Location: Lyon County KS

Biography of Isaac E., Lambert, Sr.

Isaac E. Lambert, Sr., whose tragic death in the burning of the Copeland Hotel at Topeka in 1908 is generally recalled, was in his time one of the most prominent attorneys of Kansas and stood in the forefront of his profession and also as a public leader. His son, Isaac E. Lambert, Jr., is also a lawyer, a resident of Emporia, and is now serving as chief clerk of the Kansas House of Representatives. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now At the time of his death Isaac E. Lambert, Sr., was fifty-five years of age and in the prime of his powers. He was born in Knoxville, Illinois, in 1853, spent his early youth there, and graduated LL. B. from the Northwestern University Law School at Chicago. He began practice in Peoria, Illinois, where for a time he was in the office of the noted Robert Ingersoll. Coming to Kansas in 1875 he located in Emporia and soon had acquired a reputation and successful general practice....

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Biography of John Elmore Martin

John Elmore Martin, son of the late Senator John Martin, of Topeka, had for many years been an active business man and citizen in Emporia and is former mayor of that city. He was born in Topeka, Kansas, October 2, 1862, was educated in the Topeka schools, spent one year in Washburn College, and on leaving college in 1882 became a clerk in the offices of the Santa Fe Railway Company under C. C. Wheeler, who was then general manager. For six years Mr. Martin served as Santa Fe agent at Emporia and for two years at Strong City, Kansas, and he remained in the Santa Fe service until 1896. In that year he bought E. A. Beacher’s laundry at Emporia, located at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Commercial Street. Taking a small business and a plant and equipment none too good, Mr. Martin had concentrated his best efforts on this enterprise and now had the largest and finest laundry in this section of the state. He had erected a large brick building, had installed the latest and most improved apparatus and time and labor saving machinery, and had increased the service and the volume of work so that the entire amount of the weekly business done when he bought the plant hardly equaled in value the amount of the present weekly payroll. After conducting the plant under...

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Biography of James R. Gristy

James R. Gristy, of Emporia, is one of the real old timers of Kansas. Half a century ago he was engaged in farming and stock raising on a large scale in Johnson County. For many years he had been a successful real estate operator, and had enjoyed prominence in a business and civic way not only in Kansas but in Oklahoma and in other western states. Born in Brown County, Illinois, August 31, 1841, he grew up in that section, gained a public school education, graduating from the high school at Rushville, Illinois, in 1863. His first experiences led him into merchandising, and he spent four years at Mounds, Illinois. In the fall of 1866 he came to Kansas with his father, and in the neighborhood of Spring Hill they acquired 360 acres of land, and subsequently increased their holdings until they owned 1,200 acres. This they operated as a large farm and stock ranch for a number of years. In 1879, the father having retired, they both removed to Kansas City, where James R. Gristy established an office and built up an extensive business in real estate. In 1892 he left Kansas City and moved to the territory of Oklahoma, acquiring a large amount of land at Miami, and in many ways helped to promote that young town, which when he went there had less than fifty population....

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Biography of Robert Ernest Cullison

Robert Ernest Cullison. The senior member of the well-known law firm of Cullison, Forrest & Clifford, Robert Ernest Cullison had long been a prominent figure in many of the legal controversies of Allen County, in which his unerring judgment and ability to provide the solution of many complexities have proven his right to be numbered among the distinguished members of the bar of his part of the state. Since the beginning of his career he had practiced at Iola, where he had on several occasions been the incumbent of official positions of importance. Mr. Cullison as a lawyer, conducting cases from their earliest consultation through their preparations in his office and conflicts at the bar, to the final engrossment after the last decree of the final tribunal, is systematic, patient, vigorous and powerful, and is recognized as a most valuable associate and dangerous opponent. Robert E. Cullison was born October 13, 1878, at Bloomfield, Greene County, Indiana, a member of a family which came from Ireland to America during the colonial period of this country’s history, and a son of Robert M. and Eleanor J. (Stalleup) Cullison. His grandfather was born in 1811, in Ohio, and became a pioneer into Greene County, Indiana, where he passed the remainder of his life in agricultural pursuits and died in 1882. He married Elizabeth Lynch, also of Irish descent, who was born...

