Location: Lenoir County NC

Slave Narrative of Charity Austin

Interviewer: T. Pat Matthews Person Interviewed: Charity Austin Location: 507 South Bloodworth Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Date of Birth: July 27, 1852 Place of Birth: Granville County NC Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now I wus borned in the year 1852, July 27. I wus born in Granville County, sold to a slave speculator at ten years old and carried to Southwest, Georgia. I belonged to Samuel Howard. His daughter took me to Kinston, North Carolina and I stayed there until I wus sold. She married a man named Bill Brown, and her name wus Julia Howard Brown. My father wus named Paul Howard and my mother wus named Chollie Howard. My old missus wus named Polly Howard. John Richard Keine from Danville, Virginia bought me and sent me to a plantation in Georgia. We only had a white overseer there. He and his wife and children lived on the plantation. We had slave quarters there. Slaves were bought up and sent there in chains. Some...

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Slave Narrative of William George Hinton

Interviewer: T. Pat Matthews Person Interviewed: William George Hinton Location: North Carolina Date of Birth: August 28th, 1859 Place of Birth: Wake County NC Star Street, R. F. D. #2, Box 171 I was born in Wake County in de year 1859, August 28th. I ‘members seeing de Yankees, it seems like a dream. One come along ridin’ a mule. Dey sed he wus a Yankee bummer, a man dat went out raging on peoples things. He found out whur the things wus located an’ carried the rest there. The bummers stole for de army, chickens, hogs, an’ anything they could take. Atter de bummer come along in a few minutes de whole place wus crowded wid Yankees. De blue coats wus everywhere I could look. Marster didn’t have but five slaves, an’ when de Yankees come dere wus only me an’ my oldest sister dere. All de white folks had left except missus and her chillun. Her baby wus only three weeks ole then. A Yankee come to my oldest sister an’ said, ‘Whur is dem horses?’ He pulled out a large pistol an’ sed, ‘Tell me whur dem horses is or I will take your damn sweet life.’ Marster hid de horses an’ sister didn’t know, she stuck to it she didn’t know an’ de Yankees didn’t shoot. Dey come back, de whole crowd, de next day...

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Mercer C. Parrot

Lt., Med. Corps, in the Navy. Entered service in the 5th Naval District; the son of George F. and Julia F. Parrott, of Lenoir County. Husband of Corinne Hancock Parrott. Resident of Kinston, N.C., going from there to Norfolk, Va., Nov. 17, 1917. Commissioned Lt. Jr. grade August, 1917; Lt. Sr. grade July 1, 1918. Mustered out at Norfolk, Va., Feb. 4,...

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P. W. West

Seaman 2nd Class (Navy); of Lenoir County; son of Horace and Mrs. Hattie West. Entered service May 31, 1918, at Kinston, N.C. Sent to St. Helena, Va. On U. S. S. Southport, Hospital Ambulance, Nov. 15, 1918, to July, 1919. Mustered out at Norfolk, Va., Aug. 5,...

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J. O. H. Taylor

1st Lt., Co. B, 30th Div., 119th Inf. Regt.; of Lenoir County; son of J. W. and Mrs. E. J. Taylor. Husband of Mrs. Leone Taylor. Entered service in 1916 at Kinston, N.C. Promoted to rank of 2nd Lt. 1910; 1st Lt. 1913. Has been in N.C. N. G. about ten years. Was on Mexican border and served until Oct. 12, 1917, then went back to special limited duty and served from Oct. 3, 1918, to Dec. 7,...

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Jasper O. Temple

Corpl., Amb. Corps, 317th Co., 80th Div., 305th San. Tr.; of Lenoir County; son of R. H. and Mrs. Hattie Temple. Husband of Mrs. Ella Mallard Temple. Entered service Sept. 17, 1917. Sent to Camp Lee, Va., transferred to Lambert’s Pt. Sailed for France May 25, 1918. Fought at St. Mihiel, Argonne Forest. Mustered out at Camp Dix, N. J., June 9,...

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Roger N. Sutton

1st Sergt., Air Service, 486th Squad; of Lenoir County; son of A. J. and Mrs. Fanny C. Sutton. Husband of Mrs. Carolina Brock Sutton. Entered service Oct. 14, 1917, at Kinston, N.C. Sent to Ft. Thomas, transferred to Kelly Field, then to Morrison, Va. Sailed for France March, 1918. Promoted to rank of Corpl., Dec. 11, 1917; Sergt. Aug. 1, 1918; 1st Sergt. Aug. 15, 1918. Mustered out at Camp Jackson May 25,...

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George Everett Rhodes

Sergt., Aviation, 1st Co., 4th Regt. Born in Lenoir County; son of R. E. L. and Mrs. Etta Rhodes. Entered service Jan. 5, 1916, at Kinston, N.C. Sent to Camp Glenn. Transferred to Camp Sevier. Sailed for France July, 1918. Promoted to rank of Sergt. July, 1918. Enlisted in N.C. N. G. Served on Mexican Border for six months. Returned to USA July 4, 1919. Mustered out at Camp Jackson, S. C., Aug. 1,...

