slaughter, James L. Cooper, James Jameson, Frederick Techloff, Charles Wolfe, Josephus Mustard, John H. Vansickle, Silas H. Wood. George W. Clark, Charles W. Jones, Henry Brooks, James Y. Law, Joseph S. Adams, Edward B. Arthur, Albert Oliver, Luther Holly, Charles Boy. Jesse L. Town, George Sartorious, James Hathaway, Michael Moore, John Huber, Warren W. Robinson, George Ainsworth, Thomas Ridley, Allen F. Gifford. Oscar M. Toms, Andrew Vansickle, Charles W. Hull, Lucius 0. Bates,’ Henry Billings, Gilbert A. Andrews, William H. Dillingham, [L. P. Spaulding]. Branch Township – Eli Miller. C. E. Comstock, 0. J. Brown, Henry Johnson, A. W. Johnson, B. F. Barnett, D. F. Shoup. Levi Schoumake. John Klein. Lawrence Shaddock, Peter Miller. Custer Township – Henry Shively, William W. Leach, William Monroe, Newton Kinne, Charles J. Smith, Henry W. Brown, Joseph Me-She-Ka-Kack, Austin D. Kibbie, George W. Gordon, John C. Tracy, Isaac Ives, Seward S. Lampman, Seth Kelsey, R. S. McClain, Edgar A. Green, James F. Handy, George H. Barrett, John E. Phillips. Augustus MIeninger, Leander W. Sanborn, John McKinstry, L. T. Southworth, Jacob L. Gebhart, [Henry S. Jenks].....

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