Location: Lake County TN

Biographical Sketch of Council P. Cates

Council P. Cates, a substantial farmer of Lake County, is the son of John A. and Susan (Box) Cates; he was born February 6,1855, in what is now Lake County; was raised on a farm, and had the best educational advantages the State afforded, having completed his education at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. After leaving college he was for a while salesman at James Cronan’s store, but it was soon closed, and he commenced farming, but in a short time sold out and went to Texas, and after staying a year there he returned to Lake County. In 1878 he married Anna E. Darnall, born February 16, 1852, and they have two sons and two daughters. Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Cates belong to any church. In politics he is a democrat. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now For three years he has been a member of the county court, and was elected to fill out an unexpired term as sheriff; he is now school...

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Biographical Sketch of Smith Newton

Smith Newton, a merchant of Tiptonville, Tennessee is the son of John and Sarah (Box) Newton. His parents were born and raised in west Tennessee, and by their marriage had one son and one daughter. After his father’s death, his mother married Mr. Henry Walker. Smith Newton was born in Obion County, Tennessee March 12, 1840. In the beginning of the civil war he enlisted in the Confederate Army in the Fifteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers, and served until the close of the war being in a number of battles and escaping without being wounded. After the war he came to Lake County and engaged in farming. February 22, 1869, he married Miss Catharine Burrus, who was born in Madison County, Tennessee in 1857. From this union three children, two boys and a girl, were born, but all died. After Mrs. Newton died, Mr. Newton married, October 17, 1880, Miss Mary J. Talbot, who was born in Arkansas, June 25, 1860, and by this marriage he has three children, one boy and two girls. Mrs. Newton is a Methodist. In politics Mr. Newton votes the democratic ticket. He has been in the mercantile business at Tiptonville for three years, carrying a good line of groceries, and owns 104 acres of land, under cultivation, in the county, besides some town lots in Tiptonville, and is a good...

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Biography of Benjamin F. Beckham

Benjamin F. Beckham, a prominent farmer of Madrid Bend, is the son of Alexander F. and Mary (Watson) Beckham. The father was born in Virginia in 1828, moved when young to Gibson County, Tennessee, and then to Hickman, Kentucky, then to Mills Point. He married Miss Watson in 1848. They had eight children, only three now living. Mrs. Beckham belongs to the Methodist Church. Mr. Beckham was a merchant and farmed also upon an extensive scale. In politics he was a democrat. Mr. Beckham was the victim of one of the greatest outrages ever perpetrated. It was known that he often had large sums of money at his house, and in 1863, while the Federal forces were stationed on Island No. 10, a squad of seventeen Negroes and white soldiers went to his house, ostensibly to secure a colored child belonging to a Negro woman on the island, but in reality to rob Mr. Beckham; and to make sure of getting it, they murdered Mr. Beckham and his aged father and four of his children. Mrs. Beckham and the other three children were away from home and thus escaped the horrible fate of the others. After murdering six of the family, in order to conceal their dastardly work, the fiends sunk their victims in the river. Some eye witnesses of this cruel murder barely escaped with their lives. In...

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Biographical Sketch of Anderson Cates

Anderson Cates (deceased) was born November 9, 1810, in Orange County, N. C. While young he had few opportunities for educating himself and when only ten years old he left his mother and went to Louisiana. After remaining there some years he lived alternately in Mississippi and Tennessee until 1836, when he came to what is now Lake County. In 1850 he married Susan Box, who was born November 19, 1827, in Decatur County, Tennessee, and they had six sons and three daughters; six of the children are now living. Mrs. Cates was a Methodist. Mr. Cates was a farmer, and by nature a quiet unassuming man; a democrat in politics. When quite a boy he depended upon his own exertions, he worked for one man for five years for his board and clothes, as he thought, but at the end of that time the merchant told him he thought it was time he was “doing something in return for his clothes.” In order to make full recompense for the little he received he toiled on for three years longer for him, and throughout his life he had this strict sense of justice and the determination to succeed; he owned a farm of 456 acres. In 1868 he died, leaving behind him a record that his wife and children can treasure with pride. Since his death his wife has...

