Location: Marion Missouri

Biographical Sketch of Robert H. Grantham

Robert H. Grantham has been a resident of Daviess County since 1849, at which time he came with his parents from Montgomery County, Indiana, where they resided for sixteen years. He was born in Washington County, Indiana, near the town of Salem, November 17, 1831. His father was a farmer and stock-raiser, and a native of North Carolina. The early life of Mr. Grantham was spent on his father’s farm and in acquiring an education. From 1859 until 1862 he was engaged in farming and teaching, but during 1862 he enlisted in Company A, First Regiment Missouri State Militia, and served until he was mustered out. Returning to Marion Township, Daviess County, he turned his attention to farming for a number of years; and eventually purchased the farm in Sheridan Township, where he now resides. Mr. Grantham has always been prominently identified with the interest of the county; has served as circuit clerk of the county for a period of nearly six years, being elected for a term of four years at the expiration of his first appointment. He spent the winter of 1876 and 1877 in Texas for the benefit of his health. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME...

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Biographical Sketch of Mason M. Palmer

The subject of this sketch was born in Greenbrier County, Virginia, December 1, 1835, and is a son of George and Elizabeth Palmer, both natives of Virginia. In 1838 they with their family moved to Montgomery County, Missouri, and lived there till 1854, then settled in Daviess County. His mother died February 14, 1S62, and his father died August 23, 1865. Our subject was brought up on a farm and lived with his parents till twenty-five years of age; then, on September 25th, 1862, was married to Miss Polly E. Duncan, who was born in Johnson County, Illinois, February 7, 1844. Her parents were natives of Kentucky, and were early settlers in Daviess County; her father died in 1879, but her mother is still a resident of this County. Their marriage has been blessed with four children: Benjamin W., born December 28, 1865; George M., born October 2, 1868; Martha: E., born November 19, 1863, died January 8, 1864; one died in infancy_ In 1865 he moved to his present farm, but was not able to pay a dollar of the purchase money, but now, by the united industry of himself and worthy companion, he has it all paid for and well improved and stocked. They are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and are o Sabbath-school workers. He has a fine residence upon his farm, and among his...

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Biography of Rev. A. E. Woodruff

Was born in Morris County, New Jersey, May 14, 1822. His father was born in New Jersey, and his mother in Massachusetts; she died in the year 1827, and his father died in 1845. Young Woodruff was brought up on a farm and educated at the district schools. At the age of nineteen years he learned the trade of a carpenter, and, after working in his native place two years, he went to Franklin County, Ohio, where he remained about seventeen years, then removed to Marion County, Indiana, and lived seven years, and in 1868 came to Missouri and located in Daviess County. He was married, May 29, 1845, to Miss Esther Albrey, of Franklin County, Ohio, born November 18, 1821. By this marriage five children were born:: Amanda, wife of R. Valandingham; Hermann T.; Lucy Bell, wife of L.. C. Grantham; Alice J., wife of Absalom Frazier; and Anna Maria, who died at the age of eleven years. Mrs. Woodruff died July 8, 1878. She had been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for forty years and a lady highly respected. She was of the noted family of Albreys, prominent lawyers in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Woodruff was united in marriage, on April 14th, 1880, to Mrs. Mary L. Stearns, widow of William Stearns. She was a native of Virginia, and her maiden name was Mary L. Lloyd....

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Biography of David E. Youtsey

Was born in Jackson County, Indiana, October 28, 1831. His parents, George and Elizabeth Youtsey, nee Easter, were born in Pennsylvania. They moved to Indiana in 1830 and there, when David was about three years of age, his mother died. In 1844 his father moved to Daviess County, Missouri, and is still living here in the seventy-seventh year of his age. David was reared on a farm and received his education at the common schools. He remained to care for his father until March 2, 1856, when he was united in marriage to Miss Lydia M. Smith. She was born on July 14th, in Howard County, Missouri, and is a daughter of Dr. 0. W. Smith and Mildred Smith, nee Terrill, both natives of Kentucky, who settled in Howard County, Missouri, in 1832. They afterward moved to Daviess County in 1840, and settled near Gallatin. Here her mother died April 19, 1843, and her father December 25, 1855. Dr. O. W. Smith was well and favorably known by the early settlers of Daviess County. As soon as David E. Youtsey and wife were married they moved to a forty-acre tract of land which now comprises a part of their beautiful farm. Their supply of money or goods was very limited and they had none of the household utensils or farming implements of modern times. But they had the will...

