Location: Kingman Kansas

Biography of William A. Myers

One of the well known and highly regarded citizens of Topeka, Kansas, with which state he had been practically continuously identified since 1888, is William A. Myers, who is a leading factor in and a probable candidate of the republican forces in Shawnee County. For twenty-eight years he had been a competent and faithful employe of the State of Kansas, in the state printing department, is a man of property and of personal high standing. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now William A. Myers was born in 1856, in Saint Joseph County, Indiana, and is a son of Andrew and Ellen (Oliver) Myers, and a grandson of Jacob Myers, the family history extending no farther back than the Pennsylvania Dutch antecedents of the latter. Jacob Myers was born in Pennsylvania and as he married in Stark County, Ohio, it is probable that he went there in early manhood. He continued in Stark County until in early middle age, when he removed to Elkhart County, Indiana, that...

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Biography of Fernando A. Parsons

Fernando A. Parsons. The career of Fernando A. Parsons, of Chanute, is remarkable in many ways, but principally because of the number of fields which it had invaded and the success which had attended the ventures in which its author had been engaged. From his youth, when he paid his own way through college, Mr. Parsons had pushed steadily forward, always assisting his community’s interests while advancing his own. With a handsome fortune gained through his good business ability and persistent labors, and at an age when most men are content to retire, Mr. Parsons still continues as an active factor in business life, and is now president and manager of the Kansas Co-Operative Refining Company. Fernando A. Parsons was born at Readsboro, Bennington County, Vermont, September 29, 1849, and is a son of Benjamin Battles and Polly Maria (Blanchard) Parsons. The Parsons family came from England to Vermont during Colonial times, and on his mother’s side Mr. Parsons is a direct descendant of Governor Winslow of Massachusetts. Benjamin Battles Parsons was born in 1827, in Vermont, and was there reared and educated, and became a farmer and stockraiser, as well as a noted horse trainer and breaker. He served for several terms as sheriff of Windham County, Vermont, and was a prominent leader in civic and political affairs of his community, where he resided until 1849. In that...

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Biography of Ernest F. Day, M. D.

Ernest F. Day, M. D. The work of Doctor Day as a physician and surgeon had met with cordial appreciation and patronage since he came to Arkansas City over fifteen years ago. He is in every way a most competent and thorough professional man, and in recent years had extended his opportunities for service by his management, in association with Doctor McKay, of the Mercy Hospital there. Doctor Day is a native of Indiana but had spent practically all his life in Kansas. He was born at Rensselaer in Jasper County, Indiana, October 20, 1876. He is of very old American stock. It is said that the first of the family to come to America was a silk merchant from England, who located at Jamestown, Virginia, when that was a struggling colony early in the seventeenth century. Doctor Day’s grandfather, Wilber Day, was born in North Carolina in 1819, grew up and married in his native state, and in the early days came to the Northwest and was associated with the great frontiersman, Simon Kenton, in fighting with the Indians. He became a pioneer settler in Jasper County, Indiana, and was a farmer there until his death in 1895. One of his sons, Louis, was a soldier in an Indiana regiment during the Civil war and was killed at Lookout Mountain. Wilber Day married Margaret Sands, who was born...

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Biography of Daniel B. Cowie

Daniel B. Cowie. In an article on other pages of this publication will be found some account of the salt industry in Kansas and some mention of the more prominent mines and companies. One of the most striking figures in the development of the salt industry in Kansas was the late James Cowie, Sr., and the above named is a son of that salt pioneer and is now general superintendent of the Independent Salt Company at Kanopolis. The Cowie family are Scotch people, and in Scotland they were also identified with mining. The grandfather of Daniel was George Cowie, who spent his life in Scotland and was a successful coal contractor. James Cowie, Sr., was born in Stirlingshire, Scotland, in 1839. He grew up and married there and from an early age was a coal miner. Prior to his coming to America he was general manager for one of the largest coal companies in Scotland, having supervision over ten diffierent coal properties. On coming to the United States in 1884 he entered the employ of the H. C. Frick Coal Company at Connellsville, Pennsylvania. James Cowie, Sr., came to Kanopolis, Kansas, in 1889. The credit is given him for originating the salt mining industry of Kansas and he was known in the press and to the general public as the “salt king.” As manager of the Royal Salt Company...

