Location: Lake County TN

Biography of Mrs. Caroline (Watson) Dickinson

Mrs. Caroline (Watson) Dickinson, the widow of William R. Dickinson, is the daughter of Daniel and Rowena (Bartlett) Watson. Her father was born in North Carolina in 1797 and the mother in Missouri in 1802, where they married and lived until 1820, when they crossed over to Fulton County, Kentucky, and lived there until they died. They had eight children, two boys and six girls. Her mother was a devout Methodist; her father, an energetic farmer, and a democrat, and died in 1865; the mother died in 1869. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mrs. Dickinson was born April 6, 1823, being the first child born in Madrid Bend, Kentucky She had fine educational advantages, and spent two years under Mrs.Tevis, the principal of “Science Hill,” at Shelbyville, Kentucky, for a great many years the largest and best female college in the South. In 1843 she married William R. Dickinson, a native of Missouri. He was a graduate of Cape Girardeau College, of Missouri. He taught...

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Biography of Rev. M. J. Holifield

Rev. M. J. Holifield, one of the active local ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, of Lake County, is the son of Rev. William and Elizabeth (Copeland) Holifield. His parents were both natives of North Carolina. The father was born in 1782; the mother in 1786. They moved to Kentucky when young, and had sixteen children; seven boys and three girls lived to be grown. The entire family was Methodists, and three of the sons were ministers. Reverend William Holifield was a local minister for forty years. He was in the war of 1812 with General Jackson, and was at the battle of New Orleans, and was always a democrat. He was regarded as one of the best farmers in his neighborhood. In 1860 he died a faithful servant of the church and a worthy member of society. In 1865 his wife died. Rev. M. J. Holifield was of German descent on his father’s side and English on the mother’s. He was born in Graves County, Kentucky, July 12, 1881. He remained with his parents until twenty one years of age, then commenced farming, and by private study prepared himself for the ministry and was licensed to preach when only twenty three years of age. He volunteered as a private in the Confederate Army, Twelfth Kentucky Cavalry, and after a year was made chaplain of the regiment, continuing...

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Biographical Sketch of William Harper

William Harper, one of the oldest men in Lake County, is the son of John and Elizabeth (Weaver) Harper; they were both probably born in Pennsylvania; they married, and made their home in Kentucky. They had three sons, but one of them living; they both belonged to the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Harper was a farmer, and in politics a Whig. Mrs. Harper lived to be sixty five years old, and he was eighty seven; his ancestors were Dutch. William Harper was born June 10, 1807, in Woodford County, Kentucky At the age of sixteen, he accepted a position as salesman in his brother’s store, but a few years later returned to farming. In 1846 he married Frances N. McGehee, born December 19, 1832; they had no children, and the following year she died. In 1848 he married Sarah H. Tittesworth; she was born November 21, 1832, and died in 1880. They had seven children, five living. Mrs. Harper was a Methodist. Mr. Harper was a Whig before the war, and a democrat since. In 1855 he moved to Madrid Bend. He owns 400 acres of fine land. In 1875 he moved to California on account of his wife’s health, but, as it failed to benefit her, they returned to Madrid Bend. He has been a resident of the county for thirty years, and is now in his eightieth year....

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Biographical Sketch of H.M. Peacock

H. M. Peacock, farmer in Lake County, is a brother of Mr. C. M. Peacock and was born in Obion County October 18, 1846; was raised on the farm and when young he had but few opportunities of securing an education; but has, by studying in later years acquired a great deal of general information. December 30, 1875, he married Miss Georgia Watson, daughter of Robert Watson. Mrs. Peacock was born in Madison County, Tennessee June 27, 1854. Six children blessed this union, four boys and two girls; only three are now living: William H., born July 17, 1879, Martha A., born February 20, 1880; Hattie M., born March 21, 1882. Mr. and Mrs. Peacock belong to the Methodist Church South. He is a democrat in politics and a member of the Masonic fraternity. He owns now 275 acres of good land, and though comparatively a young man is known all over the county as a successful farmer and a good business man, and holds the confidence of all who know...

