Location: La Fayette Illinois

Biographical Sketch of James Shoemaker

James Shoemaker, farming and stock; P. O. Loxa; the subject of this sketch was born in Washington Co., Va., Feb. 19, 1825. He married Miss Tabitha Mason Sept. 3, 1863; she was born in Fayette Co., Ky., Aug. 30, 1840; they had seven children, four living, viz., Mary E., William K., James S. and Franklin R. He lived in Virginia nearly ten years, when, with his parents, he came to Illinois and settled in Coles Co., one mile north of Charleston; this was in December, 1834; they lived there four years, then moved to La Fayette Township, on the Springfield road, five miles west of Charleston; while there, his father died; in 1850, he came to his present place, he being the first settler in this part of the township. In 1862, he enlisted in the 123d I. V. I., which, after four months’ service, was mounted; he held the position of First Lieutenant; he remained in the service nearly one year, and took part in the battles of Perryville and Milton, and also the minor engagements of the regiment. He has held the office of Assessor two years, and was Supervisor of Humbolt Tp. for the years 1865 and 1866. He owns 382 acres in this county, which he has earned by his own labor and management. His parents, John and Annie Brown Shoemaker, were natives of North...

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Biographical Sketch of Rev. R. C. Hill

Rev. R. C. Hill, farming and stock; P. O. Charleston; the subject of this sketch was born in Sullivan Co., Ind., Dec. 11, 1817. He married Miss Mary A. Woods Dec. 10, 1839; she was born, in Sullivan Co., Ind., May 23, 1817; they had six children, four living, viz., Franklin P., John W., Martha J. and Elizabeth M.; he lived in Indiana twelve years, when, with his parents, he came to Illinois and settled in Clark Co., where they engaged in farming; in 1846, he came to Coles Co. and settled in La Fayette Tp., remaining one year; he then went to Charleston Tp., where he lived about eighteen months, when he again went to La Fayette Tp., and, in 1853, he came to his present place, and has lived here since, except two and a half years in Charleston; he has been connected with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for forty-seven years, and has been preaching since; licensed 32 years ago; he owns 160 acres in this county, which he has earned entirely by his own labor and management; his parents, Rev. Isaac and Margaret Cunningham Hill, were natives of Kentucky and Pennsylvania; they were married in Kentucky; he died in Clark Co., Ill., and she died here in Coles Co.; they had thirteen children, eight boys and five girls; four of the boys studied medicine, two engaged...

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Biographical Sketch of Thomas T. Threlkeld

Thomas T. Threlkeld, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Mattoon; is a native of Coles Co.; he was born in La Fayette Tp. May 22, 1848; he is a son of Matthew P. Threlkeld, and a grandson of Thomas Threlkeld, one of the pioneers of this county, who came from Scott Co., Ky., in 1830; his grandfather was a Baptist minister, and a prominent citizen, being, in 1840, a member of the State Legislature; he entered a large farm in what is now La Fayette Tp., and resided there till his death, in 1863. Matthew P. Threlkeld, his son, and the father of Thomas T., is now a resident of the township. Thomas T. Threlkeld was married Feb. 9, 1875, to Miss Emma Monroe, a daughter of the late Dr. John Monroe, of Charleston; they have one...

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Biographical Sketch of Matthew P. Threlkeld

Matthew P. Threlkeld, Sec. 15, farmer; P. O. Mattoon; born in Harrison Co., Ky., Feb. 7, 1816; was raised a farmer; came with his parents to this county in 1830; was married Aug. 25, 1842, to Martha A. Gruelle; she was born in Harrison Co., Ky., Oct. 16, 1822; she came to this county with her parents in 1834; have had seven children, three of whom are now living – Thomas T., Martha E. and Susan E.; the names of the deceased were Nancy, Mary, Maria and Isaac. Martha E. was married Dec. 4, 1874, to W. J. Guthrie; he was born in this township April 10, 1846; Mr. T.’s parents, Thomas and Patsy, were among the first settlers of this township; his father was born Nov. 7, 1793, died April 19, 1865; his mother was born Oct. 21, 1790, and died June 28, 1862; their marriage took place Dec. 1, 1813. Mr. T.’s father was a regular ordained Baptist minister; he was baptized in March 1812; commenced preaching in Kentucky in 1819; was the first preacher in this township in 1830; attended four churches and continued in the work until his death; was well and favorably known throughout the section where he resided. Nearly all the marriage ceremonies of the early days of the settlement of the county were performed by him. Mr. Guthrie resides on the homestead...

