Location: Marion County OR

Biography of Jessie K. Clarke, M. D.

In no field of endeavor requiring intellectuality has woman failed to demonstrate her equality with man, and more and more the different lines of professional labor are opening to her, and therein she is winning successes that are most creditable. Dr. Jessie K. Clarke, although a recent acquisition to the medical fraternity of Grangeville, has already demonstrated her right to be classed among the foremost physicians of Idaho County, and her ability is indicated by the liberal patronage she now enjoys. She makes a specialty of diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat, and her labors have been attended by most gratifying results to patient and practitioner. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Dr. Clarke is a native of Ohio, her birth having occurred in Circleville, June 1, 1861. She is of English lineage on the paternal side and of Scotch descent on the maternal, her mother’s people tracing their ancestry back to Sir William Wallace, one of the greatest heroes and patriots that his...

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Biography of Henry M. Thatcher

Throughout the greater part of his life Judge Henry M. Thatcher has resided on the Pacific slope, and as one of the honored pioneers of this section of the country has been prominently identified with its development, progress and up-building from an early day. He was born in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, October 17, 1833, and is of German lineage. His grandfather, Samuel Thatcher, was born in Germany, and when a young man emigrated to the United States, settling in Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania, where he married Miss Hannah Smith. He was a soldier in the war of 1812 and lived to the advanced age of ninety-three years. Enos Thatcher, the father of the Judge, was one of a family of three sons and five daughters. He married Miss Artemesia Case, also a native of Susquehanna County, and in 1837 they removed to Illinois, locating at Ottawa, LaSalle County, where the father entered land and, in connection with agricultural pursuits, conducted a hotel. Both he and his wife were Congregationalists in religious belief, and for many years Mr. Thatcher served as chorister of his church and took an active part in other branches of the work. He lived to be seventy-eight years of age. The mother of our subject died in the fifty-first year of her age, leaving two children, Henry M. and Elizabeth, who is now Mrs. Deckerd, of Albany,...

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Biography of James F. Ailshie

James F. Ailshie is one of the most distinguished criminal lawyers of Idaho, his marked success in that department of jurisprudence winning him enviable prestige. He is also public-spirited and thoroughly interested in whatever tends to promote the moral, intellectual and material welfare of his town, ranking among her progressive and popular citizens. A native of Greene County, Tennessee, he was born June 19, 1868, and is of Scotch ancestry, the family having been established in the south at an early period in its settlement. His great-grandfather, Stephen Ailshie, fought for independence in the war of the Revolution, and after American liberty was secured he took up his residence in Kentucky, where George Washington Ailshie, his grandson and the father of our subject, was born. George W. Ailshie removed to Tennessee while yet young and afterward married Miss Martha A. Knight of that state, where they still reside, respected members of the community. They belong to the Baptist church and their well spent lives are in harmony with their religious professions. To them were born ten children, nine of whom are yet living. James F. Ailshie, the eldest of the family, was educated in the state of his nativity and in the Willamette University, at Salem, Oregon, winning the degrees of Bachelor of Philosophy and Bachelor of Law, both in 1891. The same year he was admitted to practice...

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Biography of Charles W. Shaff, M. D.

Holding marked prestige as a member of the medical profession of Idaho is Dr. Charles W. Shaff, of Lewiston, now the honored president of the State Medical Association. In the learned professions advancement depends upon the man, his talents, his skill and his ambition. The physician’s power is especially his own; not by purchase, by gift or by influence can he gain it. He must commence at the very beginning, learn the very rudiments of medicine and surgery, continually add to this knowledge by close study and earnest application, and gain reputation by merit. If he would gain the highest prominence it must come as the result of superior skill, knowledge and ability, which qualifications are possessed in an eminent degree by Dr. Shaff. He is known throughout the state as one of the most eminent members of the profession in Idaho, and his opinions are widely received as authority. The life history of such a man is always of profit as well as interest. The Doctor has spent his entire life on the Pacific coast, his birth having occurred in Eldorado County, California, July 6, 1855. During the colonial history of New York his ancestors, natives of Germany, located in the Empire state, and representatives of the family loyally served their country in the Revolutionary war and in the war of 1812. The Doctor’s father, Joseph Shaff, was...

