Location: Leonardville Kansas

Biography of Delmar E. Deputy

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Long a prominent citizen of Riley County and a successful business man of Manhattan, Delmar E. Deputy, in his capacity of private citizen and as a member of the firm of Deputy & Schellenbaum, publishers of the Manhattan Nationalist, had done much to advance the welfare of his city and county. He was born in Jennings County, Indiana, November 9, 1862, a son of Silvester F. and Jane (Fowler) Deputy, natives also of Jennings County, and descendants of old Virginia ancestors, and with his parents came to Kansas in 1878 and settled in Riley County, where the father became a prominent farmer and stockman and continued to make his home in the same community for more than thirty years, his death occurring at Riley, Kansas, in 1909, at the age of seventy-seven years. He was a stanch republican and a Christian. A contemporary, in speaking of Mr. Deputy, said: “Silvester F. Deputy was a man of strong force of character and was respected by all who knew him. No man ever lived who had a stricter regard for probity; he was strictly honest.” Delmar E. Deputy was fifteen years of age when his father removed with the family to Kansas. He received his high school training in Manhattan and then took a course in a business...

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Biography of Dr. Louis Ostrom

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Dr. Louis Ostrom, A. B. M. D., was born in Helsingland, Sweden, May 1, 1874, and came to America when six years old. His father is a pipe-organ builder, known among hundreds of churches all over the country. Young Ostrom attended public schools, and as soon as he was able to work, was at one time or another employed during vacations in nearly all the shops of Moline. After becoming a student of Augustana College, he worked during the different vacations as section hand on the street car line, printer in a job office, and pressman to the Moline Daily Dispatch, etc. While a student, he also studied music under Dr. Gustav Stolpe; was director of the band, orchestra, and mandolin clubs, cornetist, and later elaeionetist with the Sixth Regiment Band, Illinois National Guard, of Moline, and Strasser’s Second Regiment Band of Davenport, Iowa. He also took active part in all college athletics, being a member of both baseball and football teams. He graduated from Augustana College in 1895, in the English classical course, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Arts. During the summer before graduation he was assistant organist to Dr. Stolpe in the Moline Lutheran Church, and after graduation was at Moor’s Prairie, Minnesota, as organist and music teacher. While there he received a...

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Biography of Keith Evans Cox

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Keith Evans Cox is a Kansas newspaper man with wide experience and ability, and is now editor and proprietor of the Cheney Sentinel, in Sedgwick County. Apart from his own work and the influence he has exercised in journalism, much interest attaches to his name because of his honored father and mother, both of whom were prominent in the early days of Kansas. His father was the late William Edgar Cox. A Kentuckian by birth, he first came out to Kansas from Frankfort in 1859. He remained only a short time, and on returning to Kentucky during the Civil war period gave offense because of his pronounced Union sentiments to his father, who was a wealthy planter and slave holder. William E. Cox again came to Kansas in 1871, and in 1872 located at Wellington. He was a strong and active opponent of the liquor interests, and a devout Methodist. He had studied law during his early career and for many years served as justice of the peace. He was one of the most highly esteemed citizens of Wellington, where he died June 8, 1902, at the age of sixty. On March 17, 1875, William E. Cox married Mary Evans. They were married at Wellington, where Mrs. Cox still resides with her two daughters. She was...

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