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Biographical Sketch of Charles R. Nance

Was born in Callaway County, Missouri, January 1837. His parents, Allen Nance and Polly Nance, nee Wade, were both natives of Bedford County, Virginia, but migrated to Missouri in 1836. His father is still a resident of the same township, in the eighty-first year of his age. His mother was one of eleven daughters who all grew up to womanhood and had families of their own; she died in 1879. Charles was educated at the common schools, having had an opportunity of attending the same for six months; the rest of his youthful days were spent working on a farm. In 1860 he spent some time in Colorado, and then returned and for a time cared for a brother-in-law’s family and farm while lie was engaged in the Civil War, and was afterward engaged in dealing in stock. On January 14th, 1864, he married Miss Nancy J. Smith. She was a daughter of William and Amanda Smith, both natives of Kentucky, but early settlers in Missouri. Mrs. Nance died January 16, 1871, and October 14, 1873, Mr. Nance married Miss Vitura A. Davis, a native of Randolph County, Missouri. She was the daughter of Josiah and Polly Davis, both natives of Kentucky. Mr. Nance has made all he possesses by hard labor and care; he owns 140 acres of what is known as the model farm of Marion Township....

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Biography of Elijah Otterman

Was born in Kanawha County, Virginia, May 10, 1821, and is a son of Lewis and Glory Otterman, nee Null, who were both born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and who migrated to Virginia about the beginning of the century. They were both of German descent. His Grandfather Null was a captain and rendered valuable services to the Colonies during the Revolutionary War. In 1831 his parents moved to Montgomery County, Indiana, and there lived till their death, his mother dying in 1843 and his father in 1856. In 1843 the subject of our sketch moved to Green County, Wisconsin, and from there, in 1854, to Daviess County, Missouri. He was married, October 26, 1843, in Montgomery County, Indiana, to Miss Nancy Hodges, who was born in Indiana, September 16, 1826. She was a daughter of William and Sarah Hodges, nee Powell. Her father died in 1879. Her mother still lives in Wisconsin. By this marriage seven children were born, three of whom are living: Francis M., born September 8, 1844, died in August, 1878; Sarah E., born December 27, 1847, the wife of John Easter; William Lewis, born November 10, 1851, died January 12, 1853; Thomas H., born March 5, 1854, died January 3, 1855; Eliza Jane, born November -4, 1855, died December 1, 1856; John D. A., born November 21,1857; and Mary Emma, born August 20, 1862. Mrs....

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Biography of James V. Wilson

Was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, April 2, 1821. His parents, James and Polly Wilson, nee Venemen, were born in Pennsylvania and were of Scotch-Irish and German descent. They both died in Washington County, Pennsylvania; his father in 1S55 and his mother in 1869. James was reared and educated in Pennsylvania. At the age of twenty-one he learned the carpenter and joiner’s trade and followed that for thirty-years. He worked in Pennsylvania until 1854, then in various places in Ohio and Illinois until 1857 when he located in Daviess County, Missouri. In 1860 he went to Pike’s Peak and remained three years, then was in the government employ in Tennessee till the close of the war, when for several years he worked in Pennsylvania, after which he located in Daviess County. Mr. Wilson was married, March 25, 1852, to Miss Rebecca Griffith, who was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, December 3, 1831. She was a daughter of Samuel and Sarah Stewart Griffith, who were both natives of Pennsylvania. By this marriage one child was born, Rebecca Jane, March 31, 1853, and died October 4, 1866. Mrs. Wilson died April 8, 1853. Mr. Wilson was united in marriage, December 8, 1870, to Miss Sinah Roper, a native of Daviess County, Missouri, born April 24, 1839. She was a daughter of William and Polly Roper, nee Stevenson, who came from Kentucky...