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Biographical Sketch of William R. Jones

William R. Jones, farmer, Sec. 28; P. O. Mattoon; owns 726 acres; born in Harrison Co., Ky., Aug. 14, 1808; came to this township in 1834 and made a crop; then went to Kentucky and worked four years on his mother’s farm, his father having died when he (the subject of this sketch) was 23 years old; he then returned to this county in company with his mother and a sister, and settled where he now resides. He was married to Eliza P. Threlkeld (daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Threlkeld) Oct. 18, 1853; she died Dec. 31, 1856; had two children by this marriage-Thomas T. (born Oct. 12, 1854) and William (born Nov. 21, 1856); both are now living; his second marriage was to Elizabeth Ewing, March 25, 1862; she was born Dec. 28, 1829; this union they have one child-Sarah Louisa, born April 7, 1866. Mr. J. was the first Supervisor in the township and held that office three terms. Mr. J. was formerly a Henry Clay Whig, after which he became identified with the Republican party, the principles of which he is a strong supporter; Mr. J. has never had but two homes-the place where he was born in Kentucky and his present home; he is an extensive farmer and raises large quantities of stock and grain. Mr. J. was a warm friend of the soldiers...

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Biographical Sketch of William Leitch

William Leitch, farmer, Sec. 20; P. O. Mattoon; owns 115 acres; born in Highland (formerly Pendleton) Co., Va., Nov. 11, 1816; was raised a farmer; has also worked at blacksmithing and coopering; is also a millwright. Married Eunice Raines Nov. 18, 1841; she was also born in Highland Co., March 12, 1822 she died March 28, 1877 had ten children, eight of whom are now living – Andrew J., Huldah, Mary, Susan, Frank, Ingabo Ridley (Indian name), Irene and Charles; the names of the deceased were John Russell and Leva. Mr. L. holds the office of Justice of the Peace, which office he has held for twenty-seven years; has held every office in the town except Collector; Mr. L. formerly kept a docket; he now does most of the legal business in the township. Mr. L. came to this county Nov. 11, 1845; he made the trip in a two-horse wagon; Mr. L. is noted for his remarkable memory and good judgment; his schooling was limited – about eighteen months in all. His son Andrew was a soldier during the late war, and participated in the destruction of Spanish Fort; was under Gen....

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Biographical Sketch of B. B. Shinn

B. B. Shinn, farmer; P. O. Mattoon; owns 142 acres; was born in Montgomery Co., Ohio, March 10, 1824; was brought up a farmer. He married Margaret Barcalow Jan. 1, 1845; she was born in Butler Co., Ohio July 14, 1824; they have had three children; only one (G. B.) is now living; he was born in Bartholomew Co., Ind. Oct. 20, 1851. He married Cornelia M. Ricketts Feb. 11, 1872; she was born in Charleston March 19, 1853; is a daughter of Joshua Ricketts, Esq., of Ashmore Tp.; they have had three children, two of whom are now living – Nellie and O. Morton; Katie is the name of the deceased. The subject of this sketch had two other children – James, who died at the age of 22 years; a twin to the latter died in infancy. Mr. S. has held the office of Justice of the Peace, Supervisor and Town Clerk. He, in company with his wife, spent five months at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, in 1876. He was appointed by the Governor of this State as Assistant Commissioner at that exhibition; he purchased a county right for a patent farm-gate, while at that Exhibition, that is worth the attention of every farmer; it is simple and cheap, and a person does not have to alight from a load of hay or a wagon to...

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Biographical Sketch of G. B. Davis

G. B. Davis, farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Loxa; born in Hutton Tp., Coles Co., Dec. 12, 1836; was brought up a farmer; received his education in a common school during the winter months. Mr. D. resided at home with his parents until he was 32 years of age, during which time he assisted on the farm and also taught school; he taught school in Hutton Tp. and the district where he now resides 104 months in all. He was married to Elizabeth Atkins Aug. 12, 1869; she was born in Clark Co., this State, Sept. 3, 1844; have two children – Sarah Annie and Mattie L. Held office of Town Clerk one year, and Justice of the Peace eight years; was a soldier in the late war; served in Co. C, 68th I. V. I.; held rank of Second Lieutenant; went from Charleston. He was in the expedition that captured John Morgan at the time of his famous raid in Ohio. Mr. D. is a member of the Baptist Church. Mrs. D. belongs to the Church of United Brethren. His parents, John C. and Elizabeth, were among the pioneer-settlers of this county. Both are now...