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Biographical Sketch of Reuben Cates

Reuben A. Cates, the fourth child of John and Susan (Box) Cates, was born December 3, l837, in Lake County, was raised on a farm and was well educated. After the country schools he went to the college at McKenzie, and then attended a commercial college at Keokuk, Iowa; after this he went to Texas for a while and then returned to Tennessee. In 1881 he married Lula Craig, who was born January 23, 1863, and they have two children: Opal and John O. Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Cates belong to any church. In politics he is a democrat. Soon after he married, Mr. Cates commenced farming, owning 775 acres of land. Like his brother, Council, he is exceedingly fond of hunting, the two, being recognized as the finest marksmen in the country, and every year they spend from two to five weeks on the lake hunting and fishing, and he also takes a great interest in baseball, being a member of the Star Club at Tiptonville. Mr. Cates has lived in Lake County for eighteen years, and has many...

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Biography of James C. Harris

James C. Harris, one of the leading merchants and farmers of Lake County, is the son of Christopher O. and Jane (Flanagan) Harris. His father was born in Alabama in 1796 and his mother near Lexington, Kentucky in 1800. When a young man he went to Kentucky and married Miss Flanagan, and they spent the rest of their life there. They had five children, three boys and two girls, two of them now living. Mrs. Harris was a Catholic. He was not a church member. He was in the war of 1812 against the Indians; was in politics a Whig. He engaged in farming and raising stock, and during the winter served as pilot on the flat-boats. While on a trip to New Orleans he was taken ill with yellow fever, and died there in 1841. His wife remained at the old homestead until she died in 1885. Mr. James Harris’ ancestors were on his father’s side, English and Scotch, and on the mother’s Irish; he was born March 22, 1830, in Fulton County, Kentucky. While he was never in school over twelve months in his life, yet he acquired by experience and observation a good business education and knowledge of the practical affairs of life. In 1857 he married Mary A. Neville, born In Hickman County, Kentucky in 1835; they had ten children, five now living. In 1859...

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Biography of Henry M. Darnall

Henry M. Darnall (deceased) was born in Chester District, South Carolina in 1808. His parents moved to Maury County, Tennessee, when he was four years old. When nineteen he left there and went to Obion County, and lived there and in Lake County until his death. His early education was neglected, though be inherited fine sense from his mother, and his father was well educated. When thirty years of age he was appointed captain of a company of militia; then was made colonel, and finally brigadier general. During the war he was offered the generalship of the army of Virginia, or general quarter mastership of the Southern Confederacy. Mr. Darnall’s reply to the latter was characteristic; he said that “he did not care to go into the service with a load of bacon on his shoulders” but preferred going as a soldier. He took no part in the war at all; politically was a democrat. When the question of secession came up, he was one of two men in that section of Obion County who voted for the Union. His chief occupation was farming and land speculating, in which he was very successful. In 1836 he married Virginia Wright born in Wayne County, Kentucky in 1817. Of seven children born to them two sons and two daughters are living. The oldest son was a representative of the lower house...

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Biographical Sketch of H.M. Hassell

H. M. Hassell, one of the farmers of Lake County whose success in life has been due to his own efforts, is the son of Nathan G., and Ann (Rayfield) Hassell, and was born in Decatur County, Tennessee, May 31, 1844. The father was born in North Carolina in 1800 and his mother in the same state in 1818. Their parents moved to Decatur County, Tennessee, when they were both young, and they married there. Mr. Hassell, Sr., was a tanner by trade, and in politics, an old line Whig; both his wife and himself were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Hassell died December 23, 1858; Mrs. Hassell is still living. Our subject, H. M. Hassell, had few opportunities of acquiring an education. He left Henderson County and moved to Lake County in 1871. October 16, 1884, he married Miss Ruth Delaney. She was born in Hardin County, Tennessee, December 4, 1857, and with her husband belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church South. While Mr. Hassell is a democrat he does not take any active part in politics. He is a member of the I. 0. 0. F. Mr. Hassell, at the time he commenced farming in Lake County, was without money, and by hard work and perseverance has bought him a fine farm of 235 acres, and is now constantly adding good...