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Biographical Sketch of Milton Donaldson

Milton Donaldson (deceased), the largest capitalist of Lake County, was a native of Alabama, but spent part of his youth in Nashville. After moving to Donaldson’s Point, Missouri, he married Theresa Baird. Mr. Donaldson was a self made man. When he married he had nothing, and by hard work and good management he accumulated an estate worth $150,000. He had but one son, who died in childhood. He was a democrat in politics. Mrs. Donaldson was a Methodist. In 1877 Mr. Donaldson left his home one afternoon to look after his stock. While absent a villain by the name of Murphy entered the house for the purpose of robbing. He first knocked the servant girl down, and thinking she was dead, returned to close the doors, but finding she was not dead, he repeated the blows. He then entered Mrs. Donaldson’s room, and murdered her. As soon as the crime was discovered, the neighbors turned out and found the murderer, and hung him at once. Mr. Donaldson remained a widower until his death, in 1881, and having neither wife nor children to inherit his large estate, it passed into the hands of his nieces and nephews. He was a kind and generous...

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Biographical Sketch of H. Clay Lewis

Mr. H. Clay Lewis, one of the enterprising young farmers of Lake County, is the son, of Robert A. and Mary (Donaldson) Lewis and was born in Lake County, January 5, 1860. Mr. Lewis was raised on a farm, and when a boy had few school advantages. When seventeen years of age he went to New Orleans and entered Dolbear’s Commercial College, but the death of his father prevented him from completing his course, as he then returned to Lake County and assumed charge of his father’s farm. On December 25, 1884, he married Miss Maggie H. Harper, daughter of William Harper. Mrs. Lewis was born February 27, 1861. They have one son, Robert W. They do not belong, to any church. Mr. Lewis is a Mason and in politics a democrat. Although so young a man, by his own industry and fine business ability he has been able to buy a fine farm of 337 acres, in the best part of Lake County. He is a shipping agent at Upper Slews Landing. Mr. Lewis is a wide awake farmer, and a good citizen and an honest...

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Biography of Arthur Forbes Eastwood

Arthur Forbes Eastwood, sheriff of Lake County, Tennessee, is the son of William J. and Susan C. (Bigham) Eastwood. His father was born in North Carolina in 1820 and his mother in Carroll County, Tennessee in the same year. They were married in New Madrid County (since called Pemiscot County), Missouri. They had five sons and one daughter, and both belonged to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and Mr. Eastwood was a democrat, taking an active part in politics. He died December 3, 1852. Mrs. Eastwood afterward married Captain S. B. Kelley and she died August 22, 1870. Our subject is of Scotch Irish descent, and was born in Pemiscot County, Missouri, April 6, 1852. Mr. Eastwood was raised on a farm. As he was a child during the late war, which closed the schools in his neighborhood, he had few opportunities of acquiring an education until after he was grown, but commenced teaching when he was nineteen years of age, and continued it for five years. October 18, 1874, he married Miss Mary H. Waters, she who was born in New Madrid County, Mo. April 17, 1852. They have one daughter, Susan V. V., born October 18, 1875. Mrs. Eastwood was a member of the Catholic Church, and died April 20, 1876. Mr. Eastwood afterward married Miss Martha E. Harper, who was born February 15, 1857, in Obion County....

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Biographical Sketch of Wyatt Mooring

Wyatt Mooring, a farmer and stock raiser, has been a resident of Lake County for thirty years, and he is the son of Wyatt and Martha (Needham) Mooring, who were both natives of North Carolina; their families moved to Madison County, Tennessee where they first met and afterward married. In 1856 they moved to what is now Lake County, and lived until their death; they had nine children, six still living. In 1870 Mrs. Mooring died, and he married Kate S. Craig by whom he had one child. Mr. Mooring and both of his wives were Methodists; he was a Democrat and always a farmer; for twenty six years he was chairman of the county court of Madison County and held the office for a term upon the organization of Lake County. He died in 1874 at the advanced age of seventy. Our subject was born June 2, 1840, in Madison County, was raised and educated on the farm. In 1861 he volunteered in Company E, Fifteenth Tennessee Regiment, Confederate Army of Madrid Bend Guards, was wounded slightly once, but at the battle of Missionary Ridge he was captured, and was in prison for seventeen months, being exchanged just before the close of the war. Mr. Mooring then commenced farming. In 1866 he married Kate F. Donaldson, daughter of Andrew J. Donaldson. She was born December 1843, at Donaldson’s...