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Biography of Frank M. Hubbard

Frank M. Hubbard is numbered among the successful farmers of Weiser. He was born in Pike county, Illinois, on the 9th of July 1851, his parents being Joseph and Sarah (Venable) Hubbard. His father was born in Wisconsin, and the mother was a native of Illinois. They crossed the plains with oxen in 1853 being six months in making the long and perilous journey to the northwest. Indians occasioned them considerable annoyance, but they accomplished the journey in safety and located in Silverton, Marion County, Oregon, where the father obtained three hundred and twenty acres of land, which he successfully cultivated for forty years. His life’s labors were then ended by death in 1887 when he had attained the age of seventy-five years. He was a very industrious and energetic farmer and his labors brought him good returns. Both he and his estimable wife were members of the Baptist Church. She survived him two years, and departed this life in 1889, at the age of seventy-four. On their journey across the plains they brought with them their three children, and five others were added to the family after their arrival in Oregon. Seven of the number still survive. Frank Marion Hubbard, the third in order of birth, was only two years old at the time of the emigration of the family westward. He acquired his education in the public...

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Biography of William Fine

WILLIAM FINE. – Any compilation that purports to chronicle the careers of the leading men of Union and Wallowa counties would be open to great criticism, were there failure to incorporate therein an epitome of the gentleman, whose name initiates this paragraph, since he is one of the most influential and prominent men of this entire section, being well known over the two counties and as highly esteemed as he is widely known: and since he has achieved a good success here in various enterprises, thus demonstrating his ability to handle the affairs of the business world in a winning manner: and since he is possessed of a genial nature and affability and integrity that stamp him as one of the stanch and substantial citizens. Our subject is a product of the Webfoot State, being born in Marion county, on January 30, 1854, to Thomas L. and Amelia J. (Haskin) Fine, natives respectfully of Missouri and Illinois. The father came to Oregon in 1847, went to California in the following year, took up stock raising there on the Feather river, also operated a ferry boat on the river until 1852, then sold out and returned to Oregon, taking a donation claim of one half section in Marion county. Stock raising and farming occupied him there until 1864, when he sold out and brought cattle to Walla Walla county, remaining...

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Biography of Rev. Abraham Eads

REV. ABRAHAM EADS. – It is very fitting that in the history of the county with which we have to do at the present time, their should be incorporated a resume of the career of the beloved and esteemed gentleman, whose name appears at the head of this article, and whose life of usefulness has been so intimately and potently connected with the affairs of the county and the country in general adjacent to our borders until now he has grown venerable in the service and the silver threads remind that the toils, hardships and vigils are nearer done and victory is at hand. In Cole county, Missouri, in the year 1829, commenced the pilgrimage of our subject and five years before the memorable “Forty-nine,” accompanying his parents, he came overland with teams. While enroute to the Willamette valley, they camped on the present site of Lagrande, but continued their journey until they had reached their destination in Yam Hill county, where the parents, Samuel and Susana H. (Collett), settled to make an honest living from the soil, and there they toiled and fought the battle of life until the time of home going came, and they rest peacefully beneath the sod there today. From his portion of the estate, our subject erected a monument to their memory. Until twenty-three years of age, Abraham remained with his parents and...

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Biography of Judge Robert Eakin

JUDGE ROBERT EAKIN. – While Union county is so especially favored in having men of energy and talent in the various callings of human industry and learning, there is no profession that is more signally marked by the men of ability within its ranks than the legal, and as a leader among this class stands the gentleman, whose name initiates this paragraph, and who is well and favorably known throughout eastern Oregon. Judge Eakin is a profound student of the literature of his chosen profession, having added by careful and thorough research to a mind well poised for weighing the questions of human justice an erudition and fund of information that enables a searching and keen perception to select for the intricate problems that are daily encountered by a deciding jurist the authority needed and lay down the principles applying. Adding to this an acumen and breadth of grasp that are happily blended in his make-up, we have in Judge Eakin a judicial representative that the county of Union may well feel proud of and in whom, we are pleased to state, commendable pride is taken. At Elgin, Kane county, Illinois, Robert Eakin was born in 1848, being the son of Stewart B. and Catherine (McEldowney) Eakin, natives of Ireland. In 1866 the family removed to Willamette valley and settled at Eugene, Lane county, the parents remaining their until...