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Biography of Edward F. Erbacher

Edward F. Erbacher is manager of the Kingman Mills of the Kansas Flour Mills Company. He was promoted to that responsibility when a little past his thirtieth birthday, and at the time of his promotion was the youngest man among the many employed in the plant. The Kingman Mills are among the largest and best equipped flour mills of Kansas. Mr. Erbacher belongs to a prominent family of business men of St. Mary’s, Kansas, where he was born February 17, 1887. His father is Mr. John Erbacher, who was born in Germany in 1856, and was chiefly educated there. Coming to the United States when about fourteen years of age, he located in Pottawatomie County, Kansas, in 1870, and followed general lines of employment there until his marriage. After that he farmed several years, and then moved into St. Mary’s, where he entered the general merchandise business. He was one of the pioneer merchants of the town, and though beginning on a small scale and with modest capital he had continued to build up his enterprise until it is today second to none in towns of that size and would compare favorably with any general department store in any city of the state. His partner is his brother, August Erbacher. Though one of the busiest men of St. Mary’s he had taken time to fill various city offices with...

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Biography of Clark A. Wallace

Clark A. Wallace. Official honors and responsibilities have come rapidly to Clark A. Wallace, and practicaly all the time since he began the practice of law at Kingman five years ago had been taken up by public work, at first as probate judge and now as county attorney. Three generations of the Wallace family live at Kingman. The oldest is his grandfather, Richard Henry Wallace, who was born in Kentucky in 1841, descended from a family that came out of Scotland to the United States in Colonial times. Richard H. Wallace was a farmer all his active life, and lived in Kentucky until 1887, when he came to Kingman and as since been retired. He married Martha Sigler, who was born in Kentucky in 1844. Their living children are: R. F. Wallace, a merchant at Kingman; F. L. Wallace: J. A. Wallace, a merchant at Kingman; Beulah, wife of Dr. H. B. Stewart, a physician and surgeon at Morganfield, Kentucky; and R. R. Valance, a farmer at Kingman, Kansas. F. L. Wallace, father of Judge Wallace, was born ear Morganfield, Kentucky, in 1866. He grew up near the scenes of his birth, and in 1887, at the age of twenty-one, came to Kingman, Kansas. He soon went back to Ohio to claim his bride, returning with her to Kansas and beginning life on a farm. In 1904 he left...

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Biography of Henry L. F. Roberson

Henry L. F. Roberson came to Kansas as a child in the territorial times, grew up in this virgin state, and the greater part of his active life had been spent here with a varied and interesting experience in business and other affairs. He is now one of the leading real estate and insurance men of Kingman. Mr. Roberson was born at Spring Garden, Jefferson County, Illinois, February 10, 1851. His grandfather, Joshua Roberson, was a pioneer in Illinois, had a farm in Jefferson County, and died there. Edward C. Roberson, father of the Kingman business man, was born in Jefferson County, Illinois, in 1822, was reared and married there and became a farmer. In 1857 he brought his family to Linn County, Kansas, homesteading 160 acres of land. That farm was his home the rest of his life and he died there in 1889. The old homestead is now owned by his daughter Mrs. Lycena Carlyle. Edward C. Roberson was a democrat, and during the Black Hawk Indian war in 1832 he served in an Illinois company with the rank of first lieutenant. He married Nancy McCrite, who was born in Jefferson County, Illinois, in 1824. She met an accidental death in Linn County, Kansas, in 1859. Their home was in one of the districts where the warring factions made life and property insecure, and Mr. Edward Roberson...

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Biography of Rev A. H. Walsh

Rev. A. H. Walsh has been the diligent and devoted pastor of St. Patrick’s Church at Kingman for the past thirteen years, and had accomplished a wonderful work in building up and strengthening the power of the Catholic Church in this section. Father Walsh secured his early education in the Irish National schools. In 1889, at the age of fourteen, he came to America and continued his education in the parochial schools of Chicago. After his career had been definitely determined he entered St. Michael’s College at Toronto, Canada, pursuing the classical course there five years and then remained two years in the philosophical course, graduating in 1900. He took his theological work in St. Bernard’s Seminary at Rochester, New York, where after four years he graduated in 1904. He was ordained in that year in St. Patrick’s Cathedral at Rochester by Rt. Rev. Doctor McQuade, bishop of Rochester. A few days later he said his first mass in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, his assisting priest in the first mass being the Rt. Rev. Monsignor Hartley, Rector of St. Bernard’s Seminary, while the sermon was preached by the Rev. Doctor Nolan, Chancellor of the Diocese of Rochester. Father Walsh on coming to Kansas spent three months at Wichita as assistant priest at the Cathedral, and on October 16, 1904, was appointed rector of St. Patrick’s Church at Kingman. At that...

