Location: Little Sioux Iowa

Civil War Veterans of Little Sioux Iowa

J. W. Alton W. B. Alton Andrew Armstrong S. C. Bartholomew Milton Bassett James Beecham Henry Bishop H. H. Bonney Jasper Bonney W. H. Butler John C. Conyers Matthew M. Conyers S. W. Crane B. F. Croasdale Ander M. Ellis Clarke Ellis John H. Ellis Andrew J. Erb William Fisher S. B. Frost A. Griffith James Harmon Cornelias Hendrickson David Herring Thomas Jester B. L. Jones S. W. Jones William Kellar R. W. Kerr E. P. Kidder Joshua Lane W. LeSeur J. C. Lytle Thomas McAdon Chester McEvers Elisha McEvers L. H. McWilliams Dan Murphy Rudolph Neitzsch Charles W. Oden R. L. Peasley S. J. Peasley C. L. Payton W. L. Reeves J. Riley George Rock W. S. Rolph Eugene Scofield A. M. Silsby L. S. Silsby George Spry J. W. Stocker Mart Stucker Lewis E. Tolle B. T. Walter R. C. West L. Woodward J. A. Yost Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Pioneer Roster of Little Sioux Iowa

The following is a list of names not in the order pictured. Information was written on the back of the picture. The list of service does not mean that every one served in the Civil War, just those with length of service: David Hering, Dec 5, 1843, 3 years Capt. G. W. Chase, Feb 16, 1821, served 4 years Abel Leach, Oct 5, 1812 Frank Brown, Sept 25, 1849 Corp. H.H. Bonney, Dec 27 1839, served 3 years Andrew Armstrong, Aug 12, 1820 served 3 years A.J. Erb, Aug 20 1839, served 2 years Thomas Leo, Aug 26 1880, Served in Confederate Army 8 ½ years Elijah Clayton, Mar 27, 1845 A.M, Rolph, Aug 7, 1851 M.M. Conyers, Apl 24, 1840 D B. Conyers, July 4, 1838, served 3 years P.H. Terry, Apl 20, 1852 J.C. Crabb, May 7, 1833 Thomas McAdon, Oct 7, 1841 Richard Kerr, Aug 25, 1820 Wm Keller Oct 27, 1845, served 3 years David Gee, May 14, 1842 Jesse Peck, Oct 23, 1883, Sheriff Harrison Co., 6 years M. Murray, May 4, 1840 Clark Ellis, Oct 25, 1843, served 3 years Fred Kelly, Mar 4, 1857 J.A. Yost, Mar 21, 1844, served 3 years Hoover Miller, Jan 14, 1839 John Ellis, Mar 9, 1939, served 3 years S.J. Peasley, May 14, 1838, Served 3 years J. Woodward, May 10, 1822 Rev. J.A. Howard, Jan...

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1884 Directory of Little Sioux Iowa

Last First and Middle Section Post Office Township Business Origin Arrival County State Atwell W C 23 River Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser New Hampshire 1878 Harrison Iowa Bonney J W 25 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser New York 1856 Harrison Iowa Crane A T 4 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser New Jersey 1857 Harrison Iowa Crow W S 36 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser Ohio 1853 Harrison Iowa Denton H S 8 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer Iowa 1881 Harrison Iowa Ellis Samuel 1S Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser Ohio 1855 Harrison Iowa Ellis A M 18 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer Ohio 1855 Harrison Iowa Giggy William 25 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser Maine 1875 Harrison Iowa Gleason A H 25 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser Connecticut 1856 Harrison Iowa Huff H M 2S Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer Kentucky 1855 Harrison Iowa Johnson N J 6 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser Sweden 1873 Harrison Iowa Leach Ael P 26 River Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser New York 1870 Harrison Iowa McEvers Charles 18 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer Iowa 1850 Harrison Iowa Miller Hoover 35 River Sioux Little Sioux Farmer Ohio 1866 Harrison Iowa Neely R H 18 Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer Kentucky 1855 Harrison Iowa Pratt J P 6S Little Sioux Little Sioux Farmer/Stock Raiser Vermont 1856...

