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Location: Lexington KY

Biography of Prof. James Anderson Yates

Prof. James Anderson Yates. From England to North Carolina, in colonial times, the Yates family may be traced by generations as it extended into Tennessee and Kentucky and 1916 finds it firmly and honorably established in other states. For two decades this name in Kansas has been connected with the educational field, the scholastic attainments of Prof. James Anderson Yates, the head of the departments of chemical and physical sciences, in the State Manual Training Normal School at Pittsburg, having won recognition in this and in other large institutions of learning. Professor Yates enjoys a wide acquaintance with the leading scientists of the country and is valued as a member of numerous scientific bodies. James Anderson Yates was born October 24, 1865, at Bush, in Laurel County, Kentucky, and is a son of James F. Yates and a grandson and namesake of Anderson Yates. The latter was born in 1810, in North Carolina, and died in 1885, in Grainger County, Tennessee, in which he had been an early settler and farmer. He married a member of the Mitchell family. James F. Yates was born in 1835, at Rutledge, Grainger County, Tennessee, and died at Bush, Kentucky, in August, 1903. He was reared in Tennessee but during the Civil war went to Kentucky. When the war opened in 1861 he enlisted for service in the Union army, entering the Third...

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