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Biography of Isaac N. Cromwell, M.D.

ISAAC N. CROMWELL, M.D. – Perhaps there is no calling of men with which the issues of life and death are so intimately connected s with that of the physician: hence it is that popular sentiment demands a class of men to take up this profession who are in every sense of the word the leaders of their fellows, and especially endowed with keen perception, careful and discriminating judgment, alert faculties and sympathy, with perfect self-possession and steady nerve. The subject of this sketch is one of the votaries of the medical muse, and is today one of Union county’s leading practitioners, being a man of deep erudition, sound principles and perfect integrity, which have been manifested in a long, skillful, and successful practice that is large and exacting. Isaac N. Cromwell was born in Murray county, Georgia, on November 27, 1841, being the son of James and Margaret (Shields) Cromwell, farmers of that section. In 1842 they removed to Tennessee, remaining there until 1850, then went to Smith county, Texas. In 1871 the father died, and in 1879, the mother passed away at Eugene, Oregon. Our subject was educated in the public schools of the various sections where he lived, and in 1868 went to New Orleans and attended the medical college at that place. In 1872, he migrated to Oregon and entered the medical department of the...

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Biography of John H. O’Bryant

JOHN H. O’BRYANT. – We esteem it a privilege to be permitted to chronicle for the history of our county a brief review of the substantial and prominent citizen, whose name is at the head of this article, and who has wrought in the pioneer’s life so well and faithfully for the opening of this and adjacent counties and for their development and advancement for over one-third of a century, while his life of constant adherence to right and the principles of truth and uprightness, together with manifestation of sagacity and sound judgment, has placed him in a most enviable position of esteem and prominence throughout the entire county. John H. O’Bryant was born to Elias and Sarah O’Bryant on July 10, 1830, in Blount county, East Tennessee, and at the age of seven years he was brought by his parents to the city of Springfield, Missouri, where they settled on a claim. At the age of fourteen our subject was called to mourn the loss of his father and from that time until he was twenty-(?) years of age he was constant in labor on the farm for his mother and the other members of the family. When he had arrived at the age of twenty-four, others had matured to be able to shoulder some of the responsibilities of life, and John H. followed the desire that the...

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Biography of Ossian J. West, M. D.

It is noteworthy that but few of the more influential men of Idaho were born in the new west and fewer still within the limits of the state. There are some, however, who are identified with this part of our country by birth, by education and by lifelong residence. Dr. Ossian J. West, government physician and surgeon at the Nez Perces Indian Agency at Spaulding, is a son of the Rev. W. F. and Jane (Whipple) West, and was born in Oregon, August 24, 1866. His father, born in England, received a theological education in his native country and was ordained a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He became a preacher of persuasive eloquence and a writer of forceful ability, devoting his whole life to the work of the church and to work for his fellow men. He lived to be seventy-eight years old and died at Santa Barbara, California, in 1898, having preached and written and labored without ceasing almost to the day of his death. He was married, in Pennsylvania, to Miss Jane Whipple, a native of that state. They crossed the plains to Oregon in 185 1, and while they were making this arduous and dangerous journey their first child was born, at Fort Boise, then a trading point near the mouth of the Boise river. They located a little above Salem, Oregon, on a...

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McCully, F. D. – Obituary

F.D. McCully passes away; Pioneer of County was leader in various activities. Frank D. McCully d. at home in Joseph, OR, 13 Mar 1939; health had been failing for several years; funeral at Methodist Church, burial in the Indian plot on Wallowa Lake (permission given by Bureau of Indian Affairs). “.. name has been a household word in Wallowa County for nearly 30 years.” He established the first store in Joseph, the first bank, the first public water works, first electric plant, and first flour mill in Wallowa County. He ran stage lines between Union County railroad terminals and Joseph, and brought one of the first automobiles to Wallowa County. He had a forwarding (?) and merchandizing business, and was instrumental in inducing Union Pacific Railroad to build into Wallowa County. In 1886, as a State Representative from Wallowa County, he introduced the bill to establish Wallowa County. Later, he served as a Wallowa County commissioner. late in life, he was a receiver (?) for two national banks under the Comptroller of Currency, and was a field agent for the Oregon State Land Board. he also ran the Imnaha mail line in later life. He was a staunch Republican, and was repeatedly head of the Wallowa County Republican organization. He was b. Salem, OR 1859; attended Willamette University; came to Union, OR, in 1872; came with cattle to Wallowa...

