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Location: Martin Illinois

Township Officers of Martin, Illinois

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The following is the roll of officers who have been elected to the various township offices since its organization: DateVotes CastSupervisorClerkAssessorCollector 185927J.S.W. JohnsonM. BrookeE.W. AndersonS.W. Bray 186035J.S.W. JohnsonM. BrookeE.W. AndersonH.C. Langstaff 186133H.C. LangstaffM. BrookeE.W. AndersonP. Horney 186230H.C. LangstaffM. BrookeR.D. AndersonW.G. Anderson 186338J.S.W. JohnsonM. BrookeW.G. AndersonJ.W. Ritter 186433R.R. WilliamsJ.E. WoodW.L. AndersonH.C. Langstaff 186531W.G. AndersonJ. PoolJ.S.W. JohnsonB.W. Smith 186663W.G. AndersonB.J. WileyB.W. SmithA. Hudson 186780S.W. WileyB.J. WileyJ. MundellW.L. Foster 1868100S.W. WileyJ.S. WileyJ.W. RitterW.L. Foster 186994J. KennedyW.P. BrookeGeorge LittleJ.E. Walden 1870108W.P. BrookeW.R. SmithIsaac BunnW.L. Foster 1871115James GillanM.S. MorrisJ.O. MundellJ.H. Richie 187276James GillanM.S. MorrisJ.O. MundellJ.H. Richie 187390Jacob RichieM.S. MorrisIsaac BunnM. Brooke 187493James KennedyM.S. MorrisJ.O. MundellWilliam Penell 187585J. KennedyM.S. MorrisG.W. KellerJ.M. Wilson 187697James GillanM.S. MorrisG.W. KellerWilliam Gillan 187784James GillanM.S. MorrisG.W. KellerWilliam Gillan 187877James GillanM.S. MorrisG.W. KellerWilliam Gillan Those who have served as Justices of the Peace are B. V. Smith, J. R. Williams, R. Horney, W. H. Anderson, N. Hawk, James Gillan, C. W. Spawr, D. Bierbower and S. T. Ridgeley. The following have been Commissioners of Highways: R. R. Williams, S. W. Wiley, H. C. Langstaff, C. Batterton, H. G. Anderson, A. S. Hudson, J. Lyons, L. Warner, J. Carter, J. Bunn, J. R. Williams, J. Twogood, William Wilson, S. Dean, Joseph Nye, William Hurt, T. Wilson, W. H. Anderson, L. J. Willhoite. Milton S. Morris, Treasurer of the School Trustees,...

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Early Settlers of Martin, Illinois

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The first settlements were, of course, along the river, and most of those who broke the land here and put up their little cabins along the Mackinaw, still live here, enjoying the well-earned fruits of their early privations, trials and hopes. John Wiley and his sons, William, Lytle R. and Silas W., came here from Indiana in the fall of 1835, the year that the land came into market, and entered land on both sides of the Mackinaw, near the head of the timber belt. The elder Wiley made his little home, with the help of his sons, then young men, on the south bank of the stream, where Silas has lived until this year, near the bridge. Here the old gentleman lived and died, and Silas remained on the homestead. As soon as the older sons got their father’s farm into good working order, they took up land on the north side of the stream, and commenced making homes for their future families. They were induced to come into this part of the country by the Pattens, who were relatives of theirs, and had preceded them. William built a house, and married in 1841. Eight children were born to them, most of whom are living. He owns and works a farm lying in this and...

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History of Martin, Illinois

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Town 24, Range 5 east of the Third Principal Meridian, is Martin. It is six miles square; is the second from the east line of the county, and the third from the north and south lines. The center of it is twenty-two miles north of east of Bloomington. The Mackinaw runs entirely across its northern tier of sections, and threefourths of this tier were covered originally with timber. The remainder of the township is prairie-land of the finest kind, both in the richness of its soil and its adaptability to thorough culture at all times. There is practically no waste land in the town. Bray’s Run and other small streams running across it from its southern to its northern border, water and drain its rolling surface, making it unsurpassed in beauty and value. Added to this, the general thrift and care of its farmers, the attention to buildings, orchards and hedges, the general freedom from foul growth which the farms show, all tend to make one remember a visit to Martin pleasantly. The town was named from Dr. Eleazer Martin, who, at the time of his death, owned a large tract of land, which still belongs to his two daughters, Mrs. Ewing and Mrs. Dr. Elder. There are three churches in Martin, each being on the...

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