Location: Liberty Kansas

Biography of John Wallace Howe

John Wallace Howe. Few men are able to comprehend within a period of less than seventy years such a variety of experience and achievement as John Wallace Howe of Independence. He is one of the youngest vsterans of the Union army in the war between the states. Besides the part played by him as a faithful soldier in that struggle, he had been a farmer, a carpenter, had lived in a number of different localities, and was one of the pioneer settlers in Montgomery County, Kansas, having established his home there on the frontier more than forty-five years ago. Public honors have come to him and he had discharged his responsibilities with the same care and fidelity which he displayed while following the flag on southern battlefields. He had been a merchant, a homesteader, a traveling salesman, and is still in the harness as one of the leading insurance and real estate men of Independence. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now His ancestors, the Howes, were...

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Biography of Owen A. Thompson

Owen A. Thompson of Independence represents one of the pioneer families of Kansas and had had an eventful career in nearly all parts of the world. Beturning to his native state a few years ago, he exercised his original mind in inventing a machins now extensively used in all the oil districts of the country, and had since applied himself to the management of the manufacturing plant known as the Safety Pulling Machine Company at Independence, of which he is secretary and treasurer. His grandfather, James A. Thompson, was descended from Scotch ancestors who came from Ayr, Scotland, to New Jersey about 1774. The original ancestor came over as a British soldier but his sympathies were all with the colonists, who soon afterwards engaged in the struggle for independence. James A. Thompson was born in 1831 at Morristown, New Jersey, and came out to Kansas in 1869, taking up a homestead and following farming until his death at Liberty, Kansas, in 1890. It was at Liberty, Kansas, that Owen A. Thompson was born July 27, 1885. His father was Ransom G. Thompson and he was born near Elgin, Illinois, in 1864. He had spent his active career as a farmer and stock man and in 1888 left Kansas and moved to Cook, Nebraska, where he was among the early settlers. He is still living there. He is a member...

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Biography of Floyd B. McBride, M. D.

Floyd B. McBride, M. D. Among the young and enthusiastic professional element of Montgomery County is found Ford B. McBride, who, within the short space of seven years, has built up at Liberty a medical and surgical practice as gratifying personally as it is successful financially. The fearless, questioning attitude of the twentieth century nowhere is more strikingly apparent than among the exponents of medical science. The tendency of the latter-day physician is to avoid, above all things, hasty jumping at conclusions or too ready dependence upon formulae, a tendency that is rapidly destroying ancient delusions and thereby placing the health of the nation in the hands of reasoners and independent thinkers. In this class Doctor McBride undoubtedly belongs. Ford B. McBride was born July 22, 1882, at Sullivan, Indiana, and is a son of T. P. and Lena (Godwin) McBride. The family is of Seotch-Irish origin and, probably in colonial days, first settled in New Jersey upon coming to America. The grandfather of Doctor McBride, William McBride, was born in 1832, in New Jersey, where he was reared to manhood, moved then to Ohio, where he was married, and was a pioneer into Sullivan County, Indiana. A cabinet maker by vocation, he followed his trade in all these states, and during the Civil war served the Union as an engineer, being a member of the Missonri branch of...

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Biography of John Henry Tole

John H. Tole. While it is certainly true that a live and growing community such as Liberty offers many and widely diversified opportunities for advancement along every line of personal endeavor, yet it is just as true that only a certain percentage achieve distinction, and a large number fail of even attaining a competency. It takes something more than mere opportunity to elevate a man from the common level of every-day accomplishments. Unless he has within him that divine spark of genius for his life work, be will continue to belong to the great majority of mediocre humanity, instead of climbing up the ladder of endeavor until he is able to command a view of affairs that will give him that grasp on the rounds of events that nothing can loosen. In reviewing the career and achievements of John H. Tole, of the Liberty Lumber Company and vice president and director of the Liberty State Bank, the above facts are given prominence for he has proven their truth. Mr. Tole was born at Pleasant Hill, Pike County, Illinois, April 29, 1858, and is a son of James H. and Harriet (Richards) Tole. The family was of Scotch-Irish origin and at an early day in the pioneer history of Kentucky located in the Blue Grass State. There, in 1810, was born Winslow Parker Tole, the grandfather of John H. Tole....