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Bay, Arthur Donavon – Obituary

Arthur Donavon Bay, 61, of Salem died Feb. 18, 1982 at his home. Born in Enterprise on May 10, 1920, he was the son of Wayne and Adda (Ownbey) Bay. He had been employed as a machine operator for the Salem Concrete Pipe Co. On Aug. 5, 1948 he was married to Lora Dunn Moore Bay in Lewiston. They moved to Salem in 1964. Survivors include his wife Lora of Salem; sons Kirk and Kim of Salem, stepson Lee Moore of Salt Lake City, Utah; daughters Donna Greenough of Dixon, Mont. and Carol Bay of Thompson Falls, Minn.; stepdaughter Lois Cancino of Stayton; sister Bonneta Lewis of Imnaha; nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Grave side services were Feb. 22 at the Enterprise Cemetery with interment following. A memorial service will be held in Salem at the Kiezer Kingdom Hall on Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. Those who wish may contribute in Mr. Bay’s memory to the Cancer Society or a charity of their choice. Contributions may be made c/o Bollman Funeral Home, Main at W. third, Enterprise, Ore. 97828. Wallowa County Chieftain, Thursday, 25 February 1982, Page 12. Contributed by Robert C....

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Juve, Maurice Norman – Obituary

Lostine, Wallowa County, Oregon Maurice Norman Juve, 74, died at his home in Salem, 668 Salem Heights So., on July 10, 1980. He had spent his childhood in Enterprise High School. He was born on July 14, 1905, in Nellsville, Wis. A graduate of Oregon State University, he was employed by the Oregon State Highway Department for over 30 years, retiring in 1967. He was a member of the Oregon Association of Civil Engineers. Survivors include his wife, Mary-Emma; a daughter, A. Gayle Juve Nelson; a son Gordon Miller Juve; a stepson, Bob Julian Thruston; and five grandchildren. He is also survived by three brothers, Henrik, Arnold and Leo Juve, and one stepsister, Helen B. Lilly. Two brothers, Ted and Olaf, preceded him in death. Contributed by: Sue...

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Ward, A. J. Mrs. – Obituary

Dies at Stayton Mrs. A. J. Ward passed away at her home in Stayton, Oregon September 05, 1967. Margaret Jane Everett was born on June 30, 1883 in Madison County, Arkansas to the late William and Catherine Presley Everett. She was Married to Albert J. Ward on may 04, 1902 in Alabam, Arkansas and came west with him in 1910, at which time they settled in Wallowa county, where they owned and operated a store. They sold their business in 1941 and moved to Portland, Oregon, where Mr. Ward died on Sept. 15, 1946. Two children predeceased their parents. In recent years Mrs. Ward has made her home at Stayton. Her death occurred exactly one week after that of her son-in-law, Oscar Hammack of Enterprise. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Oscar (Carrie) Hammack of Enterprise, and Mrs. Lee (Esther) Horner of Stayton; four sons, Maynard Ward of Portland; Everett Ward of Camarillo, California; Woodrow Ward, Eatonville, Washington and Robert Ward of Morton, Washington. Also surviving are eight grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter. Funeral services for Mrs. Ward were conducted on Friday at 1:30 p.m. at the Baptist church, Enterprise, with Rev. Douglas Field, pastor, officiating. Rev. and Mrs. Field served as vocalists, and Mrs. Lawrence Rowe as organist. Casket bearers were Lawrence Rowe, Mervin Zollman, David Ervin,Gifford Botts, and Vernon and William Hammack. Internment followed at the Enterprise...

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