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1885 Little Sioux, Iowa School Students

The following is a list of students who attended school at Little Sioux, Iowa in 1885. Will Hudlow Joe Cooper Gertie Gleason Lou Frost Wallace Jones Harry Hope Edgar Moore Ade Murray Ede Cooper Annie Setchell Jennie Reeves Daisy walker Aggie Veal Jessie Pierce Lou cooper Matt Stockwell Inez Croasdale Carrie Murray Dick Cobb Bertha West Carrie Whiting Alice Bonney Dora Gleason Pet McWilliams Belle Noyes Roll Scott Bess Cobb Straus Ellis Julia McWilliams Arthur Bassett Dell Ellis Bert Long Mack Pruitt Bertha Beecham Susie Ellis Ruth Cobb Eva Bonney Alice Branduff Eva Hope Leona Hope Amy Terry Harl...

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1900-1961 Little Sioux, Iowa High School Graduates

Class of 1900 Florence Guyton Leona Hope E. Earl Lanyon James W. Murray J. William Reynolds Alta R. Weymour Class of 1901 Clara Croasdale Smith Bessie DeWitt Blanche Driggs Williams Philena Gibson Baker James Adolph Murray Nettie Reeves Murray Irvin E. Terry Marabelle Terry Starlin Class of 1902 Bessie Alton Basil Bassett Lucie Bonney Fleming Charlie Chaffie Olson Effie Clinkenbeard Anderson Renna Fensler Strauss Ruth Huff White Musa McAdon Long Dora Murray Terry Della Reynolds Louis Steward Cozad George B. West Class of 1903 Kate Bassett D. F. Blakeman Della Dickey Amy Gladson Sarver Grace Champney Soukup Class of 1904 No class Class of 1905 Charles A. Terry Class of 1906 Eva Farber Burbank Herman Olmstead Catherine Setchell Class of 1907 Hattie Baker Linton Leola Caldwell Martin Blanche Crabb Irvin E. Hope Mary Kidder Kate Murray Class of 1908 Tillie Anderson Bean Bessie Baker Koeppen Tom E. Murray Eva Setchell Warren Class of 1909 Grace Martenson Armstrong Zella McWilliams Lawrence Ross Commercial Class of 1909 Eva Farber Burbank John Kidder Perrea McAdon Tommy E. Murray Lawrence Ross Catherine Setchell Harold Walker Class of 1910 Grace Bassett Holt Lillian Frye Brown Callie Gamet Bremer Fern Howard Class of 1911 Allie Gamet Blanche Gibson Virginia Kidder Stevenson Roy Lytle Jennie McAdon Gieth John Walker Class of 1912 Jess Atwell George Baker Viola Bassett Simmons Walter Boylen Class of 1913 Effie Alton...

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1922 Little Sioux, Iowa Atlas

Last First & Middle Wife Children R Acres Sec Yrs in County Owner County State Alton Jess A Inez Virgil Earl Floy R 240 24 32 Cross D  A Harrison Iowa Alton O F Sena Leo Nina Harriett 159 17 16 Harrison Iowa Alton W C R 160 5 Lougee E H Harrison Iowa Armstrong Joe Ethel Bruce Lyle Rose Hugh R 73 36 Harrison Iowa Atwell J F Verna Pearl R 320 22-23 25 Atwell W C Harrison Iowa Aylesworth E D Olga Eugene D R 220 7 10 Smith E E Harrison Iowa Baker F M Anna Hattie Joe George Ruby R 21927 1514 28 Harrison Iowa Baker Joe Margaret Gordon R 20045 2223 28 D Wallace Harrison Iowa Bassett Mrs Anna B Anna Arthur E Maud F Loyd W 80 25 53 Isaac Bassett Estate Harrison Iowa Bean F W Tillie Lena Vera Everett 220 12 37 E E Smith Harrison Iowa Blankenship Perry Verna Wm R 40 18 15 A Stewart Bern Harrison Iowa Bothwell Bud Albia Annis George Hazel R 159 11 45 R W Hills Harrison Iowa Bothwell Geo Geraldine Blendena R 97 2 19 B H Kingbury & J R Prewitt Harrison Iowa Brunstedt J E Ivey Wm Dix Rena Guy 80 15 33 I H Brunsteadt & J E Dix Harrison Iowa Campbell R A Lottie David R 320 1 1...

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