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Biography of Walter R. Long

Walter R. Long has spent a very busy and influential career in Kingman, where he is the present postmaster. Most of his life had been spent in this county, and when not in public office he was a farmer and business man. Mr. Long was born in Chariton County, Missouri, February 10, 1875. His ancestors were Scotchmen who came to Virginia in colonial days. His father, Gabriel Long, was born in Virginia in 1833. He grew up in his native state, and when a young man removed to Chariton County, Missouri, where he married and where he engaged in farming. In 1878 he sought a new home and better opportunities in Kingman County, Kansas, then almost on the frontier. He homesteaded 160 acres, and had it well developed as a farm and lived there the rest of his life. He died in 1913. The old homestead, still owned by his widow, is situated eight miles east of Kingman. Politically he was a democrat. He married Margaret I. Stevenson, who was born in Kentucky in 1841 and now makes her home with her children. She was the mother of nine sons and daughters, all of those living having given a good account of themselves: Edward B., a farmer in Galesburg Township of Kingman County; John S., a farmer in the same township; William C., who died at the age of...

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Biography of Elster M. Haile

Elster M. Haile is president of the Haile Investment Company of Kingman, his business partner and associate being Dan Callahan, president of the Federal Land Bank of Wichita. Until taking up his work in the domain of real estate several years ago Mr. Haile was an active minister of the Gospel, and at one time was in charge of one of the leading churches of the Christian denomination at Chicago. He was born in Macon County, Tennessee, June 9, 1879, and is a son of the late Joshua F. Haile, who is regarded as one of the most constructive factors in the rehabilitation of the City of Kingman after the collapse of the boom of the ’80s. Joshua F. Haile was born at Gainesboro, Tennessee, in 1847, and represented a family that established its home in Kentucky during early pioneer times. His father, Nathan Haile, was born either in Tennessee or Kentucky in 1818, and spent his life as a farmer in Tennessee, where he died in 1885. He married Nancy Hale, a native of Kentucky. Joshua F. Haile grew up in his native Tennessee town of Gainesboro, was married in Macon County, that state, and early in life took up the study of law. He came to Kansas and settled in Kingman County in 1884, was admitted to the bar, but practiced only in connection with his own...

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Biography of Maj. Willis L. Brown

Maj. Willis L. Brown, of Kingman, is one of the eminent Kansas whose records serve to illustrate and adorn the history of the commonwealth. Mr. Brown had been through nearly everything that is significant of Kansas life for forty years. He was at one time a poverty stricken homesteader and while the general public knows him chiefly through his broader business and civic relations, he is still in close touch with Kansas farming and through his work and initiative had probably done as much as any man in Kingman County to promote intensive and high class farming and stock raising. Mr. Brown is remembered as a former speaker of the House of Representatives and at the present time is head of the organization department of the Federal Land Bank of Wichita. Owing to the extensive opportunities given him it is conceded that he is acquainted with more people than any other man in Kansas and for that reason if for nothing else his career deserves more than casual attention. He was born in Woodhull, New York, January 28, 1854. His birth occurred in a log house. When he was two years of age his father died and his early boyhood was not without the touch of poverty to spur him on to achievement. When only twelve years of age he was examined and qualified for a teacher’s certificate, though...