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Biography of Isaac McCulley

The subject of this sketch has the honor of being the first white child born in Marion Township. He was born January 28, 1834. His parents, Taylor McCulley and Mary Groomer McCulley, were natives of Garrard County, Kentucky, but were about the first settlers of Marion Township, Daviess County, Missouri. The father is dead but the mother is still living in the township. Our subject was brought up on a farm and for a few months attended the subscription schools and then had to walk about four miles, and his only text book was a Webster’s Elementary Speller. At twenty years of age he began to do for himself and engaged in farming and stock-raising; this he has followed ever since and has made it a perfect success. He now owns over 1,000 acres of excellent land, well improved, and heavily stocked; also fine buildings, orchard, etc. Mr. McCulley was married,. March 1, 1856, to Miss Mary Frost, who was also a native of Daviess County, born January 18, 1833. Her parents, Elijah and Elizabeth Frost, nee Brown, were natives of Tennessee, but were among the first white settlers in this part of Daviess County. Her mother died in California in 1880; her father still resides there. Seven children have blessed their marriage; namely, Elijah, born April 15, 1855; Elizabeth, born March 16, 1863; Darius, born November 17, 1868;...

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Biographical Sketch of H. T. Stapp

Was born in Buchanan County, Missouri, July 24, 1845. His parents, Dauphin L. and Mary Stapp, nee Tompkins, were natives of Kentucky, and early settlers in Missouri. His father died February 24, 1877, and his mother died August 11, 1881. After our subject was five years of age his parents came to this county and here he was reared and educated. He was married, January 14, 1868, to Miss Susan F. Wilson, who was born in Indiana, August 10, 1848. Her father died July 28, 1879; her mother, Mrs. Frances Wilson, is still alive and makes her home with this family. They have seven children; viz., Mary. F., born January 7, 1869; Clara A., born October 13, 1870; Charta E., born November 26, 1872; Effie A., born September 27,1874; Edward, born January 12, 1877; Minnie M., born February 2, 1879; and Ira A., the youngest. Mr. Stapp has served his township as school director and takes an active interest in good schools. During the year 1866 he spent some time in Colorado, but after returning permanently located in Daviess County. He started in life without any financial help, but by thrift and industry has secured a fine farm of eighty acres, well improved and...

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Biography of Rev. A. C. Leard

A. C. Leard was born in Randolph County, Illinois, February 15, 1813; His parents were James and Margaret Leard, nee Adams. His father was. a native of South Carolina, and his mother of Georgia. During the War of 1812 his father was what was then known as a ranger, engaged in guarding the frontier from the Indians. During the time his mother was in Hill’s block-house fort in Randolph County, as most of the settlers were compelled to seek refuge there. He was educated there in St. Clair County, in a. to house where one entire end was a fire-place and the floors and seats of puncheons. He lived in St. Clair County till 1851, then immigrated to Missouri and located in Daviess County. He first joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1840 and was connected with that church till 1863, then in 1865 became a member of the Church of God, commonly known as the Advent Church. In one year after joining the same he was ordained to, preach and has continued to labor in that church ever since. He was married, January 1, 1835, to Miss Rebecca Huggins, in Illinois, January 21, 1816. His wife died December 14, 1836. March 15, 1837, he married Miss Martha Browning, who was born in Tennessee, August 19, 1819. Eight children were born of this union, six of whom are living;...

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Biography of William C. Martin

William C. Martin was born in Licking County, Ohio, September 26, 1843, and is a son of Serrephus and Elizabeth Martin, nee Rose. His father was a native of New York State and his mother of Pennsylvania; she died in the State of Ohio when lie was about twelve years of age, but his father is still a resident of Fredonia, Licking County, Ohio. William was educated in Licking County, Ohio, and at the age of seventeen his youthful patriotism induced him to enlist as a member of Company H, Twenty-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry, but being so young his father obtained his discharge. He was not satisfied, however, and again at eighteen years of age enlisted in Company C, Forty-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and although he did not obtain his father’s free consent, he left with the patriotic injunction, “My son, if you must go, never return to me shot in the back.” He served faithfully with this regiment three years, and May 27, 1864, was very severely wounded in the neck and given up to die, but survived. After the close of the war in 1865 he settled in Daviess County, and was married, November 12, 1865, to Miss Orcelia J. Swisher, who was born in Licking County, Ohio, May 18, 1842, and is a daughter of Rev. Isaac and Amanda Swisher, nee Denison. Her mother died May...