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Biography of John S. Gilmore

John S. Gilmore. In journalistic circles of Kansas few men are better known than is John S. Gilmore, one of the energetic and progressive of the younger generation of newspaper men, who, as publisher and editor of the Wilson County Citizen, is directing the policies of one of the county’s leading organs and one of the oldest in the state of Kansas. Mr. Gilmore had been a resident of Fredonia all his life, for it was here that he was born April 26, 1891, a son of John S. and Florence (Barton) Gilmore. Robert G. Gilmore, the grandfather of John S. Gilmore, was born on the Irish Sea coast, at Donaghadee, County Down, Ireland, September 19, 1811. He was of Scotch Covenanter stock, his ancestors having migrated to Ireland from Scotland on account of what was considered religious persecution during the reign of Charles h. His trade was that of carpenter and joiner, and he was possessed of a good education, broad intelligence, accurate memory and definite opinions. In politics he was a democrat until 1852 and from 1854 a republican. His wife was born in Dundee, Scotland, April 28, 1812, and in 1838 the couple came to the United States and located at Rochester, New York, where they made their home until they came to Kansas. Robert G. Gilmore died at Emporia, Kansas, of pneumonia, February 11, 1874,...

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Biography of E. O. Smith, M. D.

E. O. Smith, M. D. A physician and surgeon in Kansas for twenty years, Dr. E. O. Smith had attained high rank as a surgeon and is now the active associate of his brother, F. R. Smith, in the practice of surgery at the Winfield Hospital, which the brothers own. A resident of Kansas since 1874, Dr. E. O. Smith was born on a farm three miles from Peru, Madison County, Iowa, January 19, 1869, a son of William and Ellen (Hollingshead) Smith. His father was a native of Kentucky, but in early life went to Illinois with his parents, and was a soldier in the Civil war, fighting with Sherman’s gallant armies through the heart of the Confederacy and over the route of the march to the sea. William Smith afterwards went to Iowa, and from there brought his family to Kansas in 1874. He located in Rice County, developed one of the pioneer farms, and in time enjoyed the prosperity which Kansas soil and climate finally gave to those who most persistently cultivated its broad acres. He finally lived retired at Little River, Kansas, until his death in 1906. His wife, Ellen Hollingshead, was his second wife, and they were the parents of six children, Dr. E. O. Smith being the youngest. Other facts concerning the family history will be found in the sketch of Dr. F....

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Biography of S. B. Warren

The Warren Mortgage Company of Emporia is the largest farm mortgage loan company in Kansas. It was founded by the late S. B. Warren, who came to Emporia in 1876, and its notable position among financial organizations in the state is largely due to his personal integrity and many years of honorable and straightforward dealing. Its field of operations covers about two-thirds of Eastern Kansas. Its business is making loans on farm property, which are sold to several savings banks in the New England states and to trust companies and life insurance companies. The present officers of the company are: S. H. Warren, president; F. O. Lakin, vice president; E. P. Warren, secretary and treasurer. The late S. B. Warren, the founder of the company, was born in Mentor, Ohio, in 1840, and was a direct descendant of Richard Warren, who came to America in the seventeenth century from England. He grew up in Ohio, and made a gallant record as a soldier during the Civil war. He was captain of Company I in the 23rd Ohio Infantry. The late William McKinley was major of that regiment, and the regiment was part of the division commanded by Rutherford B. Hayes. He was in all the engagements of his command, including the battle of Antietam, and was prominent in Grand Army circles after the war. Soon after the close of...

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Biography of Father Berthold Staubach

Father Berthold. That the Church of the Sacred Heart at Emporia is now one of the strongest and most efficient Catholic parishes in Kansas is due primarily to the devoted services of its pastors, and more particularly to Father Berthold, who had been in charge there for the past ten years. The record of the parish during this time is sufficient evidence of Father Berthold’s excellent ability as pastor and church executive, but with these qualities he also unites an equally important one of spiritual adviser to his people. A small number of Catholic people located in and around Emporia a few years after the first settlement was made there, and in earlier times this population was served by priests who visited Emporia from Topeka. Later a parish was organized and a church erected, but in the last ten or fifteen years the congregation increased so much that the edifice became too small, and in 1912 the present modern church building was erected with a seating capacity of 500. At the present time there are 650 parishioners. Other institutions of the parish are a modern parochial school with ninety-five scholars in regular attendance. The old church building is now used as a parsonage, but plans are under way for the erection of a new building. The modern church is at the corner of First Avenue and Exchange Street, and...