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Biography of Wayne F. Shaw

Wayne F. Shaw grew up on a farm in Kansas, but at an early age had an ambition to teach, and had made teaching a life work and vocation, attended by unusual success. He is now superintendent of the city schools of Kingman. Mr. Shaw is of a New England family transplanted to Kansas. His ancestors were Scotch-Irish and English people who went to Massachusetts in colonial times. One of his ancestors was a Revolutionary soldier. His grandfather, Elijah Shaw, was born at Buckland, Massachusetts, in 1813, spent his life in that state as a farmer and died at Buckland in 1896. W. R. Shaw, father of the Kingman educator, was born at Buckland in August, 1858, grew up and married there and followed the example of his father as a farmer. In 1896 he brought his family to Kansas, and was a farmer at Grenola for ten years, but since 1907 had been in the general merchandise business at Grenola. He is a republican voter. He married Pearl Sarah Bates, who was born at Cummington, Massachusetts, in 1860, and died at Grenola, Kansas, in 1896, soon after coming to this state. Wayne F. was the oldest of his three children. Harold M. is a dentist at Altoona, Kansas; and Robert L., the youngest, died at the age of four years. W. R. Shaw married for his second wife...

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Biography of Charles W. Sample

Charles W. Sample has been a business man at Kingman nearly forty years and had been closely identified with the commercial affairs of that city, as a land owner, banker and in real estate and loans. Mr. Sample was born in Jefferson County, Indiana, October 29, 1851. His ancestors came out of Ireland and settled in Virginia in colonial days. His grandfather, Andrew Sample, was a pioneer farmer in Indiana and died in Jefferson County in that state in 1854. George W. Sample, father of Charles W., was born in Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1815, a date which indicates the early settlement of the family in that state. Indiana was not admitted to the union until 1816. George W. Sample spent his life as a farmer, and in 1853 removed to Tipton County, Indiana, where he spent his last years and where he died in 1872. He was a democrat and an active member and on the official board of the Baptist Church. He married in Jefferson County, Indiana, Adaline McKay, who was born in that county in 1820 and died in Tipton County in 1896. They were the parents of seven children, Charles W. being the fifth in age and the only one now living. Henrietta, who died in Clinton County, Indiana, was the wife of Isaac Houghman, a farmer also deceased. The other children were named Berdelia,...

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Biograph of M. D. Jasper William Hayward

Jasper William Hayward, M. D. Since he earned his privilege of practicing medicine in 1909, Doctor Hayward has become increasingly well known as a physician and surgeon in Kansas City, Kansas. Aside from his attainments professionally much interest attaches to his career because of the valiant struggle he made as a youth to secure an education and win a position in a learned profession against heavy odds. Doctor Hayward was born in Kingman, Kansas, April 3, 1885, a son of Charles and Kate (Weir) Hayward. His father was a native of Boston, Massachusetts, of English descent, was reared in Boston, and his father Nathaniel Hayward afterward came West locating in Glasgow, Missouri, where he became a member of Gen. Joe Shelby’s body guard during the Civil war and was also with General Price’s army. He fought as a Confederate soldier in the battle of the Blue. Nathaniel Hayward after the war removed in prairie schooners to the Colorado line and later to Indian Territory, and finally located in Kingman County, Kansas, about the time it was organized. Nathaniel and his son Charles took up claims and in the early days lived in dugouts and went through many privations during the lean years of that country. Charles Hayward married his wife at Glasgow, Missouri, where she was born. In 1885 he sold his farm on account of ill health and...

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Biography of Henry E. Haskins, M. D.

Henry E. Haskins, M. D. Identified with the work of his profession at Kingman over fifteen years, Doctor Haskins had attained the substantial position of the physician and surgeon whose reputation is secure and whose service is looked upon as a valuable part of community life. Doctor Haskins is a native of Kansas, and is descended from English ancestors who settled in New York in colonial days. His grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Haskins, was born in 1824 and was a minister. He served as a chaplain with a Union regiment during the Civil war. He carried on his work as a pioneer preacher in Illinois and Iowa, and about 1876 took up a claim near Galva, Kansas, where he died in 1884. He married Miss Abraham, of a Southern family, who died at Ardmore, Oklahoma, in 1909. Dr. Henry E. Haskins was born at the place known as Old Empire in McPherson County, about five miles south of Galva, September 18, 1878. His father is Dr. M. H. Haskins, who was a pioneer physician in McPherson County. Born in Illinois in 1851, he grew up in that and the State of Iowa, and graduated M. D. from Northwestern Medical University at Chicago. In 1876 he came to McPherson County and as a pioneer doctor practiced his profession over a large extent of territory, his home being forty miles from the...

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