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Biographical Sketch of Philip Shaw

Was born in Clay County, Missouri, March 10, 1848. His parents, A. L. and Hannah Shaw, nee Kearns, were both natives of Kentucky, and early settlers in Missouri. When Philip was five years of age his parents moved to DeKalb County, and he was there reared and educated. In 1864 he enlisted as a member of Company C, Forty-third Missouri Volunteer Infantry and served until the close of the war. After his return home he began farming on his own account, and on November 19th, 1868, was married to Miss Orilla A. England, who was born in Jackson County, Indiana, September 16, 1846. She was a daughter of William and Mary England, nee Dedrick; her father died in 1863, and her mother in 1874. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw have become the parents of nine children; namely, Mary H., born August 31, 1869; Carrie M., born November 8, 1870; William A., born June 10, 1872; Clinton R., born April 24, 1876; John E., born November 24, 1877; Charles A., born July 23, 1879; Minnie C., born July 18, 1881; Naomi M., born November 20, 1873; died September 19, 1875; James W., born February 2, 1875, died September 19, 1875. Mr. Shaw is one of our self made men, having received but little schooling and no financial assistance, but, nevertheless, has become one of our leading business men, and has secured...

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Biographical Sketch of William E. Smith

Was born in Marion township, Daviess County, Missouri, November 7, 1858. His father, Samuel Smith, was a native of Switzerland County, Indiana, born June 30, 1835; he came to Missouri in 1857 and located in Daviess County, where he was extensively engaged in farming and shipping stock. While engaged in this business, May 28, 1880, he met his death in a sad manner. While on his way to Chicago with cattle, and just as he had left Bureau Junction, Illinois, he was walking on top of the cars to the caboose, and by some means fell off and was instantly killed. He was a man universally beloved for his native goodness, promptness and business integrity, and for his usefulness in the church and in society. It is rehearsed by those who were well acquainted with him, “That few men have lived who were more esteemed.” He was a leading member of the Christian Church and was all that society could ask for as a citizen or the family as a kind husband and father. The mother of our subject, Mrs. Sarah Smith, nee Frazier; was born in Howard County, Indiana, April 9, 1838. She still lives upon the homestead with her son. Mr. and Mrs. Smith had two children; viz., William E., the subject of this sketch; and Laura A., born February 20, 1875.’ William E. Smith was married,...

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Biographical Sketch of Isaac J. Henderson

Was born in Marion Township, Daviess County, Missouri, May 12, 1851. His parents, David and Margaret Henderson, were natives of Kentucky. ‘They came to Missouri at an early day and after living a while in Clay and Gentry counties, in 1837 settled in Marion Township, Daviess County. The father, David Henderson, had served as County judge twelve years and was .a man held in high esteem by all who knew him; he died in September, 1865, and his loss was much mourned by the community and the family. Mrs. Henderson is. still living with her son, Isaac. Isaac attended school in the first school-house built in the township, and afterward went to school at Gallatin and acquired a good business education, and also qualified himself for teaching, which he followed for several years. In 1876 he engaged in the mercantile business at Civil Bend, in which business he has ever since continued. Mr. Henderson was married, June 15, 1879, to Miss Mary L. Ambrose, -a .native of Daviess County, born in November, 1860. He is now serving his third term as township trustee. For the few years that he has been in business he has made it a perfect success. He not only wins the confidence of .the people, but retains...

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Biography of Dr. J. W. Hightree

J. W. Hightree was born in Trumbull County, Ohio, June 22, 1825. His father, Peter Hightree, was born in Vermont, and his mother, Roxina Hightree, in New York, but were early settlers in Ohio. The parents each -died in the eighty-ninth year of their age. Our subject was educated for his profession at the Western Reserve College, and at twenty-one years of age began the practice of medicine in Trumbull County, Ohio. On July .12th, 1846, he married Miss Eliza C. Canfield, a native of Trumbull County, born June 27, 1827. Her father was born in Rochester, New York, and her mother was a native of Massachusetts. Her father died at the age of fifty-five years, and her mother in the seventy-third year of her age. About three years after his marriage he moved to Lee County, Iowa, and followed his profession four years, then, on January 12th, 1857, located upon the farm lie now occupies, one-half mile east of Civil Bend. Ever since then he has been actively engaged in the practice of medicine and has been very successful. He worked by the month to get means to educate himself for his profession, and is in all respects a self-made man. He not only has an extensive practice, but is the owner of a beautiful and well improved farm of 120 acres. Eight children have been born to...

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