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Location: Knox County KS

Biography of Leslie J. Campbell

Leslie J. Campbell. One of the oldest and most prominent families of Allen County had been the Campbells. They arrived here when Kansas was still a territory, and through the various members of the relationship they have exercised worthy and helpful influence as teachers, farmers, lawyers and in various lines of business and in civic affairs. The pioneer Campbell was James H. Campbell. He was born in Indiana, came from Switzerland County, that state, to Kansas in 1860. By profession he was an attorney, and locating in Allen County he practiced in that pioneer district for several years. He rose to prominence in early day politics, and from 1865 to 1867 was county attorney of Allen County, and while the war was in progress, in 1863-4, he represented his county in the State Legislature. He was a member of the Legislature in the formative days of the state and impressed his influence upon some of the early legislation. He continued in the active practice of his profession until 1870, when, on account of ill health, he was obliged to abandon the law. After coming to Allen County James H. Campbell met and married Bethia Simpson. She was also a native of Indiana, and came with her parents from Parke to Allen County, Kansas, in 1859. Her father was a teacher and newspaper man in Indiana and Illinois, but after...

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