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Biographical Sketch of Robert T. Parks

Robert T. Parks, a merchant of Lake County, is the son of John L. and Malinda (Crafton) Parks. Both of his parents were natives of middle Tennessee, where they were married. They soon after settled in Giles County and lived there until 1852, when they moved to Gibson County, and nine years later to what is now Lake County. They had thirteen children, six sons and seven daughters. They belonged to the Christian Church. In early life he was a teamster, but on coming to the western district gave his attention to farming. He died during the war and his widow in 1886. Robert Parks was born May 23, 1839, in Giles County, and was raised on a farm and received but a limited education, as he was not fond of going to school, but preferred to work. He has engaged in the poultry business to a great extent and with marked success, farming in connection with it. Since 1873 he has been merchandising. In 1860 he married Mary E. Graham. She was born September 26, 1843 in Gibson County, and they have no children. Both of them are members of the Missionary Baptist Church. In addition to a good store and stock of goods, Mr. Parks owns seven acres of land. He has accumulated his property by his own efforts, and is an honest man, respected by all...

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Biographical Sketch of Mr. F. H. Griffin

Mr. F. H. Griffin, a farmer of the Fourth District of Lake County, is the son of John T. and Miriam (Bailey) Griffin. The father was born in North Carolina October 12, 1803 and his mother in Madison County, Alabama in 1805. They were married in Madison County Alabama in January 1826, and had eight children, only two of them living to be grown: our subject and Martha J., who was born January 11, 1829, and married Mr. J. S. Williams, of Lake County, Tennessee, where she died in 1867. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin were devout members of the Christian Church. Mrs. Griffin died in May 1841, and Mr. Griffin was married twice afterward, and he died in April, 1850. In politics he was a Whig. Mr. F. H. Griffin is of Welsh Irish descent, and was born in Madison County, Alabama, January 29, 1827; was raised on the farm, and received what was then considered a good education. January 25, 1855, he married Miss Susan C. Hopper, who was born in Williamson County, Tennessee, December 16, 1837. Three sons and four daughters were born to this union, three of them living. Mrs. Griffin was a member of the Methodist Church, and died, February 17, 1866, as she had lived, a Christian. July 13, 1870, Mr. Griffin married Miss L. J. Babb, who was born in Obion County, Tennessee,...

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Biographical Sketch of D.G. Ferguson

D. G. Ferguson is a son of James and Emeline (Shepherd) Ferguson. The father was born near Nashville, Tennessee, and when but a boy went with his parents to Henderson County, where be afterward married and made his permanent home. He is a democrat, and in 1861 volunteered in Company A, First Tennessee Confederate Infantry, but after serving one year, was discharged for disability. He owns 200 acres of land in Henderson County, but in 1886 owing to old age, gave up active life, and he and wife moved to Lake County where they reside with their son. They are now quite advanced in years. D. G. Ferguson was born and reared in Henderson County, his birth occurring October 25, 1848. His school days did not exceed three months, as the war broke out just at the time he should have been attending. At the age of eighteen he began farming, and has continued to the present. In 1866 he married Lucinda Rouse, who died in 1875, having borne six children. The same year Mr. Ferguson married Jane Gale, who has borne him five children. He is a democrat, and for two years has held the office of road commissioner. From 1872 until 1881 he resided in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas, and on coming to Lake County five years ago, had but $100, three mules and one wagon...