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Biography of Levi Bates

Levi Bates, one of the industrious farmers of Lake County, is the son of William and Eliza B. (Jackson) Bates. His parents were born in Buckingham, England. They had eleven children-three boys and eight girls; they were both members of the Missionary Baptist Church. His father owned 150 acres of land and was a farmer, and was guardian of the parish in which he lived. While still in the prime of life, he was walking by a brook, when the bank gave away, and he received a fall, dying from the effect of the injuries sustained. Mrs. Bates still lives in England, her native country, being one hundred and two years old, and was never known to have a spell of sickness. Mr. Levi Bates’ ancestors, as far back as known, were English. Only he and one sister came to this country. He was born March 6, 1825, in the same shire as his parents, was raised on the farm and received a limited education. When eighteen he went to live with his sister, who was an extensive milliner in Louten. There he met Eliza Green, who was an apprentice at his sister’s, and afterward married her, in 1845. Soon after this he was superintendent of the farm of the Marquis of Abercorn, and three years later he engaged in the dairy business in London. In l868 he came...

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Biographical Sketch of John D. Arnett

John D. Arnett, one of the leading merchants and substantial business men of Tiptonville, is the son of George W. and Lorinda (Rogers) Arnett. Both parents were natives of Hamilton County, Tennessee; the father was born in 1822 and the mother in 1823. They married in that county and moved to Arkansas, and from there moved to Lake County four years ago, where they have since made their home with John Arnett, our subject. They had seven children, four girls and three boys. Mr. and Mrs. Arnett both belong to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. During the Florida war Mr. Arnett served as a soldier, his father being a major in the war. He is a strong democrat, and most of his life has been a merchant, but of late years has been farming. Mr. and Mrs. Arnett are both living now. Our subject was of Scotch Irish descent on both the father’s and mother’s side, was born in Hamilton County October 10, 1842; he had good school advantages, and in 1856 attended within a year of graduation the Cumberland University, and after the war closed graduated there in 1867, then entered the law department and graduated in 1869. In 1872 he married Mattie Moore, born in Hernando, Mississippi in 1844, and they had two children: George M. and William. Mr. Arnett is a democrat, and with his wife is...

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Biographical Sketch of Washington L. Alexander

Washington L. Alexander, a farmer of Lake County, Tennessee, is the son of Samuel B. and Mary (Slone) Alexander. His parents were both born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, the father in 1794 and the mother in 1797. They married and lived in that state until 1826, when they moved to Missouri, from there to middle Tennessee and then to Mississippi, but soon returned to Tennessee, locating near Trenton, Gibson County. They had ten children, and were members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Alexander was a Whig before the war, and a republican afterward, and for many years was a magistrate. Mrs. Alexander died in 1867, and he then married Mrs. Martha Hassell; they had no children and he died in 1876. Our subject, W. L. Alexander, was born December 6, 1832, on the field where the battle of Shiloh was fought. He received a good education and taught school for ten years. After having clerked in a store for awhile he was then in the commission business for three years. In 1866 he married Jennie Wall, and they had five sons and three daughters. She died in 1884, and the same year he married Mrs. Virginia Mooney, who had three children by a former marriage. They have one child. His first wife was a Cumberland Presbyterian, his second a Missionary Baptist. Mr. Alexander has resided in Lake County...

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Biographical Sketch of Robert A. Lewis

Robert A. Lewis (deceased) was a prominent farmer of Lake County, and was born in 1833, in Fulton County, Kentucky; his father was Major R. N. Lewis. Our subject had good educational advantages. In 1855 he married Mary Donaldson, who was born January 24, 1834 in New Madrid County, Missouri at Donaldson’s Point. She is the daughter of Andrew J. and Kate (Baird) Donaldson. Her father was born at Athens, Alabama, but was raised at Nashville, Tennessee, her mother at Chattanooga. Soon after they married they went to Missouri and remained until 1844 when they came to Lake County. Mr. Donaldson was a democrat and a farmer and died in 1845; his wife was a Methodist and died in 1866. To Mr. and Mrs. Lewis were born nine children, four boys and five girls, only three living: Henry C., Charles A. and Zaida. Mrs. Lewis was a Methodist. In 1861 he volunteered with the Madrid Bend Guards as second lieutenant and was soon promoted to first lieutenant, holding that position until the close of the war. After the war he gave his time to farming. In 1877 he moved his family to New Orleans, and then to Florida and in a short time they returned to Lake County. In 1880 Mr. Lewis lost his life in a painful accident. While turning down the wick in his lamp it exploded...

