Location: Lawrence County IN

Biography of John Dougherty

Like many of the most prosperous and enterprising citizens of the county of Wallowa, the esteemed subject of this sketch came hither from the eastern part of the United States and here has wrought with the accumulated wisdom of years and experience gained both in that section of the country and in this, while he has ever been dominated by a high sense of the responsibilities of the position of the enlightened citizen and supporter of our free institution, being in his personal demeanor upright, capable, thrifty and patriotic. John Dougherty was born in Lawrence County, Indiana, in 1837, to James K. and Jane (Snyder) Dougherty, who had settled in that county, but later removed to Missouri, making their home near Pleasant Hill, three and one-half miles east. In this last place they remained until the time of their departure from the labors of earthly life. When the subject of this sketch arrived at the age of maturity he commenced the years of his majority by farming in the neighborhood where he was born, continuing there for about four years and then migrated to Missouri, settling near Pleasant Hill. In that place he was occupied with the agriculturist’s life following the path of industry and enterprise for nine years gaining meanwhile the favored success that is the lot of those who operated on the principles mentioned. Fourteen years before...

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Biographical Sketch of R. C. Newland

Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Newland were married March 20, 1856, in Bedford, Indiana, which was also their birth place. Mrs. Newland’s maiden name was Catherine J. Swan and she was born August 17, 1834. Mr. Newland was born Dec. 24, 1836. In 1864, they moved to Galva, Illinois, where they resided until 1881 when they moved to Ida County, Iowa and made their home on a farm near Clarendon. Through the influence of Mrs. B. M. Miller (their daughter) who was born at Galva, Illinois, the name of Clarendon, Iowa, was changed to Galva, Iowa. They had 5 children: James T. Newland, Mrs. C. M. Cole, Mrs. B. M. Miller, Mrs. Charles A. Davis, and John C....

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