Location: Macon County MO

Biography of Joseph Knight

JOSEPH A. KNIGHT. – A capable and enterprising citizen of Union county who has labored for the advancement of the county for many years, displaying both ability and integrity in these efforts as in all his career, the subject of this article is deserving of representation in ths volume, and it is with pleasure that we accord to him such, being assured that he is one of the substantial men of the county. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Caswell county, North Carolina, is his native place and September 19, 1838, the date of his birth, his parents being William and Susan R. (Harrison(, natives of North Carolina, the father being a farmer there until 1843, in which year he removed to adair county, Misouri, in that place also being numbered with the agriculturists until the time of his death, which occurred September 19, 1865, the mother passing away in October of the same year. They sleep quietly in Macon county, Missouri. Until the age of...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Vet Thompson

(See Duncan and Grant)-Louisa Tabitha West, born March 8 1862, educated in Female Seminary. Married September 28, 1880, John Rogers Martin, born February 25, 1885. They were the parents of Hernando, born August 14, 1882; Birdie May, born March 26, 1884; Johanna R, born July 18, 1886, and DeWitt T. Martin, born May 12, 1888. John Rogers Martin died November 10, 1887, and she married January 27, 1890, Vet Thompson, born September 8, 1861, in Macon County, Missouri. They are the parents of James W., born April 11, 1891; Lewis, born February 2, 1893, and Carrie, born November 13, 1898. Mr. Thompson is a farmer. Mrs. Thompson’s Cherokee name is Takie. She is a member of the Methodist church. Charles Duncan, a Scotchman, married bout 1784 Dorcas, a full blood Cherokee of the Deer Clan. Their son, John, married Elizabeth Abercromby, a native of Tennessee. The Abercrombys belong to the ancient nobility of Stirling County in Great Britain. Airthey Castle was their ancestral County seat. As late as 1883 the family owned 15,264 acres. The head of the family in 1916 was Lord George Abercromby. John and Elizabeth (Abercromby) Duncan were the parents of Mahala Duncan, born June 21, 1821. Married July 18, 1838 James Smith West, born May 24, 1817, in Alabama. He died Sept. 22, 1865, and she died November 27, 1879. They were the parents of...

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Biography of Alexander M. Dockery

Alexander M. Dockery was born in Livingston county, Missouri, February 11, 1845. His father is a distinguished minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Sarah E. McHaney, his mother, was a native of Kentucky; of their family of three children, the subject of this sketch is the only survivor. He received a thorough classical education in Macon Academy, Macon, Missouri. In 1863 he entered the St. Louis Medical College, from which he graduated in March, 1865, receiving his diploma. Dr. Dockery then located for the practice of his chosen profession in Linneus, Missouri, where he pursued the practice of medicine until the year 1867, when he removed to Chillicothe, Missouri, and there practiced successfully for six years, and from 1870 to 1874 filled with acceptance the office of county physician for Livingston county. In March, 1874, he abandoned the pracive of medicine and removed to Gallatin and, associated with Thomas B. Yates, Esq., established the Farmer’s Exchange Bank, now recognized as one of the solid financial institutions of the State, of which bank he has been cashier since its organization. Dr. Dockery certainly has few equals as a business manager and financier ; he is vigilant, tireless and energetic; is methodical in his habits and in all business transactions of whatever character coming under his supervision; is careful in forming opinions and is a man of decision and great...

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Biography of Sol. E. Waggoner

Sol. E. Waggoner, president of the Masonic Home of St. Louis, has long been a recognized leader in the Masonic fraternity of Missouri and has contributed much to the growth and success of the order in the state. A native of Ohio he was born March 8, 1851, and is justly proud to trace his descent from General Waggoner of Revolutionary war fame who was a resident of Virginia. His father, William Waggoner, lived for some time in Ohio and in 1858 established his home in Macon, Missouri. He was one of only eight in the entire county who supported Abraham Lincoln for the presidency in 1860 and the political antagonism which he thus engendered rendered it so uncomfortable for him that he removed to Iowa in 1861, where he later engaged in the contracting business. He married Malinda Small, a native of Pennsylvania, and she, too, came of Revolutionary war ancestry. Her death occurred in 1874, while William Waggoner long survived his wife and had reached the venerable age of ninety-two years when he passed away in 1902. Reared in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Sol. E. Waggoner there attended the public schools and after leaving the high school became a student in Oskaloosa College, from which he was graduated in due course of time. He was early identified with the Western Union Telegraph Company as circuit manager on the old...

