Location: Manhatten Kansas

Biography of F. S. Cravens, Mrs.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Mrs. F. S. Cravens is the proprietor of the Cravens School of Music at Emporia, and for a number of years had been one of the leaders in musical circles of that city. She is a native of Kansas and one of the notable women whom this Sunflower commonwealth had produced. The daughter of a pioneer citizen of Manhattan, where she was born in February, 1866, she exhibited unusual musical talents when a girl, and by careful training and study both in America and abroad had long enjoyed a high position both as an individual artist and as a successful teacher. Her maiden name is Etta Dent. After attending the public schools of Manhattan she went back to the old home of her family at Galesburg, Illinois, was a student in the high school there and also spent one year in the Musical Conservatory of Knox College. She was married at Manhattan to S. F. Cravens, who was born in Kearney, Missouri, and died at Phoenix, Arizona, in 1906. He was a musical director and teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Cravens taught music in Kansas City, Missouri, later established the Cravens School of Music at Topeka, and from there went to Denver, Colorado, where they were directors of music in the Denver University. Subsequently they were again...

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Biography of Leslie Arthur Fitz

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Leslie Arthur Fitz. When the Kansas State Agricultural College at Manhattan called in March 1910, an expert from the agricultural department of the United States Government to take the chair of professor of milling industry, it was a happy choice that fell upon Leslie Arthur Fitz, who is not only an expert in his line but is also a native of Kansas and represents some of the old and prominent families of the state. His grandfather, George W. Fitz, came to Kansas Territory in 1855, being one of the pioneers in Douglas County. Two years later another settler of that county was James DuMars, maternal grandfather of Professor Fitz. Mr. DuMars came from Pennsylvania, where the mother of Professor Fitz was born. The Fitz family came out of Massachusetts. George Thompson Fitz, father of Professor Fitz, was born in that state and came to Kansas in 1859, four years after the arrival of George W. Fitz. He also settled in Douglas County and a little later enlisted from that county for service in the Civil war. He was a brave and efficient soldier and his service covered three years and six months with the Second and Ninth Kansas regiments. At the close of the war he married Laura Etta DuMars, and then settled down on a...

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