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Biography of F. A. Cassady

F. A. Cassady is one of the most successful business men of his age in the State of Kansas. He is proprietor of one of the largest general stores at Neosho Rapids and is also vice president of the Neosho Rapids State Bank. He had reached this position in business circles before attaining his twenty-second year. He was born in Graysville, Missouri, September 24, 1894. His grandfather was a native of County Londonderry, Ireland, and in the old country spelled his name William O’Cassady but dropped the first syllable when he came to the United States. He lived a time in New Jersey and from there brought his family to Missouri, where he spent his active career in Graysville. W. O. Cassady, father of the Neosho Rapids merchant, was born in Missouri in 1861, and for a number of years lived at Graysville and had been an active merchant for the past thirty-four years, his business interests having taken him to a number of different points. In 1900 he moved to Glencoe, Oklahoma, in 1903 to Severy, Kansas, in 1904 to Latham, Kansas, in 1905 to Exline, Iowa, in 1906 to Unionville, Missouri, in 1907 to Harvard, Iowa, in 1909 to Jasper, Missouri, in 1910 to Lindsborg, Kansas, and shortly afterwards to Hartford, Kansas, where he now resided. He had an interest in the store at Neosho Rapids and...

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Biography of Harry Thomas Chatterton

Harry Thomas Chatterton is one of the keen and resourceful young business men of Lyon County, and is a banker and stock farmer at Admire. He is a prosperous citizen, already controls a good business, and wields a valuable influence in his community. He is of stanch English stock and represents a family of early settlers in this section of Kansas. His grandfather, David Chatterton, was a native of England, and, bringing his family to America, located on a farm in Clark County, Ohio, where he spent the rest of his days. John Chatterton, father of the Admire banker, was born in Clark County, Ohio, in 1844, and died in Lyon County, Kansas, in June, 1915. He was a Union soldier during the Civil war, serving three years in the One Hundred and Tenth Ohio Regiment of Infantry. In the battle of Winchester he was taken prisoner, and was confined for a time in Libby Prison, later being exchanged. Besides Winchester he fought at Spottsylvania Courthouse, in the battle of the Wilderness, and in many other engagements in Virginia, and was present at the surrender at Appomattox. His business career was as a farmer, and he was a loyal republican. John Chatterton married Mrs. Alice (Denby) Frazee, whose first husband was David Frazee, a farmer. She was born in England in 1850, coming to the United States in 1872,...

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Biography of Ulysses Schuyler Wolfe

Ulysses Schuyler Wolfe is sole proprietor of the Alfalfa Milling Company of Emporia. This is a business of more than local proportions and makes a specialty of converting the great alfalfa crop of Kansas into special feed and combination of feed for livestock. Mr. Wolfe had been a resident of Kansas since early boyhood and his family were among the early settlers of Emporia. His original ancestors came from England in colonial times and many of them settled in Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. Grandfather David Wolfe was born in Maryland in 1821 and died in Hagerstown of that state in 1873. He was a farmer and planter. Amos Wolfe, father of the Emporia miller, was born in Frederickstown, Maryland, April 9, 1841. When a young man he went to Lebanon, Indiana, where he married Mary Jane Hamilton. She was born November 16, 1834, in Indiana, and died in Emporia, January 16, 1899. From Indiana Amos Wolfe and family moved to Emporia in 1878. He was a farmer in Lyon County until 1892, then engaged in blacksmithing, but about 1898 retired. His home was in Emporia, but he died in Hot Springs, Arkansas, March, 1903. He was a republican and belonged to the Improved Order of Red Men. He and his wife had the following children: Alice, whose first husband was O. R. Hamilton, a farmer, and who is now...