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Biography of George Howe Bechtel

George Howe Bechtel. Of the men who are maintaining Montgomery County’s reputation and prestige in financial circles, few are more highly esteemed as banking officials and citizens than George Howe Bechtel, eashier of the Liberty State Bank, of Liberty. Like many other Kansas bankers, Mr. Bechtel is a product of the farm and of the schoolroom. It would seem that the practicality developed in agricultural life and the mental sharpening acquired in the educator’s vocation form a combination happily adaptative to the great and important business of banking. At least, Mr. Bechtel’s career and his success support such a view. Mr. Bechtel was born September 13, 1867, in Atchison County, Kansas, and is a son of William and Emma F. (Thompson) Bechtel and a member of a family that originated in Holland and emigrated to America in Colonial times, settling in Pennsylvania. Joshua Bechtel, the grandfather of George H. Bechtel, was born in the Keystone State, and there passed his entire life, dying in Montgomery County. He followed farming as a vocation and was accounted a substantial man and a good citizen, respected and esteemed by those who knew him. William Bechtel, father of George H., was born in 1825, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and was there reared and educated. In young manhood he went to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was married, and there followed carpentering and building until...

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Biography of David Heckman

David Heckman. Of the men whose ability, industry and forethought have added to the character, wealth and good government of Liberty, none are better known than David Heckman. Mr. Heckman is a business man, not only by training and long experience, but by preference and natural talent, and all these qualities have been combined to form a force through which he has worked his way to success. He first came to this community in 1870, but it was not until 1877 that he located permanently in Liberty, and since that time his fortunes have been linked indissolubly with those of the growing community which he has watched grow and develop with the eye of a proprietor. Mr. Heckman was born on his father’s farm near Leechburg, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, January 17, 1847, being a son of Abraham and Esther (Klingensmith) Heckman, a grandson of Philip Heckman, a pioneer Pennsylvania farmer who died in Armstrong County before his birth, and a member of a family which originated in Germany and transferred its abiding place to America many years ago. Abraham Heckman was born in 1812, in Armstrong County, and there his entire life was passed in the vocations of farming and stockraising. He was a man of sound intelligence and force of character, and his abilities were recognized by his fellow-citizens on a number of occasions when they elected him...

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Biography of George Washington Wingate

George Washington Wingate. The career of George Washington Wingate, of Liberty, Kansas, is an expression of practical and diversified activity, and in its range has invaded the fields of agriculture, business, finance, education, politics and society, all of which have profited by the breadth and conscientiousness which are characteristic of the man and his work. As a business man be developed several enterprises into paying ventures, as a banker he has made an honorable place for himself, in public life his services have been of exceeding value to his community, and as a member of society he has constantly endeavored to promote movements for the advancement of education, morality and good citizenship. Mr. Wingate was born in Sussex County, Delaware, August 30, 1861, and is a son of Stansbury Jacob and Annie (Berry) Wingate, and a member of a family which, originating in England, settled in Delaware in colonial days. Stansbury Jacob Wingate was born in 1825, in Delaware, was reared and educated in that state, and was married in Sussex County, Delaware. In young manhood, he learned the trade of wagonmaking, and in following that vocation traveled extensively, gradually following the tide of civilization to the West as each new community became more thickly settled. In February, 1862, not long after the birth of George W. Wingate, he went with his family to Moultrie County, Illinois, subsequently removing...

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Biography of Joseph E. Roberts

Joseph E. Roberts, conducting a furniture and undertaking business at Nowata, is one of the wide-awake and alert young men of the city, whose success is the result of thoroughness and enterprise. He was born October 23, 1892, about twelve miles east of the city in which he still makes his home. His father, Edward Taylor Roberts, was a native of Indiana, his birth having occurred on a farm near Lebanon in Montgomery County, his parents being James Thomas and Lydia A. (James) Roberts. His parents were Kentuckians but were married in Indiana, to which state they had removed in early life. James T. Roberts there followed farming until 1870 and also engaged to some extent in merchandising. He then removed with his family to Liberty, Kansas, where he carried on farming, stock raising, and mercantile pursuits until 1881, at which time he became a resident of the Indian Territory settling on a farm six miles south of the present site of Nowata. His remaining days were given to agricultural pursuits and he won a substantial success as the years passed by. He was a Democrat in his political views but took no active part in politics. He died in 1903. His wife passed away in 1904, at the age of sixty-seven years. Edward T. Roberts was the second in order of birth in a family of seven children...