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Biographical Sketch of Richard J. Hancock

Richard J. Hancock, farmer, Sec. 13; P. O. Loxa; owns 150 acres; was born on the farm where he now resides, Oct. 20, 1838; was raised a farmer. Married Mary E. Snitt (daughter of John S. Snitt, Esq.) Nov. 30, 1865; she was born in Guernsey Co., Ohio, April 3, 1848; have six children – Nona, Anna, Nellie, John C., Carrie and Amanda S. Mr. H.’s father was born in North Carolina, March 13, 1797; went to Kentucky with his parents when an infant. At the age of 10 years he went to Indiana, and then to this county in 1830. His death occurred Feb. 19, 1871, where the subject of this sketch now resides. His first settlement was on this farm; here he raised a family of ten children, only two of whom are now living (the subject of this sketch and Mrs. Jones, of Loxa ). Mr. H.’s mother (Keziah ) was born in Virginia, April 13, 1801; her death occurred here April 4, 1876. Mr. H. had two brothers in the army during the late war-John F., killed at Perryville, Ky., Oct. 8, 1862, and William T., who died at home, Jan. 20, 1872. Both were members of the 123d I. V....

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Biographical Sketch of Tillman Bagley

Tillman Bagley, horticulturist; Charleston; was born in Loudoun Co., Va., June 6, 1828; being left fatherless when but a child, he accompanied his mother, at the age of 9 years to Muskingum Co., Ohio, where they settled on a farm about twelve miles north of Zanesville; at 19, he left the farm to learn the trade of a marble-cutter, after completing which he worked as a journeyman until 1853; he then came to Charleston, and after working two years, started in the marble business for himself, in which he continued till 1869; at which time he purchased what is known as the True farm, in La Fayette Tp., and followed farming four years. Having a natural taste for horticultural pursuits he sold his farm and, returning to Charleston, purchased sixteen acres of returning lying within the corporation, which he began to improve; he built his residence and set his land to peaches, apples, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries; his aim was to secure the very earliest as well as the very latest varieties of fruit which it was possible to obtain, thus commanding the highest prices for his products. Mr. Bagley was married March 26, 1856, to Miss Ann Craig, a daughter of Elijah Craig, an early settler of Coles Co.; she was born in Boone Co., Ky., April 21, 1829, and came to Coles Co. in 1836; they have...

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Biographical Sketch of Lewis Monroe

Lewis Monroe, Charleston, of the firm of Monroe & Co., proprietors of the Coles County Mill, is a son of the late Dr. John Monroe; he was born in Charleston May 29, 1846; he received his education in the public schools, and, at the age of 18, began business, a partner in the dry goods house of Hutchinson, Monroe & Co.; he continued in this business seven years, when, his health failing, he retired to a. farm at Monroe Station, in La Fayette Tp.; four years later, he returned to town and resumed business, which he continued till 1877; in October, 1878, he engaged in running the Coles County Mill. For a number of years his interests have been divided between Charleston and La Fayette Tp., where he owns a farm of 800acres, and keeps about one hundred and twenty-five head of cattle, besides other stock; he has other real estate interests in Charleston and Coles Co. Mr. Monroe was married Nov. 29, 1865, to Miss Lydia Chilton, daughter of James Chilton, of Charleston, and has six...

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Biography of Hon. John Monroe

Hon. John Monroe, deceased, late of Charleston; was born in Glasgow, Barren Co., Ky., Sept. 24, 1811; his boyhood was passed in the private schools of his native town; his father dying when he was but a boy, he entered the apothecary-shop of his uncle, Dr. George Rogers, a physician of Glasgow, and there became familiar with the compounding of medicines, and also studied medicine under his uncle’s instruction; he first began practice in Tennessee, and, in November, 1833, came to Illinois and engaged in the practice of his profession in Shelbyville, soon removing to Charleston, and, a few years later, he engaged in business as a dry goods merchant. Returning to Kentucky, he was married, April 4, 1840, to Mrs. Martha Ferrish, a widow lady of Greensburg. in that State, and came again to Charleston; they had six children, two of whom are still living – Mrs. Stanley Walker and Lewis Monroe, of Charleston. His wife died May 14, 1854, and, on the 6th of November, 1854, he married Miss Hannah Chambers, a daughter of James and Sally Chambers, of Cynthiana, Ky., who came to Coles Co. with her parents in 1851; of five children of this marriage, three are now living – Emma (wife of Thomas T. Threlkeld, of Charleston), Virginia and Henrietta. Dr. Monroe continued in the dry goods trade in Charleston until 1858, when he...

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