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Biographical Sketch of C.M. Peacock

C. M. Peacock, farmer, is the son of Michael and Martha (Applewhite) Peacock. The father was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. October 11, 1799, and the mother in the same county and State, August 12, 1804. They were married in 1823 and to them were born four sons and three daughters; three sons are living. The family moved to Henderson County in 1883 and thence to Obion County in 1837. They were members of the Methodist Church. Mr. Peacock was a Democrat, and he died October 27, 1873, and his wife died March 24, 1869. Our subject is of Scotch Irish ancestry and was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and April 2, 1830. Owing to the absence of schools at that time in Obion County, where his parents moved when he was seven years old, his education was limited but he educated himself after he was grown. January 15, 1857, he married Miss Ann Brock, who was born in Robertson County, Tennessee April 25, 1836, and to them were born nine children: Alice, born January 11, 1858; Loverd, April 9, 1859; Martha E., July 18, 1861; William C., January 20, 1864; John L., October 11, 1867; Charles B., September 25, 1869; Viola A., December 12. 1871; Daurie V., October 30, 1876; Frederick B., February 11, 1879. All of the above are living except the oldest two. Mr....

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Biographical Sketch of William Moss

William Moss is a son of Eli and Dicie (Brock) Moss, who were born and reared and married in the Palmetto State. They came to Tennessee in 1822 and located in McMinn County where they spent the remainder of their days. The father died in 1844 and the mother in 1874. The father was a democrat, a farmer and a member of the Christian Church. His wife was a Missionary Baptist and became the mother of four sons and four daughters. William Moss was born in McMinn, Colorado in 1826. He was raised on a farm, received a common school education and made his home with his mother until twenty three years of age. In 1847 he married Betsey A. Bowers by whom he had ten children, five sons and five daughters. Both husband and wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church, and their youngest son is a Methodist. Mr. Moss served about five months during the late war, but the needs of his family demanded his presence at home. He is a democrat and a good citizen of Lake County, coming to the same in 1874, though previously residing a short time in Hardeman County. He owns 210 acres of...

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Biography of Richard C. Everett

Richard C. Everett, an extensive land owner and farmer of Lake County, is the son of William and Christine (McDaniel) Everett. His father was born in North Carolina in 1785; his mother in Scotland in 1795, her parents moving to America, and locating in North Carolina, when she was very small. She married there, and in 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Everett moved to Fulton, Kentucky In 1846 they moved to Madrid Bend. They have six boys and four girls; only three living now. Both were Methodists. Mr. Everett was on extensive farmer, but lost heavily by security debts; he was a democrat and died in 1852; Mrs. Everett in 1879. Our subject, Richard Everett, inherits English, Welsh and Scotch blood. He was born May 4, 1835 in Fulton County, Kentucky, and was raised on the farm, receiving very little education; could scarcely read when married, but afterward acquired a practical education in business affairs. When only eighteen he commenced farming on his own responsibility, and in 1855 he married Margaret Cross, born October 10, 1833, in middle Tennessee. She was the daughter of John and Cynthia (McDaniel) Cross. Her mother was born in Scotland in 1805. Her parents moved to North Carolina, and then to Coffee County, Tennessee, where she met and married Mr. Cross, who was born in 1800. In 1854 they came to Madrid Bend, and he...

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Biographical Sketch of Robert T. Webb

Robert T. Webb, trustee and magistrate of Lake County, is a son of Robert and Elizabeth (Taylor) Webb, who were born in North Carolina and Kentucky. The father came to Humphreys County, Tennessee, when young, and while there went across to Kentucky, where he married. They soon after located in Gibson County, and a short time after in Crockett County, when the father died. He had been married previous to his union with Miss Taylor, and by his first wife, became the father of six children. His second wife bore him three children, our subject being the only one living. The father was a farmer, and a democrat, and after his death his widow moved to Lake County, and made her home with her son Robert, who was born May 2, 1834. He secured a common school education, and made his home with his parents, until attaining man’s estate, then cared for them until their deaths. He began residing in Lake County in 1870. He was married in 1860, to Harriet M. White, who was born on the 14th of April, 1844. Their union was blessed in the birth of a son, Eddie C., who is a student in the Southwestern Baptist University, at Jackson, Tennessee. Mr. Webb and wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church, and in politics he is a democrat. During 1874-75, he was tax...

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