Location: Lowndes County AL

Muskogee Indians

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Muskogee. Meaning unknown, but perhaps originally from Shawnee and having reference to swampy ground. To this tribe the name Creeks was ordinarily applied. Also called: Ani’-Gu’sa, by the Cherokee, meaning “Coosa people,” after an ancient and famous town on Coosa River. Ku-รป’sha, by the Wyandot. Ochesee, by the Hitchiti. Sko’-ki han-ya, by the Biloxi. Muskogee Connections. The Muskogee language constitutes one division of the Muskhogean tongues proper, that which I call Northern. Muskogee Location. From the earliest times of which we have any record these people seem to have had towns all the way from the Atlantic coast of Georgia and the neighborhood of Savannah River to central Alabama. (See also Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.) Muskogee Villages It is difficult to separate major divisions of the Muskogee from towns and towns from villages, but there were certainly several distinct Muskogee tribes at a very early period. The following subdivisional classification is perhaps as good as any: Abihka (in St. Clair, Calhoun, and Talladega Counties): Abihka-in-the-west, a late branch of Abihka in the western part of the Creek Nation, Okla. Abihkutci, on Tallassee Hatchee Creek, Talladega County, on the right bank 5 miles from Coosa River. Kan-tcati, on or near Chocolocko, or Choccolocco, Creek and probably not far from the present “Conchardee.” Kayomalgi, possibly settled...

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Lowndes County, Alabama Cemetery Records

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Most of these cemetery listings are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Hosted at Lowndes County, USGenWeb Archives Project Ash Creek Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Brightman Cemetery, Hayneville, Lowndes County, Alabama Cedar Creek Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Concord Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama County Line Cemetery, Lowndes Co., Al County Line Baptist Church Cemetery, Lowndes Co., Al Dunklin Cemetery, Lowndes Co., Al Farmersville Methodist Church Cemetery, Lowndes Co., Al Good Hope Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Gordonsville Cemetery, Lowndes County, Alabama Graves Burial Ground, Lowndes, Alabama Gresham Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Hayneville Cemetery, Hayneville, Lowndes County, Alabama Hopewell Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Jordan Cemetery, Lowndes County, Alabama Julian Town Cemetery, Lowndes Co., Alabama Lee Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Letohatchee Cemetery, Lowndes Co., Alabama Francis Lewis Burying Ground, Lowndes, Alabama Little Sandy Ridge Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Macedonia Cemetery, Lowndes Co., Al John Mcqueen Place Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Mount Gilead Church (Aka Trickem), Lowndes, Alabama Mount Willing Cemetery, Mount Willing, Lowndes County, Alabama Mushat-Gilchrist Cemetery, Hayneville, Lowndes Co., Alabama Myrtlewood Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Oakview Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Payne Cemetery, Sandy Ridge, Lowndes County, Alabama Philadelphia Cemetery, Lowndes, Alabama Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dallas, Alabama Rogers Family Cemetery, Letohatchee, Lowndes Co., Alabama Sawyer Cemetery, Sandy Ridge, Lowndes County, Alabama...

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