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Biography of Charles T. Bickett

Charles T. Bickett. Well established in business affairs at Coffeyville, with an office for the handling of insurance, collections and also for the discharge of his duties as justice of the peace, Charles T. Bickett has had an unusually wide range of experience and association with Montgomery County, where he has lived since pioneer times. His ancestry goes back to an old English family, and in fact may be traced to that noted scholar and thinker, Thomas a’ Becket, of the fourteenth century. The Bicketts came from England to Virginia in colonial times. From Virginia they spread across the mountains into Kentucky, and Mr. Bickett’s grandfather was born either in Kentucky or Virginia and was a Kentucky farmer. Charles T. Bickett was born at Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri, February 7, 1860. His father, Hiram J. Bickett, was born at St. Mary’s, Kentucky, in 1813, was reared and married there, was a school teacher for several years, and in 1856 became one of the early settlers in Nodaway County, Northwest Missouri. He taught school in that section of the state until 1876, and in that year moved to Kansas, locating at Wellington, and in 1879 buying a farm three miles west of Liberty in Montgomery County, on which he lived until his death October 14, 1884. He was a Kentucky democrat and a member of the Catholic Church. His, wife,...

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Biography of George H. Wark

George H. Wark, who has been in the practice of law at Caney for the past thirteen years, and in the fall of 1916 was elected a member of the State Senate, is a native of Montgomery County, where his father established a home about the time the Indians moved out of the country into Indian Territory. The substantial ancestry of which he is a representative was from Scotland and was transplanted to the American colonies, living in New York State and afterwards in Pennsylvania. Grandfather William Wark was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1808. In his early years he became a settler in Stark County, Ohio, and from there moved to Indiana. He was a farmer and died in Owen County, Indiana, in 1863. His wife, Margaret Sweeney, was born in Ohio. Of their marriage there are three children still living: Sampel, a retired farmer in Washington state; Luther, who was a pioneer homesteader in Thomas County, Kansas, where he is now a stockman and farmer; and Lizzie, wife of Lonis Norman, a wagonmaker at Emporia, Kansas. Of those now deceased besides the father of Senator Wark: George, who died at Spencer, Indiana, in 1915, was a lawyer; Aaron and John were farmers; Margaret, who died in Brazil, Indiana, in 1914, married Mr. Travis, a merchant, who is also deceased. George H. Wark was born on a...

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Biography of Galusha W. Ashby

Galusha W. Ashby. Many of the men of Montgomery County who have attained prominence in business life, have had their training in agricultural work and prior to entering commercial, industrial and financial affairs have achieved success as tillers of the soil. In this category is found Galusha W. Ashby, who until 1914 centered his activities in farming in Montgomery County and since that time has given his fine talents to the advancement of the lumber interests of Liberty, as proprietor of the Liberty Lumber Company. Mr. Ashby was born on a farm in Appanoose County, Iowa, December 23, 1861, and is a son of Thomas and Amanda V. (Fuller). Ashby. On his father’s side he is of Scotch descent and on his mother’s side of French ancestry, and both families located in Maryland during Colonial times. Thomas Ashby was born in 1834, in Indiana, was reared and educated in that state and Iowa, and in the latter state entered upon his career as a farmer. On May 20, 1871, he came to Montgomery County, Kansas, establishing himself as a pioneer farmer, and here the remainder of his life was passed. He became a substantial agriculturist, accumulated a good property through industry and well-directed effort, and won and held the esteem and respect of his fellow-citizens. His death occurred in 1882. Mr. Ashby was a republican, but took only a...

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Biography of A. Frank Johnson

A. Frank Johnson. During his residence at Independence for thirty-five years A. Frank Johnson has made a most commendable and successful business record, and in many ways has found opportunity to serve the public welfare as a private citizen. For more than twenty years he has been in business as a stock buyer and meat dealer, and is also a bank director and the owner of considerable property. A Pennsylvanian, he belongs to the branch of the Johnson family which settled in Pennsylvania in colonial days. His grandfather, Roan Johnson, spent his life in that state as a farmer. A. Frank Johnson was born at Strattonville, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, September 10, 1857. His father, Samuel Johnson, was born in the eastern part of the state April, 1818, and became one of the leading farmers and citizens of Clarion County, where he served as county treasurer and sheriff. He died on his farm near Strattonville in September, 1893. Politically he was a democrat, and was a deacon in the Baptist Church. Samuel Johnson married Miriam Owens, who was born in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, in 1816 and died there in 1904. Their children were: Andrew, who served as a soldier of the Union army during the Civil war, afterwards became a pioneer to the State of Minnesota, and died there, being drowned while crossing a river; John also was a Union...

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