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Biography of Edwin Tucker

Edwin Tucker. Of pioneer Kansans and of men who made the state what it is today Greenwood County contributed no character of wider influence and of finer personality than the late Edwin Tucker. He was one of the very first pioneer settlers in the county, one of the builders of Eureka, achieved a splendid success in business affairs as a land owner and cattleman, participated in the public life of his home county and state at large, and many of the interests which he established and maintained are now being continued through his worthy son. The late Edwin Tucker was born at West Newbury, Vermont, in 1837. He died on the old farm adjoining Eureka on the south in 1911. The Tuckers came out of England, three brothers of them, and were settlers in Vermont before the Revolutionary war. Edwin Tucker’s father was David Tucker, who was born in Vermont in 1794. He moved West and became identified with the lumber industry in Wisconsin. He suffered injuries in the lumber camp which made him almost an invalid during his later years. In 1857 he came to Kansas, but lived practically retired until his death in 1869. He died on the old farm at Eureka. Reared and educated in Vermont, though finishing his schooling in Wisconsin, Edwin Tucker was twenty years of age when he arrived in Greenwood County in...

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Biography of Calvin M. Spencer

Calvin M. Spencer, a well known Emporia business man and citizen, is head of the firm of Spencer & Baltz, proprietors of the New Process Steam Laundry, one of the two leading laundries of Emporia. Both are expert men at the business, and by extensive remodeling and equipment have made their plant in fact and in name a place of service, and consequently their patronage is not confined to the City of Emporia, but their work is distributed all over that part of the state. The Spencers are an old American family, and it is said that they originated in Normandy, whence the first of the name went to England along with William the Conqueror. From England the descendants came to America in colonial times. John Quincy Spencer, grandfather of the Emporia laundryman, was born in Ohio in April, 1825, grew up and married in that state, and about 1853 went to Iowa, where he was an early settler and where he followed farming until late in life. He died near What Cheer, Iowa, in July, 1902. He was a Quaker or a member of the Friends Church, and reared a whig he afterwards adopted republican politics. The maiden name of his wife was Mary Ridgway, who was born in Ohio in February, 1825, and died near What Cheer, Iowa, January 11, 1903. Their four children were: George, a...

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Biography of Elba Elton Edwards, M. D.

Elba Elton Edwards, M. D. A physician and surgeon of splendid capabilities and with a large practice at Admire, Doctor Edwards is a native of Kansas and represents one of the early families to settle in Lyon County. He was born in Rock Creek, in Jefferson County, Kansas, December 23, 1883. His grandfather, William Edwards, was a native of Germany, coming to this country as a young man and spent the rest of his life on a farm in Ohio. Henry Edwards, father of Doctor Edwards, was born in Ohio in 1842, was reared and married in that state, and during the last ninety days of the Ciyil war served in an Ohio regiment. In 1879 he moved to Valley Falls, in Jefferson County, Kansas, and had lived in that county ever since. After two or three years he moved to Rock Creek, and is still a resident of that community, where he is highly esteemed as one of the early farmers and stockmen. He is a democrat, had served as a member of the township board of trustees and the school board and is active in the United Brethren Church, in which he is a deacon. He married Luna Marshall, who was born in Ohio in 1864. Their children are: Villa, widow of Samuel Gish, who was a farmer, and she resided at Rock Creek; Everett M., who...

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Biography of Keenan Hurst

Keenan Hurst, a veteran of the Civil war, forty years a resident of Elk County, is one of the most widely known and esteemed men in this section of Kansas. He followed farming and stock raising several years, took an active part in politics, finally entered the legal profession, and had handled a general practice as an attorney at Howard. He is now serving as city attorney and deputy county attorney. Mr. Hurst was born in Warren County, Ohio, March 5, 1839. His Hurst ancestors came from England to Virginia in colonial days. His grandfather, George Hurst, was born in Virginia, near Richmond, and died on his plantation in Loudoun County in that state in 1820. Herod Hurst, father of Keenan Hurst, was born in Loudoun County, Virginia, on his father’s plantation, in 1820 and died at Howard, Kansas, in 1907, aged eighty-seven years six months. Long life and prosperity have apparently been dominant characteristics in the Hurst family history. Herod was reared in Loudoun County, spent his early life on a Virginia plantation, and at the age of twenty-one, moved to Warren County, Ohio. He was there engaged in farming and stock raising and later went to Clermont County in Southern Ohio. In 1870 he was one of the pioneer settlers in Linn County, Kansas. Later he retired from active life and moved to Howard near his sons....

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