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Biography of Harry C. Bohrer, M. D.

Dr. Harry C. Bohrer, a St. Louis surgeon, who though among the younger representatives of the profession, has attained a prominence that many an older physician might well envy, was born in Macon, Missouri, October 8, 1890. His father, the late George W. Bohrer, was also a native of this state and a representative of an old Pennsylvania family that was established in Missouri in pioneer times. The grandfather was David Bohrer, who came to Missouri long prior to the Civil war and devoted his life to agricultural pursuits here. George W. Bohrer was reared and educated in Kansas and Missouri and after attaining his majority took up educational work, which he followed to the time of his death, passing away at Brookfield, Missouri, in 1906, at the comparatively early age of thirty-eight years. He was also a graduate in medicine but never engaged in practice. He married Fannie Lankford, who was born in Shelbina, Missouri, and belonged to one of the pioneer families of Indiana. She still makes her home in St. Louis. Dr. Bohrer, the only child of the family, was educated in the public schools of Chicago, in the Bleese Military Academy at Macon, Missouri, and in the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, from which he was graduated in 1912, having pursued a two years’ course there which won for him the Ph. G. degree. He...

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Biography of W. L. Stowers

W. L. STOWERS. A popular resort for the traveling public and people of this city is the West Plains Hotel, which was first opened in 1883, and is conducted by W. L. Stowers, one of the prominent business men in the city. Mr. Stowers, who is a most genial and obliging host, was born in Marion County, Missouri, August 2, 1843, son of Samuel and America (Whaley) Stowers. Samuel Stowers was born in Virginia in 18O5 to the union of Colman and Nancy (Conway) Stowers, natives of the Old Dominion. The grandfather came to Ralls County, Missouri, as early as 1825 and followed farming, but he was a manufacturer of machinery while residing in Virginia. He was one among the early pioneers of Missouri, and made his home in Ralls County until his death in 1853. He was with the old Whig party and was a prominent man in the county. His wife died in Ralls County about 1851 or 1852, and they were members of the old Ironside Baptist Church. Three daughters and two sons were born to them: Anna, Susan, Nellie, Thomas and Samuel. None of these are living. Samuel Stowers, father of subject, was a young man when he came to this State, this being a year or so before his father came, and he settled in Ralls County and married Miss Whaley. From there they...

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Biography of M. L. Copeland

M. L. COPELAND. The subject of this sketch is one who has built, by years of industry and good management, a business that is recognized as being one of the best of its kind in this section, a credit to Reynolds County. Mr. Copeland is a man who possesses the inherent qualities requisite to commercial success, in a very high degree, and in his chosen calling has attained an enviable position among his compeers. He is a prominent merchant at Barnesville, and was born in Reynolds County, Missouri, December 24, 1855, to the marriage of William and Elizabeth (Ellington) Copeland. The elder Copeland was born in North Carolina as was his father, Landon Copeland, who came to Reynolds County at an early day, settling on Logan Creek, where he followed farming. He came to this county by wagon and was one of the prominent men in the county in his day. He reared a family of eight children: James, William, Lott, and others not remembered. William Copeland came to this county when a small boy, grew to mature years, and became one of the successful and enterprising farmers and merchants of the same. Early in life he began merchandising at Barnesville at a time when he was obliged to have his goods hauled by ox teams from St. Louis. Until 1876 he carried on this business, when his death...

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Biography of Dr. W. A. Copeland

DR. W. A. COPELAND. Fortunate as it is in its older physicians, Reynolds County is no less fortunate in the bright galaxy of younger physicians and surgeons, who, during the past few years, have made a reputation for themselves and added luster to the professional status of the county and State. One of the best known of the latter class is Dr. W. A. Copeland, of Barnesville, who was born on Logan Creek November 24, 1858, son of William Copeland. The Doctor grew up on the old home farm, attending the early subscription school and the district school, and made good use of his opportunities to obtain an education. When a young man he started a mill on Logan Creek, but this burned down about the year 1882. While following the life of a miller he began his medical studies, and after continuing this for about three years entered the St. Louis Medical College, where he completed his course in 1883. Following this he began practicing in Barnesville, Missouri, and soon built up an excellent practice over that section of the country. He is a man of the most agreeable manners, pleasant and gifted in conversation, sympathetic and generous; in fact he combines qualities that eminently fit him for a practitioner, while his earnest investigations and careful weighing of subjects fit him most admirably for this most important calling....