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Biographical Sketch of P. Davis

P. Davis, clerk and master of the Chancery Court of Lake County, is the son of James and Rebecea (Dalton) Davis. His parents were born in North Carolina, his father in 1803, and his mother July 4, 1811. They were married in 1841, and had five children, two boys and three girls. Our subject and two sisters are the only ones living. Mr. Davis’ mother belonged to the Methodist Church. His father was an old line Whig, and died September 9, 1859, his mother living until January 24, 1885. Mr. Davis is of English ancestry, born in Obion County January 29, 1847, and was so fortunate as to receive a good education. In 1864 he volunteered, under Colonel P. R. Bartean, in the Confederate Army, Second Tennessee Cavalry, and served until the surrender. He then returned to Lake County and engaged in the mercantile business. January 2, 1878, he married Miss Sarah Eagan, who was born in Cairo, Illinois, in 1854, and they have four children: Linnie, born February 26, 1880; James, born October 9, 1882; Robert A. and Hugh (twins), born July 13, 1886. Mr. Davis is a democrat. He was elected circuit court clerk in 1870, and at the expiration of his term was appointed clerk and master of the Chancery Court, which he has since filled in the most satisfactory way. Mr. Davis also clerks in...

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Biographical Sketch of Austin L. Hines

Austin L. Hines, an old resident and farmer of Lake County, is the son of Sandy and Polly (Ashburn) Hines. His father was born in 1802 in Missouri and his mother in Kentucky in 1806. When young, Sandy Hines went to Kentucky, where he married Miss Ashburn and shortly after returned to Missouri, where he lived until 1851, then came to what is now Lake County. They had three sons and three daughters. Mr. Hines was a democrat, and by occupation a farmer. He was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Hines was a Methodist, but finally joined her husband’s church. Mr. Hines lost everything during the war. His wife died in 1868. He had been married previous to his union with Miss Ashburn, to Sarah Daniel, by whom he had two children. He died in 1879; his ancestors on his father’s side were Scotch Irish. Austin Hines was born August 18, 1838, in Fulton, Kentucky; was raised and educated at home, remaining with his parents until thirty five years of age; then without money he came to Lake County, and bought a farm of 142 acres. Though then a dense forest, it is now one of the best farms in the county. In 1877 he married Shaby Wilson, born January 23, 1854, in Cape Girardeau County, Mo. They have two children, Thomas C. and Fay A....

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Biography of Mrs. Caroline (Watson) Dickinson

Mrs. Caroline (Watson) Dickinson, the widow of William R. Dickinson, is the daughter of Daniel and Rowena (Bartlett) Watson. Her father was born in North Carolina in 1797 and the mother in Missouri in 1802, where they married and lived until 1820, when they crossed over to Fulton County, Kentucky, and lived there until they died. They had eight children, two boys and six girls. Her mother was a devout Methodist; her father, an energetic farmer, and a democrat, and died in 1865; the mother died in 1869. Mrs. Dickinson was born April 6, 1823, being the first child born in Madrid Bend, Kentucky She had fine educational advantages, and spent two years under Mrs.Tevis, the principal of “Science Hill,” at Shelbyville, Kentucky, for a great many years the largest and best female college in the South. In 1843 she married William R. Dickinson, a native of Missouri. He was a graduate of Cape Girardeau College, of Missouri. He taught school for some time, and his wife was a pupil of his. He then went into the mercantile business at Vicksburg, Mississippi, but, the firm failing, he took his remnant of the goods, put them on a steamboat, and, going up the river, landed at Mr. Watson’s, where, meeting his old pupil, Miss Caroline Watson, again, their friendship was renewed, and before He left they were married. Soon after...

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