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Location: Linden Missouri

Biography of Wiand Tunnell

WIAND TUNNELL. Among the prominent business men of Linden none stand higher in the community than Wiand Tunnell, who is manager and one of the proprietors of Linden Roller Mills. This mill is owned by Mr. Tunnell, B. A. Stone and T. J. Stapp, and was built about the year 1840, being probably the first mill erected in the county. It was put up by John Hoover and operated by that gentleman until 1886, when the present owners took possession. The firm is known as Tunnell, Stone & Stapp, as William Park owned an interest up to 1892, and in 1888 it was remodeled, a full set of double rollers put in and every thing arranged in first-class condition. This mill is constantly working, the capacity per day is fifty barrels, and the best known brauds are the Imperial Snow Flakes and the Gold Dust, both equal to all brands and superior to many in the State. The mill is set in motion by water power and fed by the water of the Finley. Steam power is used in dry seasons, but this is seldom necessary. This mill is called the best in the county and has the largest capacity of any mill in this section. The brands are made of native wheat, and the mill is operated by two or three experienced men, and first-class flour is made....

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