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Location: Kosciusko Mississippi

Biography of Andrew C. Jobes

Andrew C. Jobes. Though vice president of the First National Bank of Kansas City, Missouri, Mr. Jobes still had his home in Kansas and had been a resident of the state for thirty-two years. Throughout that time he had been an active factor in banking, and made his reputation which preceded him to the metropolitan district of Kansas City at Wichita, where he assisted in building up one of the largest and strongest banks of Southern Kansas. Like many men who have gained prominence in the financial world Mr. Jobes was born in a home of comparative poverty, and was reared close to the simple realities of life, finding some encouragement outside and much more within himself to make the best of his opportunities. He was born at Damascus in Mahoning County, Ohio, April 21, 1857, youngest of the four children of Andrew and Mary (French) Jobes. Both parents were natives of Ohio, and the grandfather, Louis Jobes, was a native of New York State, his wife having come from Ireland about 1801. Andrew Jobes, Sr., was a cabinet maker by trade. He died just sixty days after the birth of his youngest son Andrew. That left the widowed mother and four children. The two oldest sons, William and Charles, were respectively eight and four years of age. The town where Mr. Jobes was born was the center of...

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