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Richard Lewis Rhodes

Band Corpl., 119th Inf., Hdqurs. Co., 30th Div. Born in Lenoir County; son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. L. Rhodes. Entered service Jan. 29, 1916, at Kinston, N.C. Sent to Camp Glenn, N.C., then to the Mexican Border. Transferred to Camp Royster and Camp Sevier, 1917-1918. Sailed for France May 11, 1918. Gassed at Ypres, Belgium, Sept. 2, 1918. Returned to USA April 2, 1919. Mustered out at Camp Jackson, S. C., April 7, 1919. Enlisted in 2nd N.C. N. G. Served on the Mexican Border. Served...

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Joseph Dixon Rountree

Private 1st Class, Co. C, 1st Div., 28th Reg. Born in Lenoir County, Aug. 20, 1898; son of Joseph H. and Elizabeth Dixon Rountree. Entered service April 19, 1917, at Kinston, N.C. Sent to Savannah, Ga. Transferred to Texas. Fought at Cantigny and wounded there May 30, 1918. Died May 31, 1918. Buried in French Cemetery. Joseph Dixon Rountree was the first from Lenoir County to fall on the battlefields of France. This closes the door on the earthly existence of this Lenoir County lad, leaving to us the memory of a life given to the cause of humanity. He heard humanity’s clear call, And knew the voice divine, He gave his life, he gave his all, In deadly battle line. The silent stars in love look down, Where lies this loyal son, In frost and dew they weave a crown, Of honors he has...

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Gordon Lee Rhodes

Sgt. Inf., Co. F, 119th Reg., 30th Div. Born in Lenoir County, N.C., Aug. 2, 1893; son of R. E. L. and Etta Brinson Rhodes. Entered the service at Kinston, N.C., Jan. 29, 1916, and sent to Camp Glenn, N.C., and then transferred to Camp Stewart, Tex.; then to Camp Royster and then to Camp Sevier, S. C. Sailed for France May 5, 1918. Promoted Sgt. November, 1917. Fought in all engagements of the 30th Div. until Sept. 29, 1918. Gassed at Ypres, Belgium, Sept. 2, 1918. Killed on the Hindenburg Line, Sept. 29, 1918, and buried at Bony-Aisne. Enlisted in the 2nd N.C. N. G. and served on the Mexican border. Cited for Bravery in September,...

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Pell Emory Rouse

Sergt., 2nd Eng. Hdqrs.; of Lenoir County; son of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Rouse. Entered service Sept. 19, 1917, at La Grange, N.C. Sent to Camp Jackson. Sailed for France Jan. 21, 1918. Fought at Somme offensive. Wounded at Battle of Somme by bullet July 26, 1918. Sent to Base Hospital No. 8 in France, Camp Hospital No. 31, France. Returned to USA June 27, 1919. Mustered out at Camp Jackson, S. C., July 15, 1919. First enlisted Sept. 19, 1917; was discharged at Camp Jackson Oct. 1, 1917. Re-enlisted at Washington, D. C., Jan. 14,...

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Richard Lewis Patrick

1st Class Private, 118th F. A., 31st Div., Btry. B. Born in Lenoir County; the son of George Lane and Mrs. Katherine Lewis Patrick. Entered the service May 18, 1918, at Wilson, N.C. Was sent to Camp Jackson, S. C., and from there to Camp Mills. Sailed for France Oct. 21, 1918. Returned to USA Dec. 21, 1918, and was mustered out at Camp Gordon, Ga., Jan. 9,...

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George Fountain Parrott

Lt., Com. (Naval). Born Dec. 23, 1887; son of George F. and Julia Parrott, of Lenoir County. Graduated 1911 at U. S. Naval Academy. Promoted to rank of Ensign March, 1912; Lt. Jr. grade March, 1914; Lt. Sr. grade April, 1917; Lt. Com. August, 1918. Commander of the Destroyer U. S. S. Shaw on active duty. Killed Oct. 9, 1918, in collision with H. M. S. Aquitania. Executive officer on the Shaw. The U. S. Government has named the Destroyer Parrott in his...

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Price Vance Peery

1st Lt., Med. Corps, Amb. No. 43, 80th Div., 319th Regt.; of Lenoir County; son of J. S. and Mrs. Livonia Brown Peery. Husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Woodley Peery. Entered service August 25, 1917, at Kinston, N.C. Transferred to Newport News, Va. Sailed for France May 17, 1918. Fought at St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Arras, Ayette. Commanded by Col. Comdg. Love. Acting surgeon of the regiment from September 29th and throughout the period of fighting. Mustered out at Camp Lee, Va., April 19,...

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