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Biography of Dr. John H. Moore

DR. JOHN H. MOORE, who has made his home in this county for a number of years, came originally from St. Francois County, Missouri, where his birth occurred on the 27th of January, 1838. His father, Dr. Robert Moore, who was a practicing physician in Iron and St. Francois Counties, Missouri, for years, died in the former county in 1854. He was born in Smith County, Tennessee, in 1807, and was a son of Armstead Moore, who was of Irish parentage. The father of our subject began the practice of medicine when twenty-one years of age, and about the year 1830 came to Missouri from Illinois. He settled in St. Francois County, but subsequently moved to Iron County, where he carried on a successful practice for many years. While in Tennessee he met and married Miss Mary Baugh, member of a prominent family of that State, and five children were the fruits of their union: Amanda, the widow of Col. Frank McGhee; Tobitha (now deceased) married Sim Frazier; Mary; Armsted was a soldier in the Union Army, and died in service; and John H., subject. Dr. Moore, father of these children, was one of the first practicing physicians of this section of the State. He was a strong Democrat in politics. His wife is still living in Arcadia, Iron County. Our subject, Dr. John H. Moore, attended the schools...

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Biography of Benjamin S. Halley

BENJAMIN S. HALLEY, Deceased. – While we place within this volume the reviews of the leading men of the county, we would be rightly charged with incompleteness were there failure to incorporate a meoir of the esteemed pioneer and faithful and capable citizenof Union county for many years and who wrought within its precincts during the time of his sojourn here with assiduity and display of sagacity so evident that all were convinced of his ability, while his moral qualities and excellent uprightness and integrity, were concommitant virtues to his capabilities, and the time of his demise was attended with sincere and widespread mourning among all classes. Mr. Halley was born in Macon county, Missouri, on December 12, 1835, being the son of James and Ellen (Fisher) Halley, natives of Kentucky. The father passed the river of death while still in Missouri and the mother was called hence from Grande Ronde valley, the latter occuring in 1892. Our subject bought a farm in Missouri when he had reached hismajority and there was numbered among the successful agriculturists until 1864, in which year he took up the weary journey across the plains, utilizing mule teams for the trip and driving his stock with him. He landed in the Grande Ronde valley in good time and with attending Providence and he immediately took up a homestead three miles north from Island...

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Biography of J. Carroll Montgomery, M. D.

J. Carroll Montgomery, M. D. In the office of Doctor Montgomery at Manhattan is a large map of Riley County showing in detail all the features of the county and particularly those which are the work and evidence of man’s activities. A number of different colored pegs or pins are usually found dotted about over this map. It is in this way that Doctor Montgomery as county and city health officer of Manhattan and Riley County keeps track of the district under his jurisdiction, a glance at one of these charts indicate the location of all infectious diseases prevalent in the county at the time, and other pegs show the status of sanitary conditions as to drainage, sanitary equipment, etc. By means of this and other methods Doctor Montgomery has a complete and immediate record or census of health conditions in the county. He has himself inaugurated many measures for the protection and safeguarding of public health and has introduced other systems which have been tried and approved elsewhere in the state or in other states. His own work may be credited with an important share in the reduction of the death rate of the county. At the same time a campaign of education has been carried on not only among the older but particularly among the younger generations. Many of the facts of hygiene and sanitary standards are...

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Biography of William S. Gooch, M. D.

William S. Gooch, M. D., has practiced surgery and medicine at Mapleton, Kansas, for the past fifteen years, and in point of experience and general ability ranks as the first and leading member of the profession in that community. Doctor Gooch is a Missourian and was born at Meadville, in that state February 6, 1875. His family settled in pioneer times in Northwestern Missouri and the original stock came out of England and established themselves in Kentucky along about the close of the Revolutionary war. Doctor Gooch’s Grandfather Gideon Gooch was born in Kentucky, moved from that state to Northern Missouri, and when the first news came of the discovery of gold in California he crossed the plains as a seeker of wealth on the Pacific, and died in California in 1848. His wife’s maiden name was Foster. She was also a native of Kentucky and died at Meadville, Missouri. Joseph Gooch, father of Doctor Gooch, was born at Meadville, Missouri, in 1844, was reared and married there, and has always followed farming. Since 1902 he has lived in the vicinity of Mapleton, Kansas, where he has a farm. He is a democrat and a member of the Christian Church. He married Nancy J. Evans, who was born in Kentucky in 1850. They have three children: Elizabeth, at home; William S.; and Alma, wife of E. J. Edmundson, Mr....

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Brewer, Fern Letha Jordan Anderson – Obituary

Fern L. Brewer, 79, Greeley, died Tuesday, Nov. 2, at North Colorado Medical Center. She was born April 21, 1914, in Macon County, Mo., to Doc Martin and Lizzi (Lockard) Jordan. Mrs. Brewer moved to Colorado when she was 13 and lived with her family in the Kersey and LaSalle areas. On Dec. 8, 1931, she married Emery James Anderson. He died July 14, 1973. She married Harry Brewer on April 18, 1978. He died Dec. 19, 1987. She worked in the nursing profession from 1947-70. She worked for Medical Lake State Hospital I Washington State and for the Weld County Nursing Home in Greeley until her retirement in 1970. She was a member of Greeley Baptist Temple, the Evans VFW Auxiliary and Women of the Moose. Survivors are a daughter, Donna Anderson of Greeley; a stepdaughter, Ellen Kerbs of Longmont; a son, marvin Anderson of Greeley; a stepson, Phil Brewer of Hilo, Hawaii; a sister, Yvonne Carroll, and a brother, Hollis Jordan, both of Greeley; 13 grandchildren; and 14 great grandchildren. A sister and a brother are deceased. Services will be at 10 a.m. Thursday from Adamson Memorial Chapel. Interment will be in Sunset memorial Gardens. Friends may visit until 8 p.m. today at Adamson Mortuary. Greeley Tribune, November 3, 1993 Contributed by: Shelli...

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Biography of Omer Romanes Young

An extensive clientele attests the ability of Omer Romanes Young in the practice of law, to which he has devoted his attention since 1915, and he now ranks with the leading representatives of the Miami bar. He was born on a farm near Hartville, in Wright county, Missouri, October 16, 1883, his parents being Jackson Davis and Sarah Ann (Smith) Young, the former a native of Tennessee and the latter of Illinois. In young manhood the father went to Missouri, settling in Wright county, where he devoted his attention to farming and stock raising, in which he won a gratifying measure of success. In 1892 he removed to Ardmore, where be resided until 1907, when he established his home in Norman in order that he might give his children better educational advantages, and is still living there, while the mother also survives. He stands high in his community, being recognized as a public-spirited and progressive citizen whose influence is ever on the side of advancement and improvement. In religious faith he is a Baptist, and his political allegiance is given to the Republican Party. Reared upon a farm, Omer R. Young attended the public schools of Missouri and Oklahoma to the age of fifteen, when he entered business-life as a clerk in a store at Velma, Oklahoma, filling that position for five and a half years. Going to Dallas,...

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Blokland, Emma L. Mrs. – Obituary

Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon Pioneer Mother Dies at La Grande Mrs. Emma L. Van Blokland, of Island City who crossed the plains by wagon train with her parents, Daniel and Sarah Henderson and several brothers and sisters, and homesteaded on Alder Slope, passed away in La Grande on Monday, January 13, 1964. She was born at LaPlata, Missouri 89 years ago, and had made her home in Island City for many years. She was a member of the First Methodist church, and a 50-year member of the Eastern Star. Survivors include three sons, Milo and Clifford Van Blokland, both of Island City, and Walter Van Blokland, of Redding Calif.; four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren; and a brother, Charles Henderson, of Anaheim, Calif. The late James Henderson, who sold his farm on Alder Slope to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Eads, was a brother. Memorial services were Thursday, January 16, at 2 p.m. at the Dempsey’s Funeral Chapel in La Grande, with Rev. Boone White officiating. Burial followed in the Island City cemetery. Source: Wallowa County Chieftain, January 23, 1964. Contributed by: Sue...

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